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					                                       Intro A

Unit 1                                             Kenjiro: Mister Porter?
Lesson A                                           Joshua: Yes.
                                                   Kenjiro: How do you spell your last name?
Page 2, Vocabulary Link (CD1, Track 2)             Joshua: Oh, sorry. It’s P-O-R-T-E-R --
                                                   Porter. But in this class, please, call me
Woman: What’s your name?                           Josh.
Yukiko: My first name is Yukiko. My last
name is Akita.                                     Page 3, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 4)
Woman: How do you spell that?
Yukiko: Y-U-K-I-K-O, A-K-I-T-A.                    1. Kenjiro: Hi, I’m Ken.
Woman: What’s your e-mail address?                 Joshua: And what’s your last name?
Yukiko:                       Kenjiro: It’s Tanaka.

Woman: What’s your name?                           2. Joshua: What is your name, please?
Carlos: My first name is Carlos. My last           Mari: It’s Mari Sol Fuentes.
name is Ramalho.                                   Joshua: Hmmm, you’re not on my class
Woman: How do you spell that?                      roster. Your last name is Fuentes?
Carlos: C-A-R-L-O-S, R-A-M-A-L-H-O.                Mari: Yes, that’s right.
Woman: What’s your e-mail address?
Carlos:                        Page 4, Speaking (CD 1, Track 5)

Woman: What’s your name?                           LiLing: Hi, my name is LiLing.
Alberto: My first name is Alberto. My last          What’s your name?
name is Cruz.                                      Alberto: Hi, LiLing. I’m Alberto, but please
Woman: How do you spell that?                      call me Beto. It’s my nickname.
Alberto: A-L-B-E-R-T-O, C-R-U-Z.                   LiLing: Okay, Beto. Nice to meet you.
Woman: What’s your email address?                  Alberto: It’s nice to meet you, too.
                                                   Lesson B
Woman: What’s your name?
LiLing: My first name is LiLing. My last           Page 8, Listening (CD 1, Track 6)
name is Wong.
Woman: How do you spell that?                      Crissy: Hi Jared.
LiLing: L-I-L-I-N-G, W-O-N-G.                      Jared: Hi Crissy.
Woman: What’s your email address?                  Crissy: Come in.
LiLing:                         Jared: Thanks.
                                                   Crissy: Oh, Jared, this is my roommate,
Page 3, Listening (CD 1, Track 3)                  Emiko. Emiko, this is my boyfriend, Jared.
                                                   Emiko: Hi Jared. Nice to meet you.
Joshua: Good morning class. My name is             Jared: Yeah, nice to meet you too, Emiko.
Joshua Porter. I’m your teacher. My first          Emiko: Well? Is Ugly Betty on yet?
name, Joshua, is spelled J-O-S-H-U-A.              Crissy: No, not yet.
Hmm… Hi, what’s your name?                         Jared: Um, …what’s Ugly Betty?
Kenjiro: Hi, I’m Kenjiro, but people call me       Crissy: Uh…it’s a TV show… … you know
Ken.                                               it…It’s my favorite show.
Joshua: Ken… That’s K-E-N. Okay, Ken,              Emiko: Hey…Ugly Betty is on.
what’s your last name?                             Jared: Oh…yeah… I know it! It’s a great
Kenjiro: It’s Tanaka, T-A-N-A-K-A.                 show!
Joshua: Okay…great. Thanks, Ken. …And              Crissy: Come on…. Let’s watch it!
you? What is your name, please?
Mari: It’s Mari Sol Fuentes.
Joshua: Hmmm, Mari Sol Fuentes? You’re             Unit 2
not on the class roster. How do you spell          Lesson A
your first name?
Mari: It’s two words: M-A-R-I and then S-O-        Page 13, Listening (CD 1, Track 7)
L, Mari Sol. But you can call me Mari.
Joshua: And your last name is F-U-E-N-T-           Welcome to Where in the World! Our topic
E-S?                                               today is countries of the world… and here is
Mari: Yes, that’s right.                           clue number one: Ottawa is the capital city
Joshua: Thanks, Mari.                              of this country. And now, clue number two:

