Grizzly Madness by jennyyingdi


									                                                                   Grizzly Madness 2012 Auction Guide
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                      This basket includes everything you need for a
                                                                      wine picnic including 2 cabs, 1 chardonnay, 1
                                                    Wine Picnic                                                                                Varsity Baseball
Picnic                 BB1          Baseball                          champagne, salami, cheeses, artichoke spread,         $255    $125
                                                    Basket                                                                                     Team families
                                                                      crackers, cocktail napkins, wine opener, wine
                                                                      stoppers all in a picnic basket.
                                                                      This incredible package includes: 18 seat luxury
                                                                      suite at the A’s game of your choice (some
                                                                      restrictions apply – no Opening Day; no firework
                                                                      nights). You also get $20 BART card, $10
                                                                      Subway card, $25 gift card for A’s merchandise or                        The Oakland
                                                    Suite Day at      tickets, 2 A’s blankets, A DVD of the movie                              Athletics &
Baseball               BB2          Baseball                                                                                $1700   $250
                                                    the A’s           Moneyball, 1 A’s sweatshirt (size XL), 1 A’s New                         Freshman
                                                                      Era baseball hat, 1 A’s /Nike t-shirt (size XXL), 1                      Baseball families
                                                                      Moneyball t-shirt (size XL), A 12-pack insulated
                                                                      Athletic’s cooler, 1 Ray Fosse Bobblehead (limited
                                                                      edition), 1 set BBQ tools, 1 A’s “go pink” scarf,
                                                                      And, of course, peanuts and cracker jack!
                                                                      Enjoy an unbelievable package including Wine
                                                                      Tasting, a Private Wine Tour, and a Picnic Lunch
                                                                      for up to six at Hunnicutt Winery. In addition a
Vacation– LIVE                                                        Two Night Stay @ Wine Country Inn for one
AUCTION #10                                         Napa Valley       couple. But there is more - a Twelve Pack of a                           The Roberts
                       BB3          Baseball                                                                                $1700   $250
                                                    Experience        variety of Hunnicutt wines, 3 more bottles of DR                         family
                                                                      Stephens wines, DR Stephens Cabernet Walther
                                                                      River Book, DR Stephens Moose Valley Olive Oil,
                                                                      Private Tour, Tasting and picnic lunch @
                                                                      Hunnicutt Winery
                                                                      This basket of Italian delights includes 2 pairs of
                                                                      Wiley X sunglasses, wine(s), plates, utensils,
                                                    A Picnic in                                                                                JV Baseball
Vacation               BB4          Baseball                          glassware, gourmet Italian food, and an Italian       $400    $200
                                                    Tuscany                                                                                    Team families
                                                                      dessert along with other goodies. This will all be
                                                                      included in a picnic, including an Italian blanket!
                                                                      Dinning basket with wine and gift certificates
                                                                      including; 2 bottles of BV Cabernet, $100 gift card
                                    Basketball                                                                                                 Men’s’ Basketball
Dining                 BKM1                         Wine and Dine!    to California Pizza Kitchen, $50 gift cert. to Mama   $250    $100
                                    Men’s                                                                                                      team families
                                                                      Mia, $50 gift cert. to On The Border, Candy Store
                                                                      Gift card and more.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 1
Category               Item #       Team            Title            Description                                            Value                  Donated by:
                                                                     "Just Smile Orthodontics" Basket includes t-shirt,
                                    Basketball                                                                                                     Just Smiles
Treatment              BKM2                         Perfect Teeth    goodies and $1000.00 towards full service              $1000.00    $250
                                    Men’s                                                                                                          Orthodontics
                                                                     orthodontics. Value: a beautiful smile :)
                                                                     Habit Burger Grill party includes 4 bottles of wine,
                                    Basketball      Habit Burger                                                                                   JV Basketball
Treatment              BKM3                                          25 Charburger tickets for a great bar-be-que of        $175        $50
                                    Men’s           Grill Party                                                                                    team families
                                                    Take Me Out                                                                                    Oakland-
                                                    To The           Enjoy a day with the Oakland A’s in a private                                 Alameda County
Tickets – LIVE                      Basketball
                       BKM4                         Ballgame         luxury suite. This package includes 20 luxury suite    Priceless   $100       Coliseum
AUCTION #3                          Men’s
                                                                     tickets and 3 parking passes for the Oakland A’s                              Authority and
                                                                                                                                                   Men’s Basketball
                                                                     A fabulous basket full of warmers including the
                                                                     World Cup, Full Court, Play Ball, and Game Day.
                                                    Basket full of   Also included are wonderful fragrances including
                                    Basketball      wonderful        a Baked Apple Pie Room Spray, Camu Camu
Household              BKW1                                                                                                 $185        $50        Basketball team
                                    Women’s         warmers and      Fragrance Foam, Clean Breeze Scent Circle, and
                                                    scents!          Bars including Sunlit Morning Scentsy, Sugar
                                                                     Cookie Scenty, Pixie Scentsy, Kahiko Hula
                                                                     Scentsy, Midnight Fig, and Sunkissed Citrus.
                                                                     If you want your student to have a premium
Misc –                                                               parking space to avoid the hassle of trying to get
                                                    Parking Spot
                                                                     out of the parking lot in less than 30 minutes, grab
LIVE AUCTION           CAB1         CAB             for Fall and                                                            Priceless   $50        Mark Corti
                                                                     the Grizzly Madness Premium Parking spot
#5                                                  Spring
                                                                     located at the front of school, near the pool exit.
                                                                     Good for the Fall and Spring2012/13 school year.
                                                                     You pick the game and arrange with Mr. Corti’s
                                                                     secretary to get two sideline passes for a home
Sports                 CAB2         CAB             Passes At                                                               $150        $75        Mark Corti
                                                                     football game! Be where the action is! Maybe
                                                    Football Game
                                                                     you’ll even get tackled!

