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i   Vol. 8, No. 41                                    Thursday, October 9, 1969                        Ten Cents

                                                                                  Didn't Get
                                                                                    Mr. Earl Tukey of M:'.lo land-
                                                                                  ed this 15 lb. Atlantic salmon ,
                                                                                  from the Cains River in Canada
                                                                                  on October 2nd.
                                                                                    Earl and Mrs. Tukey enjoyed
                                                                                  the fishing trip with his b rother
                                                                                  and sister -in-law.
                                                                                    (Staff photo by Scott J ohnston)

      4 Hurt in Auto Accidents
      Paul Ellingson, 18, of Milo; Greg Andrews, 17, of Scar -
    borough, Greg Jose, 19, of Milo, Richard Strout, 18, of the
    Junction, all received injuries in auto crashes last week-end.
      Paul Ellingson lost control of his compact convertible at a-
    bout 11:45 p.m. Friday (se e above Staff photo by Frank Knaut)
    and left the road on West Main Street in Dover - Foxcroft hitt-
    ing a stump in the yard of Butterfields Ice Cream Farm.
      Ellingson was thrown about 100 feet from the car, exiting
    through the roof. His passenger, Greg Andrews, was pinned
    in the car, requiring 45 minutes to be freed. Ellingson was
    taken to the Mayo Hospital with severe lacerations and pos-
    sible further injuries. Andrews was taken to a Bangor hos -
    pi tal with lacerations.• a fractured ankle and pos~ible intern-
    al injuries. Foxcroft police officer Bill Fair investigated.
      Greg Jose and Richard Strout were both treated at a Millin-
    ocket hospital with head cuts following a crash in Baxter Pa-
    rk early Saturday morning when Jose apparently fell asleep at
    the wheel. Michae l Brigham, 19, a passenger, was uninjured.
      The Jose car, a convertible, was demolished.
Page 2                                                 October 9, 1969                                   THE TOWN CRIER

     THE TOWN CRIER is published Thursday
  evening by the Milo Printing Company. We hope to
                                                                     cnzu" eommunity
  he of help to the citizens of the towns in our cover-
                                                                                            ~'-'"~Pi tal '11~w ·., .
  ED ADVERTISING.                                                    Volunteers are: Friday, Hilda Brown; Saturday, Jem1ie Chase
     We accept no financial responsibility for errors in           and Eva Legacy; Sunday, Carolyn Jones and LottieDorr;,Monday,
  a.Uvertislngbut will gladly pr~nt corrections.                   Shirley Wallace; Tuesday, Georgina London; Wednesday, Arlene
     Copies of :mqstphotos appearing in THE TOWN CRI-              Osgood; Thursday, Muriel Quimby. . . . . ..           .        ,
  ER may be obtained through our office.                              The regular October meeting of tha:Trustees will be Monday
     If you have new or.available photos of any aor.t we           7:00p.m. at the offices of the Bangor Hydro Company. _
  urge you to call or drop in. DeadUD.e will be Monday                At a special meeting the Trustees and Administrator of the
  Noon but we would appreciate copy. received earlier              hospital have agreed that some drastic meastires must be taken
  in the week •                                                    in regard to the financial condition. There exists a heavy backup
   . Classified ad's 50 cent minimum including up to 12            of uncollected patient accounts, also of unpaid bills which must
  words, 3 cents for each additional ·word. Display                be paid. This is necessary in order to maintain the high stand-
  ad space by the cclumn inch.                                     ard of patient care which the hospital is endeavoring to supply
                                                                   for the area.
                        EDITOR - JOANNE BRIGHAM
                                                                      The Hospital Trustees announce that Mr. 0. T. Rozelle, form-
                              Milo - 943-7384
                                                                   erlyTownManagerof the Town of Milo, recently retired Direc-
                                                                    tor of the' 0 . E. 0 . Central Community Council has been named
                                                                   Business Manager for the hospital. Mrs. Burgess, wife of Mr.
                                 FOR SALE
                                   1966 Ford Mustang 2 d r . HT    Charles Burgess, Master Mechanic on the Bangor & Aroostook
If you want to BUY, SELL,        V -8 Auto. , 289 cu. in. Good
                                                                   Railroad, ha.s been named Book Keeper, replacing Pearl Poole.
RENT or SWAP, try "Town                                            A native of Addington, Oklahoma she graduated from the High
                                 Condition. $1250. 00 Radio call
Cri~r" Classified.                                                 School the r, and has been employed in Salary and Benefit De"'
                                                                   partmentofthe Great Northern Paper Company, at Millinocket
FOR RENT                                                           for four years. They now reside at 8 First Street, Derby; they
  Large desirable J.,ots, city FOR SALE                            have two girls and two boys, one girl still in High School.
                                   6 room house with b.ath, town      Gifts have been received as follows: toys for Pediatric Ward
wa ter and sewerage, $25.00
                                 wate r, oil furnace, large lot,
a month.                                                           from Mrs. John Dean, also from Junior Welfare Club, Brown-
                                 garage. Call 943-7345 Milo.
KNAPP TRAILER PARK                                                  ville; stainless steel cookware from D. U. V. ; curtains and new
Kimball St; , MilQ 943-2639                                        fixtur es from Neighborhood Christmas Club.
                                 POT ATOES FOR SALE
                                                                   ADMISSIONS FOR \\lEEK OF SEPTEMBER 29
                                 $3. 00 ,per barrel, Russets.
FOR RENT                                                           MILO:                                Norma Preble
                                 Field run. Calvin Andrews, J r.
Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes,                                          David Roberts                     Louise Belle Hatt
                                 Atkinson, Maine.
Crutches, for Sale or Rent.                                           Larry Strout                     BROWNVILLE:
Daggett's Pharmacy in Milo                                            Dorothy Severance                 Willis Whitten
s an 943-7780.                    RUMMAGE AND FOOD SALE               .Frank Walker                      Alice Badger
                                    To be held Friday evening,        Arthur Peakes                    BRADFORD:
FOR SALE                          Oc tober 17, ~from 6:00 p.m.        Faye Lovell ·                     Linda Hall
  New Mobile homes - on dis-      to9:00p. m. a t the Sange rville    Warena .cote                      Theresa Henderson
play, 2 and 3 bedrooms .          Legion Hall sponsored by Stott-     Sadie Rowe                        ·walter Brooks
Knapp Trailer Sales, Milo, Me; Flanders American Legion DISCHA RGES :
                                  Auxiliary. Donations· may be MILO:                                   BROWNVILLE:
SERVICE                           leftatMaxine Gr ant's, across       Peter Larrabee                    Alton Knox
  customized Body Work. Sp-       from Les Andrews Garage.            David Roberts                     ;\ngus MacDonald
ray Vinyl roofs. Welding -gas r                                       Larry Strout ·                    Lucille Buchannan
and portable electric. Automo-                                        LeRoy Haley                      BRADFORD: .
bile Painting. Call Gordon Sin-
clair at 943-8807.                  Wall to Wall or Hoom Size
                                                              '!      Walter Chase
                                                                      Frank \Valker
                                                                                                        Linda Ferren
                                                                                                        Linda Hall and baby

                                     Nylon-Acr ylic-Polyes ter
                                        by ARMSTRONG
                                                                I.    Do r othy Se ve rance             Theresa Henderson and baby
                                                                   TRANSFERS: Winona Hichborn, Medford to Eastern Maine Med
                                                                   ical C~nter Bangor; Catherine Hoxie , Milo to Brown.'s Nurs..:
   Attractive home on Derby
                                       Sold & I n stalle~          ing Home , Monson.
 Hill. 3 bedrooms, full bath                                       BIRTHS: To Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hall, Bradford, a daughte1~
 upstair s, 1/2bathdownsta.irs,
                                                             ~~LO toStati stics Mrs. Madison Hend·e rson, a son.dischar ges - 72; :
                                                                       Mr. and
 paneling, modern kitchen, gl-               OSHAY                                for September; admissions -_ 75;
 assed porch , central heat ,
 double lot. Priced to sell a t
                                             URNITURE              census 97% of capacity.
 only $7200. Pauline Mallet.                                         SERVICE                            FOR SALE           '-
 Real Estate Broker, Dover-                                            Ha ve your car waxed before        Wood furnace . Call Dale
 Foxcroft. 564-77 40 .                                               winter . Reasonable rates. call    Larry, 327,5161.
                                                                     943-2537 . Dick Bell
                                                       October 9, 1969                                                  Page 3
                                                                                                MILO COMMUNITY HOSPITAL
                                                                                                  The Auxiliary September
                                                                                                meeting was attended by 9
                                                                                                members, at the home of Mr.
                                                                                                and Mrs. Paul Day. It was
                                                                                                voted to designate October as,
                                                                                                Annual Food Collection month
                                                                                                  Garden vegetables . grocer-
                                                                                                ies, jams and jellies, canned
                                                                                                goods (except home processed)
                                                                                                and especially any dietetic var-
                                                                                                ieties are very acceptable.
                                                                                                Permission is to be requested
                                                                                                1o place receptacles in various
                                                                                                grocery stores as follows:
                                                                                                Brownville - French's Market
                                                                                                Junction - Perry's Market
                                                                                                Milo -: the IGA, A&P, Jerry's
                                                                                                Place, Jone's Market;
                                                                                                Derby -Buggy's P lace;
                                                                                                LaGrange - Bruce's Store.
                                                                                                  In addition donations may be
                                                                                                leftat the hospit:1.l or with any
                                                                                                of the following members of
                                                                                                the Auxiliary: Rosamond Gold-
                                                                                                en, Bertha Howland, Martha
 Recentadditions to the Staff of Milo Community Hospital include Mrs. Wanda Sawyer Freeze,      Gould, Pearl Day and Maxine
R. T. A. , Mrs. Carole Stickney Paxon, R . N. and Mrs. Valre Burgess who will serve as Book -   Scanlon.
keeper.                                            (Staff photo by Paul Day)                      The cost of supplies cons urn-
                                                                                                ed in the Dietary Department
                                                                                                willaverage$1500. per month,
                                                                                                so any assistance which may
                                                                                                be offered certainly will be

