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					                                      1998 FIRST DECADE OF JOURNALISM AND SERVICE 2008


Much to appreciate
VOLUME 11 NO. 10                                               WEEK OF NOV. 30-DEC. 6, 2008                                                                    ONE DOLLAR

                                                      THE TRIANGLE’S CHOICE FOR THE BLACK VOICE

for Thanksgiving
                                                                                                                                    honored at
 By Sommer Brokaw                working and taking care of
                                 their children. Aaron
                                                                                                                                    Annual program honors
  DURHAM - La’Kesha and          Hackett earned his GED

                                                                                                                                    Raleigh’s first black mayor
Aaron Hackett have been          while he was serving 15
on their own since they          months in prison for
ran away from home as            assault, followed by nine
teenagers. At age 23, they       months of post-release                                                                                       By Sommer Brokaw
are now married parents          that he completed Oct.                                                                                          THE TRIANGLE TRIBUNE
with three kids, but             2006.
                                                                                                                                      RALEIGH - The sixth annual Clarence E.
they’ve never had a place          “I got threatened,” he
                                                                                                                                    Lightner Youth Leadership Banquet
to call home until now.          said. “I shot someone
                                                                                                                                    honored the former Raleigh mayor’s
  The Hackett family             three times below the
                                                                                                                                    memory and youth in a leadership acad-
moved into their first           waist. I shot him before he
                                                                                                                                    emy named after him. Hundreds attend-
apartment a few weeks            got me.”
                                                                                                                                    ed a reception Nov. 20 showcasing the
ago. “What I like most             Nowadays, Aaron is
                                                                                                                                    young leaders of tomorrow at the new
about this is having a place     working on his music
                                                                                                                                    Raleigh Convention Center.
to call home, having our         career and taking care of
                                                                                                                                      Rene Daughtry, an executive at the
own Thanksgiving and our         his family. He empathizes
                                                                                                                                    Research Triangle’s Cisco Systems, was
own Christmas together,”         for the people that are
                                                                                                                                    the keynote speaker at the dinner.
Aaron Hackett said.              worse off than his family
                                                                                                                                    Daughtry encouraged the audience to
  La’Kesha Hackett would         is now ,and said “If I blow                                            PHOTO/SOMMER BROKAW
                                                                                                                                    give to the Youth Leadership Academy.
like to go back to school to     up, I’ll give back to the       The Hacketts are coming together in their new home.                  “We don’t do this for fanfare,” he said.
get her high school diplo-       community and people            Left to right: Aaron, Maliki, Makiya, Makayla and                  “It’s about doing the right thing.”
ma, but she has been busy            Please see SO MUCH/2A       La’Kesha Hackett.                                                    More than $6,000 was raised from the
                                                                                                                                    silent auction alone. Students’ Shae King
                                                                                                                                    and Nidhi Diwakar were awarded $1,000
                                                                                                                                    scholarships for their future education.
                                                                                                                                    “These, your future doctors, lawyers
                                                                                                                                    and engineers, artists, politicians and
                                                                                                                                    executives, have learned that the impos-
                                                                                                                                    sible dream is a very possible reality,”
                                                                                                                                    said Vince Bayyan, executive director of
                                                                                                                                    the     Lightner     Youth    Leadership
                                                                                                                                    Development Program.
                                                                                                                                      Lightner (1921-2002) was Raleigh’s
                                                                                                                                    only black mayor (1973-75). A board of
                                                                                                                                    corporate executives, educators and
                                                                                                                                    elected officials established the YLA a
                                                                                                                                    year after he died to honor his legacy of
                                                                                                                                    leadership and community service.
                                                                                                                                      This year, the banquet also paid spe-
                                                                                                                                    cial tribute to the late Ben Waters, a for-
                                                                                                                                    mer news director for Capitol

                                                                                                                                    Broadcasting’s WRAL-TV. His wife,
                                                                                                                                    Martha Waters, serves as chair of the

                                                                                                                                    rally behind
                                                                                                                                                   Please see LIGHTNER/3A

                                                                                                                                    Ga. prisoner
Academic rigor breaks stigma
                                                                                                        PHOTO/SOMMER BROKAW

Shepard Middle School students sing a song taught by teacher Lori Cumferman.

                                                                                                                                             By Hazel Trice Edney
                                                                                                                                      NATIONAL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION
       By Sommer Brokaw                     orous course of study.                      Programme at Burton Elementary                WASHINGTON - As much of America
          THE TRIANGLE TRIBUNE                “It’s one of the gems for Durham          that feeds into the Middle Years            prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving
  DURHAM - Instead of “acting               Public Schools,” school board chair-        Programme at Shepard Middle, and            feasts with family, a dubious anniver-
white,” high academic achievers in          man Minnie Forte-Brown said.                the MYP and IB Diploma programs at          sary passed quietly inside the Lee State
Durham could be considered “acting            The Programme, named after the            Hillside High. “I think it’s giving me
                                                                                                                                    prison in Leesburg, Ga.
black.”                                     British word for program, engages           that extra step as far as preparation
                                                                                                                                      That was Nov. 3, 2008, the 17th
  Research shows that anti-achieve-         students in world learning, charac-         for college,” said Lauren Banks, an IB
                                                                                                                                    anniversary of the day that William
ment attitudes among black students         ter-building skills and courses so rig-     Diploma candidate who plans to
                                                                                                                                    Jonathan Mayo was arrested and
known as “acting white” develops            orous that they could be seen on the        major in theatre at Howard
                                            college level. The Programme has            University.                                 charged with armed robbery - only three
over time in schools where blacks are
                                            been around since 1968. It’s an               “I’ve heard someone tell me I was         credits shy of graduation from
underrepresented in the most chal-
lenging courses. But in Durham,             European concept to teaching that’s         ‘acting white’ before, but I just           Morehouse College.
black students are overrepresented          gained a lot of popularity in the U.S.,     thought that person may be jealous            Then a U S. Army ROTC scholarship
in the International Baccalaureate          particularly in the last decade.            of me because I get good grades,”           recipient preparing to serve four years