                       (1) –                        Graduation       Reserved graduation seats in the shade! Top row
Graduation LIVE
                                    CAB3            Seats – Fives    of the bleachers in front of the press box! No         $100        $50        Mark Corti
AUCTION #9             CAB6                         Seats!!          need to fight the crowd at 4:30!
                                                                     One complimentary Microderm abrasion treatment
                                                                     and one intended pulse light treatment that targets
                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Ting
                                                                     the brown and red spots of the skin on the face.
Beauty, Service        CAB7         CAB             Skin Care                                                               $525        $100       Dermatologist
                                                                     Usually require a series of treatment up to 3-5
                                                                                                                                                   San Ramon
                                                                     sessions, but this will cover the first set of
Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                             Page 2
Category               Item #       Team            Title           Description                                            Value              Donated by:
                                                                    Host your friends to an evening of steaks served
                                                                    by CAB Board members on your own 8’ Ferrari
                                                                    game room poker table! Your game room will be
                                                                    the envy of the town with this beautiful, hand
                                                                    crafted, professional looking poker table. Enjoy
                                                                    your favorite beverage without spills using flush
                                                                    mounted cup holders, and enjoy the table that
                                                                    includes luxury features and topped off with an                           Mrs. Jean
                                                    High “Steaks”   impressive custom graphic playing surface                                 Dillman & CAB
LIVE AUCTION           CAB8         CAB                                                                                    $1500   $200
                                                    Poker Night     designed to help your winning hand glide across
                                                                    to victory. Protecting your table is a black cover
                                                                    with elastic border to fit your table perfectly.
                                                                    Tables of this quality retail in the thousands don't
                                                                    miss out on an opportunity to bring this gem home
                                                                    and deal up some serious fun. Manufactured by:
                                                                    R.A.D. Custom Poker Tables. Your night is
                                                                    complete with a dinner party for 8 served to you
                                                                    by CAB members.
                                                                    Limited Edition Collector's Box AUTOGRAPHED:
                                                                    5 Wines (under 7500 Total Production). Each
                                                    Mick                                                                                      Donated by Josie
                                                                    bottle individually signed by Mick Fleetwood.
                                                    Fleetwood                                                                                 and Mike Roberts
Wine                   CAB9         CAB                             Collectors set includes Mick Fleetwood Private         $195
                                                    Wine                                                                                      on behalf of
                                                                    Cellar 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005
                                                    Collection                                                                                Men’s Baseball
                                                                    Chardonnay, 2005 Merlot, 2004 Petite Syrah, and
                                                                    2005 Sauvignon Blanc

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                       Page 3
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                             Value                       Donated by:
                                                                      Trip includes: 6 nights in luxury accommodations
                                                                      in South Africa at your choice of the Zulu Nyala
                                                                      Game Lodge, the Nyati/Ndlovu Lodges, or the
                                                                      Heritage Safari Lodge in fully air-conditioned
                                                                      rooms; Gourmet buffet breakfasts and dinners,
                                                                      refreshing cold lunches; All applicable taxes.
                                                                      Activities include guided walks along game trails
                                                                      and game drives in a Land Rover by day or night
                                                                      for viewing or photographing animals. Optional
                                                                      activities available at additional cost: scuba diving
                                                                      or snorkeling at scenic Sowana Bay, whale
Entertainment                                       Trip for Two on   watching tours (in season), turtle tours (in
LIVE AUCTION           CAB10        CAB             an African        season), deep sea fishing, tiger fishing at Lake        $3900          $250         CAB
#6                                                  Safari Getway     Jozini, clay pigeon shooting, all wheel drive
                                                                      vehicle excursions to the legendary Tembe
                                                                      Elephant Park, look-outs for lion and black rhino
                                                                      on open Land Rover drives in the
                                                                      Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Park, game drives in the
                                                                      Mkuze Rserve, excursions to wild and beautiful
                                                                      Lake Sibaya, excursions to the famous St. Lucia
                                                                      Wetlands (World Heritage Site), or golf at nearby
                                                                      Note: this is a land package only. Air travel from
                                                                      the USA to South Africa is the buyer’s
                                                    Shane Lechler
                                                                      Obtain this sports lover’s collector item – a Shane
Autograph              CAB11        CAB             Autographed                                                               $200           $25          Oakland Raiders
                                                                      Lechler, Oakland Raiders, Autographed football
                                                    Photo of          For the sports enthusiast, a Vernon Davis, SF                                       Home Team
Autograph              CAB12        CAB                                                                                       $50            $25
                                                    Vernon Davis      49er Autographed Photo mounted on a plaque!                                         Photography
                                                                    10 hours of our TUTORING services, which can
Services                            CAB                             be used at any time over the following 12-months.
                                                    Tutor Doctor
                                                                    TUTOR DOCTOR actively supports students at all
                        CAB 13                                      levels of the educational cycle.                                                      Tutor Doctor,
                                         CAB               Tutor Doctor
                                                                                                                                      $680          $50   Rene Pouteau
                                                    Driving School    TriValley Driving School gift certificate good for                                  Tri Valley Driving
Services               CAB 14       CAB             (3)               Class room and driving class.                                   $132          $25   School