                                                                                                      AGENT IN HE

                                                                                                Replacing Mr. Sheldon Poole

                                                                                                 SEE RON, FOR THE BEST
                                                                                                 IN INSURANCE COVERAGE

   At the annual meeting of the Women of Piscataquis County Extension Association held re -       Maine law provides for fines
 cently at the United Baptist Church in Dover-Foxcroft were Mrs. Mabel Lovejoy, Extension       · of up to $100 and/or ten days
 Agent, Mrs. Mary Higgins, Dover-Foxcroft, Secretary- Treasurer; Mrs. Alice Rennie, Ab-           in jail for persons convicted
 bot, re - elected County President; and Mrs. Dorothy Blanchard, Dover-Foxcroft, Vice Pres-       of littering.
     Page4                                                      October 9, 1969                                   THE TOWN CRIER
                                                                          MILO BOY ATTENDING                hours per week at an on-cam -
                                                                          BLACKBURN COLLEGE                 pus job. In return, Blackburn
                HATHAWAY                                                   David Allen Olmstead , son       keeps the total charge for
                                                                          of Mrs. Eloner Olmstead, 6        board and room down to about
                                       REPORTS                            Maple Street, Milo, is one of
                                                                          17 4 new freshmen attending
                                                                                                            half what students pay at most
                                                                                                            other private liberal a rts col-
                                                                          Blackburn College in Carlin-      lege.
                            by Congressmen William D. Hathaway
        A real awareness of the necessity to advance the well-being
                                                                          ville, Ill. Fall semester clas-
                                                                          ses began Sept. 3, with 612                  NOTICE
     of America's senior citizens ean be traced no further ·back J.n      students enrolled here. David       Members of the Neoteric
     time than tbe early days of the Kennedy Administration. Prior        whose major is undecided, was     Club, M . F'. W.C ., are making.
     to that time, efforts to solve the problems of the aged appeared,    graduated from Penquis Valley     <.:alls in the Milo area on the
     ifatall, near the end of the listof"pressing" national priorities.   High School.                      annual Birthday Calendar. If
        Our accomplishments since, however, have been something            Blackburn is widely known        you are not contacted by Oct.
     uniqueinour history. During the four years of the last Admin-        for its student-run, on-cam-      14th, and would like a calen-
     istrationalone, the Congress enacted more legisl ation to meet       pus Work Program, in sue-         dar or listing, please call Mrs.
     the needs of the elderly than during the four preseding decades.     cessful operation s ince 1913.    Jane Gerow or Mrs. El:r.tne
        The 1967 Amendments to tlie Social SecuJ·iiy Act provided the     Each resident student works 15    Lewis.
     largest social security increase in history; the 30-year fight
     for health insurance for the aged was won; age discrimination
     in employment was outlawed --and these are but a few of the
    'impressive achievements of the past few years.
                                                                              Make The Coachman
        But what should impress us even more is the fact that our
     efforts had .come too late for many of our elder citizens, and
                                                                              Your "Home Away
     for many more, they promised little comfort. Despite them,
     there persisted a widening gap between senior-citizen needs              From Home"
     and our ability to meet ~hem .
        Nearly 20 million Americans are 65 years of age or older,            COFFEE SHOP                    ~~~
     and about the same number are between 50 and 65. All to-                COCKTAILS
     gether, that's one -fifth of our total ,Population. The senior-         RESTAURANT
     citizen growth rate, more9ver, is about the same as that of our         BAKERY
     younger gener3;tion. Unlike the younger generation, however,
     as the number of our elder Americans grow, their economic
     condition proportionately declines.
        The strain on an already alim retirement income increases
     with a recipient's age. His employment opportunities decrease,
     as do his assets. Health cos ts rise, despite the many benefits                                        all876 - 2230   6A.M . tollP.M.
     of Medic'ire; home ownership becomes more difficult; and the                                      (Across From The Rexall Store)
                                                                           If You Just Want To Kill An
     purchasing power of relatively fixed income is virtually de-                                                IN GUILFORD
                                                                             Hour Over A Cup Of Coffee
     vastated by inflation.                                                  Or A Highball. ... GREAT!
        Have our efforts, therfore , been in vain? I think not -- even     If You Want A Full-course
     if for the single reason that they have helped point up the real
                                                                             Meal With Fine Wines . ..•
     dimensions of the problem. They will surely have been in vain,          That's Great Too!
      if we fail to build on the foundation they have provided.            We Want The Coachman Inn
        A task Force study prepared for the Senate's Special Committee       To Be YOUE Place To Re-
      on Aging put the challenge this way: "Economic problems of             lax And Feel At Home.
      old age are not only uncolved for today's e lderly, but they will
      not be solved for the elderly of the future, unless this Nation
      takes positive, comprehensive .actions going for beyond those         Health needs and rising medical costs must be examined, as
      recent years."                                                      must home-ownership programs, the income maintenance re-
        The present Administration appears to be reluctant co take        quirements of widows, and the trend toward earlier retirement
      these positive steps -- reluctant even to mainiain tha ~onentum     Employment opportunities must be broadEmed and incentives
      of the past eight years .                                           provided to make private pension benefits more readily avail-
        Manay older Americans are angrily critical of the President's     able to low income retirees would relieve the Social Se<;urity
      we~fare program. The way they see it, according to the Septemb-     system of providing better coverage for thGse who have low
      er 1969 SENIOR CITIZENS NEWS, they would receive next to            benefits of none at all, and at the same time provide suitable
    · nothing from the changes recommended. Nor are they unaware          employment at least on a part-time basis .
      thatunderexistingprograms, only $1 per person is being spent         .Manay more considerations are also requisite to out task and
      on our citizens over 65 , or that in all government departments     each of them must be permeated with the realization that the
      and agencies, fewe r than 100 employees are wqrking exclusively     elderly should be regarded as more than a welfare group de-
      on programs for the elderly.                                        serving merely minimal i.ncome.
         The Administration, the Congress, and the American people ,        Hopefully, many of these considerations will be molded into
       it seems to me, must wrestle with issues related to the elderly    constructive legislation in time for inclusion in the Social Se-
       which are far more difficult than the important one concerning     curity proposal expected to be ready in 1970, I am committed
       the size of the neYt Social Security increase.                     to seeing that they are.

 THE TOWN CRIER                                           October 9, 1969                                                  Page 5

                                                                 Flag Cere•ony

       The Guilford Family Life
     Program presents "Raising
     Your Child". The second class
     of the four part series will be
     held at the new PCHS from
     7:30 - 9:30.
       Oct. 13, the s ubje ct will b e:
     The Elementary School Child
     6 - 14 yrs . The speaker will be
     Mr. Roy Bollerud, formerly
     from Minnesota. He holds a
     Masters degr.e e in Social Work,
     has trained youth groups for
     rural work , and has worked
     with many young families at
     his pre s ent position with the
     B a ngor Counciling Center.   Every fine morning this fall the e ntire student body of the Atkinson Elementary School turn..;
                                 out for a flag r aising ceremony as part of their opening exercises. Raising the flag in the a -
     tltln                       bove photo are Peter Conley and Timmy Harvey. Looking on are: (front row) Rodney Downes,
                                 Jonathan Richards, Roger Rideout, Terry Pearl, David Hall, David Andrews, Bonni e And -
 HUNTERS BREAKFAST               rews; Scott Burrill, B ernice Burrill, P aul Zimmermall; (second row) : Principal Ann Chen-
   ~ovember1, 1969at Wingler ery, Gilbert Cole , teacher of grades 4-5-6 , Judy Rideou't, Melody Brawn, Kenneth Dow, Tom-
 -\udi torium.
 _                               my Bra wn, Debra Hodgkins, Edwa rd Hall, Thomas Brown, Karen Hodgkins and Candy Brown.
   Good food - Ham, eggs , ba-                                                            (Staff photo by Paul Day)
 ked beans, rolls and more.
   Breakfast will be served
 from 4: 00 a. m. - 8: 00 a.m.    the month of October. Volun-
   Sponsored·by the Junior Class teers : Captain, Mrs. Mari-         Sc~tt, 1*J~~teu
 of Penquis Valley. Buy your lynBraley: Miss Paula Conner
 ticket from any Junior Class Dove r Road; Mrs. Hazel Pearl,
 :\le mber or pay at the door.    School St., Maple St., and
                                                                       on   Refrigiwear
   Everyone welcome , support Church Streets; Mr s. Sharon
 the Penquis Valley Junior Melia , No rth Mai ne ; Mrs .                           Snow Suits
                                                                    An sizes rnstock
                                                                    including Children's
 class .                          PriscillaCarle, Dexter Roa d;     Infants Snowmobile
                                  Mrs. Judy Moulton and Mrs.        Boots - Size 11 to 2
                                  Alta Fortier, Hudson Avenue;
                                  Mrs. ZulaCarle, Silber Mills
                                  Road; Mrs. Marilyn Braley,
   The Multiple Sclerosis vol- and Miss Pa.ula Conner, Park-
                                                                     Binoculars              from til•
 unteers will be calling during man Road and South Main St.

