gift certificate to TJ Maxx by jennyyingdi


									4 pairs of VIP Tickets to the 20th Anniversary Mystic Concert
Donated by Mystic Chorale Board of Directors
Value: $100 per pair
Two Voice Lessons
Donated by Louise Grasmere
Value: $120
Light-hearted ukulele song on a topic of your choice; Includes a recording as well as the signed
Written and donated by Nick Page
Value: Priceless!
Jonathan Singleton will provide an hour of piano music and snappy patter in your home or other
venue at a mutually agreed upon time (have keyboard, will travel).
Donated by Jonathan Singleton
Value: Priceless!
House concert in your home with Gail Nickse, Fred Griffeth, and guitar player Bob Enik. Will
bring a small sound system, or could go more acoustic, depending upon the setting and what is
appropriate. Two sets, each of approx. 45 minutes duration, with a 30 minute break between
sets. Must be scheduled at least 1 month in advance within 1 hour of Boston, most likely Friday
eves or Sunday afternoons.
Donated by Gail Nickse and Fred Griffeth
Value: Priceless!
October weekend in house in Wellfleet
Donated by Nancy Lange
Value: $300
Lace gauze “coat” once owned by Barbra Streisand
Donated by Kathleen Slipp
Value: Elegantly unspoken
An afternoon of canoeing on the Charles River with Maury Eldridge. Paddle a calm, scenic
stretch of river from Elm Bank in South Natick to Red Wing Bay in Needham. Canoes, paddles
and lifejackets provided. Can accommodate on to seven participants. Participants will need to
help transport canoes on their vehicles. At least one experienced paddler per canoe is
recommended for this trip. Date to be negotiated.
Donated by Maury Eldridge
Value: Priceless!
The "Filigree" porcelain set, made by Rosenthal Porcelain Manufacturer is very fine thin,
translucent china which, despite its delicacy, is quite strong. It is made of top quality clays fired
at high temperatures that cause them to fuse into a hard, non-porous body. This gorgeous
antique set includes 12 Dinner plates, 25 Lunch plates (one extra in case of breakage), 24
pedestal cups, 25 saucers (one extra in case of breakage), 13 small salad or dessert plates
(one extra in case of breakage), 2 shallow serving bowls, 1 Coffee pot, 1 covered sugar bowl,
and 2 cream pitchers. See photos at http://pottery-
Donated by: Anonymous
Value: over $1000, based on current ebay pricing
Cozy, old-fashioned (1790's style) Cape Cottage on quiet street in Osterville (walk to ponds and
town center) available for one week in September or October 2010 (dates to be arranged). 1
bedroom (with 2 twin beds ) on 1st floor with adjacent bathroom (stall shower), and 2 bedrooms
(1 full, 1 single twin) on 2nd floor with shared full bath. TV, DVD player, internet access, deck,
washer/dryer. Other info: maximum number of people (including children) is four. No smoking,
no pets.
Donated by Irene Merwin