This place is actually four countries in one       9. SPAIN
country. OK, here is clue number three:            10. SPANish
people of this country are nicknamed Kiwis.
Alright, here’s the next clue: Almost every        Page 14, Speaking (CD 1, Track 11)
year, this country gets the most tourists in
the world. And now, our last clue: Machu           Hyun: Excuse me? Are you in this class?
Picchu is in this South American country.          Ana: Yes, I am.
                                                   Hyun: Who’s the teacher?
(CD1, Track 8)                                     Ana: It’s Mr. Allen.
                                                   Hyun: Oh … Hi, I’m Hyun.
Announcer: Welcome to Where in the                 Ana: Hi, Hyun. I’m Ana.
World! Our topic today is countries of the         Hyun: Your shirt is cool. Are you from
world                                              Colombia?
… and here is clue number one. Ottawa is           Ana: Yeah.
the capital city of this country.                  Hyun: Where in Colombia?
Contestant 1: Canada?                              Ana: Bogota. And you? Where are you
Announcer: That’s right! And now, clue             from, Hyun?
number two: This place is actually four            Hyun: Korea.
countries in one country.                          Ana: Oh? Which city?
Contestant 2: Is it the UK?                        Hyun: Seoul.
Announcer: It is the United Kingdom! OK,
here is clue number three: The people of           Lesson B
country are nicknamed Kiwis.                       Page 18, Listening (CD 1, Track 12)
Contestant 2: New Zealand.
Announcer: Yes… New Zealand…that’s                 Fiona: Hey John, great blog.
correct! All right, here’s the next clue:          John: Thanks Fiona.
Almost                                             Fiona: These photos are beautiful. Where
every year, this country gets the most             are they from?
tourists in the world.                             John: Esfahan.
Contestant 2: The U.S.                             Fiona: Where’s Esfahan?
Announcer: No, that’s incorrect.                   John: In Iran.
Contestant 1: Is it the U.K.?                      Fiona: Wow, Iran. Cool. What’s it like
Announcer: No… sorry. The correct                  there?
answer is France. And now, our last clue:          John: Well… it’s a beautiful country … a
Machu                                              really interesting place.
Picchu is in this South American country.
Contestant 1: Is it Peru?                          (CD 1, Track 13)
Announcer: That’s correct!
                                                   Fiona: So, John… are there many tourists
Page 13, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 9)             in Iran?
                                                   John: From other countries…no, not
1. CHIna                                           many.
2. MEXico                                          Fiona: Uh-huh…. And the Iranian people?
3. BraZIL                                          What are they like?
4. KoREa                                           John: Oh…they’re very friendly—even in
5. ArgenTIna                                       Tehran, the capital city!
6. VeneZUEla                                       Fiona: Wow! So, what’s Tehran like?
                                                   John: Well…it’s a big, modern city with a
(CD 1, Track 10)                                   lot of people…
                                                   Fiona: So, it’s crowded…
1. CANada                                          John: Yeah.
2. CaNAdian                                        Fiona: Are there things to do?
3. JapAN                                           John: Yeah. Tehran is in the mountains, so
4. JapaNESE                                        it’s good for outdoor sports.
5. ITaly                                           Fiona: Sounds fun. But tell me more about
6. ITALian                                         Esfahan.
7. CHIna                                           John: It’s an old city. It’s very beautiful and
8. ChiNESE                                         interesting… Actually, there’s a saying