               Congratulations        TO

                    Riverside fl~ist
               On The Grand Opening Of Their Milo Store

        PULLEN'S                 Cl othing and
                                         Fo o tw e ar
 Page 6                                                   October 9, 1969                                            C
                                                                                                            THE TOWN _ RIER

    The Piscataquis County Agricultural Stabilization and Conser-
  vationCommittee will hold its county convention on October 16,
  1969 at 9:30 A.M. at the old bank building, Dover-Foxcroft,
                                                                             ·Congratulations     To
  according to Lester Stevens, Committee Chairman. At this
  th:ne , farmer--chosen delegates will elect farmers to fill vac -                  Riverside florist
  ancies on the Piscataquis County ASC Committee.
    The convention will be open to the public, and any person in-               On The Grand Opening Of Their Milo Store
  terested in observing the voting procedure may attend. How-
. ever, only farmer -delegates to the convention may participate
  in the election process. Election is by secret ballot.
    C~unty Committeemen are elected for three year staggered
  terms, and the service of each county committeemen is limited
                                                                                                       _... ,.. .     Tel. 943 -2555
                                                                                                                           943 -2260 .

  to three consecutive terms. Each year, the convention also                                Milo, Maine    04463
  elects S: first and second -alternate committeeman, each for a ~----------------~---------------------·--------
  one year term.                                                       P. V.H.S. MENU                 WEDNESDAY
    After the county committee are elected , the delegates vote        October 13-17                  Hamburger on buns
  again to determine which of the regular committeemen will            MONDAY                         Buttered Green beans
  serve as chairman and vice chairman for the coming year.             Broiled Chicken                Tossed Salad/ dressing
  These positions are redetermined annually.                           Mashed Potatoes                Peanut Butter Cookies
    ASC County and Community Committeemen are in charge of             Peas                           Milk
  the local administration of such farm action programs as the         cranberry Sauce                THURSDAY
   Agricultural Conservation Program, the Cropland Adjustment          Bread;Butter                   Macaroni & Cheese
  Program, the Soil Bank Program, the Feed Grain Program,              Vanilla Pudding/Topping        Hot Vegetable Platter
  Acreage Allotments and Marketing Quotas, the National Wool           Milk                          Bread/Butter
   Program and the Sugarbeet Program.                                  TUESDAY                        Spice Cake
     A qualified candidate for service on the ASC County Committee     B:-Jked Beans                  Milk
   the chairri:uinexplained, is one who is a resident eligable to vote Assorted Cold Meats            FRIDAY
  in on of the community elections in the county , and who meets       Cole Sla\v                     Fish Chowder
   othere~igibilityrequirementsElegibility to vote or hold office      Whole Wheat Bread              Crackers/Peanut Butter
   as a committeeman is not restricted by r eason of race, colot,      Butter                         Egg Salad
. creed or ·n ational origin. Other details as to qualifications of    Chocolate Cake                Bread/Butter
   candidates are available at the ASCS County Office.                 Milk                           Apple Pie
     Mr. Stevens urges all ASC Farmer-delegates to be sure to                                         Milk
   attend the county convention. 'These farmer -delegates were
   automatically chosen as convention dele gates when they were
   elected September 19th by their farmer-neighbors to serve as
   ASC Community Committeemen for the coming year.                                   Congratulations
  1iJ70 ACP FUNDS ALLOCATED FOR PLSCATAQUIS COUNTY                                                  TO·
    An i nitial fund ailocation of $21, 050 has been made for the
  1970 agricultural Conservation Program (ACP) in Piscataquis      I               .Riverside florist
  County, Chairman Lester A. Stevens of the Piscataquis County
· Agrivultural Stabilization and Conservation (ASC) Committee
  has reported.
                                                                                On The Grand Opening Of Their Milo Store

    "This Federal money is used to share costs with farmers and
  ranchers for needed measures to conserve soil and water re -      ~aggett 's                        Pharmacy
  sourcesonagriculturallands," said the ASC Committee Chair-
  man:. Generally, the farmer pays half the cost, and the ACP
  pays half.
    Allocations are made to each State ASC .Committee on the basis               Congratulations to
  of conservation needs within each county.
    "Every ACP practice has public benefits built into it. Most
  ACP practices help keep silt out of streams, ponds , and lakes.       Riverside
  Some practices help provide wildlife habitat, and recreational
  opportunities, and contribute to ·the beautification of the land-
  scape. And all ACP practices help conserve soil, water, or
                                                                         on the Grand Opening of
  woodland resources. ''
     PrincipalACP practices in Piscataquis County·in recent years                their Milo Store
  havebeeri: Establis hing Permanent Vegetative Cover, Improv-
                                                                      mittees. Approvals of cost--sharing requests by individual farm-
   ing Vegetative Cover, Water Impoundment Reservoirs, Per-           e r s are made by the County ASC Committee . _n addition to ·
   manent Drainage Systems, Planting Forestry Trees and other Chairman Stevens, members of the Piscataquis County ASC
   woodland improvement practices. -                                  Committee areElwinDow, Vice-chairma~ and Gordon Andrews,
     ACPis auministered in Maine by State and County ASC Com- Regular Member.

THE TOWN CRIER                                            October 9, 1969                                                    Page 7

            local MOD Girl                                                 Order Your Yearbook
                                                                                              PENQUIS VALl

                                                                       Business Manager Ruth Bunker and Editor Anne MacKinnon
                                                                     of the staff of the Penquis Valley High Schoo\ Yearbook "The
                                                                     Constitution" took the first order for the 1970 edition from
                                                                     Principal Mr..lcolm Buchanan this week. For the two weeks
                                                                     beginning Monday, October 13th, orders will be taken for the
                                       (Staff photo by Paul Day)     1970 "Constitution". Anyone interested in placing an order sh-
  Piscataquis County's No. 1 young lady today is Sheila Dean,        ould contac t Ruth Bunker or Anne Mackinnon.
four years old, whose selection as local March of Dimes Poster                                    (Staff photo by Scott Johnston)
Child has just been announced.                                       WORKSHOP
  She will symbolize, in the forthcoming January drive the 1200        On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. with a reading readiness pro-
or more babies born in the State of Maine every year with birth      30, 1969, the M.S. A.D. #41 gram.
defects.                                                             kindergarten teachers met          M.S. A. D. #41 uses the Hou-
  The annual total toray of such births throughout the United        with Miss Barbara Mallon, a ghton- Mifflin Getting Ready
States is more than ~:.:u, 000, or one every minute.                 consultant with the Houghton- To Read program in its Kin-
  Sheila , born with spina.bifida, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   Mifflin Publishing Company, dergartens .
Ronald Dean, Brownville Junction, Maine. She was not granting        for a workshop.                    This workshOp was held at
formal interviews today, although she was obviously the spot -         Miss Mallon discussed meth- the Atkinsan E 1 e tn en tar y
light and relishing the prospect of public appearances county-       ods and techniques for working School.
wide.                                                                  While the County Chapter MOD has furnished a child's wheel
  However her parents gave out some of the family history.           chair and a four-wheeled walker to help her get around, she !;las
  Ronald Dean is employed at the Millinocket mill of the Great       receiv,ed several treatments at the Shri ner's Hospital, Spring-
Northern Paper Company; a native of Brownville he has always         field, Mass. It is worthy of mention that there are over·lOO
resided there. Sheila's mother is the former Betty Larson,           Evaluation and Treatment Centers in the nation which are sup-
daughter of William Larson of Brownville Junction. There are         ported by contributions to the March of Dimes. In addition to
also three younger brothers. Accroding to Sheila's grandmother       this comprehensive treatment program, the health organization
she wants to be a school teacher when she grows up. She has a        conducts intensive research into cause and prevention of birth
wonderfully fri endly personality, and is very attractive.           defects.
Page 8                                              October 9, 1969                                   THE :TOWN CRIER

                             Student Officers
                                                                                                 i         by Kathy Brigham
                                                                                                  The Future Nurses of Amer-
                                                                                                ica held an organizatio~l
                                                                                                meeting Tuesday, with School
                                                                                                Nurse Mrs. Carol Doane as
                                                                                                adv1sor, and elected Susan
                                                                                                Cowing as President, Nancy
                                                                                                 Fletcher as Vice -President,
                                                                                                Cheryl Ric·hard as Treasurer
                                                                                                and Patricia Robichaud. The
                                                                                                Future Nurses Plan to tour
                                                                                                Thayer Hospital on Tuesday,
                                                                                                Oct. 21 and Thursday, Oct.
                                                                                                23. Volunteers from the Milo
                                                                                                Nurses Guild will act as chap-
                                                                                                  Adv1sor Miss Clara Owen
                                                                                                recently pasted the names of
                                                                                                those chosen to serve on the
                                                                                                :Patriots Press staff. Chosen
                                                                                                were: Co-editors, Sally Shep-
                                                                                                ardson and Kathy Brigham;
                                                                                                assist editor, Joel Cyr: Bus -
                                                                                                iness Manager, Charles Ellis:
 Elected to run the affairs of the Senior Class during their last year at Penquis Valley High
                                                                                                Photographer, Scott Johnston.
School were Charles Ellis, Treasurer ; Ge rald Ladd, Vice President; Mary Jane Hogan. Sec-
                                                                                                Others who represents variou13
retary and Joey Zamboni, President         (Staff photos by Scott Johnston)                     classes or organizations, are:
                                                                                                Ruth Bunker, Dav1d Hanson,
                                                                                                Danny Priestman, Betty Moore
                                                                                                Georgia Lyford, Richard Long
                                                                                                Barbara Gormley, DebQie
                                                                                                Whitten, JanetEssency, Carol
                                                                                                Bradstr eet, Jeanne Treworgy,
                                                                                                Carolyn Cummings and Valerie

