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					Amanda B, Mobile #: 9741490451, Linked In : Amanda B

                                     SUMMARY SNAPSHOT

Total Consulting Experience          :      23 months
Total Employment Experience          :      100 months
Total Work Experience                :      10 years 3 months

Amanda Business Consulting           :      Consulting August 2010
                                            in several capacities, to name a few – strategic
                                            marketing consultant, hospitality, travel and lifestyle
                                            consultant, reviewing contracts with legal from August 2010

Savannah Sarovar Premiere            :      Guest Relations Manager from Mar 2009 – Aug 2010
                                            Long Stay Parties Mar-Sept 2009
                                            Mentoring Sales April-July 2009
                                            Restaurant Revenue Manager May 2009
                                            Corporate Newsletter Mar 2009-Feb 2010
                                            Welcome Back Best Practices Mar-Oct 2010
                                            Long Stay Amenities Mar-Sept 2009

Independent Business Consultant      :      Consulting Sept 2008-Mar 2009
                                            Preparing proposals, reviewing contracts, industry
                                            Research in the following spaces
                                            Retail – Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, to name a few
                                            Hospitality – the Leelas, the Taj, to name a few
                                            Technology – CISCO, IBM, Juniper Networks, to name a few

IBM                                  :      Sales Specialist May 2008-Sept 2008
                                            Opportunity Identification, Validation, Pipeline Building
                                            Client Retention and Trust

Business Consulting                  :      Consulting
                                            Presales, proposal writing, business diagnostics and
                                            Development Sept 2007-May 2008 under NDA

Manipal Health Systems               :      Manager Business Process Aug 2006-Sept 2007
                                            Improving Patient Services Satisfaction Index
                                            Process Efficiency Study for Corporate Health Check
                                            Mentoring Green Belt Projects

Business Consulting                  :      Business Consulting Jan 2006-Aug 2006
                                            Marketing Survey and Customer Satisfaction Recommendation
                                            Research and Presales Activity

NIS Sparta                           :      Regional Process and Quality Champion Jun 2004-
                                            Dec 2005
                                            Documenting manuals, preparing checklists and reports
                                            Suggesting and implementing process change improvements
                                            Communicating management requirement
                                            Regional representation of teams concerns
                                            Supporting high quality customer experience.
                                            Audit oversight of over 100 individuals
                                            Extensive leadership and people management skills exhibited.

HSBC-HDPI                            :      Assistant Training Manager Aug 2002-May 2004
                                            Successful Execution of soft skill, operations and workshops
                                            Business Process and Transition Training from the UK.
                                            Enforcing data protection requirements and reporting to the
                                            global project management team. This exhibiting high level
                                            of people management and facilitation skills.
Amanda B, Mobile #: 9741490451, Linked In : Amanda B
Genesis PR                           :      Associate Mar 2000-Oct 2000
                                            Public relations activities like conferences, releases
                                            Client relationship management for leading multinationals
                                            Vendor Management - Agency, developer and designers to
                                            respond to RFI/ RFP
                                            Transitioning global brands into India through media strategy
                                            and business operations

Genesis PR                             :       Junior Associate Sept 1997-Jun 1998
                                               Proposing and suggesting ideas to firm’s Partner and Senior
                                               Drafting press releases and coordinating with external
                                               Following up and closing loops on feedback and rejoinders /
                                               clarifications with media.

OTHER INFORMATION Jun 1998-Feb 2000 and Oct 2000-Aug 2002
During career breaks pursued additional certifications related to career growth as well as Western Classical
Solo Piano 7th and 8th Grade examinations. Have also worked largely as a consultant / freelance professional
in pre-sales and business development kind of activities with many discussions being under NDA.

                                         DETAILED RESUME
Objective : To leverage capabilities in the sales and marketing communications function or senior managerial
role with an MNC / global hospitality chain; this, driving high performance results through a team across
geographies at good grade and value.

