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					                       Practice Management Insight
A report on events affecting Oklahoma providers                                                        December 2008

Centers learn from each other                                                                MARK YOUR
Last month, dozens of treatment centers     compliant.
gathered at the headquarters office of      Suggestions or requests for minor
OrionNet Systems in Oklahoma City to        changes in the software further            December 11
                                                                                       OHCA Board Meeting
participate in an intensive all-day         customize it to meet their needs.
                                                                                       1:00 p.m., Schusterman Center/
training event designed to inform           “We talk to our members, find out what     Faculty Lounge, OU Tulsa
centers of the latest updates to their      the centers need, and then make sure       Campus, 4502 E. 41st, Tulsa
ThinkHealth software.                       our software can do that for them,” said   Meeting Agenda
Due to changes in OHCA standards or         the president of OrionNet, who handles
EDS billing procedures, OrionNet            the training sessions personally. “It      December 15-16
continuously updates its software free      really is customized specifically for      ASI Training in OKC with
of charge to insure the needs of            Oklahoma out-patient centers.”             James Patterson
ThinkHealth members are met.                                                           The ODMHSAS Training Center
OrionNet developers most recently                                                      at 2401 NW 23rd, Suite 1F
                                                                                       Shepherd Mall, Oklahoma City
updated ThinkHealth to comply with
                                                                                       Contact: 405-522-8300
the Department of Mental Health and                                                    Event Information
Substance Abuse Services and to                                                        Online Registration
accommodate the State’s October 1
change in service rates and RVUs.                                                      December 16
During the event, centers                                                              Managing External Health
also learned from each                                                                 Information Inside Your
other as they discussed                                                                Organization
the updates and new                                                                    HIM Webinar
procedures for staying                                                                 Panel: Deborah Kohn, RHIA, MPH,
                                                                                       FACHE, CPHIM and Katherine
                                                                                       Downing, RHIA, CHP, MA
                                                                                       Online Registration

                                                                                       December 16
                                                                                       5th Annual Suicide Prevention
                                                                                       Metro Technology, Springlake
                                                                                       Campus, 1900 Springlake Drive,
                                                                                       OKC, OK 73111
                                                                                       Contact: 405-522-8300
                                                                                       Event Information

OrionNet offers website development
                                                                                       Online Registration

                                                                                       December 18
                                                                                       ASAM Training in OKC with James
                                                                                       ODMHSAS Training Center at
                                                                                       2401 NW 23rd, Suite 1F
                                                                                       Shepherd Mall, Oklahoma City
OrionNet would like to help you start       OrionNet provides full-service,            Contact: 405-522-8300
the New Year with a new Internet            professional website development. The      Event Information
presence for your business.                 development includes optimizing the        Online Registration
“With today’s reliance on the Internet as   site for indexing by search engines like
a way to locate companies and to learn      Google, Yahoo and others. OrionNet         January 21-23
about their services, we think it is        also can help with domain registration     1st Annual Hayden H.
important for a center to have a            (Internet address) and website hosting.    Donahue, Psychiatric Grand
professional-looking website, one that      To learn more, contact Marketing           Round Conference
                                                                                       Marriott Southern Hills Hotel,
can be found easily by online               Director Eddie Roach by email
searchers,” OrionNet Systems President      ( or by phone           Contact: 405-522-8300
searchers,” OrionNet Systems President       ( or by phone             Contact: 405-522-8300
Clyde W. Wafford said.                       (405.286.1674).                              Event Information

HIM and Health IT                                                                         January 28
                                                                                          Dr. Kaminer—The Teen
                                                                                          Addiction Severity Index (T-
                                                                                          ASI) Training Workshop
Discovering Common Ground in an              Revisions to Behavioral                      ODMHSAS Training Center,
Electronic Healthcare Environment            Health Care Requirements                     2401 NW 23rd, Suite1F,
                                             The Joint Commission’s behavioral            Oklahoma City
Health information management and
                                                                                          Contact: 405-522-8300
health information technology are            health care program is approved by the
                                                                                          Fax: 405-522-8320
disciplines with completely different        Substance Abuse and Mental Health            Event Information
functions; however, the two disciplines      Services Administration (SAMHSA) to          Online Registration
are striving to find common ground           accredit opioid treatment programs. ...
with the emergence of increasing             Because CSAT accreditation guidelines
volumes of electronic data. HIM and          were revised in July 2007, The Joint
health IT are finding that the scope and     Commission has updated specific
responsibilities of individual job           behavioral health care standards and
functions are increasingly crossing          elements of performance (EPs) that
department domains. ...        Read more     apply to only opioid treatment
                                             programs, to remain in compliance with
Sister to Sister                                                                                  Sign up for OHCA
                                             these revised CSAT guidelines. ...
                                             The revised standards are effective                     web alerts
                                             January 1, 2009, and are posted here.

A Program Designed for                       SAMHSA News Bulletin
Women in Recovery with Children              New SAMHSA White Paper                            Prevent
Sister to Sister is a support service that   Examines the Relationship                     and Reduce
delivers and evaluates peer-to-peer          between Suicide and Substance Abuse
recovery support services that help          The Substance Abuse and Mental
prevent relapse and promote sustained        Health Services Administration
recovery from alcohol and drug use in a      (SAMHSA) has released a new white
manner that is responsive to the             paper focusing on the current state of
community's needs.                           knowledge about the interrelationship
Sister to Sister is Oklahoma's first         between substance abuse and suicide. ...
community based model of peer driven,        [T]he document stresses substance                              SAMHSA
peer led recovery support services           abuse as a risk-factor for suicide and                         Resources
tailored specifically to reduce relapse      suicide attempts and the importance of                         for Coping
and promote sustained recovery among         continued learning about this                                  with
women in Oklahoma County who have            connection to help prevent suicidal                            Traumatic
children. Visit        behavior. …                    Read More                       Events

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