                                                                                                WORK'N WIN 4-H CLUB
                                                                                                  The work 'in Win 4-H Club
                                                                                                met on October 4th at the home
                                                                                                of Mrs. Janice Grant in East
                                                                                                Sangerville for the first meet-
                                                                                                ing of the yars.
                                                                                                  Election of officers was held
                                                                                                as follows: President, Shirley
                                                                                                cormier; Vice President, Toni
                                                                                                Jordan; Secretary, Barbara
                                                                                                Grant; Treasurer, Joan Grant;
                                                                                                Reprter , Carole Moulton;
                                                                                                Flag Bearers , Nancy Grant
                                                                                                and Susan Campbell; Song Le-
                                                                                                ader, Norine Foster; Recrea-
                                                                                                tion Leaders, Bonnie Grant
Junior Class Officers are Paul Rhoda, Margaret Zwicker, Larry Doiron and Beth Paul.             and Linda Braley.
                                                                    October 9, 1969                                                       Page 9

                                                                                                                      The Stott-Flanders American
                                                                                                                   LegionPostand Auxiliary Will
                                                                                                                   hold a joint meeting Tuesday
                                                                                                                   (October 14, 1969) at 7:30pm
                                                                                                                   at the Sangerville Legion Hall.
                                                                                                                      Following the meeting Curtis
                                                                                                                   Cole will-speak about his trip
                                                                                                                   to Europe this past sum~ as
                                                                                                          of All-Student Band
                                                                                                                   u.s. A• .Guests welcome .
                                                                                                                      A joint installation of South
                                                                                                                   Sangerville and Garland Gran-
                                                                                                                   ges will be he ld at South Sang-
                                                                                                                   erville ~aturday , October 11
                                                                                                                   with Deputy Harold Barnes as
                                                                                                                   installing officer.
                                                                                                                      The Lords and Ladies Square
 The Sophomores at P. v. H. S. have elected Debbie Smith, Treasurer; Kathie Dunham, Sec-                           Club \vill hold a Harvest Auc-
retary; Debbie Ricker, Vice President; and Bonnie P~lkey , President.                                              tion Squar·e Dance Saturday,
                                                                                                    'F t'ttlj'«
                                                                                                                   October 11 from 8:00 to 11:00
                                                                                                    ......... :.   a t the Sangerville Town Hall .
                                                                                                    ~ .. h   ...
                                                                                                                   Harvest goods will be auctioned
                                                                                                      '      ..    off to the highest bidder. Re-
                                                                                                                   freshments will be served, All
                                                                                                                   qallers and sqoare dancers
                                                                                                                   we lcome.

                  '"'\       .

                         I                                J-                  ~
                                                                                                                    <Uqurcb Nrws
                                                                                                                   KINGDOM HALL OF
                                                                                                                   JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES
                                                                                                                   MILO, MAINE
                                                           'f                                                      SUNDAY,· OCT . !2
                                                                                                                   Public Bible Lecture - 2 p. m
r                                                                                                                    AncientWise Sayings for Mo-
                                                                                                                   dern-Day Life by D. Allen,
                                                                                                                   Watchtower Study 3 p.m.
     Leading this year's Freshman Class are Danny Worster, Treasurer; Sh.elley Lewis,             Sec ~
                                                                                                                     Pay Attention to "The Pro-
    retary ; Pam Be ll , Vice Preside nt and Stanl~y Grant, President. SANGERVILLE FIRE           co.              phe tic Word" based on 2 Peter
                                                                               Winners of the raffle spon-         1: 19
                     RADIATORS                                               sored by the San~e rville Fire        TUESDAY, OCT. 14
            CLEANING - REPAIRING -- RE-CORING                                Co. are as follows: Lewis Wey         Bible s tudy with aid of book
                     New and Used Radiator.s                                 mouth, Guilford, 30-30 r ifle;        7 p.m.
                                                                             w. Spence r, Passadumkeag,             Babylon the Great Has Fallen
                             All Work Guaranteed                             shot gun; Maynard Elderkin,           God's Kingdom Rules.
                                 JOHN I. CUNNINGHAM                          turkey ; James Raymond, Clin-         THURSDAY, OCT. 16
             Lake Road Welding Shop                                          ton, Mass, Ham. The wfnning             Ministry School - 7 p. m.
         DIAL 564-2394                            DOVER-FOXCROFT
                                                                             tickets were drawn by Miss             Service Meeting- - 8 p.m.
                                                                             Abbie Fowler.                                     Cont'd on Page 15
Page 10                                                 October 9, 1969                                    THE TOWN CRIER
                                   Mr. HarryBrasierand Mrs.        CONFERENCE FOR LOCAL TEACHERS ASSO. LEADERS
                                 Alicia Carter from Abbott were      Ways of finding solutions to the personnel problems that crop
                                 callers at Millie Herring's       up in school systems will be the topic of a conference for local
                                 Monday.                           teachers association leaders Friday and Saturday, (October 10-
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Murray Dutton      11) at Holiday Inn, Brunswick.
                                 from Scarbourough and Miss          The conference of chairmen of local committees on Profes-
                                  Faith Davidson of Abbot were     sional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) will be sponsored
                                 Sunday Guests of Mr. and Mrs.     by the Maine Teachers Asso9iation.
                                 Alvah Perkins.                      The conference will focus on procedures for handling problems
<&utlfnro                          Mr. a nd Mrs. \M.lliam Hall     that arise abc;mtthe way school system policies are carried out.
   Mrs. Marjorie Gray and Mrs.    of Sangerville were guests of    Dr. John H. Marvin, MTA executive secretary, saio that the
Wilma Andrews and Daughter Mrs. Henlen Cummings at                 conference aims to build understandi ng of good grievance pro-
Carolwerecallers of Mr . and Packard's Camp Monday.                cedures as a way of avoiding school crisis.
Mrs . EltonBurgess one even-                                         " I tis bad for the school system and bad for the students when
ing this week.                   ~tUUltruillr                      problems build up and no solutions are found. PR&R commit-
   Miss Margret Martin from        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellis       tees provide an alternative channel that is always open to f!r!
Dedam Mass. were week- end of Milo and Mrs. Alice Greene           di vidual teachers," he said.
visitors in town. Miss Martin of Dover-Fo;xcroft were Sun-           Dr. Marvin will speak to the conference on the role of the
was with her mother Mrs. E - day callers on Miss Violet            PR&R committee in enforcing the Code of Ethics of the Edu-
thel Martin of Dexter were Mooers , and Mrs . Walter               cation Profession.
guests of the Manley Haley's. Beatham of Waterville was a            Donald Conrad, Washington, D. C., executive secretary of the
   Mrs. Charlotte White attend- dinner guest of Miss Mooers        National PR&R Commission, will serve as consultant for the
ed a meeting in Lincoln last Monday.                               conference.
week about the proposed 6.         Mrs. F. P. B18hop of Arling-      Chairman of the conference will be William O'Hara , South
   Mrs . Beulah Troy visited her ton Virginia spent a week with    Portland, chairman of the PR&R Committee of the MTA.
sister and husband Mr. and her mother, Mrs. Florence
                                                                     Miss Violet Mooers was in        was fourth in his class for
Mrs. Hubert Priest in Buck- Townsend in Guilford. Then
                                                                   Lewiston Thursday to attend        rank.
 field this week.                they both with Mrs. Margery
                                                                   the School Lunoh Conference.         TheRev. Mr. andMrs. Nor-
   Paul Metcalf was an over - Clukey of Sangerville spent a
                                                                   Local relatives and friends        man Young of Dexter were
 night guest of his niece Mrs. week touring Massachusetts
                                                                   have received announcements        Tuesday callers on friends in
Davis in Somerset Junction.      and Connecticut. They visited
                                                                   of the birth of a daughter ,       town.
   The Milton Gilbert's are relatives in Sudbury, Mass. ,
                                                                   Dawn Elizabeth, to Mr. and           Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rees
 having a well drilled. They Wethersfield, Conn., and Cli-
                                                                   Mrs . Sterling Buzzell of Bel-     and son, Kim Rees, and Mr.
 have purchased the former nton, Conn. and also a friend
                                                                   mar, New Jersey.                   and Mrs. Richard Bowley tour-
 John Sturtevant place on "Bun- in Truro, Mass. on Cape Cod.
                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hall     ed New Hampshire over the
 ker Hill".                      Upon their return to Maine,
                                                                   were in Bingham Sunday cal-        weekend.
   Guests of Mr. and Mrs . El- Mrs. Bishop took·the plane at
                                                                   ling upon Mrs. Evelyn McAfee         Miss Ethel Sawyer, Mrs.
 ton Burgess at their Piper Bangor for her home in Vir-
                                                                   and family.                        Mildred Hill and Miss Eva Fol-
 Pond Camp Sunday were the ginia.
                                                                     Miss Helen Buzzell of Lew-       som attended the Retired Tea-
 GlenBurgess, and sons Char -      Miss Violet Mooers was the
                                                                   istonand Miss Jeanne Buzzell       chers meeting in Milo Tues-
 les and Eric. Callers were guest of her sister, Mrs. Annie
                                                                   of Gorham spent the week end       day. Miss Sawyer also attend-
 Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Kinney Mcinnis of Guilford Monday.
                                                                   at their home here.                ed the State meeting of Re-
 and Mr. and Mrs . Leon Speed      Charles Carleton is a patient
                                                                    Airman Gregory Jordan grad-       tired Teachers at the Holiday
 from Atkinson.                  in Togus Hospital his address
                                                                   uated from Office Machine Re-      Inn in Waterville Thursday.
    Mr. a nd Mrs. William Bird is ward 8.
                                                                   pair School at Fort Lee, Va.         Mrs. Lillie Campbell has
 from Plymouth with Mrs. Beu-      Mrs. Margaret Greene has
                                                                   September 26th, and is home        returned from Seattle, Oregon
 lah Troy and Paul Metcalf mo- returned from a few days visit
                                                                   for 2 0 days before he reports     and will spend the winter here.
 to red to Brassau Lake where with her son, Merle Greene in
                                                                   at Loring Air Force Base at        On her trip from Seattle, she
  they enjoyed a picnic. Later Manchester, N.H. where he is
                                                                   Limestone October 15tb. He         visited in Atlantic Ga.
  they called on Mr. Metcalf's employed.
 mother Mrs. Bernice Metcalf       Mrs. Irene Carleton, Mary