about it…                                          2. A: What can I get her? B: Here’s an
Fiona: Yeah?                                       idea: get Sun a gift card.
John: Uh-huh. They say “Esfahan is half            3. A: What’s her phone number? B: It’s
the world.”                                        555-2121.
Fiona: What does that mean?                           A: Is there an area code? B: Yes, it’s
John: It means Esfahan is a great city—            three one eight.
maybe the greatest in the world…
                                                   Page 24, Speaking (CD 1, Track 18)
Unit 3
Lesson A                                           Sun: Oh no…
                                                   Paula: What’s wrong, Sun?
Page 23, Listening (CD 1, Track 14)                Sun:     My wallet…Where’s my wallet?
Marty: Hi Jane.                                    Paula: Is it in your pocket?
Jane: Hi Marty.                                    Sun:      Um… no.
Marty: Are you online?                             Paula: What about your backpack?
Jane: Yeah. I’m shopping for a gift.               Sun:      No, it’s not …I can’t find it
Marty: Who’s it for?                               anywhere!
Jane: My friend Sun. It’s her graduation.          Man: Hmmm… what’s this? (picks up a
Any ideas?                                         wallet) Excuse me, miss?
                                                   Sun: Yes?
(CD 1, Track 15)                                   Man: Is this your wallet?
                                                   Sun: Yes, it is! Thank you very much!
Marty: Hi Jane.                                    Man: You’re welcome.
Jane: Hi Marty.
Marty: Are you online?                             Lesson B
Jane: Yeah. I’m shopping for a gift.
Marty: Who’s it for?                               Page 28, Listening (CD 1, Track 19)
Jane: My friend Sun. It’s her graduation.
Any ideas?                                         Paloma: Hey, Alison…What’s in these
Marty: Well, let’s see… These earrings are         boxes? Anything interesting?
nice.                                              Alison: Not really. It’s just stuff from my
Jane: Yeah, but they’re expensive.                 year studying in London.
Marty: Oh, you’re right. Hmmm…how                  Paloma: Cool… Can I look?
about this?                                        Alison: Sure…
Jane: An MP3? Yeah, maybe…                         Paloma: Hey, what’s this?
Marty: And look, it’s inexpensive.                 Alison: Oh, it’s a map of Glasgow. It’s from
Jane: Oh no, wait… Sun has an MP3.                 my visit to Scotland.
Marty: Yes, but this one is brand-new.             Paloma: Is Glasgow nice?
Jane: No…                                          Alison: Yes, it’s interesting.
Marty: Well… OK…how about this photo               Paloma: Hmmm… hey, is this you?
album?                                             Alison: Where?
Jane: A photo album? Marty, that’s a               Paloma: In this photo. In front of Big Ben,
boring gift… What can I get her?                   the clock.
Marty: Hey, here’s an idea: get Sun a gift         Alison: Oh… yeah. Ugh… That’s a terrible
card.                                              picture of me.
Jane: A gift card? You think that’s OK?            Paloma: Wow…look at your hat. That’s…
Marty: Sure. Then Sun can buy something            um… unusual…
she wants. It’s the perfect gift.                  Alison: Yeah, well, they’re very popular in
Jane: Yeah… good idea. Thanks Marty!               Europe.
                                                   Paloma: Hmmm… Hey, where’s this
Page 23, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 16)            postcard from?
                                                   Alison: Let’s see… oh, it’s from the Tate
Sun is a student. Sun has an MP3. This             Modern –a museum in London.
is a brand-new MP3.                                Paloma: Who’s Rupert? The postcard is
                                                   from him.
(CD 1, Track 17)                                   Alison: Huh? Oh…Rupert. He’s a friend
                                                   from school there.
1. A: Sun has an MP3.    B: Yes, but it’s an       Paloma: Just a friend?) “Alison, I will love
old one.                                           you always…”
                                                   Alison: Hey, give me that postcard!

Paloma: A friend, huh Alison? You mean a         Mom: Well, what are you doing?
boyfriend!                                       Leo: My homework, but I’m waiting for a…
Alison: OK, OK…Rupert is important to            Finally…!
me – this postcard is too.                       Mom: Leo…no calls.
                                                 Leo: Mom, this phone call is important. It’s
                                                 my classmate Bill…
Review Units 1-3
Page 34, Come in Today! (CD 1, Track 20)         (CD 1, Track 22)

Good Buys’ year-end super sale is today          1. A. He’s waiting for a phone call.
and tomorrow-and everything is on sale!             B. He’s looking at phones.
Get the best deals on cell phones, digital          C. He’s talking to two people on the
cameras, laptops, MP3 players, and other         phone.
popular electronics. Come in today and get
a free pair of headphones-a twenty-five          2. A. They’re studying for a test.
dollar value! Visit Good Buys today!                B. She’s texting a friend.
                                                    C. He’s answering a question.

