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					  Andrew Vos
  .NET / Ruby Developer
      079 808 57010
      1 week notice period

  Tech Experience (years)
Languages                                       Frameworks

7 years C#                                      3 years WebForms
1 year Ruby                                     3 years Windows Forms
5 years JavaScript                              1 year ASP MVC
1/2 year CoffeeScript                           < 1 year Rails
1/2 year Python                                 1 year Sinatra
1/4 year C++
1 year PHP

Web                                             Test / Mocking Frameworks

6 years HTML                                    NUnit, MSTest
6 years CSS                                     RSpec, MiniTest
2 years jQuery                                  Cucumber, SpecFlow
                                                Moq, Rhino Mocks, FakeItEasy

Databases                                       Continuous Integration

MSSQL                                           TeamCity
MySql                                           Jenkins
Oracle                                          Hudson

Source Control                                  IOC Containers

Git                                             StructureMap
Mercurial                                       Ninject

System Management


      All my code is written test first, and I have lots of experience with the Agile process. I
      very strongly believe in the SOLID principles, and try to use them in my day to day
      coding. I’ve read the Clean Code bible, and quite agree with everything in there.
    My core experience is with Microsoft technologies like MVC, Web Forms and
    Windows Forms. I also have a fair amount of experience working with Ruby web
    frameworks for example Rails and Sinatra.

    I consider myself very useful with client side web technology and can also write
    javascript without jQuery.

 What I’m looking for
    I want to work in a healthy fast moving company where I can put to use my varied
    skills and help bring about change to development teams.

    Code is more important than words so here are the relevant links:


 Work Experience
30th August 2011 -   BBC
Current              I am working at the BBC as a “Developer In Test”. I am currently on
                     my third contract.

                     The purpose of this role is to join development teams and inspire
                     the use of BDD/TDD, and other useful tools processes for example
                     Continuous Integration.

                     Responsive News Team
                     We are redesigning the BBC News site using responsive design
                     techniques to allow the site to work on a large range of mobile

                     Some open source projects I worked on while on this team:
                     • Wally - A site that allows you to easily navigate Cucumber
                       feature files to get an easy perspective of the features available
                       in the product. Take a look at the code at
                     • Spassky - A test framework that allows us to automate the
                       process of running JavaScript Unit tests on various browsers and
                       devices. The code is available at

                     Some tasks I have taken on while with this team:
                     • Automated Load Testing - I setup an automated load testing
                       build configuration using Tsung. This build runs a few times every
                       night and allows us to find out if any code changes during the day
                       have negatively impacted our project.
                     • Vagrant/Puppet Sandbox - Designed a puppet configuration to
                       automatically provision sandbox environments for developers to
                       run their code on.
                     • Capybara Training - Trained manual testers in the use of
                       Capybara so they could automate some of their manual tests.
                     • Code Dojos - Ran various code dojos to help developers learn
                       Ruby, BDD and TDD.
                     • Switched to Git - Helped the team move over from Subversion
                       to Git.
                     • Automated Deployment - Wrote rake tasks to automatically
                       deploy our code to test environments after a successful build.
14 June 2010 - 29th   ITV
August 2011           I am currently working as a .NET / Ruby developer for ITV.

                      Some of my achievements at ITV:
                      Team 1: Project
                      • Worked on a team writing MRSS integration to allow the BBC to
                        link to ITV videos.
                      • Worked on a team that wrote a data collection API to allow ITV to
                        display more customizable competitions.
                      Team 2: Continuous Delivery
                      • Worked with a team of ThoughtWorks developers to bring
                        continuous delivery to our team and also improve coding
                        standards throughout the team.
                      • Moved all developers over to using Moq as a mocking tool, and
                        NUnit as a unit testing framework.
                      • Helping move our developers over to Mercurial from TFS, and
                        providing training/support during the process.
                      • Setup of a TeamCity CI server with a small build server farm. We
                        also set up multiple build status monitors to show the state of the
                        build and also the state of our various staging environments.
                      • One-click deployment for all of our staging/production
                        environments (production is still in progress).
                      • Automation of the entire build process.
                      • Training developers in the use of Cucumber, Capybara and Ruby
                        and promoting Acceptance Testing as part of the development
                      Team 3: Fast Lane
                      • Worked on the fast lane team to deliver important bug fixes
                        directly to production.
                      • Worked on a number of scripts to improve the process and
                        remove the element of human error.
                      Team 4: iOS
                      • Helped deliver the iOS piece which involved working with Akamai
                        using their new HLS streaming product to enable people with iOS
                        devices to view streaming adaptive video.
24 August 2009 - 13   dotCommerce
June 2010             At dotCommerce my primary role was the integration of our
                      framework into pre-sliced sites and the coding of any bespoke
                      functionality for these sites.
5 March 2009 - 24     EForte Limited
August 2009           At Eforte I was part of a two man web development team. We
                      would take on contract jobs for bespoke web development.
2008 - 2009           WickedOrange
                      Freelance web design and development.
2005 - 2008          LandscaperPro
                     I started this company myself, and was responsible for the design
                     and maintenance of LandscaperPro which was landscape design
                     software. The software sold directly to garden retailers.

     Some sites I have recently worked on:

  Open Source Contributions
     A test framework used to automate the process of running JS unit tests on multiple
     devices (mostly mobile phones). Used at the BBC to automate testing on around 20
     mobile phones.

       A .NET wrapper we wrote at ITV which is meant to be used with SpecFlow to
       automate the browser.
        An open source replacement to Twitter that started being worked on during
        Twitter’s recent Terms of Service changes.

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