Obamas reinforce sense of black family
                                              It begins with the Primary Years                                                      as a second lieutenant after his pending
Programme, considered the most rig-                                                                    Please see RIGOR/2A
                                                                                                                                    May 1992 graduation, Mayo now pre-
                                                                                                                                    pares to spend his 17th Thanksgiving
                                                                                                                                    and holiday season behind bars. His is a
                                                                                                                                    story that has gained the growing atten-
                                                                                                                                    tion of rights leaders around the coun-
                                                               By Zenitha Prince               Those glimpses into the inner          The William Mayo story begins with a
                                                         THE AFRO-AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS        workings of the future First           noble deed as he reached out to two
                                                       WASHINGTON - For the past two         Family have enchanted many             youths from the streets of Chicago,
                                                     years, we’ve peeked into their          and, among African-Americans,          where he had worked as an undercover
                                                     lives; the infamous fist bump and       have engendered a sense of inspi-      store detective in Carson Pirie Scott, a
                                                     the president-elect’s solicitous        ration and pride.                      popular department store. According to
                                                     hand on the small of his wife’s           “It’s a beautiful thing to           interviews with those close to the case
                                                     back; Sasha’s mischievous smile         behold,” Princeton professor           and a case history posted on
                                                     and Malia kissing her father            Cornel West told the AFRO. “To, the chain of events are
                                                     goodbye as he dropped them off          have the image of the First            as follows:
                                                     at school; and even Michelle’s          Family, a black family, in the           On Nov. 3, 1991, Mayo picked up two
                                                     mom, Marian Robinson, clutching         White House - a White House built      street-prone Chicago teens, Tyrone
                                                     her son-in-law’s hand while             by slaves and laborers - but now       Wilson and Dale Thomas, whom he was
                       AFRO-AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS                                              a black precious family there.
                                                     watching the poll returns on                                                   mentoring. He drove them to
President-elect Barack Obama and family.             Election Night.                                 Please see OBAMAS/2A                         Please see CONVICT’S/3A

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                                    veterans.                                         Classifieds 4B      
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Rigor of academics breaks down stereotypes
2A                                                     WWW.THETRINGLETRIBUNE.COM                                                                   Sunday, November 30, 2008

Continued from page 1A        be a thinker. “We don’t        dents’ questions,” he        class. They have to com-    her Ph.D. in pharmacy by       get credit for classes at
said Muhammad Karim,          see a lot of following         said. “Their questions       plete a program of cre-     2014, said the hard work       Hampton.”
a sixth-grade IB student      peers and not wanting to       actually guide where the     ativity, action and serv-   is worth it. “We had so          McDonald is one of
at Shepard who wanted         look smart,” Ford said.        lesson is going. They are    ice, write an extended      much work that had to          many students who have
to be in the Programme        “But when they do come         the guide, we are the        essay of about 4,000        be completed on time so        either gone on to histor-
to challenge himself.         across those pressures,        tour guides.”                words and pass the IB       time management was            ically black colleges or
  Kyra Mulder, another        they’ll have the knowl-          Burton Elementary is       exams. Narcisse Mwanza      essential. I also gained a     Ivy League schools. John
sixth-grader in the class     edge base and founda-          now in its second year as    said he studies five        great knowledge in all         Lyon      received    an
also likes the challenge.     tion to say it’s OK to be      a fully accredited IB        hours a day to keep up      the subjects I tested in.      $189,400 scholarship to
“I do like the feeling of     smart. It’s OK to be me.”      school.       The       IB   with his course load, and   Now in college most of         Harvard University, and
success,” she said. “I also     A highlight of Burton’s      Programme at Hillside        he balances that with       the classes aren’t chal-       Callie Womble received a
like how in this class we     IB Programme is its for-       and Shepard, which           being a student-athlete.    lenging because what I         full    tuition    Gates
build each other up.”         eign languages, includ-        began in the late 1990s,       Natarrah McDonald,        learned in the IB pro-         Millennium Scholarship
  The sixth-graders had       ing a Mandarin Chinese         went through a lot of tur-   who attends Hampton         gram,” she said. “Most         to        Winston-Salem
just learned songs their      class. Another is a class-     moil in the beginning,       where she plans to earn     important, I was able to       University.
teacher,               Lori   room with an active            but now it’s improving.
Cumferman,         taught     board hooked up to a             “A lot of the credit for
them after attending the      laptop and a multimedia        that was made before I
Ron Clark Academy in          projector. “The board          even came to the
Atlanta. “No lesson will      itself allows me to write      school,” said Michael
replace pride in the          on the board and manip-        Foxmann, the first full-
hearts and minds of stu-      ulate, and the kids can        time coordinator of the
dents. You can however        do the same,” teacher          IB Diploma Program at
teach skills. Skills will     James Johnson said. “For       Hillside. “When Mr.
lead to confidence and        the kinesthetic student,       [Superintendent Carl]
confidence will lead to       they can actually get up       Harris came to Durham
pride and self-esteem,”       there and they can actu-       and learned more about
Clark said in a Wire Side     ally create and move           the program, he made a
Chat in Education World.      things.”                       concerted effort to reach
  Burton        Principal       Johnson’s first year         as many students as
Takeisha Ford said the        teaching the class was an      possible and increased
school emphasizes “pro-       adjustment. “I’d taught        the budget for the pro-
file learning” to boost       for six years in a tradi-      gram.”
the     students’     self-   tional inner city school,        To earn an IB diploma,
esteem. For example,          then you bring me into         students have to take six

Obamas reinforce
they teach them to con-       this situation and ask me      courses from at least five
tinue to better them-         to teach using a themat-       different       academic
selves and to constantly      ic unit and more stu-          areas, along with the

black family values
                                                             Theory of Knowledge

Continued from page 1A
And you can see that their family love is real; it’s very,
very real. “It’s not an artificial kind of thing.”
  President-elect Barack Obama and his family repre-
sent the sort of black family model that some have
not seen beyond the fictional Cosby TV family that
was a rare phenomenon in itself.
  “People call in [to my radio show] and they say once
they see the Obamas, they want what they have,” said
Alduan Tartt, a psychologist and family/relationship
expert from Decatur, Ga.
  And it begins with the romantic relationship
between the president-elect and his leading lady, who
can often be seen leaning into each other, holding
hands or poking fun at each other as they did in their
recent interview on “60 Minutes.” “There is great pas-
sion there but also friendship. It’s definitely a rela-
tionship of equals,” said relationship guru, LaDawn
Black, of Baltimore.
  And the bond is genuine, Tartt added. “It’s hard to
fake intimacy,” the psychologist said, adding that the
Obamas give credence to the idea that “Black healthy
love is real.”