Unit 4                                           3. A. He’s talking on the phone.
Lesson A                                            B. He’s listening to music.
                                                    C. He’s doing his homework.
Page 37, Listening (CD 1, Track 21)
                                                 Page 37, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 23)
1. Sales Lady: Excuse me; can I help you,
sir?                                             A: What are you doing?
Customer: Oh, no thanks. I’m just looking.       B: I’m talking on the phone.
Sales Lady: Are you shopping for a cell          A: Who are you talking to?
phone today?                                     B: My friend, Bill.
Customer: Um, yeah… I’m looking for
something small and not too expensive.           A: Are you shopping for a phone?
Sales Lady: I see. Well, here are two good       B: Yes, I am.
ones.                                            A: Well, this phone is on sale.
Customer: Hmmm… these are nice.                  A: Yes. It’s ten percent off.
Sales Lady: And they’re on sale.
Customer: They’re on sale?                       (CD 1, Track 24)
Sales Lady: Uh-huh. They’re ten percent
off.                                             1. A: What are you doing?
                                                 B: I’m texting Carla at home.
2. Gabby:        Excuse me, Professor            A: You’re texting Carla? She’s at home?
Jenkins?                                         B: Yeah.
Prof Jenkins: Yes, Gabby. . .                    A: Why is she at home today?
Gabby:        Can you help me? I have a          B: She’s sick.
Prof Jenkins: Sure                               2. A: Is the teacher American?
Gabby:        My computer isn’t working.         B: No, he’s British.
Am I doing something wrong?                      A: Really? He’s British?
Prof Jenkins: Okay, let’s see…. Yes, click       B: Yeah.
here…                                            A: Where’s he from in the UK?
Gabby:        OK                                 B: London, I think.
Prof Jenkins: Is it working now?
Gabby:        Yes, it is. Thanks a lot…          Page 38, Speaking (CD 2, Track 25)

3. Mom: Leo, Leo?                                Shinja: Hello?
Leo: Yeah, mom, I’m in my room.                  Luis: Hey, Shinja. It’s Luis.
Mom: Leo, I…Hey, are you talking on the          Shinja: Hi Luis. How’re you doing?
phone? You should be studying for your           Luis: Fine. How about you?
test.                                            Shinja: So-so.
Leo: I’m not talking on the phone, mom.          Luis: Yeah? What’s wrong?
Mom: No texting your friends, either.            Shinja: I’m waiting for the bus. It’s late!
Leo: I’m not…                                    Luis: Sorry to hear that.