(Total Work Ex : 10 years 1 month) Functional Quotient – 10+years

PART 1 Consulting, Research, Business Development and Project Planning Experience (20 months)
                                     Jan-Jul 2006, Oct 2007-Apr 2008, Oct 2008-Feb 2009, August 2010
In independent capacity have worked in RFI / RFP / Business Consulting mode,

      Monitored and managed news and trends and explored possibilities /pre-sales activity with senior
       executives in IT, aviation, retail, hospitality, media and entertainment, etc
      Reviewed terms of contract and agreements sent by Operations / Business Heads / Directors of firms
       and engaged in project pitches and negotiations
      Communicated, Researched and Proposed Integrated Marketing Solutions / Surveys to key clients in
       various verticals

PART II – Professional Experience (100 months)
Savannah Sarovar Premiere – five star property of Sarovar group in Whitefield’s IT hub
Top Value Hotel among 400 hotels worldwide ranked by Trip Advisor

Guest Relations Manager                                                          Mar 2009 till August 2010

Key Responsibilities and Achievements
     Introduced best practices (welcome back and long stay) in guest relations driving > 85% retention
     Organised theme parties for in-house long stay guests – creating customer WoW factors, flawless
       execution with Excellent and Good feedback ratings
     Contributed 50% of the sales revenue of the team target during the Allamanda terrace brunch in Dec
       2009; this through indirect / relationship selling
Amanda B, Mobile #: 9741490451, Linked In : Amanda B
Contribution and Value Added over and above Job Description
    Mentored and drove accountability and quick wins with sales executives and ensured generation of
        new business opportunities both for rooms as well as banquets
    Achieved through the team 21% improvement in revenue for restaurant during the time held
    Achieved through the team 400 plus enrolments for the gourmet club for privileged diners meeting
        and exceeding target

IBM – Global Technology Services                                                     May 2008-Sept 2008
Sales Specialist – End User Services / Integrated Communications Services

Key Responsibilities and Achievements
     Sales Pitches - received best ranking at two internal forums for service product line pitches among
       experienced IT professionals.
     Generated New Business Leads – for the integrated communications services business, through
       existing industry networks and media monitoring and tracking, for example – Avesthagen.
     Validated and Qualified opportunities in existing sales funnel and pipeline with projected date for

Contribution and Value Added over and above Job Description
    Engaged in account mapping of Cx positions for key high value accounts
    Handled business development at senior executive level identifying opportunities across all service
        product lines
    Raised visibility for Global Technology Services among totally new clientele, demonstrating customer
        service orientation
    Created client retention and trust with key competitive software client for influencing business-IT
        plan for new facility at global village. This, for other clients as well.

Manipal Health Systems

Manager – Operations and Business Process                                       August 2006 till Sept 2007

Responsible to senior management for managing multiple stakeholders, networking internally to drive
process improvements and taking full ownership of phases of projects to improve healthcare operations,
customer service and delivery. Responsible for working with external consultants of Johnson and Johnson

Key Responsibilities and Achievements
     Conceptualised, developed, mentored and implemented successful Six Sigma projects. This led to
       projected savings to the tune of 1 crore. Appraised as Outstanding and Exceeded Expectations
     Ensured 100% completion of individual and team deliverables whilst responsible. Escalated critical
       areas proposing necessary remedial measures for loop closure and management action.

Contribution and Value Added over and above Job Description
    Communicated key messaging on strategy and tactics as internal consultant to marketing team, for
        health packages for corporate customers. This led to enhanced pleasant customer service experience.
    Reengineered Operations Workflow with use of Process Efficiency and Capacity Studies in High
        Revenue Impact Marketing area. This resulted in projected cost savings due to improved efficiency
        of 50% and additional revenue generation projection of over 30%.
Amanda B, Mobile #: 9741490451, Linked In : Amanda B
NIS Sparta Ltd, a division of Mudra Communications Pvt Ltd, Reliance ADA Group

Regional Process and Quality Champion (RPQC) South                                  Jun 2004 – Dec 2005

Responsible for documenting manuals, preparing checklists and reports, as well as suggesting and
implementing process change improvements Also responsible for communicating management
requirements, representing teams and regional concerns as well as supporting high quality customer
experience. Audit oversight of over 100 individuals. Extensive leadership and people management skills