So much to be
  “A generation of us didn’t believe it existed,” he
said, and that’s because typically, the images of black
families and relationships are negative.

thankful for
Continued from page 1A        housing and supportive
who need it the most.”        services. Their transi-
  The couple married in       tional housing program,
September 2006 while          Family Matters, helps
Aaron was completing          families with children
his last month on parole      build their skills so they
because they wanted to        can live independent
have a stable environ-        lives.
ment for their children          The couple has lived in
that were on the way. As      hotels or shelters during
teenage runaways, the         previous holidays with
couple had a hard time        their family. They said
making ends meet. They        the supportive services
were homeless for a           at Genesis Home taught
while after an apartment      them more about budg-
they were living in shut      eting and responsibility.
down because of a slum           “It just seems that if we
landlord’s poor mainte-       had never gone to the
nance.                        Genesis Home we proba-
  Aaron said he ran away      bly wouldn’t have made
from home because his         it this far,” La’Kesha said.
grandmother was “too          “I’m going to be cooking
strict.” La’Kesha said she    my first Thanksgiving
had too many responsi-        dinner at home. And
bilities at a young age. “I   after that ,we’re going to
really didn’t have a          go out and do Christmas
childhood,” she said. “I      shopping for the kids.”
was always cooking and           Makayla, the youngest
cleaning and watching         daughter, is 6-months-
kids.”                        old, and their other
  They are thankful for       daughter, Makiya, is a
everyone that helped          year old. Three-year-old
them to get to where          son Maliki wants a Choo
they are today. Audrey        Choo          train      for
Williams, who volunteers      Christmas.
at the Durham Housing
Authority and Housing           “He used to be like the
for New Hope, helped          one who said ‘I want to
get them meals, clothes       get out of here and go to
and personal items.           my own home,’“ Aaron
  “I just saw a loving        said. “I’m thankful, first
couple, and I took to         of all, for having people
them,” she said.              who helped us out and to
  Prior to getting their      have our own place - our
first apartment, the fam-     actual first family holi-
ily was staying at            day together. Sometimes
Genesis Home, which           it gets hectic, but we’re
works to end homeless-        thankful to just look at
ness for children and         our children and be able
families by providing         to see them smile.”
Lightner program helps youth
3A                                                 WWW.THETRIANGLETRIBUNE.COM                                     Sunday, November 30, 2008

Continued from page 1A         The YLA started in       process         continues     Na’Tasha Thompson, a
board for the Lightner       2003 with 30 students      throughout the year with      15-year-old sophomore
YLA.                         and has grown to an        sessions       conducted      at Garner Magnet High
  Born in Raleigh on Aug.    average of about 60 stu-   every fourth Saturday on      who already owns her
15, 1921, Lightner was       dents per year. It is a    the campus of NC State.       own production and
educated in Raleigh          leadership development     Students     have      met    playwright      company,
Public Schools. He grad-     process that kicks off     national and internation-     Drama             Queens
uated from N.C. Central      with a one-week summer     al leaders like former        Butterflies. “It’s helped
and Echols College of        camp experience known      President Bill Clinton,       me to become a better
Mortuary Science in          as Camp Challenge,         former Secretary of State     CEO, and it’s helped me
Philadelphia. After a tour   which exposes youth to     Colin Powell and enter-       to learn to work better
of duty in the U.S. Army,    leadership concepts of     tainer/activist Bill Cosby.   with people.”

Convict’s sentence called excessive
he returned home to          financial literacy, team     “I’ve learned a lot of
manage Lightner Funeral      building and public        leadership skills, a lot of
Home for 45 years.           speaking. The training     people skills,” said

Continued from page 1A       robbed a husband and       Wilson and Thomas were        unless they cooperated,
Morehouse just to show       wife at gunpoint. The      on their way back to the      the two teens turned
them the college campus      teens tied the couple’s    car in the dark and got       against Mayo, ultimately
and a possible new way       hands behind their backs   in. The three pulled off,     becoming state’s wit-
of life.                     and fled. When the         headed back to Chicago.       nesses, accusing him of
  But, unbeknown to          apparently unsuspecting      Under pressure from         being the mastermind
Mayo, both Wilson and        Mayo emerged from the      the police who threat-        for the robbery.
Thomas      were     drug    home of his friend,        ened more jail time
dependent and were
looking for a fix. They
seized an opportunity
shortly after 7 p.m. when
Mayo parked the car and
went into the home of a

friend in Smyrna, Ga., to
pick up some clothing.

                                                               We Have
  After Mayo left the car
and darted inside one of
the row houses, the two
teens, intending to rob
both Mayo and the occu-
pant of the home, ven-
tured into the darkness,
entering another house
by mistake. There, they
                                                                        A time for Thanksgiving is now
4A                                                                     WWW.TRIANGLETRIBUNE.COM                                                                                       Sunday, November 30, 2008

             Raleigh • Cary • Durham • Chapel Hill

                                                                          The past year has been a            prayer of black theologian         the reins of my security;              For all this I make an act of
                                                                        tumultuous and uncertain one          Howard Thurman, "A Litany of          The tightening of the grip in     Thanksgiving this day.
                                                                        for many Americans.                   Thanksgiving," that my family      a single handshake when I              I linger over the meaning of
                                                                          Each        day's     headlines     reads        together       each   feared the step before me in         my own life and the commit-
                                                                        brought worrisome news: the           Thanksgiving.                      the darkness;                        ment to which I give the loyal-
     115 Market Street, Suite 211 Durham, N.C. 27701                                     collapse of Wall       Notice how few of the things        The whisper in my heart           ty of my heart and mind:
                   Gerald O. Johnson                                                     Street; massive      he talks about cost money:         when the temptation was                The little purposes in which I
                           PUBLISHER                                                     home and job           Today, I make my Sacrament       fiercest and the claims of           have shared with my loves, my
                                                                                         losses; and a        of Thanksgiving.                   appetite were not to be denied;      desires, my gifts;

 Cashing in on
                        Bonitta Best                                                     spreading glob-        I begin with the simple things      The crucial word said, the          The restlessness that bottoms

                                                                                         al economic cri-     of my days:                        simple sentence from an open         all I do with its stark insistence
                                                                                         sis.                   Fresh air to breathe,            page when my decision hung           that I have never done my best,