7 nights at vacation home in Vieques, Puerto Rico; April 1 - October 31; 4 bedrooms - sleeps 8
max (no kids). See; Casa Blanca Rustica. Dates must be coordinated with
rental schedule.
Donated by Gail Nickse and Fred Griffeth
Value: $2100
Fall or Spring week/weekend in winterized two bedroom-den cottage on Martha's Vineyard (5
minutes from town of Oak Bluffs).
Donated by Sue Streeter
2 hours resume review and job search coaching
Donated by Gale Batchelder
Value: $250
Two tickets to Red Sox vs. the Minnesota Twins for Thursday, May 20 at 7:00, PM. Seats are
in the grandstand on third base line, more >> specifically, Section 26, Row 01, seat numbers 15
and 16,
Donated by Olivia Tappan
Face value: $94
Two hours private coaching for overcoming performance anxieties and/or fear of public
Donated by Nancy Cetlin
Value: $290
No-knead miracle bread-making demo class for a group in your home for as big a group as
Donated by Denali Delmar
Value: $150
Photography session with photo of your choice
Donated by Liz Diamond
Value: $100
Pink, freshwater pearl with agate pendant
Made and donated by Jean DiGiovanna of Flames of Grace
Value: $65
Set of picture books, written, signed, and donated by Norah Dooley
Value: $60
Set of 6 CDs of stories written, performed, and donated by Norah Dooley
Value: $60
Hand-made baby quilt
Made and donated by Julie Freedman
Value: $25
3-hour de-cluttering session
Donated by Elizabeth Gaines, Personal Management Consultant
Value: $295
Two private lessons in the Alexander Technique, Newtonville
Donated by Jill Geiger
Value: $150
Webster's New International Dictionary – enormous!
Donated by Marilyn Bentov
Value: $119
Jewelry appraisal by A Matter of Brilliance
Donated by Aimee M. Berrent
Value: $75.
Queen-sized crocheted afghan
Made and donated by Suzie Glantz
Value: $400
Kwirky Kollage pins - handmade with recycled materials, glass beads and a non-toxic glaze.
Each one is one-of-a-kind
Made and donated by Sherry Green
Value $24 each
Multi-colored striped handbag. Made of heavy-duty canvass with both inside and outside zipper
compartments and zippered top. Fully lined
Donated by Sherry Green
Value: $40
$50 restaurant gift certificate to Redbones

Gift certificate for nutritional counseling
Donated by Judith Mabel
Value: $150
Hand-made Mosaic Mirror
Made and donated by Lori Kahn
Value: $100

Framed watercolor print
Made and donated by Lorraine Karcz
Value: $150
Two hours of career consulting, including resume review.
Donated by Lisa Kleitz
Value: $200

Charm bracelets
Donated by Lee Lanza
Value: $32
1 hour muscular therapy session
Donated by Jeff Levin
Value: $90
Two piano lessons
Donated by Caroline Lindeke
One hour architectural design consultation at your home. Let's solve that design dilemma;
brainstorm with, and get advice from a residential design expert. Measured sketch provided
after consult.
Donated by Shira Lion
Value: $85
Choice of program - “Create a Resume that Will Open Doors” OR “What’s Next in Your Life?”
Donated by Sandy Machson
Value: $250
Ceramic bowl, white stoneware, blue rim with yellow center
Donated by Gunnel Schmidt
Value: $50
Two 50-minute life or business coaching sessions
Donated by Vivienne Simon
Value: $300
Massage in your home or office - a one-hour table massage or 2 1/2 hour chair massages.
Therapist will bring table and/or chair.
Donated by Rosemary Weiss, Edelweiss Massage Therapy
Value: $100
Two hours of gardening consultation or labor (no lawn mowing, chemicals or power equipment)
Donated by Mabel Liang, Certified Master Gardener
Value: $140

3 hour nutritional consultation
Donated by Barry Taylor
Value: $550
1 hour hot stone healing session
Donated by Barry Taylor
Value: $125
90-minute personal consultation to help you set up and decorate your home or corporate office
and the book, The Smarter Home Office.
Donated by Linda Varone
Value: $213
Home electricity and toxins consultation
Donated by Lisa Weill
Value: $99
George and Ruth: Songs and Letters of the Spanish Civil War, an original radio style historical
musical documentary,
Donated by Dan and Molly Lynn Watt
Value: $20
Shadow People, a book of poems by Molly Lynn Watt, published by Ibbotsen Street Press,
Donated by Dan and Molly Lynn Watt
Value: $14
2-hour in home de-cluttering session
Donated by Karen Zweig
Value: $165
$50 gift certificate for Nordstrom’s
Donated by Peggy Freedman
$25 gift certificate for LL Bean
Donated by Peggy Freedman
$25 gift certificate for Bed, Bath and Beyond
Donated by Peggy Freedman

$25 gift certificate for Land’s End
Donated by Peggy Freedman

$50 gift certificate to TJ Maxx

$50 gift certificate to Marshalls

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