Key Achievements
     Handled Transitions and Change during organisational merger liaising with all levels as process and
       quality facilitator. Met and exceeded targets over 100% for 5 quarters (lifecycles) consecutively.
     Created model / leading team in process excellence and conformity nationwide. This resulted in
       enhanced business value to the tune of 30%.
     Conducted workshops in process and quality, and detailed manuals for the Sales and Operations
       Managers, team - Corporate Business Unit-South. This resulted in consistent feedback score of 4.5

Contribution and Value Added over and above Job Description
    Delivered support to Regional Sales Head - South in the form of internal processes; this exceeded
        internal customer (service) expectations with internal SLA of 72 hours.
    Formatted and prepared prototype report for marketing survey for nationwide execution. This was
        benchmarked as having exceeded expectations of National Sales Heads of MNC client.
    Created inputs for online satisfaction surveys for various functions: these inputs were incorporated
        and implemented nationwide in assessing customer experience and business performance

HSBC-HDPI                                                                          Aug 2002 – May 2004

Assistant Manager Training (Soft Skills and Process Migration)

Responsible for the successful execution of workshops - : ‘Leading and Managing People’, ‘Coaching for
Managers’, ‘Telephone English for Work’, ‘Writing for Results’ and ‘Process Techniques for Supervisors’.
Responsible for migrating a business process from the UK. Responsible for enforcing data protection
requirements and reporting to the global project management team. This exhibiting high level of people
management and facilitation skills.

Key Achievements
     Trained and Coached over 1000 employees to promote achievement of best business results
       enhancing behavioural, customer service and operation techniques. Consistent score of 4.5/5.
     Migrated business process successfully in a 24 week time frame, across two tranches, meeting all
       operational targets / SLAs.
     Rated as expert coach by Process Specialist and Team Leader from UK, successfully attaining dual
       accreditation in spans of 6 weeks and 1 week respectively

Contribution Over and Above Job Description
    Appointed as business communications coach by Executive Vice President Operations; this ensured
        successful lateral growth of Communications Manager to Voice Role.
    Created business improvements for online as well as classroom modules; this led to improved scores
        on training effectiveness for the department demonstrated through participant feedback
    Made contributions / recommendations as part of the HDPI Communications Forum focus group
        internally advisory to senior management.
Amanda B, Mobile #: 9741490451, Linked In : Amanda B
Genesis PR

Associate                                                                               Mar 2000 – Oct 2000

Responsible for public relations activities and client relationship of leading multinationals. Responsible for
working with agencies, developers and designers to respond to RFI/ RFP and transition global brands into
India through media strategy and business operations.

Key Achievements
     Provided excellent tracking and virtual reportng / customer service and quality account
       management for regular operations (including RFIs), as well as crisis related consultancy. This
       resulted in annual contract renewal requirement of high value client.
     Managed operations and launch campaign for across six cities in India. This resulted in
       required visibility meeting and exceeding client expectation of time frames and coverage space.
     Handled brand related PR and worked closely with team to provide quality account management and
       customer service for Carbon in the Indian market. This resulted in successful launch of brand.

Junior Associate                                                                        Sept 1997 –Jun 1998

Responsible for proposing and suggesting ideas to firm’s Partner and Senior Associates, drafting press
releases and coordinating with external agencies. Responsible also for following up and closing loops on
feedback and rejoinders / clarifications with media.

Key Achievements
     Handled media campaign for launch of Volvo trucks at Bangalore, commended by the then AVP-Volvo
       India and Principal Associate for operational efficiency. Exceeded client expectations.
     Handled media contact programme to showcase Volvo bus in Chennai with operational efficiency
       and tactical decision making exposure. Exceeded client expectations.

Executive General Management Degree (cutting edge to MBA equivalent)
                                                              Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 2007
PGD in Mass Media Communications                            Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai 1997
Specialization – Public Relations - PR Programmes, Radio Programme Production Project,
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology (First Class)                              St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai 1996

    Green Belt                                        Benchmark Six Sigma
    Green Belt                                        Johnson and Johnson Medical India
    ISO Lead Auditor                                  National Institute of Training and Standardisation
    PCMM                                              Quality Association of India
    MA Psychology                                     Annamalai University
    PGD Guidance and Counseling                       Annamalai University

Can be provided on request

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