                                                                                           We all felt          Cool water to drink,             in the balance.                      I have never reached for the
                                                                                         enormous fear          The taste of food,                  For all these I make an act of    highest;
                                                                          MARIAN and insecurity                 The protection of houses and     Thanksgiving this day.                 The big hope that never quite
                                                                         EDELMAN for our family's             clothes,                              I pass before me the main-        deserts me, that I and my kind
                                                                                         and children's         The comforts of home.            springs of my heritage:              will study war no more, that
                                                                        futures.                                For these, I make an act of         The fruits of the labors of       love and tenderness and all the
                                                                          Yet a bright rainbow of hope        Thanksgiving this day!             countless generations who            inner graces of Almighty affec-
                                                                        broke through the clouds of             I bring to mind all the          lived before me, without whom        tion will cover the life of the
                                                                        despair with the election of          warmth of humankind that I         my own life would have no            children of God as the waters
    There was Reaganomics in the 1980s, and some of us had                                                                                       meaning;                             cover the sea.
                                                                        Sen. Barack Obama as the 44th         have known:
 the Reaganomic blues during that time.                                                                                                             The seers who saw visions           All these and more than
                                                                        president of the United States,         My mother's arms,
    Old Ronnie ushered in a period of economic empowerment,                                                                                      and dreamed dreams;                  mind can think and heart can
                                                                        45 years after Dr. Martin               The strength of my father,
 for some, that is still remembered, by some, as the best ever.                                                                                     The prophets who sensed a         feel,
                                                                        Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a             The playmates of my child-
    To this day, the conservatives are making every attempt to                                                                                   truth greater than the mind            I make as my sacrament of
                                                                        Dream" speech at the Lincoln          hood,
 reincarnate the Great Communicator by holding séances oth-                                                                                      could grasp and whose words          Thanksgiving to Thee, Our
                                                                        Memorial.                               The wonderful stories
 erwise known as political debates, like the one we saw held                                                                                     could only find fulfillment in       Father, in humbleness of mind
                                                                          I thank God that America has        brought to me from the lives of
                  at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif., dur-                                                                             the years that they would            and simplicity of heart.
                                                                        climbed another rung up the           many who talked of days gone
                  ing the Republican primary.                                                                                                    never see;                             So let us all be grateful for all
                                                                        ladder towards freedom and            by when fairies and giants and
                    Those folks love themselves some Ronald                                                                                         The workers whose sweat has       the miracles in our lives and
                                                                        justice for all; that her dream       all kinds of magic held sway;
                  Reagan, and they loved Reagonomics.                                                                                            watered the trees, the leaves of     go forth with faith, courage
                                                                        has risen above the rubble of           The tears I have shed, the
                    Now we have Barackonomics. No, we have                                                                                       which are for the healing of the     and determination as our
                                                                        war, the quicksand of greed,          tears I have seen;
                  not seen the result of Obama's economic poli-                                                                                  nations;                             President-elect did.
                                                                        and the chasms of racial, reli-         The excitement of laughter
                  cies yet, but the current environment is rife                                                                                     The pilgrims who set their          Marian Wright Edelman is
                                                                        gious and class strife.               and the twinkle in the eye with
                  with excitement, anticipation, and hope for the                                                                                sails for lands beyond all hori-     president of the Children's
                                                                          And I thank God for kindling        its reminder that life is good.
                  change millions voted to see.                                                                                                  zons, whose courage made             Defense Fund and its Action
                                                                        hope among our children and             For all these I make an act of
                    We will soon find out what the big picture
   CLINGMAN holds, but even prior to the election, Obamania             all of us. I especially thank God     Thanksgiving this day.             paths into new worlds and far
                                                                                                                                                 off places;
                                                                                                                                                                                      Council. For more information
                                                                                                                                                                                      about the Children's Defense
                                                                        for the vision, courage and             I finger one by one the mes-
                  ushered in a new language, a new zeal for pol-                                                                                    The saviors whose blood was       Fund, visit www.childrensde-
                                                                        hard work of Obama, who               sages of hope that awaited me
 itics and a new economic arrangement for black folks, the

                                                                        A new multi-racial America is on the way
                                                                        called us to become our best          at the crossroads:                 shed with a recklessness that
 likes of which I have never seen.                                                                                                               only a dream could inspire and
                                                                        selves, and that we answered.           The smile of approval from
    Always watching for the economic advantages available to                                                                                     God could command.
                                                                          I share again the beautiful         those who held in their hands
 black people, during the campaign I saw hordes of brothers
 and sisters making money.
     Although it was reported that the lion's share of the $650
 million or so raised by the campaign flowed into the domi-
 nant media outlets, with black-owned media receiving very
 few of those party favors, some of our more enterprising                  There may be a tendency            Obama presidency marks the         cent of blacks graduate from           Marc Morial is president and
 black entrepreneurs managed to hitch a ride on the Obama               among some in our communi-            beginning of a new "multi-         high schools in many major           CEO of the National Urban
 gravy train.                                                                            ties and else-       racial" era in American gover-     American cities. We see a            League.
    I attended one of the Obama rallies held at the University                           where to see         nance that empowers and            financial crisis with huge
 of Cincinnati, and I saw black vendors - actually only black                            the election of      employs more of the growing        numbers of black homeown-
 vendors selling everything from Obama action figures to                                 Barack Obama         diversity that is America's        ers losing their homes, jobs
 Obama Bobble Head Dolls to glow-in-the-dark thingamabobs                                as a magic bul-      great strength in solving our      and life savings. We see an
 to placards, buttons, glasses, cups, banners, and T-shirts of                           let that will        common problems.                   unemployment rate that's
 all designs and themes. Obama should have copyrighted his                               instantly solve        The thing that impressed me      double that of whites and wide
 name and image.                                                                         all our prob-        the most about the Obama           academic achievement gaps.
                                                                          MARC H. Some com-
    My old friend and world-renowned painter, Gilbert Young,                                                  campaign was its ability to        Our prisons are dispropor-
 called me to announce his latest creation: a painting of Barack                                              bring so many heretofore dis-      tionately populated by black
 Obama that Obama himself signed and endorsed. The paint-                   MORIAL mentators have             parate parts of America            males. Taken together, these
 ing is titled "History + Hope = Change" (www.history-                                   even suggested       together in common purpose.        facts underscore the reality                                                                        that an Obama        Obama liked to say that this       that the first black president
    Now you know there will be bushels of money made from               presidency ushers in a new            election was not so much           does not mean we can now all
 that painting. And, as they say, "It's all good!"                      "post-racial" era that lowers         about him as it was about us.      close up shop and go home.
    I can't recall seeing black vendors selling Reagan items or         the urgency and takes the             He stressed that change              People like you and organi-
 those of the other 42 presidents for that matter; no, not even         spotlight off the need for            comes from the bottom up,          zations like the National Urban
 Bill Clinton or John Kennedy. So I was encouraged to see so            equal opportunity and eco-            not the other way around.          League are more important
 many black folks cashing in on Barackonomics. It's about               nomic justice for urban and           That means that we as citizens     than ever to lifting up our
 time.                                                                  African-Americans.                    and advocates must take an         communities and moving this
    It's good to see black people finally getting in on the eco-           I strongly disagree. This may      even more active role in gov-      country forward.
 nomic side of politics, especially the folks at the bottom of          be a time for celebration, but        ernance at all levels. Our voic-     In the coming weeks, I will
 the heap. Yes, big business got its share as it always does, but       it's no time for complacency.         es must continue to be heard       talk about some of the most
 finally thousands and maybe even millions of brothers and              While it is true that for the first   from city hall to the halls of     difficult challenges facing the
 sisters got in on the act as well.                                     time in a long time, African-         Congress to the White House.       emerging                Obama
    My advice is for them to stay with Barackonomics as long            Americans and other minori-           I am encouraged that the           Administration - from the
 as they can. Come up with new ideas, new products and new              ties can feel like we have a real     Obama transition team is           needs of our children to the
 services to sell.                                                      friend in the White House, we         putting a high degree of           growing importance of minor-
    The ICE Supreme Man(, Ashiki                     must also understand that             emphasis on building, as Bill      ity businesses - and suggest
 Taylor in Atlanta, has created a new flavor, "Obama Medley,"           Obama can only be effective if        Clinton did, an administration     ways we can work together to
 and Farley's Coffee ( executives'             the same extraordinary coali-         that "looks like America."         move our empowerment
 Raymond Wilford and Ricky Tillman have developed an                    tion of white, black, Hispanic,         But looks are not enough.        agenda forward.
 Obama "Hero's" Blend. I am sure there are hundreds of other            Asian-American and Native-              We still have a lot of work to     In 10 weeks, we will have a
 enterprising black folks across the country who are making             American voters that elected          do. On the one hand, we now        new president who cam-
                                                                        him, now works together to

