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									                                   Uniting Church in Australia
                                  Presbytery of South Australia
                                    Urban Mission Network
                                      March Bulletin 2006


This bulletin includes a report of the third gathering of the Network held at Pilgrim Centre 4th
March 2006 and a summary of events planned for the remainder of the year.

Third gathering of the Network

Forty people attended the third gathering of the network at the Pilgrim Centre on the 4th March
including 9 ministers and 31 lay leaders. Four out of the sixteen congregations were unable to be
represented including Verdun, Prospect Rd, Brougham Place and the Adelaide Korean
congregation. A number of apologies were received from ministers who were on leave or
conducting weddings. (There are 20 ministers in placement some are part time).

Members were welcomed by Marelle Harisun who led a litany of the city.

The coordinator of the Network presented a progress report which was circulated prior to the
meeting. Members had the opportunity to comment and to raise issues. The following
recommendation was agreed to by the gathering.

        That the three policy and organisational directions as outlined in the above report be
        approved and that further consideration of the networks effectiveness be the subject of
        the first gathering in 2007.

A number of issues were noted and reports given during this session...

    1. A draft budget was shared for the information of members. A number of congregations
       have not notified the amount they are planing to give to the budget.
    2. It was agreed to leave the membership of the reference group in its present form and
       when a vacancy occurs a lay member to be appointed.
    3. It was agreed that the issue of membership of Joint Nominating Committees be raised by
       the convenor at the Presbytery Placements Committee when there is a vacancy in multi
       minister congregations. (Currently there are five congregations in the network where this
       applies). We are requesting that further consideration be given to the implications of the
       current policy of excluding the second minister on Joint Nominating Committees. (See
       section 10.1 of the National Handbook of Procedures for the Placement of Ministers
    4. Information was distributed concerning the Network launch weekend at Victor Harbor
       May 25-27th. Anne Butler the convenor of the arrangements committee spoke to the
       meeting and handed out information.
    5. Brochures detailing the Morisy Seminars in the second week in September were
       distributed and congregations were encouraged to assist with publicity. Application for
       $4,000 being made to Uniting Foundation to assist this budget.
    6. Jonathan Barker distributed information about the Symposium and the visit of Hugh
       McKay for three evenings, 23, 24th and the 26th of April. Pilgrim church is hosting this
       event which will begin at 7.30 pm each evening.
    7. New edition of the Directory was distributed and corrections and additions should be sent
       to Ann and Trevor Rogers at throgers@bigpond.net.au

After the report had been considered the gathering took part in a workshop where members were
invited to consider the formation of Network Mission Teams.

Network Mission Teams

The following teams were proposed and are to be developed by those who indicate their interest.
Each team will have a convenor and this has to be negotiated in a number of instances. Some
teams may not meet as such but be a “clearing house” via e mail to share information, ideas and
events already being planned by Presbytery groups ands others. In some instances members will
be active and others will be willing to distribute information and offer limited support. Other
people from congregations interested or committed to these ministries and willing to be
including on e mail listings should contact the convener of the team or the network

Justice Issues
Convenors Barbara Horne and Marelle Harisun. (Link with Solidarity and Justice).
Christine Secombe. Rhonda Amber. Fay Goldsworthy Alastair Blake. Andrew Clarke. We would
be intentional about being a conduit between the network and the various areas of justice in
which we are involved...sharing information: raising significant issues and promoting
participation in events/acts of solidarity.

Refugee and Asylum Seekers
(Link with Andrew Clarke and Presbytery project).
Catherine Russell. Ian Penny. Andrew Clarke and a Modbury volunteer.

(Link with Peter Russell Presbytery staff person for Covenanting and committee)
Andrew Clark. Heather Southcott. Ewan Hazeldine. Marelle Harisun. Reg Brown. Fay

Environmental issues including Eco Theology
Jason John. John Lee. Ewan Hazeldine. Suggest that info be distributed through Jason.

Progressive Christianity
(Already a network and encouragement be given to other congregations to support this). Verdun.
Clayton Wesley. Morialta. Christ Church. Blackwood and Scots. Contact Sean Gilbert at Christ
Church for further information.

Alan Biglow Convenor (from mid April). Lee Biglow. Di Price. June Searle. Anne Hewitt. Chris
Harkness. Iris Furnell.

Youth leaders and other activities
Anne Hewitt. (Convenor). Ian Penny. Frances Bartholomeusz. Helen Munro. Activities to be
considered include finding appropriate youth contacts for each church. Meet with church reps to
work out some priorities and starting points to meet needs of youth in our network churches.

Mission Outreach
(Jonathan Barker and Dianne Bury agreed to initiate the process with a view to exchanging
experiences, sharing insights and developing mutual support).
June Searle. Kaye Doig. Iris Furnell. Jonathan Barker. Anne Butler. Bruce Ind. Dianne Bury and
one from Scots. Find appropriate contacts for each congregation. To find out the details.. what
happens, when and how: what are your dreams; develop directory entries to be more informative.
Possible action research project for network.

People indicating their availability for Membership of Joint Nominating Committees
(Members are appointed by the Placements Committee of the Presbytery of South Australia).
Dean Eland Marelle Harisun. Alan Biglow. Chris Harkness. Catherine Russell. Diane Bury. Anne
Hewitt. Fay Goldsworthy. Christine Secombe. Bruce Ind. Jonathan Barker.

Gatherings and events for the remainder of the year: put these in your dairy now!

      The next gathering will be at Victor Harbor on Saturday May 27th This all day session
       will be held at Lutheran Centre, Adelaide Rd and begin with morning tea at 10.00am.
       This is an event for all members in your congregation. The day will also involve a BBQ
       tea and an evening session at Newland to conclude by 8.00pm. Friday night social mixing
       at Adare and Sunday morning service at Newland at 9.30 is optional. More information
       will be distributed soon. Accommodation available at Adare Conference Centre.

      Worship exchange UCA Anniversary Sunday June 25th. Two or three people from
       each congregation to be hosted by another congregation in the network to lead a Sunday
       morning service. Contact the Coordinator to indicate your involvement.

      August gathering at Blackwood on Saturday 12th August from 10.30 to 2.30pm.

      Journeying Out in the second week of September: Morisy seminar series and Urban

      Final gathering of the year: review of the year and planning for 2007.
       Friday evening 24th November at Clayton Wesley at the top of Norwood Parade.
       6.30pm Café Spire for tea and gathering at 7.15 to 9.30pm.

Contact the coordinator of the Urban Mission Network for further information....

Rev Dean Eland
8 Ningana Ave Kings Park 5034
or phone 8172 2133 or 0419 112 603
or e mail to....
Web site is www.urbannetwork.org.au

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