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                     Page 4
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                      Enjoy this collage of your athlete taken at a
                                                                      location of your choice. The package includes
                                                                      four images selected by you from approximately
                                                                      30 – 40 photos. You will receive an 11x14 print
                                                    11x14 Collage                                                                              Perry Santia
Photography            CH1          Cheer                             which is color corrected and edited to make your      $250    $50
                                                    of your Athlete                                                                            Photography
                                                                      athlete look their best. Mounting and special print
                                                                      services available for an extra charge. (Shown
                                                                      with Linen finish and mounting: add $75.00
                                                                      including shipping and taxes.)
                                                                      Love to dine out and then enjoy your own
                                                                      downloaded movies in the comfort of home with a
                                                                      nice bottle of wine? Start your night off with a
                                                                      $50 gift card to Baci Bistro, a $50 value
                                                                      Ravenswood 2006 Bedrock Cabernet. Then end
                                                                      the night with the Patriot Box Office High-
                                                                      Definition Media Player. You can easily watch
                                                                      downloaded movies, TV shows, photos and
                                                    Dinner and
Entertainment          CH2          Cheer                             videos from your PC streamed to any TV in your        $240    $50        Cheer Families
                                                    Home Movies
                                                                      home. Optimized for full 1080P HD video
                                                                      playback, with the latest in video processing
                                                                      technology, and a Dolby®/DTS™ encoder to
                                                                      create a stunning HD video and 5.1/7.1 channel
                                                                      surround sound experience on your home
                                                                      entertainment system. Supports the most popular
                                                                      media formats and includes a wireless USB
                                                                      adapter to easily connect to any TV.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 5
Category               Item #       Team            Title              Description                                         Value              Donated by:
                                                                       Enjoy this package of spa and fitness delights to
                                                                       make you fit and beautiful inside and out!
                                                                       Includes: Two personal training sessions with
                                                                       Mobility Fitness Training, along with nutritional
                                                                       and weight loss counseling and custom tailored
                                                                       exercise program, and gift certificates to: Big 5
                                                                       Sporting Goods, Isotonix Vitamin C Formula,
                                                    Beautiful Inside   Wake Energy Bar, One month unlimited
                                                    and Out, &
Service and                                                            membership at San Ramon Jazzercise, Allure
                       CH3          Cheer           Celebrate at                                                           $530    $100       Cheer Families
Entertainment                                                          Salon and Spa shampoo and blow dry, Allure
                                                    Grape Times
                                                    Wine Bar           Salon and Spa brow wax, Tina's Nail Salon
                                                                       Manicure. Includes a Beauty 360 package: 45
                                                                       minute Facial, Mario Badescu facial spray, Ahava
                                                                       purifying mud mask, Paula Dorf chocolate eye
                                                                       pencil, Vincent Longo lip gloss, Cargo lip gloss.
                                                                       Finally, celebrate the new you with $50 at Grape
                                                                       Times Wine Bar, Pleasanton.

                                                                       This great baskets include Wild Cravings Red
                                                                       Meat (grain free dog treats), Greenies Jumbo,
                                                                       Merrick “The Tank” (knuckle bone), Savory Prime
                                                                       Rawhide, Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover,
                                                                       Dog Dental Kit, Waste Pick up Bags, Nail                               The Delano
                                                    Pet Lover's
Pet Supplies           DV1          Diving                             Trimmer, Groomer’s Dream(dog brush), 2 XL           $500    $100       family
                                                                       food/water bowls, Kong Squeeze Tuff Ball, Chuck
                                                                       it, Nylon Web Lead-4 feet, Nylon Adjustable
                                                                       Collar, Mighty Duck dog toy, Rope Bone, Big Jake
                                                                       Monkey (dog toy), Dog Bed, and a Gift Certificate
                                                                       for Sirius Training ($200 value)

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                       Page 6
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                            Value              Donated by:
                                                                      This basket is full of Italian delights including
                                                                      White Wine Clos du Bois chardonnay, Barone
                                                                      Ricasoli Chianti, Godiva chocolate, Tuscan
                                                                      Crackers, Pasta Italiana, Puttanesca Pasta sauce,
                                                                      Extra Virgin Olive oil, Tomato Bruschetta Spread,
                                                                      Coca Chocolate Chip Scone mix, Market Classics
                                                                      Vegetable and Tortellini Soup Mix, 2 wine
Gourmet Foods          DV2          Diving          Taste of Italy                                                           $310    $50        The Beadles and
                                                                      glasses, 2 cloth napkins and a corkscrew, Garlic
                                                                      roaster, Zhena's Gypsy tea, Almond chocolate                              Trouts Families
                                                                      coffee, 3 Red and White dish towels, Ceramic Hot
                                                                      Plate, Bread dipping spice, El Avion Picante
                                                                      spice, 12 Photo Cards of Italy, 2 B&W
                                                                      Framed Photos of Italy, Wine
                                                                      stopper/opener/jewel set
                                                                      This fabulous Garden Basket includes everything
                                                                      to get your yard spruced up in time for spring
                                                                      including: Veggie-Jerky Dehydrator, Strawberry
                                                                      bulbs, Potato bulbs, Rhubarb bulbs, Bypass
                                                                      pruner, Gardening gloves, Topsy turvy Tomato                              The Trouts and
Household              DV3          Diving          Garden Basket                                                            $210    $50
                                                                      Planter, Butterfly Garden Decoration, Bird Feeder,                        Delano Families
                                                                      Variety of Seed packets, Terra Planter, Gardeners
                                                                      Kneeling Pad , Farmers Almanac, Metal
                                                                      Sunflower Garden Décor, and of course
                                                                      Gardening Tools .
                                                                      Kristie’s Cake Creations - by Kristie Jernigan is
                                                                                                                                                Kristie Jernigan
                                                                      providing a $100.00 gift certificate for 20-30
Desserts               DV4          Diving          Kristie’s Cakes                                                          $100    $25        on behalf of the
                                                                      people (including 15 cake pops as favors) for a
                                                                                                                                                Diving Team
                                                                      special occasion.
                                                                      Now you can look your best with a Leopard
                                                                      Designed Medium Train Case – MSRP, Leopard
                                                                      Kabuki Brush & Leopard Brush Set, Various
                                                    Women’s           Brand Lashes (Sephora, Urban Decay, Laura                                 Football Team
Beauty                 FB1          Football                                                                                 $500    $100
                                                    Beauty Kit        Mercier, Japonesque), Variety of Travel Size                              Families
                                                                      brushes, Variety of Curlers (Laura Mercier,
                                                                      Sephora, Japonesque), Nail Files, Makeup,
                                                                      Tweezers, and Manicure Kits
                                                                      Look your best with a grizzly football sweatshirts,
                                                    Apparel for       Grizzly football t-shirts and a hat. Also includes a                      Football Team
Spirit Wear            FB2          Football                                                                                 $165    $25
                                                    Him!              variety of gift cards to go out with when you are                         Families
                                                                      looking your best!
Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                          Page 7
Category               Item #       Team            Title            Description                                           Value                Donated by:
                                                                     Look your best with a Grizzly football sweatshirts,
                                                    Apparel for      Grizzly football t-shirts and a hat. Also includes                         Football Team
Spirit Wear            FB3          Football                                                                               $165      $25
                                                    Her!             are a variety of gift cards to go out with when you                        Families
                                                                     are looking your best!
                                                                     Up your game with three 1 hour long golf lessons
                                                                     & video analysis with golf pro, Dave Gannon,
                                                                     value $375. Round of golf for 4 at the Bridges
                                                    Golf till you                                                                               Men’s Golf Team
Golf                   GM1          Golf Men’s                       Golf Club, value $350. Round of golf for two          $860      $100
                                                    drop                                                                                        Families
                                                                     Monday –Thursday at San Ramon Golf Course,
                                                                     value $70, and a Golf blanket & 24 Titleist golf
                                                                     4 tickets to see the Warriors vs World Champion
                                                                     Dallas Marvericks on April 12 @7p with Premium
                                                                                                                                                Men’s Golf Team
Sporting Event         GM2          Golf Men’s      Basketball Fun   seats behind goal (sec 107, row 12, seats 13-16)      $265      $50
                                                                     – value $200 along with a Spalding basketball and
                                                                     Basketball blanket
                                                                     Enjoy 2 to 3 nights in Santa Cruz Oasis sleeps 5
                                                                     to 7 est. value $525 – Offered by Coach Pottinger,
                                                                     this quiet Santa Cruz mountain cabin is located
                                                                     off of Hwy 9 in the redwoods next to the San
                                                                     Lorenzo river. You can just relax or venture out
                                                    Rest &                                                                                      Coach Pottinger
Vacation LIVE                                                        for biking, fishing, golfing, enjoying the beach,
                       GM3          Golf Men’s      Relaxation                                                             $650      $100       and Men’s Golf
AUCTION #12                                                          and shopping. 2 miles from downtown Santa
                                                    Weekend                                                                                     Team Families
                                                                     Cruz and 3 miles to the main beach and
                                                                     boardwalk area. This rental is available Thursday
                                                                     – Sunday for this Spring or Summer. Also
                                                                     includes 1 lb Belgian Chocolate, and 4 bottles of
                                                                     California wines
                                                                     Wente Gift card $100.00, three bottles of wine,
                                    Golf                             Raffine Chocolates, Cheese, and crackers, 2                                Women’s Golf
Wine                   GW1                          Wine and Dine                                                          $250.00   $50
                                    Women’s                          different Salami’s, 2 wine glasses, Vacuvin Wine                           Team Families
                                                                     pourer, Vacuvin wine saver
                                    Golf            Dinner and the   Elephant Bar gift card $100.00, 2 movie tickets, 8                         Women’s Golf
Entertainment          GW2                                                                                                 $150      $25
                                    Women’s         Movies           boxes of candy, and 4 different popcorns                                   Team Families