                                                                        How about an olive branch for Rev. Jackson?
 money via Barackonomics, and I see no problem with that.                                                     have the ultimate successful       paigned on the promise of
    I do see a problem with them just settling for the moment,          support his agenda for                role model. On the other hand,     change. It is now up to us to
 however. We had better get a good understanding of the fact            change. In my view, the               we see that fewer than 50 per-     help him keep that promise.
 that economics runs politics, and this time is no different
 from all the other presidential elections when it comes to
    Let's not merely live for the moment and then go back to
 sleep in the next couple of months. Let's take the small
                                                                          When the 2008 contest for             Obama could signal that he         Further, his reach is broad -        I participated in the opening
 lessons of Barackonomics and do big things with them. Let's
                                                                        the Democratic nomination             wants Lieberman punished by        from Wall Street to Main Street      town hall meeting led by talk
 support one another with the knowledge that there is
                                                                        for President got heated, New         stripping him of his commit-       to the 'hood.                        radio hosts' Bev Smith and
 enough, more than enough, to go around.
                                                                        York Sen. Hilary Rodham               tee chair, but he has not done       The President-elect could          Mark Thompson.
    Raise the bar even higher. Be creative and innovative,
                                                                        Clinton threw all kinds of wild       so. Disloyal Lieberman has         benefit from Jackson's insight,        While Jackson and Sharpton
 devise new entrepreneurial ventures and strategies to capi-
                                                                        accusations at President-elect        had to pay no consequences at      just as he has benefited from        were missed, there was rich
 talize on Barackonomics.
                                                                        Barack Obama.                         all for his behavior.              the insights of McCain.              conversation about the state
    You can't pay your bills with hope, history or hysteria.
                                                                          He wasn't fit, he wasn't              Meanwhile, the Rev. Jesse          During the campaign, it was        of the Civil Rights Movement,
 Emotional investments do not pay dividends.
                                                                        ready, and she didn't know            Jackson made some ugly com-        understandable that Obama            and the responsiveness that
    Euphoria is not bankable. Inspiration that is not followed by
                                                                                     whether he was a         ments when he was off-mike         would not meet with Jackson          Obama will have to the
 perspiration - taking some action, doing some work - will be
                                                                                     Muslim or not.           at Fox News back in July.          for fear of being considered         African-American community.
 as fleeting as a shooting star.
                                                                                     Time heals all             He was roundly, and justifi-     "too black" or "too left."             While the President-elect is
    If we don't turn "Yes we can!" into "Yes we did!" beyond the
                                                                                     wounds, and now          ably, criticized for his remarks     After all, the Jackson wing of     meeting with this group and
 election, beyond the inauguration and beyond the parties,
                                                                                     Clinton is poised        by an array of people, includ-     the Democratic Party is              that, hearing from this or that
 then shame on us.
                                                                                     to be Secretary of       ing his son.                       unapologetically left of center.     leader, it is important for him
    Allow your inspiration to catapult you to collective eco-
                                                                                     State.                     From all outward appear-         Now the campaign is over,            to maintain an open door to
 nomic empowerment by establishing equity funds, bartering
                                                                                       The fact that          ance, Jackson seems to be per-     Obama has been elected, and          the civil rights community.
 groups, urban gardens, food cooperatives, rotating credit
                                                                                                              sona non grata to the Obama        he has said he will be the pres-       And it is important for him
 associations, small business associations, cooperative pur-              JULIANNE   she campaigned
                                                                                                              team.                              ident of all of America.             to be open to meeting with,
 chasing programs, youth entrepreneurial training programs,                          enthusiastically
                                                                         MALVEAUX for Obama didn't              So while Clinton, Lieberman        He has reassured the right         among others, Jackson.
 and all of the entities we need to survive and thrive in this
                                                                        hurt her chances to be the            and even McCain have been          wing by meeting with McCain.           Such a meeting would signal
 dire economic environment.
                                                                        third most powerful person in         forgiven for their campaign        Why not reassure the black left      respect, magnanimity, and the
    If we do these things and more, we will have justified our
                                                                        government, and the appoint-          behaviors, there appears to be     by meeting with Jackson?             open spirit that has welcomed
 emotional euphoric response to Barack Obama being the
                                                                        ment suggests that Obama is           no forgiveness for Jackson.          The black left was in full         Clinton and Lieberman to the
 44th President of the U.S.
                                                                        serious when he says he                 The elder statesman contin-      force at the State of the Black      Obama team.
    If we fail to do these things, we will miss out on the eco-
                                                                        wants to surround himself             ues to lead Rainbow/PUSH and       World Conference in New                While the success of the
 nomic benefits that always find their way to the special inter-
                                                                        with the best and brightest           continues to make a difference     Orleans this weekend.                Obama administration does
 ests. Aren't we special? Don't we have our own interests?
                                                                        minds in our nation.                  on issues of social and eco-         But for a family emergency,        not depend on a meeting with
    You had better believe the big guys will capitalize on their
                                                                          Sen. Joe Lieberman cam-             nomic justice.                     Jackson would have been              Jackson, it sends an important
 investment in Obama. Question is, Will we?
                                                                        paigned against Obama, so               He has not let the cold          there.                               signal to a sector of our nation
    Let's understand that part of the change we voted for is
                                                                        enthusiastically supporting           shoulder from the Obama              The Rev. Al Sharpton was           that supported him.
 grounded in economics, at least I hope it was. And let's com-
                                                                        fellow Sen. John McCain that          team slow or stop him, but it      also scheduled to speak.               Why not reach out to
 mit that the change we receive will be much more than mere
                                                                        he hoped to get the vice-pres-        is clear that he would welcome     Minister Louis Farrakhan was         Jackson and, by extension, to
 chump change.
                                                                        idential nod that Sarah Palin         the opportunity to spend a         on the program for Sunday.           the black left?
                                                                        ended up with.                        few minutes with Obama.              Organized by Dr. Ron
                                                                          Elected as an independent,            And why not? Jackson has         Daniels, the gathering drew            Dr. Julianne Malveaux is
       Send your letters, comments or questions to:                                                                                                                                   president of Bennett College for
                                                                        he has been allowed to main-          rubbed elbows with Wall Street     the Urban League's Mark
                  The Triangle Tribune                                                                        giants through his annual Wall     Morial and the Congressional         Women.
                                                                        tain his seniority as a
              115 Market Street, Suite 211                                                                    Street Project conference, and     Black Caucus's Dr. Elsie Scott,
                                                                        Democrat, and even a com-
                   Durham, NC 27701                                     mittee chair, despite his acts        understands some of the fun-       the University of Maryland's
            e-mail:                            of disloyalty to the                  damentals behind this current      Dr. Ron Walters, among oth-
                                                                        Democratic Party.                     economic meltdown.                 ers.
5A Business/Real Estate
                                                                     SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008