 in Greenville.                  Carleton and Harold Carleton
    Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Went- of her, Mrs. Sherrill Reed,
  worth from Portland visited and Evelyn Bennett of Dexte!
  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Herring were at Togus Sunday to see                                       To
  Sunday . They are Florida fri- Charles Carleton at Togus
  ends of the Herrings.
    Mrs. Millie Herring ac-
                                    Mr. and Mrs. George Mc-                       Riverside florist
 companiedMr. an,dMrs. Mau- GrawofAtlanta, Georgia were                   On The GRAND OPENING Of Their Milo Store
 rice Fairbrother to ·North New guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl
 Portland Sunday where they a - Humphrey several days this
 ttended the fair .               week.
                                                                            TOWN& COUNTRY
    THE TOWN CRIER                                                   October 9, 1969                                                 Page 11 '
                                            Mrs. Marjory Harmon, Craft
     ""'~ ~ ur,.f~...o
                                                                               State coordinator: Dominic Bruno , department Americanism
                         ;;:;, l    '     Chairman, attended the Cub           officer; Mrs . Corinne Clark, department president of the Aux-
                   '     \C. " "          Scoutleaders banquet in Mill-        iliary; Mrs. Shirley Williams, director 9f Dirigo Girls State; ·

                           oi      "fl"   inocket and could not present
                                          the craft program. The Exten-
                                          sion sponsors the Milo Cub
                                                                               and Mrs . Wilma Johnson, member of t.ltat committee.
                                                                                 Mention was made that Phyllis (Dean) Treworgy, mother of
                                                                               Jeanne Trewo rgy, a delegate this year, was the first delegate
                                          Scouts.                              from Milo to attend Diri.go Girls State in 1947.
    ililn                                   Mr. Norma Horne amwunced             Milohasalsohad the honor of having had two Boys State Gov-
    MILO WOMEN'S EXTENSION                that tailoring classes are meet-     ernors, Irving King , who last year was awarded his doctorate in
      Mrs. Edith We st presented a        ing Thursdays from 9:30 a.m.         history and government at the University of Maine and is cur-.
    program on Switzerland at the         to 3:00 p.m. at Derby in the         rentlya member qf the faculty of the United States Coast Guard
    regular meeting of the Milo           CommunityCenter. Mrs. No~            Academy at New London, Connecticut, and Marvin Karp an
    Women's Extension on Sept.            rna Horne and Mrs. Marjorie          attorney in Cleveland, Ohio.
    23 in the Milo Town Hall Din-         Harmonare instructors . Clo-
                                          thing chairmanis Mrs. Debbie   Vis~ting Legion and Auxiliary members and officers- intro-
    ing room. She read a paper,
    showed film strips, Displayed         Ellis.                       duced included: Mrs. Madeline .Sweet, past departm ent pres-
    folders, maps and flags. Fol-           Mrs. Horne, the president, identand 2nd member of Dirigo Girls State of Bucksport: ;Mrs.
    lowingher presentation Mrs.           named Mrs. Adeline Ladd,     Mary Law, fifth district vice president of Brewer: Howard N.
    Iris Campbell and Mrs. Adeline        Mrs. Phylli.s Gould and Paul-Gardner , fifth district commander of Brewer: Neil Arbo, Pis-
    Ladd instructed the group how         line Sherburne to thenominat-cataquis County Commander, Brownville: Robert Rich, pOEt
    to reprocess plastic flowers          ing committee .              commander, Lisbon Falls: Henry Law, Brewer, Dale Sweet,
    On display were place mats,             Miss Claire Crosby and Mrs.Bucksport. Lynn Gleming, department vice commander of
    paper weights, and holders for        Myra Mullen served refresh-  Brewer: Dan Lainber, past department commander of Orring-
    scissors. Plans are being made        ments.                       ton and James McMahon tlepartment commander of Auburn.
                                            Mrs. Adeline Ladd won the    Each expressed pride in the youth of today and complimented
    for the annual arts and crafts
                                          mystery prize provided by    the 21 representatives in our community area for their out-
    fair later in the year. Mrs.
    Campbell and Mrs. Ladd will           Mrs. Emma Barker.            standing reports and accomplishments .
    attend a meeting on 'oct. 7 in                                       James McMahon, department commander spoke b r iefly on
                                            The ne xt meetingv.ri.ll be held
    Dover-Foxcroft to help make           in the Milo Town Hall dining Legion activities and programs . He al~o complimented the
    plans .                                room.on Oct. 28 at 7:30p.m. delegates on·their achievements as reflepted in their r e ports,
                                                                       and expressed the opinion if you a re a member or any organization
                                                                       yousho~ldstriveto be an active participan, all phases of the
    THE AMERICAN LEGION AND AUXILIARY DIRIGO BOYS-                     programs.
    GIRLS STATE NIGHT                                                    After the benediction, a social hour was enjoyed. Rejreshments
      The American Legion and Auxiliary Dirigo B oys-Girls State were served buffet style by Mrs. Ethel Perry, Mrs. Mary Kelley,
    Night was observed at ~~e Milo Legion Home Monday evening Mrs. Vesta Merrill, Mrs. Ruth Heal and Mrs. Shirley .Bark-
    with nearly 100 in attendance.                                      er.
      Commander Alfred Weymouth .Jr . extended greetings for the
    Post and 'Onit, and introduced Legionaire and town manager JOSEPH P.CHAISSONUNIT 41 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY
    Millard Quimby as master of ceremonies. Mr. Quimby was as-            The Joseph P. Chaisson Uni.t 41, American Legion Auxiliary
    sisted in introduci ng the Dirigo Staters by Paul Ellingson, an are trying to compile a mailing list of Milo veterans currently
    American Legion Oratorical contestant in the State Finals last serving in the various brances of the Armed Forces.
    spring, also a delegate to Dirigo Boys State last June.               They hope that relatives and friends will be helpful in supplying
      Rev. CarltonCockey, pastor of the U.B. Church gave the in- names and if possible mailing addresses.                              ·
    vocation and benediction.                                             These are being requested for a Christmas project of the Unit
      The program presented opened with a report on the Glag rais-        The names and/or address maybe given to one of the following
    ing ceremonies at Dirigo Girls State, and pledge of allegiance Auxiliary members : Kathleen Sinclair , Ethel Perry, Blarelie
    to the flag. Other topics included: First Day: Inspection, Assem- Cookson, Arlene Osgood, Shirley Barker, o~ Marie Page.
    blies, Tests, Lectures , Town ~eetings, Party Caucuses , Ral-
                                                                                                                        Cont'd on Page 13
    lies, HonorTowns, Band, M.eals, Mocl<Trial, Fun Time, Sports,
    Govenors Reception, Candle light ceremony, Final Assembly:
    Scholarships closing with songs by the Dirigo Girls Staters .
      The 21 delegates presenting this program were: Rhoi1da Beals.
    KathrynBrigham , GeorgeDay, Paul Ellingson, Lynn Zwicker,
                                                                                CONGRATULATIONS         TO
    SallyShepardson, Martin Chase , Randy Hussey, Susan ~owing,
    Edwin Roberts, Martha Lutterell, Mary Jane Hogan, Michael
    Walker, Georgia Hussey, Charles Ellis, Susan Call, Roger                                 Riverside fl oris t
    Graves, Deborah Whitten, Susan Burgoyne, David Hanson and
    Jeanne Treworgy.
      Each delegate expr essed appreciation to a ll contributing spon-
    sors and thanl<ed the American Legi.on and Auxiliary for the
                                                                            ON THE            &rand Opening                   OF THEIR

    priveledge of having the opportunity to attend Dirigo Boys -                                   MILO STORE
    Girls State .
      Mrs. Page, local girls state chairman read letters of regret
    from James L. Boyle, veteran Legionnaire and Dirigo Boys

 Page 12                                                  October 9, 1969                                               THE TOWN CRIER


                                                                                                            Co rrie Marble
                                                                                                            Vinyl Corlon.
                                                                                                                               IN ID
                                                                                                            Hydr ocord Back
                                                                                                                             Cl AL   $3 ·!~yd.
                                                                                                                 VINYL FLOORING
                                                                                                            WAS $ 2.79          6 & 12 foot lengths
                                                                                                                sq. yd.