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 8
Category               Item #       Team            Title            Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                     Message Envy $100.00 gift card, Bollinger Nail
                                                                     Salon $55.00 gift card, Spa slippers, foot lotion,
                                                                     foot soak, foot scrub, pumice stone , toe
                                    Golf                                                                                                      Women’s Golf
Service                GW3                          Spa Day          separators, Diva Dryer hair towel and facial mitt,    $250    $50
                                    Women’s                          Paisleys cosmetic set, Cleanlogic exfoliating body
                                                                                                                                              Team Families
                                                                     scrubber, Manicure tool set, 2 hand towels,
                                                                     chocolates and Champaign
                                                                     5-piece Ceramic Dipping Set including; 4-piece
                                                                     hand painted ceramic cookware with storage lids
                                                                     and wire serving baskets. Cookware goes from
                                                    Italian food     freezer, to microwave, to oven at 500degrees,
                                    Lacrosse                                                                                                  Men's Lacrosse
Gourmet Foods          LXM1                         Extravaganza     Cookbook ($18);Dish towels ($15), Silver pasta        $250    $50
                                    Men's                                                                                                     Team Families
                                                                     serving spork ($20), 2 bottles flavored olive oil
                                                                     ($30), 2 bottles flavored balsamic vinegar ($20), 2
                                                                     jars tapenade/dip ($12), Assorted Pasta ($10),
                                                                     and a Gift Certificate to Pasta Primavera ($50)
                                                                     Enjoy time in a cabin with 3 Bedrooms, a loft and
                                                                     2 bathrooms located in the resort area of Tahoe
                                                                     Donner. Sleeps 11. There is plenty of snow in the
                                                    Fabulous 3       winter months. Downhill skiing, cross country
                                                                     skiing, and sledding are all just minutes away.                          Women’s
Vacation LIVE                       Lacrosse        nights in a
                       LXW1                                          Historic Downtown Truckee offers great shopping       $525    $100       Lacrosse Team
AUCTION #13                         Women's         Cabin at Tahoe
                                                                     and restaurants.                                                         Families
                                                                     In the Summer months - There is Golf, Hiking
                                                                     Biking, Kayaking, Swimming/Beaches, Fishing,
                                                                     boating and Rock Climbing.
                                                                     Two full day passes at a Tahoe Ski Resort and                            Women’s
                                    Lacrosse        Enjoy a day of
Entertainment          LXW2                                          end you day with a nice mug of cocoa by a lodge       $125    $25        Lacrosse Team
                                    Women's         Skiing
                                                                     fire.                                                                    Families
                                                                     This basket is a great way to start a sports card
                                                                      and memorabilia collection including over 1000
                                                    Sports Card       various sports cards from the past 50 years.
                                    Lacrosse        and               More than 50 unopened packs of collector cards.
Sports                 LXW3                                                                                                $300    $50        Gregory Parikh
                                    Women's         Memorabilia       Also includes over a dozen very cool game worn
                                                    Basket            and used memorabilia cards. And finally, a hand
                                                                      signed Jersey style t-shirt signed by superstar
                                                                      rookie Stephen Strasburg.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                       Page 9
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                    Jimmy Stewart     This is a hand signed and hand drawn sketch of
                                                    Hand Signed        Harvey the rabbit by Jimmy Stewart. Fabulous
Art                    LXW4                         Sketch of          memorabilia piece from one of Hollywood’s            $450    $50        Gregory Parikh
                                                    Harvey the         greatest stars. It is framed with a elegant tuxedo
                                                    Rabbit.            backing.
                                                                      Five Course Meal for four at Forbes Mill
                                                    Chef’s Prix Fix
                                                                      Steakhouse in Danville including Off Menu Items-
Dining LIVE                                         Four with Wine                                                                             Jurecki Family
                                    Soccer                            Chefs Choice. Seafood/Steak Represented. Every
AUCTION #1             SM1                          Pairing at                                                              $500    $250       and Forbes Mill
                                    Men's                             Course Paired with Wines by our Sommelier.
                                                    Forbes Mill                                                                                Steakhouse
                                                                      Redeemable Sunday Thru Thursday – a dining
                                                                      experience not to be missed!
                                                                      This soccer basket includes 4 tickets to SJ
                                                                      Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy, Saturday June 30 at
                                                    Grizzly           Stanford Stadium. But you need Cal High Soccer
Sporting Event                      Soccer                                                                                                     JV Soccer Team
                       SM2                          SOCCER            Spirit Wear to go including a Windbreaker, Fleece     $300    $100
and Spirit Wear                     Men's                                                                                                      and Soccer Pro
                                                    Madness           Hat, Window Decal, and Nike Soccer Training
                                                                      Gear courtesy of Soccer Pro including a Bag,
                                                                      Soccer Ball, 3 pair Socks, and a Training Jersey
                                                                      Enjoy yourselves to a round of golf for 4, but make
                                    Soccer                                                                                                     The Russum and
                                                    Golfing Outing    sure you have your best game ever by first taking
Golf                   SM3                                                                                                  $290    $50        Goodman
                                    Men’s           with Lessons!     a 1/2 hour golf lesson at the private country club,
                                                                      Crow Canyon Country Club.
                                                                      Sports Photo Service by Chris Goodman the
                                                                      “Photo Guy”. 1 hour of professional sports action
                                                                      photography at any local sporting event focused
                                    Soccer          Photo Service
                                                                      on a particular subject of your choosing. You will                       The Goodman
Photography            SM4                          for your Sports                                                         $190    $50
                                    Men’s           Team
                                                                      receive: a disk containing approximately 75 high                         Family
                                                                      quality photo images focused on the selected
                                                                      subject, 4 - 8x10 professionally developed prints
                                                                      of selected photographs.
                                                                      Take the Family and Friends to Umigo Indoor Kart
                                                                      Racing for a Grand Prix Race. Have dinner at
                                                                      The California Pizza Kitchen and go to the
                                                    Family            Movies.
Entertainment                                                                                                                                  Umigo and
                                    Soccer          Entertainment     Umigo Indoor Kart Racing Package Certificate
LIVE AUCTION           SW1                                                                                                  $495    $100       Women’s Soccer
                                    Women's         and Movie         1 Mini Grand Prix Race for up to 8 People. No
#2                                                                                                                                             Team Families
                                                    Package           equipment or experience necessary.
                                                                      4 Regal Movie Tickets
                                                                      California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card $50