                                                                                                                                              Raleigh • Cary • Durham • Chapel Hill

                               GM names first black female director
a full-time
                                     THE MICHIGAN CHRONICLE          it is not easy. Enjoying what you
                                                                     do, however, makes it all worth-
                                 DETROIT - Crystal Windham
                                                                     while. I hope other young
                               has been appointed director of
                                                                     women will look to what I have
                               General Motors North American
                                                                     done and be inspired to consid-
                               Passenger Car Design, making
     NORTH AMERICAN                                                  er automotive design.”
                               her GM’s first African-American
                                                                       In 2002, Crystal was appoint-
                               female design director.
                                                                     ed to design manager, Interiors,
  For anyone who’s con-          Windham, 35, will head the
                                                                     and worked on several award-
sidered freelance or inde-     interior design for the following
                                                                     winning vehicles. Following that
pendent contract work as       architectures: Global Midsize
                                                                     assignment, Windham became
projects to do in between      Car, Global Compact Car and
                                                                     design manager, Advanced
jobs, it’s time to think       Global Small Car.
                                                                     Exteriors, for full-size trucks,
again.                           Windham was a lead designer
                                                                     and in May 2007 she was
  Freelancing has become       on the 2008 award-winning
                                                                     appointed design manager,
a full-time career for         Chevy Malibu Car of the Year.
                                                                     Exteriors. Her career has come
many, as well as a great       She began her career at GM in
                                                                     full circle.
way to earn a second           1994 and has held assignments
                                                                       “As an interior designer, I cre-
income for others. With        across brand studios, including
                                                                     ate solutions and appealing
the slipping state of the      an international assignment at
                                                                     spaces for customers. As a
economy, it’s predicted        Adam-Opel.
                                                                     leader, it’s my job to foster cre-
to continue to grow in           “A mentor guided me towards
                                                                     ativity and ensure that creativi-
popularity and become          automotive design. Without
                                                                     ty is represented in the final
even more lucrative.           guidance and support from
                                                                     product. Our design vision,
  “In an economic down-        family and coworkers, I would-
                                                                     intent and integrity led us to

                               Small businesses need Web presence
turn, companies tend to        n’t be where I am today,”
                                                                     create the best interiors in GM’s
be more cautious around        Windham said. “I truly love my
                                                                     history,” she said.
permanent hiring and           job; it’s creative, expressive, but                                        Windham
look for cost-effective
alternatives to manage
workloads,” said Ben
Jablow, senior business
development director of, a leading
job site for independent
professionals.                                     NORTH AMERICAN PRECIS SYNDICATE                        own to help reach new customers online.”
  “This presents opportu-                                                                                   • Do-It-Yourself tools. For those companies that want to do it
                                 One of the biggest problems small businesses have is making              themselves, Verio’s EasySite Web site builder can make Web design
nities for those who are
                               sure their online site is meeting their needs.                             quick and easy. Just follow the simple steps to create your own site
currently freelancing and
                                 Research shows that among the key challenges identified by               and publish it on the Internet in just a few minutes. You can cre-
those who are consider-
                               small and medium-sized businesses were the lack of time to regu-           ate well-designed home pages with standard features, photo
ing trading in their corpo-
                               larly update their site content, a need to redesign their site and a       albums, a Flash intro movie, feedback forms and more.
rate warrior status to be
                               lack of traffic. One survey confirmed that less than half of compa-          • Do It For Me. Businesses can leave the design, creation and
their own boss.”
                               nies approached said they were actively marketing their site,              ongoing maintenance and updates of their site to experienced pro-
  According to a recent
                               although more than two-thirds indicated they want to use their site        fessionals at Verio. Customers engage in a personal interview and sur-
                               to market their business and increase new customers and sales.             needs assessment to ensure the site meets their business require-
vey of more than 2,900
                                 The good news is there are now a number of tools that can take           ments, and can expect to have their new site ready in a matter of
employers nationwide,
                               the headache out of developing a site and keeping it current.              days to help their business get up and running quickly. Site
42 percent of employers
                                 According to Ken Maier of the Web-hosting company Verio: “With           updates and maintenance are included, and Verio offers an all-in-
who do business with
                               Verio’s Do-It-For-Me Web site design and Do-It-Yourself tools, busi-       one solution that not only handles the creation of a customer’s
independent profession-
                               nesses can choose to have professionals affordably develop a site          site, but the marketing and promotion of it as well.
als are relying on free-
                               to meet specific business needs or customize a Web site on their             To learn more, visit
lancers and contractors
the same or more than
they did one year ago.
Fifteen percent plan to
bump up compensation
for independent profes-
sionals over last year,
with one in three paying
$50 or more per hour.
One in five will pay $75
or more per hour while
one in 10 will pay $100 or
more per hour.
  Opportunities are avail-
able in a variety of fields.
Twenty-eight percent of
employers who work
with freelancers and
independent contractors
plan to hire in booming
fields such as IT and
engineering. Other popu-
lar areas include every-
thing from business con-
sulting,      sales     and
accounting to health care

