Isco Model 3710FR Sampler by 1k8CX7


									Isco Model 3710FR Sampler
Engineering Specifications
December, 1997
1.    Instrument
      A.      There shall be furnished a refrigerated sampler for single bottle composite
              sampling applications. Additionally the unit shall be suitable for outdoor
              installation without the requirements for additional enclosures for weather
              protection. The instrument shall be capable of collecting samples from a
              variety of liquid sources. The instrument shall route samples to a single
              storage container for collection and off-site analysis. The instrument shall
              be suited to collect priority pollutant or general purpose sampling. The
              unit shall be line powered.
2.     Physical Description
       A.     The controller cover, exterior and base of the refrigerator shall be
              constructed of resin transfer molded fiberglass reinforced plastic with a
              UV resistant gel-coat, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and
              weathering. The interior of the refrigerator shall be food grade ABS
              plastic for easy cleaning and shall inhibit bacterial growth. The copper
              refrigeration lines shall be protected with polyester tubing or phenolic
              resin. The condenser coil shall be powder coated with polyester for
              additional corrosion resistance. The refrigerator evaporator plate shall be
              aluminum and powder coated with a food grade epoxy to resist corrosion.
              The refrigerant used shall be a non-CFC refrigerant with an ozone
              depletion potential of zero.
       B.     The refrigerator shall include 1-1/2 inches of rigid foamed-in-place
              urethane insulation on the sides to aid in sample preservation. The top
              insulation shall consist of 3 inches of rigid urethane insulation. The
              insulation shall use a non-CFC foaming agent. The refrigerator shall have
              a hinged, reinforced fiberglass controller cover which is capable of being
              locked. The unit shall have a temperature control knob located under this
              cover. The refrigerator's door shall also have hasps capable of accepting a
              padlock to prevent unauthorized tampering with the sample compartment
              contents. A magnetic gasket shall be used to seal the refrigerator door.
              The refrigerator power supply and solid state thermostat shall be contained
              in a sealed, NEMA 4X equivalent, irridited aluminum enclosure inside the
              refrigerator base. All exposed metal components used in the construction
              of the refrigeration system shall be either plated aluminum, or stainless
       C.     The unit shall include long-life electronic temperature sensing devices that
              shall measure the ambient air temperature, evaporator plate temperature,
              and internal air temperature. Built-in control circuitry shall utilize these
              sensors to control operation of the compressor, built-in heaters, and the
              self defrosting cycle of the evaporator plate. The built-in heaters shall
              prevent collected samples from freezing if the ambient air temperature
            drops below freezing. The unit shall use a condensing coil with forced air
            cooling and the air intake shall be filtered to prevent dirt and other
            contaminants from entering the condenser.
     D.     A compressor with a minimum rating of 1/5 horsepower shall be used.
            The compressor shall be equipped with a temperature safety cutout that
            will disengage the compressor if a temperature of 221(F (105(C) is
            reached. The refrigeration system shall contain HFC-134a as the
            refrigerant. The refrigerator shall have a 5 minute typical recovery time to
            return to 39(F (4(C) after the door has been opened for 1 minute in 75(F
            (24(C) ambient conditions. The collected samples shall be stored in an
            enclosure capable of operating in ambient temperatures from -20to 120F
            (-29 to 49C)
3.   Sampler Controller
     A.     All electrical components shall be housed in a single controller. There
            shall be no external electrical or control components. The controller shall
            use a 2 line 40 character display to show sampler status and program
            information. A 24 position keypad shall be used for all program entries,
            manual control of the sampler, and data transfer functions. The sealed
            control unit shall be removable to allow use with either a portable or
            refrigerated sampler. The sampler shall provide battery backed memory
            with a typical life of five years. This memory shall maintain the sampler's
            program settings, any stored programs and the results of the last sampling
            sequence when the sampler is turned off or in the event of an external
            power interruption. A user initiated diagnostics routine shall determine
            the operational status of the sampler. The controller shall continually run
            internal diagnostics checks to ensure proper operation of electrical
            components. Any error conditions detected be the diagnostic routines
            shall be displayed to the user. A software program lock shall be provided
            to prevent unauthorized tampering or accidental changing of the sampler
            control settings.