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 10
Category               Item #       Team            Title          Description                                             Value              Donated by:
                                                                   Enjoy A Nine Hole Playing Lesson at Blackhawk
                                                                   Country Club with the Head Golf Pro. Workout At
                                                                   24 Hour Fitness With A Year Membership and                                 Women’s Soccer
                                                                   Grab a Jamba Juice , Nine Hole Playing Lesson                              Team Families,
Golf                   SW2                          Golf Package   Certificate Value $200, Blackhawk Country Club          $700    $250       Tony Gill, 24
                                                                   with Head Golf Pro Tony Gill, One Year All Club                            Hour Fitness and
                                                                   Membership to 24 Hour Fitness -$475, Jamba                                 Jamba Juice
                                                                   Juice Gift Card -$10, and a decorative golf motif
                                                                   stepping stone.
                                                                   Gift certificate good for registration, volunteer Fee
                                                                   Waiver for 2012 season and Soccer accessories.
                                                                   1 Player Fall Registration $195 – Credit for 2012                          The San Ramon
                                                    San Ramon
                                    Soccer                         Rec Fee or used towards the cost of Rec+ or                                Soccer Club
Sports                 SW3                          Soccer                                                                 $345    $100
                                    Women's                        COMP. 1 Volunteer Fee Waiver for 2012 -$100
                                                                   San Ramon Soccer Youth T-shirt, Adidas Soccer
                                                                   ball. San Ramon Soccer Magnet, and a Cal High
                                                                   Women’s Soccer T-shirt.
                                                                   Enjoy 2 Lower Box Tickets to See the San
                                                                   Francisco Giants Play the Colorado Rockies.
                                                                   Bring the Baseballs to get autographed or play
                                                                   with. All in a Giants Duffle Bag with a Nike Gift                          The McElroy
                                    Soccer          SF Giants      Card and Treats for the Game. This package                                 Family and The
Sports                 SW4                                                                                                 $195    $50
                                    Women's         Package        includes 2 Lower Box SF Giants Tickets for Sat.,                           Women’s Soccer
                                                                   August 11, 1:05pm. Also included is a Giants                               Team Families
                                                                   Logo Travel Duffle Bag with Pull Handle &
                                                                   Wheels, 1 Dozen Baseballs, Nike Gift card $25,
                                                                   and Treats to take to the game!

