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					Sponsor Application
Please circle one:

Business Church School Family

Name: __________________________________
Contact: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________

Postal Code: ____________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Email: __________________________________

Information about sponsored family
                                                    The Kelowna Community Food Bank
How many families to be sponsored: _____________         1265 Ellis St, Kelowna BC
                                                             Canada, V1Y 1Z7
Family make-up: (Please circle your preference)
                                                             Ph: 250-763-7161
Single Parent Two Parent                                    Fax: 250-763-9116
Number of children in family: ___________________
                                                            Email: info@kcfb.ca

Preferred ages of children: _____________________
                                                     Comment: _____________________
Please complete by December 2, 2011 and submit       _______________________________
the form to the Kelowna Community Food Bank.
                 Fax : 250-763-9116
                   Email: reception@kcfb.ca
                                                   Food Hampers
                                                   The hamper of food you provide will allow your
The Sponsor-A-Family
                                                   sponsored family to share in the celebration of
                                                   Christmas. The following are basic hamper items we
Is a rewarding way for                             would like to see in each hamper.
individuals, business, church and
school to be involved in making a
                                                   • Packaged Side Dishes        • Gravy
difference for a family in need this
                                                   • Cranberry Sauce             • Stuffing
Christmas. Each sponsor is asked to
                                                   • Pickles                     • Treats (optional)
provide a food hamper and gifts for the
                                                   • Canned Vegetables           • Canned Fruit
family they are matched with.
                                                   • Margarine                   • Cheese
It’s simple! You fill out a sponsorship form       • Bread/Buns                  • Pasta
including your preferences for family size and     • Pasta Sauce                 • Soup
we match you with a family. Once we have           • Crackers                    • Rice
called your family to learn their preferences      • Cereal                      • Peanut Butter
you can go shopping. We will set up a delivery     • Pancake Mix                 • Jam
time with your sponsor family so everyone can      • Syrup                       • Hot Chocolate
experience the joy of the gift delivery.           • Coffee/Tea                  • Turkey
                                                   • Perishable Food Items e.g. Vegetables, fruits, etc

Gifts for the Family
                                                   Sponsor Information
Each sponsor is asked to provide family
                                                   We will provide each sponsor with the
members with gifts. Gift certificates may be
given and all gifts must be new.
                                                            • Your sponsored family name
                                                            • Ages and gender of each family member
The following is suggested:
                                                   Please submit your form by December 2, 2011.
1 Major Gift: $50 - $75
1 Small Gift: $15 - $20
2 Stocking Stuffers

Please include a small gift for the parent(s) of
your sponsored family.

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