                                                                                                                               with the purchase of

                                                                                                               FREE           any floor, we will
                                                                                                                               G IV Eyou   enbugh
                                                                                                                              Benjamin Moore

                                                                                                                        Regal Wall Satin latex
                                                                                                                        paint to REDECORATE
                                                                                                                        the walls of your room !
                                                                        HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER·                                . Hc·nj am in ~

                                                                       ?3.Pleasant Street   -   Milo , Mai ne - 04463         Moore paints
      Le~ters of Commendation honoring her for her high per-
   formance on the 1969 National Merit Scholar ship Qualifying
   Test(NMSQT) has been awarded to a student at Penquis Valley
   High School, Principal Malcolm Buchanan has announced . .
      The commended S.·t udent is Kathryn Anne Brigham, daughter
   of M!. and Mrs. John Brigham of Milo.
      Kathy, who was the only P. V.H.S. student so honored, re-
   ceived her letter of Commendation from Principal Buchanan
   on Tuesday.                         (Staff photo by Scott Johnston)
      Sheis among 39,000 students in the United States who scored
· in the upper 2 percent of those who are expected to graduate
   from high school .in 1970. The Commended students rank just
  below the 15,000 Semifinalists announced in September by the
   National Merit Scho~rship Corporation (NMSC).
      Edward C. Smith, ..president of NMSC, said: "Although Com -
 . mended students advance no furthet' in the Merit Scholarship
   competition, their outstanding record in a nationwide program
   deserves public reco"gni tion, Their significant academic attain-
   me'nfgives promise:;9f continued success in college.
     '"The Commended ~tudents- sho~ld be encouraged to persue their
   education since their intellectual talent represents an important
   and much needed natural resource. Our nation will benefit from
   their continuing educational development. "
      TheCommended students• names are reported to other scho-
   larship-granting agencies and to the colleges they named as
   their first and second choices when they took t~e NMSQT in          Among those featured in the P. V. H. S. Senior Play this year
    February 1969. TP,e reports include home addresses, test are Jeanne Treworgy and Tony Hamlin. The Play will be pres-.
   scores, and anticipated college major and career intentions of ented at the Brownville Junction Gymnasium on Thur sday even-
   the CommendeO. stvcients NMSC encourages these students to, ing and at the Wingler Auditorium in Milo on Friday evening.
   make every effort to continue their education.                                                (Staff photo by Scott Johnston)
  THE TOWN CRIER                                         October9, 1969                                                                           Pagel3
                                 boxes for Sept. going to these    SUSIE CARR CHA PTER # 181, 0 . E . S.
 MILO                            boys, Scott Smart, JamesKar:..      SusieCarrChapter#181, O.E . S. held a special meeting Sept.
 Cont'd from Page 11             powicz, Clarence MacLeod.         l7 for the purpose of inspection with Worth Grant Matron Ann
 DERBY MOTHERS'                  Arthur Brown, Clifford Davis      Stei n as inspectmg officer.
 SERVICE CLUB                    Jr. These boys have been dis-       There was an attendance of 75 members and guests . Di-sting-
    The Derby Mothers' service   charged recently, Neil McCan-     quished guests were : Worth Grand Matron Anne Stein, Worthy
  club held an all day meeting innell and Allan Paul. S Sgt.       Grand Patron Embert Buck; Worth Associate Grant Patron,
  the home of Mrs. Blanche       Te rrance Bamford has arrived     Stanley Maragus, Grand Sentinel Donald Nelder, Grand Ester
  Sma_rt on Sept. 30th with 14   in Vietnam and a local paper      Nina C . vVhite, Grand Electa Myrtle Blizard; District Deputy
  members present and 3 crJ ld-  will be sent to him. Mrs . Mar-   Grand Matrons Virginia Miles, Edith Harmon and Wada Foster.
  ren. The meeting was opened    ianCunningham will send gifts     PastGrand MatronsAnneS. Mill8l , Gladys Ste tson , Past Grand
 'by the Vice Pres: Mrs. Mar-    to these boys for October, S.     Patron Kenneth Pullen; Gnmd Representatives Lewisey Ireland
  ion Williams. Mail was ack -   Sgt. Harry Smart and S Sgt.       and Marjorie Nelder and Adria Potter.
  nowledged from SP4 Alfred      Harris Smart, Milo, Lt. C.          Chapters represented were: Electa, Bowdoinham; Corner
  Bushway, Alaska , Pvt. Gary    Allan Jose, Panama. The next      Stone, Portland; Onawa, Millinocket; Fidelity, Houlton; Mil-
  Chadbourne, .Ft. Dix, N. i. ,  meeting will be on Oct. 14th      lewee , Orrington, Almeda, Guilford ; Echo, Bx·ownville ; Dor ic,
  the family 'o f Edwin Ryder ,  and the place is to be announced  LaGrange, Tontoawon, Saugus, Mass .; Signet, Exeter; Tuscan,
  Greenville, family of Sp4 La:- at a later date.                  Bangor; Corinne, Corinna; Miriam, Dover-Foxcro ft; Wass -
  rry Boobor, LaGrange, Mrs.                                       ookeag, Dexter; Minerva, Madison; Keystone, Solon; Aldworth,
  Thelma Carver, Milo, School                                      Milo; Sickle, Stowe , Vermont.
  admin. Dist. Milo.                                                 Worth Grand Matron complimented the officers of Susie Carr
    Marian Cunningham reports       SANGERVILLE EXTENSION          Chapter on their excellent work. She was presented with a cor-
  sending sympathy cards to           The Sangerville Extension sage and a gift from the Chapter by W. M. Marion Race.
  par e nts ofPFC Gardner Brown     met Oct. 1st at the United
 Appleton, and wife of Sgt. 1st
  class Edwin Ryder, Green-
                                    Church with 7 members and
                                    4 guests present. The program   muutr-111nxrrnft
 ville. Sick card to Mrs. Faye      was on dried arrangements MA INE FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS
                                    with Shirley Drew as leader.     Mrs. Peter B. Aucoi n, of Rumford; and Mrs . Arthur E.
  Lovell, Milo, sympathy card
                                    The mystery prize was won by   Rogers, of Bangor, P resident and First Vice-President, re-
  tofamily ofMr. andMrs. Earl
 Smart.                             Alice Rennie. Refreshments spectively, of the Maine Federation of Women's Clubs , \vere
    Mrs. Marian Williams re-        were served by Roselyn Pries t guest speaker's at meeting and luncheon of presidents         and
                                                                   de legates of clubs comprising District #3 of lVI. F. W. C., held
 ported on the B&A dinner se r- , 'The next meeting will be on
                                                                   Wednesday, October 8, at the Blethen House. Presiding officer
·ved recently. Mrs. Violet Ri- ..officers , and program of Craft
                                    Ideas for Christmas .          was Miss Marjorie Doore, of Dover -Foxcroft, President of
 cker reported on the monthly
                                                                   District #3.
                                                                     The folowing State officers gave bridf reports: Mrs . Harold
                                                                   Grinnell, of Derby; Chairman Libr ary Services: Mrs. G.
            WATCH OUT             DRIVE AS IF                      Frederick Noel. of Dover-Foxcroft, Chairman 'International
                FOR OUR              'fREY WERE                    Affairs Department; Mrs. Carl E . Cai'lson, of Milo, Chai r-
                   . CHILDRE N          YOUR OWN                   man UP..:ited Nations Division; Mrs . Raymond P. Davis, of
                                                                   Dover-Foxcroft, Chairman Cl~b Records & Hisl.ories: Mrs.
                                                                   Elmer Glover, of Dover-Foxcroft, member Endowment Fund
                                                                   Committee: Mrs . Donald Maxfie ld, of Guilford, member Res-
                                                                   olutions Committee; l\1rs. Donald Maxfield, of Guilford, mem-
    A partial representation of local organizations met in the     be r Resolutions Committee. Current community projects were
                                                                   reported by each club presidflnt of representative . According
  Town Hall dining room Monday eve ning to discuss -plans for
  theTownofMilo's participation in Maine Sesquicentennia l Cel-    to Mrs. Donald Campbell, of Dover-Foxcroft,' District #3
  ebration during 1970.                                            chairman of the 1968 -1970 Community Improvement Program.
    Mr. Richard Sawyer and Mr. Millard Quimby, Co-chairman         all 17 clubs in the District are participating in this program
  for Milo , spoke bridfly and reported on a County ·Meeting Held which is nationally co - sponsored each year by the Ge neral
  the early part -of September at Dover-Foxcroft.                  Federation of Women's Clubs and the Sears -Roebuck Founda -
    Mr. Reginald Dority, Piscataquis County coordinator outlined
  suggestive programs and reported on a State representative         M. F. W. C . Clubs in Distric t 4~3 are located in the towns of
  meeting he ~ttended September 24.                                Dover-Foxcroft (6), Greenville (2), Guilford (2), Millinocket
    Following some discussion, those present nominated a Ses- (1) and Milo (6). Those in Milo are: The Alpha Reading C lub,
  quicentennial Commissi_on to serve Milo: they to receive and AyudaClub , Milo Junior League, Modern Idea .Club, New Idea
  channel various events during the coming year.                   Club and Neoteric Club.
  Members _be~tig: Erwi.n Dellaire, Marie Page, Th_omas Ho-               FLAWED DIAMON D
ward, Forre;>t ' rre \~orgy , Virgil LaRouche, Galen Carey,         ,\ tly wife's the apple <)f my eye.    In c n scs always keeps hL~r wits.
Sylvia Brown, 'susan c a ll ahd William Hogan.                      She drives quite we ll. can bake a     She has no yl'n fo r fur of niin k.
                                                                         pie,                              She can. unaided. fi x the sink.
  Marie P~ge, named temporar y chairman to arrange for a
                                                                    She's read some Sh:1kcspeare. Plato,   She ma kes an <.'.\<.:.:!lent mart ini
planning me'e ti'tig and election of officers of this commission.     Blake.                               And. looks SUJX:rb in a "il..ini.
 Mrs. Page, has designated Monday evening October 13, the           She. barbecues a perfect steak.        She\ perfect in~" llt.m~ w ·,) ~
meeting to be held in the dining room at the MHo American           She sews, she cleans, slie loves our   13UI ~--she's !l\'1".; :- hc·;trd , ,:' \','i ;l!t'
Legion Home at 7:30 o 'clock.                                         kids,                                May:--.
Page 14                                               October 9, Hi69                                THE TOWN CRIER

                     Rainbow Installations

                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Alton L. Cur-
                                                                                                tis are pa·r ents of a daughter
                                                                                                Jennifer Taylor born Oct. 4th ·
                                                                                                at Washington, D. C . Maternal
                                                                                                Grandparents are Mr. and
                                                                                                1\l[rs. John E. Masterman anct"
                                                                                                Paternal Grandparents are Dr.
                                                                                                and Mrs . John B. Curtis.
                                                                                                 Mrs. Gertrude Kittridge was
                                                                                               pleased to receive, on the 'o c-
                                                                                               casion of her birthday, a call
                                                                                               from her grandson, Sgt Robbin
                                                                                               Kittridge in Vietnam. It was
                                                                                               rather unusual that they could
                                                                                               each wish tlie other a happy
                                                                                               birthday, since due to the
                                                                                               time difference of 13 hrs., it
 Brownville Assembly #25, Order of Rainbow for Girls helad an installation:·of Officers last   was the evening of her birth-
Sunday at which the following girls were,installed: Cynthia Schumpert, Hope; Debra Monroe,     day; Oct. 14th, here and the
Worthy Associate Advisor; Diana Peters, Worthy Advisor; Jamie, Pickard, .Charity; and Deb-     morning of his birthday, Oct.
ra Ricker, :faith.                                                                             15th, there .