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                       Page 11
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                      This package is full of cool electronic gadgets you
                                                                      don’t want to be without. Includes; a simple to use
                                                                      ATC9K High Definition Video Camera that is
                                                                      waterproof and shock proof action camera to bring
                                                                      to places you wouldn’t dare bring your normal
                                                                      camcorder, a Handheld Emergency Radio, A
                                                                      USB-compatible cell phone charging port to make
                                                                      mobile communications easier, An AM/FM radio
                                                    Electronic        with weather band channels, GPS Guide Back to
                                                    Equipment for     Base Altimeter - a handheld guided system that
                                                    the               stores paths to up to 3 locations, and an on-board                       Softball Team
Household              SFT1         Softball                                                                                $775    $250
                                                    Outdoorsman,      digital compass which is also a clock and                                Families
                                                    Sportsman &       calendar with functionality even in the dark. Also
                                                    More!             includes a Pro Weather Station - a full featured
                                                                      wireless weather station, an SE102 Heart Rate
                                                                      Monitor - an entry-level heart rate watch with
                                                                      basic heart rate measurement and calories
                                                                      burned features, and a 3-D Calorie Coach
                                                                      Pedometer which can be placed in your shirt
                                                                      pocket or clipped on your handbag. The PE980
                                                                      will measure and store your distance walked and
                                                                      calories burned for an entire week.
                                                                      If you have been eagerly awaiting the start of the
                                                                      baseball season, then this basket is for you!
                                                                      Includes: 2 lower level tickets to a Giants game,
                                                                      Giants t-shirts, two Giants pint glasses, a Giants                       Softball Team
Sports                 SFT2         Softball        Let’s Play Ball                                                         $450    $100
                                                                      throw blanket, two bags of Giants peanuts, gift                          families
                                                                      certificate for a team bonding session with
                                                                      “Shayna’s Cards”, and an MLB trading card
                                                                      Do you have a special occasion coming up? Treat
                                                                      yourself to an evening out with dinner, wine and
                                                                      overnight accommodations. Includes; gift
                                                    A Night on the    certificate for a one weekend night stay with                            Softball Team
Entertainment          SFT3         Softball                                                                                $310    $100
                                                    Town              breakfast for two at the Courtyard by Marriott in                        families
                                                                      San Ramon, $100 gift certificate for dinner at
                                                                      Piatti Ristorante in Danville, and 2006 Wente “Nth
                                                                      Degree” Livermore Valley Cabernet Sauvignon!

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 12
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                      Xbox 360 Mature Gamer’s Bundle - Call of Duty
                                                                      Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare clothing,
                                                    Video Gamer’s     accessories and Sledgehammer Games goodies                               Softball Team
Entertainment          SFT4         Softball                                                                                $200    $50
                                                    Dream             all contained in a messenger bag. Items not                              families
                                                                      released for retail sale. Cannot be sold on the
                                                                      internet or to used game stores.
                                                                      Hair Care Products including various hair
                                                                      products( 16) and nail polish plus an overnight                          Song Team
Beauty                 SO1          Song            Beauty basket                                                           $420    $100
                                                                      stay and brunch for two the next morning at the                          families
                                                                      Pleasanton Hilton Hotel
                                                                      This golfing package includes 1 hour golf lesson
                                                    Golfing           for two, 4 rounds weekday golf Las Positas, 2                            Song Team
Golf                   SO2          Song                                                                                    $450    $100
                                                    Package           sleeves golf balls, a pair of golf sunglasses, and                       families
                                                                      even possibly a 30 minute massage!
                                                                      Scott's and Warriors package includes Scott's
                                                    Brunch and        brunch for 2 , an assortment of gourmet foods and                        Song Team
Sports                 SO3          Song                                                                                    $250    $50
                                                    Basketball!       wine, and 2 Warriors tickets for the lower level on                      families
                                                                      April 24
                                                                      Cal Poly Spirit Basket includes Cal Poly mom hat
                                                    Cal Poly Spirit   and button, dad hat and button, car decal, Cal                           Swimming Team
Spirit Wear            SWM1         Swimming                                                                                $120    $25
                                                    Basket            Poly wine - 2 bottles, and wine bag, Chocolate                           families
                                                                      bars, and a Cal Poly blanket
                                                                      California Artist – from Roger’s Picture Framing
                                                                      and Art Gallery in Nevada City                                           Swimming Team
Art                    SWM2         Swimming        Artwork                                                                 $125    $25
                                                                      10x14 Mountain and Tree reflections in a lake by                         families
                                                                      Suki Foresman
                                                                      California Artist – from Roger’s Picture Framing
                                                                      and Art Gallery in Nevada City                                           Swimming Team
Art                    SWM3         Swimming        Artwork                                                                 $125    $25
                                                                      16 X 20 size block print of California Quail by                          families
                                                                      Beverly Hackett

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 13
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                              Value              Donated by:
                                                                      Cal's tennis varsity coach Manny Vasquez is new
                                                                      to the team this year, but has been teaching
                                                                      private lessons as a tennis professional for many
                                                                      years. The winner of this basket will receive 2 free
                                                                      1 hour lessons with Coach Manny. The winner
                                                                      will also receive 2 free 1 hour lessons with a Cal
                                                                      varsity tennis player- this would be a wonderful
                                                                      gift for a tennis beginner or a child! The basket will
                                                                                                                                                  Men’s Tennis
                                                                      also contain a variety of items to take on the court
                                    Tennis          Step up your                                                                                  Team Families
Service                TM1                                            such as brand name athletic apparel (t-shirt and         $315    $100
                                    Men's           tennis game!                                                                                  and Coach
                                                                      cap, wristbands), towel, energy snacks, and even
                                                                                                                                                  Manny Vasquez
                                                                      a pack of new tennis strings. And if you happen to
                                                                      break a string on your racket, also included are 2
                                                                      free stringings that will be done by a varsity
                                                                      player's dad who frequently restrings rackets for
                                                                      the Cal team. Finally, to show Grizzly spirit, the
                                                                      winner of this fabulous basket will receive a jersey
                                                                      or warmup with Cal's logo and the cutest Grizzly
                                                                      teddy bear!"
                                                                      Enjoy 2 days at the Portola Hotel & Spa, located
                                                                      right in the heart of Monterey Bay. This can be a
                                                                      great get away to one of the most beautiful places
                                                                      on earth! The amenities are wonderful at this
                                    Tennis          Portola Hotel &   hotel; you can workout at the gym and relax in the                          Women’s Tennis
Experience             TW1                                                                                                     $620    $250
                                    Women's         Spa Get Away      spa. It's so relaxing walking down to fisherman’s                           Team Families
                                                                      wharf. Also included is a bottle of Monterey wine,
                                                                      wine glasses, gourmet snacks, candles and
                                                                      marine air fragrance for an unforgettable