Shinja: What are you doing, Luis?                    Mia: Yes, a bottled water, please.
Luis: Not much. I’m watching TV.                     Server: Is that for here or to go?
                                                     Mia: For here.
Lesson B                                             Server: OK… Next! Sir…sir… are you
                                                     ready to order?
Page 42, Listening (CD 1, Track 26)                  Mia: Leo…it’s your turn…
                                                     Leo: Oh, uh, yeah…um…I’d like a chicken
Sofia: Hi, Jada!                                     sandwich.
Jada: Hey, Sofia! How was your                       Server: OK…that comes with French fries
vacation?                                            or mixed vegetables.
Sofia: Oh, great. How about yours?                   Leo: Um… the fries.
Jada: Really fun. So, here we are…                   Server: Anything to drink?
Sofia: Yeah, I know, back to school!                 Leo: What juices do you have?
Jada: So, what classes are you taking this           Server: Apple and orange.
term?                                                Leo: OK, I’ll have apple.
Sofia: Um, let’s see, I’m taking a science           Server: Is that for here or to go?
class, and uh, a history class, and an               Leo: To go.
English                                              Mia: Are you leaving, Leo?
class. How about you?                                Leo: Yes, I teach a class in ten minutes…
Jada: I’m taking a math class, and let’s
see…where’s my schedule, a business                  Page 47, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 29)
class, and
uh, a history class. Oh, and an Italian class.       I’d like coffee with milk ‘n’ sugar.
                                                     Your meal comes with soup ‘r salad.
(CD 1, Track 27)
                                                     (CD 1, Track 30)
Sofia: So, when are your classes?
Jada: Let’s see… My math class is on                 1. A ham ‘n’ cheese sandwich, please.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My                    2. Where’s the salt ‘n’ pepper?
business                                             3. Leo ‘n’ I like Japanese food.
class is too. On Tuesday and Thursday…               4. For lunch, there’s chicken ‘r pasta.
let’s see… is history and Italian. What              5. Coffee ‘r tea?
about you? What’s your schedule?                     6. He doesn’t eat meat ‘r fish.
Sofia: Um… I have biology on Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday, and on Tuesday                Page 48, Speaking (CD 1, Track 31)
Thursday I have, um, English and history.            Jason: Hey Marnie, it’s lunchtime and I’m
Jada: Oh, there’s the bell.                          hungry.
Sofia: Yeah. OK, well… see you in class.             Marnie: Me too. Do you like Indian food?
Sofia: OK, see you.                                  Jason: Yeah, it’s okay.
                                                     Marnie: There’s an Indian place near here
                                                     – Little Delhi. Their curry dishes are great.
Unit 5                                               Jason: Actually, I don’t really like curry.
Lesson A                                             Marnie: Well, they have soups and salads,
                                                     and rice dishes too.
Page 47, Listening (CD 1, Track 28)                  Jason: OK…sounds good. Let’s go!

Leo: So let’s see…what’s on the menu                 Lesson B
today? There are sandwiches, spaghetti,
tacos, burgers…                                      Page 52, Listening (CD 1, Track 32)
Mia: What are you going to get, Leo?
Man: Hmmm… I’m not sure yet… You go                  Hi everyone. I’m Mia Zhou and welcome to
first, Mia.                                          Mia’s Kitchen. Today we’re talking about
Server: Next! What can I get you?                    breakfast, and we’re going to make an
Mia: Um… I’d like the spaghetti with                 energy drink to help you start your day the
tomato sauce…                                        healthy
Server: OK… that comes with a soup or                way. OK, so, on this table we have our
salad…                                               fruits: two large bananas, eight
Mia: Uh…the salad.                                   strawberries, and
Server: Would you like anything to drink?

two oranges. All healthy foods. And over             7. Where is Carlos’s dad from?
here we have plain yogurt, milk, honey, and          8. Josh’s favorite subject is math.
of course, ice.                                      9. What is Mr. Gomez’s address?

(CD 1, Track 33)                                     Page 58, Speaking (CD 1, Track 36)