                                                                                  SAlE-·· ~              F2ROM BOOK!! !

                                                                                               OJ'         Tempest Customs


                                                                                                                 1 Catalina
                                                                                                                  2 dr. Ht.

                                                                                                            1 Catalina 4 dr.

                                                                                                         1 Bonneville 4 dr.

                                                                                                         1 <;atalina 4 dr.

                      . ~

 Installed as Worthy Advisor of the Guilford Assembly of Rain-
bow for Girls last Sunday was Julie Noble shown here with the
Mother Advisor, Alice
THE TOWN CRIER                                                      October 9, 1969                                                                                                                    Page 15

CHURCH NEWS                                                                                                         9:00 sa""':!ay Night at tbt Movies        12:00 FMtastlo Voyas•

Cont'd from Page 9
                                             WABI-TV                            MO!iDAY. OCT. 13
                                                                                7:00 Have Quo, Will Travol                ''The Hall With IJeroe•"            12:30 .~rnericiUI Bandolllnd

                                             Chmnel 5                           7:30 Gunsmol; 0
                                                                                8:30 Here's Lncy
                                                                                                                    11:00 G.l:'eat Late Show
                                                                                                                           "Babe Ruth Slrtry"
                                                                                                                                                              1:30 Scene '70
                                                                                                                                                              2:30 Wide World or Sports
                                            THURSDAY. OCT, 9                    9:00 Maybel'ry RFD                  SUNDAY, OCT. 12                           4:00 NCAA Collogo Fool:ball
                                            7:00 Marshall Dillon
CHURCH                                      7:30 Fnmlly Affair
                                                                                9:30 Dori• Day                      12:00 Tb;s ia tho Lifo                    7:30 Dating Garno
                                                                                10:00 Cnrol Bu rnett                12:30 Guideline                           8:00 Newlywed Game
MILO, MAINE_                                8:00 Jim N•bo>·s Sbow               11:00 Tt!le)ourns.l News            1:00 Meet the Pres~                       8:30 Ln.wrence Wolk Show
                                            9:00 Thursday Night Mo,·ic                                              1:30 World Series Oamc                    9:30 Hollywood Palaeo
Rev. Kwan Y. Lee, Minister                         ··rate is the Hunter··
                                                                                11:30 Merv Griffin Show
                                                                                TUESDAY. OCT. 14                    7:00 \\'ild Kit:Cdom                      10:30 Country Western Jamboree
                                            11.:00 "relejournal ~ewe
SUNDAY, OCT.. 12                            11:30 lolerv Griffin Sbow
                                                                                7:00 Marshall Dillon                7:30 Wonderful World of Dhtney            12:30 ABC Weekend Nows
                                                                                7:30 Tho Mystery of Animal          8:30 B1U Cosby Sbow                       SUNDAY, OCT. 12
Churc h School ·- 9:30 a .m.                FRIDAY, OCT. 10                     8:30 Red Skelton       Behovtor     9:00 Bonanza                              7:45 Dtwcy & Goliath
                                            7:00 Have Gua, Will Tn\\el                                              10:00 The Bold One~                       8:1 5 Catl:'.edral of Tomorrow
                                                                                9:30 Go,·enor a!:ti JJ
Laymen's Sund;:ty- 11:00 a . m.             7:30 <'.et Smart                    10: 00 CBS 1\ews Hour               11:00 Gr0at Music                         9:!5 America's BeMt L0\1td Hynins
                                            8:00 Good Guy•                                                          Ll:Hi 1'V2 Susp~mse 'l'h#JtHl'O
Worship Service. Speaker for                8: :lO Hogru1s Heroes
                                                                                11:00 Telcjuurnal Ne w~;
                                                                                                                        '' lo'reoe of Chn1·gc''
                                                                                                                                                              9:30 Dudley Do Right
                                                                                                                                                              10:00 Geo t'b"C <If the Jungl e
                                                                                l J :80 Merv Griffin Show
the service wi ll be Mr. Her-               0:00 Hldny Night Movl<>
                                                                                WE DNESDAY, OCT. 15                 MONDAY. OCT . 1:J                         10:30 Fantastic .F'Otll'
                                                   "Doctor You've Got to        7:00 Ba"e Gun. \Vill TrO\'C l       7:00 Perry Maaon                          11:00 Bullwlnkle
bert Dunham, Church Lay                            bo Kidding"
                                                                                7:30 Olenn Campbell                 8:00 Rowan&. MarUn Lnu(h-tn               11:30 Discover
                                            11:00 Tel'ljnurnal NCw-ij                                               0:00 Bob    Ho~  Special                  12:00 College Foolbllll '69
Leader. Men's choir will pro-               ll :30 Merv Griffin Show
                                                                                8:30 Be\'t'rly Hillbillies
                                                                                9:00 1\ludical Center               lO:OO h-ULZ1 1S Second Special            1:00 Georgeto'41l Forum
                                            SA'fliRDAY, OCT. II
Vide the anthem.                            S: 00 Jets<>ns
                                                                                19:00 Hllwaii Flve-Q                TUl:SDAY, OCT. 14                         1:30 l;;suco :uxl ADaworo
                                                                                                                    7:00 Purry Mason                          2:00 Candidates Meellns
BAPTISED LAST SUNDAY                        8:30 Bugv Bunny/Roadrunner          ~~~~~ ~{~;!.~~::C~oN:~:.            8:00 Ths.t's Debbie                       3:00 Action '69
                                            9:30 D•s!Ardly •nd Muttley                                              8:30 Julio                                3:30 America Slttgo
Sept. 28, 1969                              10:00 Perils o( Peneloro l'tt•top
                                            10:30 sc.ooby Doo
                                                                                W L B Z _TV                         9:00 Tues day N"lgh\ nL Lho Movies        4:00 \\fa tly ~"owloa· ()Q~:~po l Show
  Mark Philip Lamarre, a child              11:00 Alcrie                        Chon nel 2 ·                             ' 'Tiger and the PuiJsyoa.t·•
                                                                                                                    WEDNESDAY. OCT. ~~
                                                                                                                                                              5: 00 Curley O'Brien .Show
                                                                                                                                                              6:(11) The B rady Dul\Ch
of Louis P. and Cheryl M.                   12: 00 Moukcos
                                            12:30 Wacky Rsco•                   'fllURSDAY, OCT. 9
                                                                                                                    7:0C WJ!burn Bt·others                    6:30 Mr. Deeds Goos to Town
                                                                                                                    •:30 The VIrginian                        7:00 L3nd of the Olnnta
  Stephanie Lynn Valente, ·a                'L:OO Superman                       7:00 Porter Wagonc •·
                                                                                                                    9:00 Kraft Mu•lc Holl                     8:00 FBI
                                            1:30 Johnny Quesi                   7:30 P~niel Boone
                                                                                                                    10:00 Then came B•·on!;Jon                9:00 Sunday :-light )1ovto
Child of VirgilR. and Jannet S.             2:00 Gumby Hour                     8:30 Ironside                       11:00 TV2 News                                  "Fantastic VO)'AtJC''
                                            3:00 Oa..,.-n of .~merica           9:30 Dragnet
BIBLE was awarded to follow-                ~:00 Big                   10:00 Dean Martin Sbow
                                                                                                                    11:30 TorJghtSbow                         11:00 ABC Weekend News
                                                                                                                                                              )!ONDAY, OCT 13
ing 3 & 4 graders.                          ~:30 Ra ..·hlde                     11:00 TV2 xe..  -,;
                                             5:30 Skippy f l                    11:30 Tonigbt Show                  WEMT-TV                                   7:00 Rocky
                                                                                                                                                              7:30 The Music Seine
  Brent Bailey, son of Mr. &                 6·00 T~lojournal News               FRIDAY, OCT. 10
                                                                                                                    Channel 7                                 8:1 5 The New Pouplo
                                             G:30CBS News                        7:CJO My World •• And WolCOrT'"'
Mrs . Terry B~iley.                          7:llQ Dttd Leavitt. Show           7:30 High Chapa nul                 THURSDAY, OCT, 9                          9:00 The Su1·vi vora
                                                                                                                                                              t O:OO   Lov~ Amt~ ricu. n   Siylo
                                                                                                                    7:00 Rocky
                                             7:30 Jac:kio Gleas o n             8::10 Name o f the Game
  E llenBerry, daughterofMr.                 8:30 My Thr<~e sons                 tO:OO Bracken'') World             7:30 The Gbost & Ml'•· Muir               11:00 Newsroom
                                                                                                                    8:00 Tbat Girl                            11:30 Night owl 'l'hcnu·c
& Mrs. Edwin Berry.                          9:00 O.l.'een Acres                ll:OO TV2 News                                                                      ''Twel ve Angty MOU''
                                             9t30 Pettlc«lt Junction           Ll::lO Tonight Show                  8:30 B!:!Wltehed
                                                                                                                                                              TCESD.;Y, OCT. H
  Jo-Anne Berry, daughter of                 10:00 ManDL•                     SATURDAY OCT 11                       9:00 This is Tom Jones
                                                                                                                                                              7:00 Rocky
                                                                               8:00 The Il.,'ckle Jeekle Sbow 10:00 It Tak9s A Tblef
                                             11:00 Telejoo~raal News
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Berry"                      11:16 Hea~-eight Wt-c*Utnc
                                                                               9:00 Here Comes the Grump            11;00 "ewsroom
                                                                                                                                                              7:30 )!od SqlllOd
                                                                                                                                                              9:30 Mo,1e of the Wetk
                                                                               9:aO The Pin.~ Panther               11:30 Nlgilt Owl Thoatro
  Scott Campbell, son of Mr:                 SUNDAY, OCT. 12
                                                                               10:00 H. R. Pulnstuff                       "Tho ~lark of Vampire"                   ·~vnkc   Me when thu War Is o\·er "
                                             9:00 Tom a nd Jerry                                                    FRIDAY, OCT. 10                           10;00    ]t.1a~usWelby, M.D.
& Mrs. Chauncey Hoski ns.                    9:30 Batman                       10:30 B$.11.'ln& Splits
                                                                                                                    7:00 U.ade1    ·dog            ,          ll: UO Ne\\*Sroom
                                             10:00 t.amp .Unto ~1y Foo~        11:30 Jumbo                                                                    11:30 Night Owl'l'bontro
  Ke ntLadd , sonofMr. &Mrs.                 !O:SO Look Up >nd Live            12:00 The nlntstones
                                                                                                                    7:ao Let's Make A Donl
                                                                                                                                                                       '·L eopnl'd Mnu"
                                                                                                                    8:00 Cb.,lleuge Bowling
                                             11:00 Camera. T hr·ce             12:30 Underdog
James Ladd-  .                               ll::.tO fp.ce the Nation          1:00 P ntty Duke
                                                                                                                    9:00 nere Corne thu Brtdoa                WEDNESDAY, OCT. '15
                                                                                                                    10:00 Jimmy Oua·aote Pre$Onta             7:00 Rocky
  Robin· Larson, daughter of                 12:00 Chris tophers               1:30 Roller Derby
                                                                                                                           t..l:l~ Lennon Sl~:~te n           7:30 The S lyittg Nun
                                              12:15 Tr£ papal Challenge        2:30 Sarurd•y Matinee                                                          8:00 Tho Courtllhlp of Eddie's Father
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Larson.                    12:4e, tnt.ernatloml Trader             "Cow Country''
                                                                                                                    11:00 Newsroom
                                                                                                                    l1 :30 A~Uon 1'heotre                     8:30 Room 222
                                              1:00 t'FL Footb.lll              ·1:00 Su.spe~ TbealrC
  Bret Perkins, son of Mr. &                        • Pittsburg at ~ew York''         ··.~ Soug Ce.Ued Rabengc"
                                                                                                                           neat People''                      9:00 WodDCoday NICht MoY!o
                                                                                                                    SA'fl)P.DAY, OCT . 11                           "Di,-on::o .~mortcan Style''
Mrs. Frank Perkins.                                 "lAs Angeles ot san Fr:\00 5:00 The Cbcs.lers
                                                                               5:30 College Bowl                    8:00 Casper Cartoon Sbow                  11 :CO Kowsroom
                                             7:00 l.D.SiiiO                                                         8:30 Sn·u)kOv tho Bau r                    11:30 Night Owl Tbe•Lre
  KevinPerkins, son of Mr. &                 7:30 To Rome Witb Love
                                                                               6:00 l Dream of .Jeannie
                                                                                                                    9:00 The Ct,.!tanoogn C•ta                      'Bedlam 1'
                                                                               6:30 Huntley-Brinkl ey Report
Mrs. Frank Perkins.                          8:00 ~:d Sulll van                7: 00 Eilly Walket· Show             1 0:00 llot Wheels
                                             9:00 Lflsllo Uggams Show          7:30 Andy Williams Show              10:30 Hardy Boy•
  Ivy Stanchfield , daughter of              10:00 Mission lmposslblo           8:30 Adam 12                        11:00 Sky Hawks
                                                                                                                    11·:1.1'1 .\rlvAntnrA-'1 o f llulllvfn•
Mr. & Mrs. Gletm Stanchfield
Cindy Varney, daughterofMr.        tographerwillbeat the church                          Sunday School 9:40. This will be Laymen's Sunday and at tL~
& Mrs . Donald Varney.             from 4 to 9 p.m. to take pic-                       morningservicell:OOJames Bunker will be song leader , Ken-
  Rex Webb, son of Mr. & Mrs.      tures of our members and                            neth Rhoda \vill give the invocation, Gerald Blodget the respon-
Stephen W~bb .                     friends in preparation of mak-                      sive r eading, Donald Wibberly the Scripture reading, Gardiner
  Karen Whi tten. · daugher of     Ing our C burch Family A!bum.                       Osgood the morning prayer, Melville Wibberly the announce-
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Whitten,        The family and individual inc-                      ments. The Men's Chorous will have the anthem and special
Tuesday, Oct. 14 7:30 Admin-       luded in the album will recei -·                    music. Pastor Cockey will speak on "It Is Up to You". Clinton
istrative Board meeting.           ve the album free when com-                         Cook will have the benediction.
  Oct. 16th through 18th a pho -   pleted.                                               All B. Y. F . groups at 6:15. In Junior Hig.h Rita Smith will
U:Nl.TED BAPTIST CHURCH, MILO, MAINE                                                   have the program, Charles Chessa the Bible reading and pray-
  PastorCockey, Mrs . MartinoalsoMr. and Mr.s. Paul H. Day                             er , Joan Clark the song service. Junior High has elected Charles
attended Penqui s Baptist Association Annual mee ting at Howland                       Chessa, President; Timothy London, Vice P resident; Rita Smith
Baptist Church .saturday. Pastor Cockey was elected to the                             Secretary -Treasurer.
State Convention Board for a .three year. term; Mr . Day was                             Laymenwillhavechargeofthe evening service at 7:30; James
chairman of the Nominating Committee.                                                  Bunker \vill lead the singing; Arlon Richardson, responsive
  Rev. Joseph Mills, Superintendent of Maine Bible ,Society was                        reading; melville Wib>:.erly, Scripture reading; Maurice Golden,
guest speaker at combined Junior High and Senio.r B. Y. F . also                       praye1:time; Paul Day the announcements and offering; Maynard
at the evening service. He described b riefly the history of Bible                     Shor ey will bring a message on "My Belief in the Bible". Don-
translations a nd aids to Bible study. Many types of Scripture                         ald Wibberly will pronounce the benediction.
portions, translations andc concordances, atlases and other                              IVIonday the Trustees meet at 7:00p.m. Tuesday the Dea cons
study aids were displayed and everyone was invited to look                             at 7:00p.m.
everything over.                                                                         Wednesday the Ladies Auxiliary at 2;00 p.m. when Mrs . Mar-
COMING EVENTS:                                                                         guerite Hamlin will present a Missionary program , shO\\ing
  Friday the Ever Ready Class dinner 12:00. Satur day men's                            slidesofhertravels. Mid-weekprayer and Bible study a t 7:30.
prayer and Bibl~ study group at 7:00p.m.                                               Thursday all choirs rehearse.
Page 16                                              October 9, 1969                                   THE TOWN CRIER

