My Heartiest Welcome to Prof EV Prasad, Chief Guest Prof PS by HC12072201242


									   My Heartiest Welcome
Prof EV Prasad, Chief Guest
Prof PS Avadhani, Guest of
•Prof PS Rao
•Prof V Sitaramam
•Prof BR Gandhi
•Prof P Soma Raju
Dr B. Swamy, President, GVP
Former Vice Chancellor Nagarjuna Univ
Prof P. Soma Raju, Secretary, GVP
Prof. B. Sarvewara Rao, Former President,
  GVP and Former Vice Chancellor,
  Nagarjuna Univ.
Sri. V. Seetharamaiah
And other GVP Members
•Gandhi Institute of
 Engineering and
 Technology, Gunupur,
•Roland Institute of
 Berhampur, Orissa
      Also I welcome

All the participants from
various colleges of A.P,
Maharastra, Tamilnadu
And my senior colleagues,
young energetic department
of CSE, IT staff and student
When this Refresher course
 Idea Came?
Who is the Karta?

Answer is Prof V Sitaramam
  Why this course is planned?
Till recently UNIX is considered as costly
  and bread and butter of Comp Sci
However, after Linux release in 1992 under
  GNU Licence it has penetrated in Home
  market also.
As of now many Web Servers are Linux
Widely used for Embedded Systems also.
   Some of the Indian Actions
Our President Kalam also encourages.
Orissa Govt E-governance
AP Govt E-Governance
Maharastra Govt E-Governance
Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Language support
NRC-FOSS, Chennai new Course
JNTU response for starting Adv Unix Prog
      What is Our Strengths?
• My book on “Adv Unix Prog” released by
  Prof Y.Venkatarami Reddy, the then VC of
• My Another book “Unix and Windows NT”
  released in 2005.
• I have edited a book “Introduction to Linux:
  Installation and Programming”, a Publ of
  NRCFOSS, Chennai. Will be released in
  this Month. Forwarded by VC, Anna Univ
• We did conduct classes on Unix in
  2002,2003 under combined CSE & IT
  department. Prof Ramesh was actively
• Dr. Ravi, a Ph.d from IISC has wide
  experience in Unix/Linux
• Mr. Venkat Subramanyam, former employ
  of COVANSYS has wide experience in
  Oracle under Linux and incedentally
  happened to be student of mine.
           Course Schedule
•   December 2-4, 2005
•   Resource Persons
•   Prof NB Venkateswarlu
•   Prof P.Prapoorna Roja
•   Prof. D. Ravi
•   Mr. Venkata Subramanyam
•   About 17 hours Lectures and same
    amount of Laboratory hours.
•   No of Participants               about 70
•   No of Colleges from A.P          45
•   No of Colleges form TN           2
•   No of Colleges from Maharastra   2
•   No of Colleges from Orissa       2
    What after Dec 4, 2005?

•Yahoo Groups to
 continue the activity
advunixprog is created.
You can subscribe by sending a email
With subject and text as subscribe to
   I wish all the
participants will be
 having nice time
during the course.
Thank You
and Best of

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