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					Randy Gardner
                                                                 Website & MultiMedia design

      Graphic Design                          Adobe Photoshop                           XHTML

      Interface Design                        Adobe Illustrator                         CSS

      Photography                             Adobe InDesign                            PHP, AJAX

  Evergreen Aero Tech (2011-Present)
   Working as company designer. Designed logo and branding. Hand-coded and implemented Website utilizing XHTML,
   CSS and Javascript. Created online store with the Shopify system.

  Randall Communications - Freelance Design (2000-Present)
   Have worked contract jobs since attending The Art Institute. A steady stream of commissioned work has provided
   the opportunities to expand my knowledge of design. Through these various Websites, logos, photographs and print
   pieces I have garnered many challenges and even more rewards.

  Greater Good Network (2001-2010)
   Developed and maintained e-card program since it’s inception. Designed and developed e-mail campaign regularly
   deployed to 500,000 subscribers. Developed photography department, regularly created advertisements and apparel
   design. Continually worked to improve e-commerce stores’ GUI and lay out.
   While working with every department, I have learned to define and communicate solution design at both a creative
   and a business level, having to always keep the best interest of the company at the forefront.

  Art Institute of Seattle (1998-2000)
   Graduated in December of 2000 with an Associate of Applied Arts in the Multimedia Program.

  Edmonds Community College (1996-1998)

  Washington State University (1995-1996)
   Emphasis on Graphic Design Program.

Personal Note
  I have always had a strong predilection to creating art. Since a young age I have drawn and painted.
  At around 12 years old I took up photography and videography. My higher academic career started at
  Washington State University in the Graphic Design program and ended at the Art Institute of Seattle
  where I learned traditional and digital design applications. I have a great affinity for all forms of art.

326 N 125th Street Seattle, WA, USA 98133 | 206.240.4933 | www.RandallComm.com

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