                           Grand Opening

                                                                                                   New 1 0" table saw, jointer,
                                                                                                    stand and 1 HP motor, ·
                                                                                                               only $145. 00
                                                                                                   New 7-1/4" "skill" saw
                                                                                                   Large carpenter's tool chest
                                                                                                    with tools
                                                                                                   New Browning 30. 06 auto.
                                                                                                    rifle (cost $196) $145. 00
                                                                                                   New 12 ga. s hotgun
                                                                                                   Used Remington 30. 06 auto.
                                                                                                    rifle         ·
                                                                                                   Winchester 30 . 30 rifle
                                                                                                   High Standard 22 cal. revol-
                                                                                                   Camping equipment
                                                                                                   Other articles too numerous
                                                                                                    to m ention.
                                                                                                           E. C. Blake
                                                                                                           Brownville Jet.• Me.

  Riverside Florist of Dover-Foxcroft held a Grand Opening of their new store in the forme r
Merrill Trust Bank quarters on Main Street in Milo last weekend. With the proprietors of the
new business, Mr. and Mrs. William Babash (right), were Mrs. Sandra Haley and Mrs. Phy- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS
llis Treworgy formerly of the Milo Greenhouse. The Riverside Florist has bought the Milo Gr- Meetings at Derby Community
eenhouse busin~ss and will maintain the retail outlet at the Main Street address .              Hall every Tuesday evening at
                                                                (Staff photo by Scott Johnston\            8 P.M.

    and WI- TER
          N                                                      •
                                                                W s
                                                                                       OF OUR DOOR PRIZES WERE: Oct. 3rd
                                                                                 00.   Mrs. Guy Hodgson of Brownville J et. &

 DRESSES •4 · ,_.___,
                                                                                       Oct. 4th Mrs. Floyd Grant of Milo.
                                                                Our New Store Hours are ...
 SUITS         til .18      UP
                                                                       MONDAY thru SATURDAY 9 a . .m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                 Closed SUNDAY

   TOWN&                  SHOP MILO
                          & SAVE! !                                         RivePside florist
  COUNTRY                                                        Milo 943-7426                      Dover-Foxcroft   564~2491

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