How To Stop Smoking Naturally

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					                      How To Stop Smoking Naturally
 Most people quit smoking after feeling the effects of smoking. For those of you who
are addicted to smoking can be difficult to leave this habit quickly. But if you want to
             try still have some way to stop smoking that you should try.

  But you need not worry because here are some ways to stop smoking naturally.
 However, some of these tips can work well with someone, but these tips might not
  work if applied to others. Therefore we need the most appropriate way for each

                          How To Stop Smoking Naturally :

A. Stop The Gradual. To truly escape from the addiction of smoking a good idea to do
 it gradually. In this way we can control our own thoughts if your body is slowly not
need the nicotine from day to day. For example like this: if you usually spend one day
 a pack of cigarettes, so make sure you consume enough daily 6 pieces, then 3 pieces
          and so on until you can really escape from the snare of cigarettes.

 2. Support From Family. If you want to really stop smoking then ask for help from
 your family to remind you. In addition to the role of the family's closest friends you
                     can also help your efforts to quit smoking.

    3. Your self busy. Usually when people smoke in my spare time, by finding
 something else to do will make you forget the cigarettes. Fill your time with doing
                     what you love sports and like berrekreasi

4. Consultation With the Doctor. This is one way that you should try, ask your doctor
or health care professional how to quit smoking quickly. Usually the doctor also has a
                    recipe for eliminating dependence on nicotine.

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