Hi everyone. I’m Mia Zhou and welcome to             Maya: Hey Taylor…is this your family in
Mia’s Kitchen. Today we’re talking about             the photo?
breakfast, and we’re going to make an                Taylor: Yeah. These are my parents…
energy drink to help you start your day the          Maya: And is this you?
healthy way. OK, so, on this table we have           Taylor: No, that’s my twin brother.
our fruits: two large bananas, eight                 Maya: Wow, you look the same! What’s
strawberries, and two oranges. All healthy           your brother’s name?
foods. And over here we have plain yogurt,           Taylor: Michael. I also have a sister, but
milk, honey, and of                                  she’s not in this picture.
course, ice. So, let’s get started! First, you                 What about you, Maya? Do you
peel the fruit… and then cut it into pieces….        have any brothers and sisters?
Now, we put the oranges in the blender               Maya: Yes, two brothers.
first…and then… all the fruit and finally the        Taylor: Are they older or younger?
milk, yogurt and honey. Next, we blend               Maya: One is older and the other, Tomas,
everything together for one minute …and              is younger.
we’re                                                         I’m the middle child.
done. You now have a breakfast smoothie
that’s good for you and tastes great, too!           Lesson B
                                                     Page 62, Listening (CD 1, Track 37)
                                                     Craig: Lena? Lena?
Unit 6                                               Lena: Yeah, I’m in here….
Lesson A                                             Craig: What’re you doing?
                                                     Lena: Oh, hi Craig. I’m reading a
Page 57, Listening (CD 1, Track 34)                  magazine.
                                                     Craig: Anything interesting?
A: My immediate family is pretty small: it’s         Lena: Yeah, there’s a page on horoscopes,
just me, my sister, and my mom and dad. I            and…
do have a big extended family, but my                Craig: Oh please, Lena… Do you believe
parents and I live in one city and all my            that stuff?
relatives are in another city far away… so I         Lena: No, not really. It’s just for fun.
don’t see them very much.                            Hmmm….I was born in 1990…..
B: In my country, big families are still             Craig: OK…..
common. My immediate family, for                     Lena: That means I’m a horse … so….let’s
example, has                                         see. Oh, good!
eight people: my wife and I, our two sons            Craig: What?
and daughters, and my parents. My wife               Lena: It says I’m popular. ….And I’m good
and                                                  with money.
I also come from big families, so we have a          Craig: Really? You’re good with money?
very large extended family, too.                     Lena: Craig! Be nice.
C: My family isn’t very big; it’s just me, and       Craig: I’m just kidding….What does it say
my son and daughter. I have a brother, but           about me?
our mother and father are both dead now.             Lena: When were you born? 1988?
We’re a small family, but we’re still really         Craig: No, 1987. I think I’m a dog.
close.                                               Lena: No …you’re not. You’re a rabbit.
                                                     Craig: Am I good with money, too?
Page 5, Pronunciation (CD 1, Track 35)               Lena: Yeah. It also says… “Rabbits are
                                                     friendly and kind.”
1. My mom’s parents live in Seoul.                   Craig: Uh-huh…
2. This is Yuki’s book.                              Lena: Hey, you know what? We’re a good
3. His sister’s name is Mia.                         match!
4. Derek’s dad is a teacher.                         Craig: Come on, Lena!
5. The cat’s eyes are blue.
6. Beth’s husband is from the UK.                    Review Units 4-6

Page 69,Listening: Now or Later? (CD 1,
Track 38)

Interviewer: On today’s show, we’re talking
with Dr. Sharad Gupta about marriage …
So, doctor … you’re saying … people’s
feelings about marriage are changing these
days …
Dr. Gupta: Yes…
Interviewer: What exactly is changing?
Dr. Gupta: Well, for one thing, people are
getting married later…
Interviewer: Mostly in … North America and
Europe? … or …
Dr. Gupta: No, no … it’s all over the world.

(CD 1, Track 39)

Interviewer: On today’s show, we’re talking
with Dr. Sharad Gupta about marriage…
So, doctor… you’re saying … people’s
feelings about marriage are changing these
days …
Dr. Gupta: Yes …
Interviewer: What exactly is changing?
Dr. Gupta: Well, for one thing, people are
getting married later …
Interviewer: Mostly in … North America and
Europe? … or …
Dr. Gupta: No, no … it’s all over the world.
Interviewer: Uh-huh…. Can you give us an
Dr. Gupta: Well … look at South Korea. In
1995, most women got married by age 24.
Men got married by 27 …
Interviewer: And now?
Dr. Gupta: Today, it’s very different: 28 for
women … and for men, 31.
Interviewer: That’s a big change!
Dr. Gupta: Yes, it is. And there are many
examples…. Like Greece, for example …
Today, many men in this country get
married at age 35 or older …
Interviewer: 35? Really? … What about the
Dr. Gupta: At age 29 …
Interviewer: How about in Africa?
Dr. Gupta: Well, in some countries, people
are getting married later … In Libya, in
North Africa, for example, men marry at
Interviewer: And women?
Dr. Gupta: At about 30 …
Interviewer: Wow. That’s really
interesting…. So, Dr. Gupta, why do you
think …


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