Building a Website on a Small Budget by leader6


									Building a Website on a Small Budget

When I decided to build my own website, I became a bit of an expert on web hosting
whether I wanted to or not. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. It's just that, as a
business person, I want to know things like how to make my website look great and
how to set it up for online transactions so I can get things up and running. After all,
one day's delay in getting your website up and running is one day you're not making
any money.

The thing is, you really don't have to be an expert on concepts like dedicated versus
shared hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting to get a website up
and running quickly. I finally figured out that there are places on the web that let
you set up a website within a day and include things like "shopping cart" software so
you don't have to go out and find all that stuff yourself. The really great thing is that
web hosting has advanced to where you can set up your own website for next to
nothing, and there are hosting packages that you can easily afford even before your
online business takes off.

You can tailor your web hosting package for the kind of things you'll need on your
site. Like, if you'll need to include a lot of photos, or just a few, or lots of pages on
your site, or just a few, so that you only end up paying for the services you need.
That's a huge help when you're trying to get an online business going. It was a real
relief to find out that I don't have to be conversant in server partitions and HTML to
get a great web hosting plan.

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