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                           Page 14
Category               Item #       Team            Title            Description                                              Value              Donated by:
                                                                      Have you ever dreamed of skiing or
                                                                     snowboarding on the same slopes with a famous
                                                                     person who is known as the Flying Red Tomato?
                                                                     Well now you have a chance to see Shawn White,
                                                                     the Olympian snowboarder, the ambassador for
                                                                     Northstar. Stay for 3 nights at Northstar At Tahoe
                                                                     where you are located right in the Village and
                                                                     walking distance from the lifts. The cozy place is a
                                                      Northstar at   bedroom loft that sleeps a family of 4 with a full
                                                      Tahoe 3 Day    kitchen. There are so many things to do there
Vacation LIVE                       Tennis                                                                                                       Women’s Tennis
                       TW2                              Vacation     besides skiing from All Fired Up Ceramic Store or        $1065   $250
AUCTION #8                          Women's                                                                                                      Team Families
                                                                     the Candle Store where you receive gift
                                                                     certificates for your own mug and candle. There
                                                                     are also gift certificates to a restaurant, Starbucks,
                                                                     and Euro Food Stores. Northstar is an all season
                                                                     resort were not only you ski/board, but you can
                                                                     play an 18 hole golf course, horseback ride, go
                                                                     dirt biking down the slopes, rollerblade in the rink,
                                                                     bungee jumping, go to the movie theatre, and hike
                                                                     during the summer. Be the highest bidder and
                                                                     start enjoying your wonderful vacation.
                                                                     We have the day all planned out just for you
                                                                     ladies. Feel special and show off to your friends
                                                                     by wearing these beautiful scarfs and bangle
                                                                     bracelets. Stop by The Little Something Shop and
                                                                     Target to purchase some trendy clothing, shoes,
                                                                     or Cal High spirit wear! For lunch you can choose
                                                                     from a wide variety of restaurants such as
                                                                     Macaroni Grille, Chile's, or the infamous
                                    Tennis          Ladies Night     Rigatoni's. After, you can go to the mall and have                          Women’s Tennis
Entertainment          TW3                                                                                                    $440    $100
                                    Women's         Out!             a shopping spree at Nordstorm. Stop by Jamba                                Team Families
                                                                     Juice or Peet's Coffee & Tea for a relaxing break
                                                                     from all that shopping. When dinner time comes
                                                                     around, drive off to the elegant Bridges
                                                                     Restaurant. Next, head over to the movie house
                                                                     and watch the latest movie. Finally, end the night
                                                                     at Fudruckers for a midnight snack and comfort
                                                                     food. This exhilarating day could be with you and
                                                                     your friends.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                          Page 15
Category               Item #       Team            Title            Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                                                                                              The Randall
                                    Track &         Brand New        Enjoy a game of golf with your brand new Cal
                       TRF1                                                                                                $250    $50        Family
Golf                                Field           Golf Bag         High Golf Bag!!

                                                                     Improve your speed , power and agility with 4
                                                    Peak             Training Sessions at Velocity Sports Performance
                                    Track &                                                                                                   The Sword
Service                TRF2                         Performance      in Dublin; Increase your strength with a 25 lb        $180    $50
                                    Field                                                                                                     Family
                                                    Pak              Reebok Speed Pac Adjustable Dumbbell; and
                                                                     rehydrate with your new sports bottle.
                                                                     Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or
                                                                     iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of
                                    Track &                                                                                                   The Sword
Household              TRF3                         Caffeine Fix     a button with the Keurig Elite Brewing system.        $150    $50
                                    Field                                                                                                     Family
                                                                     Get started with a box of Pike Place Roast K-
                                                                     Cups and two mugs.
                                                                     Framed Limited Edition numbered autographed
                                                                     Joe Montana 16" x 20" lithograph. One of the rare
                                                                     times he signs his name with "H of F 2000" (Hall
                                                    Joe Montana                                                                               Men’s Varsity
                                    Volleyball                       of Fame 2000). Inscribed through licensing
Autograph              VBM1                         Autographed                                                            $250    $50        Volleyball
                                    Men's                            agreement with IMG and Big Sky, Inc. which can
                                                    Lithograph                                                                                Families
                                                                     be verified by the Hologram on the lithograph.
                                                                     The Certificate of Authenticity comes with a photo
                                                                     of Montana signing the lithos.
                                                                     This auto package includes a Dublin Honda                                Dublin Honda
                                    Volleyball      Pristine Auto    Complete Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing,                           and Men’s
Service                VBM2                                                                                                $295    $50
                                    Men's           Package          Bridgestone Auto Emergency Kit, Car care                                 Volleyball
                                                                     products & accessories, and even a Gas Card                              Families

                                                                     Come experience the dueling pianos at "That Bar"
                                                                     in Danville. Your experience includes: Reserved
                                                                                                                                              That Bar, Bridges
Entertainment                                                        VIP seating for 4 on Thursday, Friday or Saturday
                                    Volleyball      That Bar VIP                                                                              Restaurant, The
LIVE AUCTION           VBM3                                          night, Free admission to the Dueling Piano Show,      $260    $50
                                    Men's           Package for 4!                                                                            Kurtz & Huey
#11                                                                  $50 Gift Card, Bottle of Scarlett Cabernet, Bridges
                                                                     Restaurant Gift Card, and a 8" x 10" Autographed
                                                                     photo of the "Piano Man" Billy Joel

                                                                     Your dog will have fun with a ClubK9-2 nights                            ClubK9,
                                    Volleyball      While you’re
                                                                     boarding and bath, fun toys & yummy treats,                              ShamPooches
Service                VBM4                         away, your                                                             $255    $50
                                    Men’s           dog’s at Play!
                                                                     ShamPooches, Natural Balance Pet Food Coupon                             and The Huey
                                                                     at Pet Food Express, More toys & accessories,                            Family

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                        Page 16
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                             Value              Donated by:
                                                                      Everything you need for a perfect Mexican Fiesta
                                                                      - a catered dinner for 10 from Mexxi's ($150
                                                                      value), chips, salsa plus a chip and dip bowl,
                                                    Arriba! It is a                                                                              Mexxi’s
                                                                      tequila, margarita mix and salt, 4 margarita
                                                    Fiesta for 10                                                                                Restaurant and
                                    Volleyball                        glasses, Dos Equis beer, and decorations. And if
Entertainment          VBW1                         from Mexxi's                                                              $300    $100       Freshman
                                    Women's                           we have forgotten anything, we have provided a
                                                                      Trader Joes gift card. All you need is the house
                                                                      and your amigos! Mexxi's certificate not valid on May
                                                                      5th. Expires 12/12.