                                                                                                          Protect your
support and administra-
tive/clerical work.
  Consider the following
tips to help find inde-
pendent contract and
freelance positions:
  • Network, network,
network. Send newslet-
ters to those on your pro-
fessional contact list to
let them know you’re
available for contract
work and explain the
services you offer. Also,
ask for referrals from
previous clients if you
have any, and attend
local or industry events
and conferences.                          By Jason Alderman                      depending on others to do so.                    mation like vesting requirements, pension
  • Position your skills.                  SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE                  Consider these pension-related issues          calculation formulas and payment options.
Tailor your resume and                                                           when planning for your retirement                You should also receive an annual state-
marketing materials for          If your employer provides a traditional
                               pension plan, you are part of a vanishing         income:                                          ment with updated benefit estimates.
each new opportunity.                                                              • Understand the government’s involve-         Carefully review these documents for
It’s a good idea to include    breed.
                                 According to the Department of Labor,           ment. The vast majority of pension plans         accuracy, especially the income level used
a summary statement at                                                           are insured by the government-created            to calculate your benefit. If you don’t
the top of your resume to      only about 20 percent of private sector
                               workers are covered by pensions today -           Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation,            understand something, ask. If you haven’t
highlight your experience                                                        which guarantees payment of vested ben-          received these documents, contact your
that is most relevant to       half the level of 30 years ago.
                                 Many companies seeking to trim expens-          efits in participating plans, up to legal lim-   current or former employer’s benefits
the position. You can also                                                       its set annually by Congress.                    department.
include a portfolio that       es, not to mention those undergoing bank-
                               ruptcy, have frozen pension benefits or             • Track down old pensions. Many people           • Boost your own retirement savings.
consists of examples of                                                          have had numerous employers. If you              Rather than relying on Social Security and
your work, especially if       terminated their plans outright. Although
                               many such companies end up enriching              worked several years for a company that          pension benefits alone, save as much as
you’re in a creative field.                                                      provided a pension at that time, you may         you can on your own, whether through a
  • Make use of the            their 401(k) plans, if employees choose not
                               to participate, they’ll lose out on matching      be eligible for a pension benefit. But if        401(k) plan, an IRA or personal savings.
Internet. Niche jobs                                                             you’ve moved since then or your former           Good information sources on pensions
boards         such       as   contributions. Fortunately, the 2006
                               Pension Protection Act encourages compa-          employer merged or went out of business,         and retirement planning include AARP help to con-                                                         the plan could have a hard time locating         ( and Practical Money Skills
nect contractors, consult-     nies to automatically enroll eligible
                               employees in 401(k) plans, likely boosting        you. To track down previous employers or         for Life, a free personal financial manage-
ants and freelancers with                                                        successor companies, try checking with a         ment site sponsored by Visa Inc.
employers seeking to           participation rates.
                                 Younger workers probably still have time        reference librarian to search corporate          (
outsource work. The site                                                         name changes; former coworkers; unions           ment).
is free for job seekers.       to amend their retirement saving strate-
                               gies, but people closer to retirement may         you belonged to; or a library, historical          Pensions can be a great source of retire-
  For more information                                                           society or chamber of commerce where the         ment income. Just be sure you’ve got other
about freelance, contract      feel the pinch if pension benefits they’ve
                               counted on come up short. Either scenario         company operated.                                resources lined up as well.
or consulting work, visit                                                          • Know your plan. Your pension plan              Jason Alderman directs Visa’s financial               highlights the importance of closely man-
                               aging your own retirement savings and not         administrator should provide a summary           education programs.
                                                                                 plan description that explains key infor-
6A Community Focus
                                                                    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008
                                                                                                                                                 Raleigh • Cary • Durham • Chapel Hill


                                                                                                                                                          N.C. STATE
                                                                                                                                                          The Science House at
                                                                                                                                                        NC State will be able to
                                                                                                                                                        expand its successful
                                                                                                                                                        efforts to serve underrep-
                                                                                                                                                        resented and rural high
                                                                                                                                                        school students and their
                                                                                                                                                        teachers thanks to an
Maddox                                                                                                                                                  Innovative Technology
  ST. AUGUSTINE’S                                                                                                                                       Experiences for Students
  Father      William   E.                                                                                                                              and Teachers grant from
Maddox is the school’s                                                                                                                                  the National Science

                             Sertoma Club gives to NCCU program
new chaplain. Maddox
comes to St. Aug’s after                                                                                                                                  The $1.2 million, three-
nearly seven years as rec-                                                                                                                              year grant will fund the
tor at St. Titus Episcopal   Left to right: Joe Becton, Thomas Layton, Fred Green, Donell Lewis and Charlie Nelms.                                      Photonics Leaders II pro-
Church in Durham. He                                                                                                                                    gram, which focuses on
replaces Father Clifford                                                                                                                                recruiting rising 10th-
Coles, who retired earlier                                                                                                                              graders into the “science
this year.                                                                                                                                              pipeline” and preparing
  Although this will be
                                               SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE                      Michaux Jr. School of Education where Joseph                 them for careers in scien-
Maddox’s first time work-                                                                  Becton (1958), president of the club, presented the          tific fields. The program
                               DURHAM - The James E. Shepard Sertoma Club, a
ing on a college campus,                                                                   check.                                                       enrolls students for two
                             civic-based organization known for its charitable
he said he doesn’t believe                                                                   “We hope that this gift will encourage more peo-           years of hands-on science
                             works in the surrounding area, donated $20,000 as
his work will change                                                                       ple within the Durham community to reach out and             instruction in optics,
                             part of its annual contribution to the N.C. Central
greatly. “Regardless of                                                                    help in expanding this component of the universi-            electronics and informa-
                             University Foundation. The funds will be used
                                                                                           ty,” Becton said.                                            tion technology, and

                             Health portal launched
the setting, the proclama-   toward the purchasing equipment and advancing
tion of the gospel is the                                                                     The James E. Shepard Sertoma Club, an affiliate           offers them summer
                             the development of the Department of
same,” Maddox said.                                                                        of Sertoma International, was chartered in 1983 and          internship opportunities
                             Communication Disorders’ Ph.D. program.
“People are seeking to                                                                     named in honor of NCCU’s founder for the purpose             in related industries. In
                               NCCU Chancellor Charlie Nelms received the
understand and embrace                                                                     of “serving mankind.”                                        addition, PL2 will offer

                             for women of color
                             group at a membership meeting at the H.M.
religion.”                                                                                                                                              training and teaching
  Maddox hopes to facili-                                                                                                                               techniques to school-
tate that understanding,                                                                                                                                teachers who serve these
but to simultaneously                                                                                                                                   student       populations.
make himself accessible                                                                                                                                 Students who successful-
to students just needing                                                                                                                                ly complete the program
an ear. “My concern is                                                                                                                                  and continue on to col-
deep for every one of our                                                                                                                               lege will receive PL2-
students who need to                                                                                                                                    funded scholarships to
have someone to talk to.                                                                                                                                use at the college of their
My role as chaplain is to                                                                                                                               choice.
facilitate the opportuni-                                                                                                                                 PL2 will build upon the
ties for worship and for            By Ayana Jones                                                                                                      success of The Science
moral and ethical devel-            THE PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE                                                                                            House’s previous photon-
opment. My goal for                                                                                                                                     ics     program,     which
                               Three savvy health profession-                                                                                           resulted in 100 percent of
Sunday morning is that       als have partnered to launch a
there will be people pres-                                                                                                                              the participants going on
                             health and wellness Web commu-                                                                                             to college, and 85 percent
ent in the sanctuary seek-   nity for women of color.
ing to grasp the power                                                                                                                                  of them majoring in sci-
                               Dr. Nicole Farmer, Erika Evans-                                                                                          ence, technology, engi-

How not
and     strength     of  a   Weaver and Karen Cherfils are
Heavenly Father.”                                                                                                                                       neering and mathematics
                             working to impact the dynamics                                                                                             fields.

to gain
                             of health-care communication                                                                                                 “The Photonics Leaders
                             through their digital media com-                                                                                           program integrates sci-
                             pany, OurHealth LLC. The compa-                                                                                            ence, parental support

