Emtex Announces Reseller Agreement With Kodak Versamark

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					 Emtex Announces Reseller Agreement With Kodak Versamark

    Kodak Versamark combines Emtex VIP and VDE output management
software with its Versamark printers as integrated digital printing solutions
             for corporate data centers and service providers.

DALLAS, TX, 23 October, 2004 — Emtex, the leading provider of document output
management solutions, announced a worldwide software reseller agreement with
Kodak Versamark, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company.
Under the terms of the reseller agreement, Kodak Versamark will integrate Emtex
VIP and VDE output management solutions with Kodak Versamark printing systems
and resell them to the Kodak Versamark customer base.

Study after study has proven that more focused, more personalized, and more
relevant full color marketing messages, combined with mission critical transactional
documents, increases response rates and revenue over generic black and white
presentations. However, in practice, this revolution in transactional document
production is severely hindered by a mixture of legacy and modern applications,
varying printstream formats, and complex workflow requirements.

The partnership between Emtex and Kodak Versamark removes these barriers and
provides customers with a solution that combines the strength of Emtex’s output
management software with the power and flexibility of Kodak Versamark printing
systems to produce high-volume full color documents, at low cost and in one
integrated system.

The Emtex and Kodak Versamark solution includes:

   • Emtex VIP – a centralized output management server that efficiently handles all
       host connectivity requirements, printstream transformation needs and daily
       operational tasks. Emtex VIP facilitates faster processing of all documents,
       and provides critical piece level tracking and accountability
   • Emtex VDE - a simple option to Emtex VIP for enhancing legacy and modern
       documents that; adds color to black & white documents, adds finishing and
       integrity marks (OMR and Barcodes), automates workflow (such as reprints)
       and inserts a personalized electronic insert, directly into the printstream, just
       before it is printed
   • A choice of Kodak Versamark’s CS300 and CS400 system controllers designed
       specifically for the high-speed, variable data requirements of data centers.
       Emtex VIP is been specifically optimized to convert (IBM AFP, Xerox
       LCDS/Metacode, PCL, PostScript, and PDF) and output either IPDS or IJPDS to
       drive these controllers

"Kodak Versamark and Emtex have been working together for several years. This
new relationship now extends our capability to offer a complete solution for
transactional print to complement our Versamark printing technology,” said Ron
Gilboa, Vice President of Marketing for Kodak Versamark. "Emtex output
management solutions will provide greater accessibility to our printing technology
and enable our clients to bridge the legacy gap, providing compelling and
measurable value for our users."

With numerous joint installations worldwide, this relationship enables customers to
benefit from the power of Kodak Versamark’s ultra-high speed color printing
technology without having to rewrite or rework their business critical print

“Emtex is pleased to join Kodak Versamark in this partnership as we believe the
combined solution shortens valuable time to market, enabling corporate data centers
and service providers alike to reap the rewards by producing high profile, variable
data color communications to their customers” said Tim Moylan, CEO of Emtex.

About Kodak Versamark, Inc.
Kodak Versamark, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, is a world leader in ultra-
high-speed, 100% variable data, digital printing solutions for full color, spot color, and monochrome
applications. The company's products include high-resolution, full- and part-page printing systems. For
more information, please visit our web site at

About Emtex
Emtex is the author of the industry-leading output management solutions, VIP and VDE. Founded in 1992,
Emtex has offices in the UK, USA and Canada. Emtex solutions are installed in over 800 production sites
worldwide. In 2003, Emtex acquired the FlexServer product line, which compliments and extends the
existing solution portfolio. Emtex software solutions enable organizations with high volume, mission
critical document production requirements to materially increase their profitability, by improving the
efficiency of the output function and the communication and service to its customers.

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