                                                                      2 Nights Stay At Hotel Healdsburg Sonoma
                                                                      including a Tour and Gourmet Lunch at
                                                                      MacMurray Ranch, and Tour and Gourmet Lunch
Vacation LIVE                       Volleyball      Wine Country
                       VBW2                                           at Frei Ranch along with a basket full of goodies       $2000   $500       The Smith Family
AUCTION #7                          Women's         Weekend for 2
                                                                      including 2 MacMurray wine glasses, 2 Bottles
                                                                      MacMurray Wine, 2 Hats Men's XL Polo Shirt and
                                                                      XL fleece jacket, Women's SML T-shirt
                                    Volleyball      Gourmet           Box of 6 wines that you cannot find in the grocery
Wines                  VBW3                                                                                                   $400    $100       Volleyball Team
                                    Women's         Wines             store
                                                                      Complementary Personal Bra Fitting by a Wacoal
                                                    What Lies         Professional along with Wacoal Panties, Wacoal
                                    Water Polo                                                                                                   Men’s Volleyball
Service                WPM1                         Beneath – by      Camisole, Wacoal Bra of your choice - up to $75         $250    $50
                                    Men’s           Wacoal            B. Tempt'd Bustier by Wacoal (Cosmetic Travel
                                                                                                                                                 Team Famillies
                                                                      Bag, Notebook and Mirror)
                                                                      Complementary Wine Tasting at Wente Wineries
                                                                      including Wine Glasses, $50 gift certificate for
                                    Water Polo      A Wine Tasting                                                                               Men’s Volleyball
Wines                  WPM2                                           Wente Wineries, Bottle of Wine,      Picnic             $250    $50
                                    Men’s           Experience
                                                                      Blanket, Various Picnic Items all wrapped up in a
                                                                                                                                                 Team Famillies
                                                                      beautiful Picnic Basket
                                    Water Polo      Senior            Certificate for Senior Portraits with Pro Image                            Men’s Volleyball
Photography            WPM3                                                                                                   $330    $100
                                    Men's           Portraits         Studios - up to $300 and a Portrait Picture Frame                          Team Famillies
                                                                                                                                                 Outpost Sports
                                                                                                                                                 Bar and Grill,
                                                                      Everything to keep your man happy including a
                                                                                                                                                 Rob & Elizabeth
                                    Water Polo                        Limited Edition, Commemorative, Super Bowl
Household              WPW1                         The Man Cave                                                              $300    $100       Bilovocky and
                                    Women's                           XLVI Neon Sign along with an Outpost Sports Bar
                                                                                                                                                 Dave Strunk,
                                                                      and Grill Gift Certificate

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                           Page 17
Category               Item #       Team            Title             Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                      A San Francisco Giants Budweiser Neon Sign
                                    Water Polo
Household              WPW2                         A Giant Basket    and goodies from Power Stitch Specializing in         $200    $50        Power Stitch
                                                                      Letterman Jackets
                                                                      Enjoy a night out in San Francisco at Pier 23 Café
                                                                      at the Embarcadero with a $50.00 Gift Card, 2                            Leslie Anderson,
Entertainment                       Water Polo
                       WPW3                         Night Out For 2   Bottles of Champaign w/ glasses, and wear your        $200    $50        andersonleslie20
and Jewelry                         Women’s
                                                                      new Stone Jewelry created by Leslie Anderson                   

                                                                                                                                               Cameryn Breen
                                                                      Get your body in shape with Forward Motion
                                                                                                                                               with Forward
                                                                      Sports - $100 Gift Card and a Free Month of
                                                                                                                                               Motion Sports
                                    Water Polo      Health and        Jazzercise at San Ramon Fitness Center. Also
Service                WPW4                                                                                                 $350    $100       and Laura
                                    Women’s         Fitness           included are a Body Ball,
                                                                                                                                               Salmonson, San
                                                                      Two 5# Hand Weights, Premium Exercise Mat,
                                                                                                                                               Ramon Fitness
                                                                      and an Insulated Polar Water Bottle
                                                                      Ideal for a Diabetic gift includes wasabi peanuts
                                                                      and Cajun peanuts; hickory smoked sausages; jar
                                                                      of creamy chipotle pepper dip and jar of pipin’ hot
                                                    Low sugar with                                                                             Wrestling Team
Gourmet Foods          WR1          Wrestling                         pepper mustard; jar of peach cherry salsa; jack       $75     $25
                                                    zip!                                                                                       Families
                                                                      and the bean dip; roasted red pepper spread mix;
                                                                      bag of assorted sugar free jelly beans all wrapped
                                                                      up in a galvanized tin!
                                                                      Includes a bag of candy coated pebbles and a
                                                                      bag of mocha coffee lentils; a bag of California
                                                                      sun ripened apricots; a tin of cabernet sauvignon
                                                                      cheese; a Belgian dark chocolate covered pretzel;
                                                                      a package of savory sesame and almond biscuits;
                                                                                                                                               Wrestling Team
Gourmet Foods          WR2          Wrestling       Hole in One!      a bag of freshly roasted deluxe mixed nuts; a bag     $125    $25
                                                                      of assorted licorice; a bag of freshly pulled salt
                                                                      water taffy; a bag of assorted chocolate mini golf
                                                                      balls; a bag of candy caviar mints; a bottle of
                                                                      cabernet sauvignon all wrapped up in a decorative
                                                                      golf style wine carrier.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                         Page 18
Category               Item #       Team            Title           Description                                           Value              Donated by:
                                                                    Designed in a beautiful gold mesh shopping
                                                                    basket, this delicious gift brings food shopping to
                                                                    a whole new level! Includes a jar of caramelized
                                                                    onion balsamic spread; a bag of sun ripened
                                                    Savory                                                                                   Wrestling Team
Gourmet Foods          WR3          Wrestling                       California dried apricots; 2oz whole naturally wild   $125    $25
                                                    Shopping                                                                                 Families
                                                                    smoke salmon filet; gourmet lobster spread;
                                                                    gourmet shrimp and salmon spread; jar of crispy
                                                                    asparagus; 1 double chocolate raspberry cake;
                                                                    bottle of California red wine.

Grizzly Madness 2012 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                      Page 19

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