                             ny           has           launched                                                                                        and professional devel-
                   , an                                                                                              opment for teachers in
                             interactive site geared toward

                                                                                                                                                        order to prepare students
                             offering women a platform to                                                                                               for the realities of the
                             voice their medical concerns and                                                                                           global workforce,” said
                             have their questions answered by                                                                                           Pamela Gilchrist, science-
                             medical professionals.                                                                                                     technology        specialist
                               The network features various                                                                                             with The Science House.
                             specialists such a dermatologist,                                                                                          “We’re hopeful that the
   SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE    obstetrician/ gynecologist, phar-                                                                                          continued success of this
                             macist, psychologist and a holis-                                                                                          program will result in the
  The 2008 “Maintain,        tic practitioner.
don’t     gain!   Holiday                                                                      PHOTO/ABDUL SULAYMAN/PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE                integration of highly
                               “We really feel like what’s lack-                                                                                        skilled employees into
Challenge” began Nov.        ing in what’s provided through             Left to right: Dr. Karen Cherfils, Erike Evans-Weaver and Nicole
24.                                                                     Farmer.                                                                         the national workforce,
                             health information over the                                                                                                and will help the U.S.
  Even scarier than the 1    Internet is that it’s not often cen-       lance copy editor who specializes     health, otherwise the wrong deci-         maintain its position as
to 5 pound holiday           tered around what our cultural             in health-based projects.             sion can be made,” Farmer                 global leader in STEM
weight gain is the fact      needs are,” said Farmer, a                   According to Farmer, one ele-       stressed.                                 research and discovery.”
that most people who         Washington, D.C.-based internist.          ment that makes their site differ-      Evans-Weaver is concerned that            UNC-CHAPEL HILL
gain that weight never         The site is being launched at a          ent is they recognize the impor-      most of the mental health infor-            An alumna who dedicat-
manage to lose it. But       time when African-American                 tance of viewing women as             mation that is presented online is        ed her life to education
this year, you don’t need    women are suffering higher rates           health-care consumers. Part of        mostly Eurocentric.                       has left the UNC School of
to be afraid of the holi-    of mortality due to conditions like        their mission is encouraging            “A lot of the mental health ther-       Information and Library
days.                        heart disease and breast cancer.           women to realize that they have       apies are so individually-based,          Science more than $1 mil-
  The third annual free        “We call ourselves social entre-         an active voice in their health-      so coming from a collectivist cul-        lion for student scholar-
challenge, sponsored by      preneurs and part of what social           care, and they have the right to      ture, it doesn’t really connect well      ships.
the statewide Eat Smart,     entrepreneurs do is that they              question their physicians.            with how we think and interact              Jane Iris Crutchfield
Move More NC move-           realize there is a void, and they            With that in mind, the site will    and engage and relate to one              spent her career as a
ment, will run through       find ways to fill it. The problem          also offer insight on what women      another. So I would like to see           teacher and school librar-
Dec. 31. The six-week        that we need to address is the fact        should be looking for in a medical    more information that speaks to           ian. She taught in the
challenge offers tips,       that health disparities exist, and         professional and what questions       who we are as a culture instead of        Danville, (Va.) Public
tricks and ideas to help     we need to reduce them,” said              to ask. “You have to be your own      pathologying our behaviors,”              Schools and later in the
participants     maintain

                             Shaw student crowned Miss Black N.C.
                             Cherfils, a New-York-based free-           consumer when it comes to your        Evans-Weaver said.                        Richmond (Va.) Public
their weight throughout
the    holiday     season                                                                                                                               Schools. She came to the
instead of trying to lose                                                                                                                               UNC school after 19 years
weight.                                                                                                                                                 of teaching to pursue a
  Free online signup is at                                                                                                                              degree in library science,
www.MyEatSmartMoveM                                                                                                                                     graduating with a bache- You only need         By David Andrew                 said she stood there          Each contestant was         every woman out there,”
                                                                                                                                                        lor’s degree in library sci-
enter an e-mail address                                        “shaking and crying in      judged on a personal                                         ence in 1955.
                                   FOR THE TRIBUNE                                                                       Vann said.
to join. All participant                                       disbelief” as last year’s   interview, on-stage ques-                                      The $1.12 million gift,
                               CLAYTON - On Nov. 8,                                                                        “The main goal is to fol-
information is confiden-                                       winner Audrey Cox gave      tioning, aerobic wear,                                       given by Crutchfield in
                             Shaw stu-                                                                                   low suit with my plat-
tial.                                                          her the scepter and sash.   eveningwear and talent.                                      memory of her mother,
                             d e n t                                                                                     form,” by making certain
  Each week, you will                                            “The competition was        “It was the first time in                                  Janie             Gammon
                             Nefertiti                                                                                   “every youth in N.C. is
receive free weekly e-                                         tight,” Noire Productions   my life that I sang in                                       Crutchfield - who always
                             Byrd traded                                                                                 financially aware,” Byrd
mailed newsletters full                                        Executive        Director   front of an audience,”                                       encouraged Iris to pursue
                             in her books                                                                                said.
of tips to manage holi-                                        Anthony Vann, the event     said Byrd, who chose an                                      her education - will go to
                             for a crown.                                                                                  According to event offi-
day stress, ideas for fit-                                     organizer, said. “There     original     piece    from                                   the school’s Susan Grey
                             At a packed                                                                                 cials, Byrd will host the
ting in physical activity                                      were seven contestants      gospel singer Devon                                          Akers Scholarship Fund,
                             C l a y t o n Byrd                                                                          local United Negro Fund
during the busy season,                                        from all over N.C. - from   Wright, “I’ll never Forget                                   named for a former
                             C e n t e r                                                                                 charity event in January.
and resources for cook-                                        Precious Wilson repre-      You.”                                                        school dean. This endow-
                             Arena, Byrd was crowned                                                                     Pageant officials said
ing quick and easy meals                                       senting the Capital City      Among those who wit-                                       ment fund assists deserv-
                             Miss Black North Carolina                                                                   Byrd will compete in Miss
when time is in short                                          to Courtnee Mason from      nessed her singing debut                                     ing students who are both
                             USA 2008.                                                                                   Black USA in New York
supply. You can also                                           the small town of           was her grandmother.                                         admitted to the Master of
                               A native of Wilmington,                                                                   next June.
download       a   calorie                                     Gastonia near Charlotte -   The competition not only                                     Science in Library Science
                             Byrd is a freshman at                                                                         “I will be expecting to
counter, food log and                                          who all displayed a vast    left Byrd with a $1,000                                      degree program, and dis-
                             Shaw majoring in busi-                                                                      win that, too,” she said.
activity log to help track                                     amount of inner and         scholarship, but the job                                     tinguished by evidence of
                             ness administration. She                                                                                                   professional promise.
your progress.                                                 outer beauty.”              of being “a role model for

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