     B.     The control box shall be constructed of 1/4" (0.64 cm) thick Noryl( plastic
            and shall conform to NEMA 4X,6 (IP 67) standards for water tight, dust
            tight, and corrosion resistance and submersion. A desiccator shall be used
            inside the control box to prevent moisture damage to electrical
     C.     Peristaltic Pump
            1.     Samples shall be collected using a peristaltic pump typically
                   producing a line velocity of 2.5 feet (0.76 m) per second in a 3/8
                   inch (0.95 cm) ID suction line at 3 feet (1 m) of head and capable
                   of producing 26 feet (8 m) of lift. The body of the peristaltic pump
                   shall be made of high strength plastic for corrosion resistance and
                   extended pump tubing life. Before and after each sample is
                   collected, the pump shall air purge the suction line. Pre-purges and
            post-purges shall be automatically controlled, and no pre-
            calibration adjustments are required. The sample stream shall be a
            direct tubing path from sample source to sample bottle. Samples
            that pass through valves, metering chambers, or non-flexible
            routing tubing are not acceptable.
D.   Sample Delivery System
     1.     The sampler shall deliver repeatable sample volumes accurate to (
            10 ml. The user can select sample volumes from 10 to 990 ml in 1
            ml increments. In addition to sample size determination, the
            delivery system monitors anomalies in the sample collection
            process. If no liquid is detected the sampler can be programmed to
            retry the sampling sequence three times. Additionally the sampler
            can be programmed to rinse the suction line with the source liquid
            up to three times.
E.   Liquid Detector
     1.     The sampler shall utilize a non-wetted, non-conductive detector to
            sense the presence of the liquid. The sensor shall not be dependent
            on, or affected by any compositional, chemical, or physical
            property of the liquid and require no routine maintenance or
            cleaning. The liquid detection system shall minimize the effects of
            changing head, intermittent flow in the suction line, or variable
            battery conditions on sample volume. After initial detection of
            liquid, the sensor monitors for the presence of liquid during the
            sample collection sequence.
F.   Pump Revolution Counter
     1.     After liquid detection, the pump revolution counter shall count
            actual pump revolutions to determine sample volume delivery to
            the storage containers. If liquid flow is interrupted during the
            sample collection sequence, the detector shall inhibit the pump
            revolution counter from incrementing the counter until liquid flow
            is restored.
G.   Sampler Programming
     1.     The sampler controller shall have two programming modes; basic
            and extended. The user can program the sampler to collect
            sequential or composite samples at user-definable intervals. A
            delay to first sample collection shall be programmable in minutes
            from 0 to 9,999 or by the real time clock. The sampler shall have
            the ability to be programmed for up to 24 real time sampling
            stop/resume times. The stop/resume routines and delay to the first
            sample are independent of the sample pacing interval. The sampler
            shall be capable of storing up to 4 sampling routines.
            a.     The sampler shall use an internal real-time clock to provide both
                   time and date information. It shall also offer two types of time
                   pacing: uniform and non-uniform. Uniform time paced samples
                   shall be collected at regular time intervals from 1 minute to 99
                   hours and 59 minutes. Non-uniform time intervals from 1 to 999
                   minutes between samples are available. Sample events based on
                   real-time settings shall also be available. Non-uniform time shall
                   be common to both sequential and composite sampling routines.
            b.     The sampler shall accept a 12V DC flow proportional pulse or
                   isolated dry contact closure for flow pacing. The pulse or contact
                   closure must be at least 50 ms in length. The user shall select the
                   number of pulses as the flow interval for each sample collection.
     H.     Fail-safe Shutoff
            1.     The sampler shall be provided with a fail-safe shutoff mechanism.
                   A float shutoff device shall be located in the bottle throat. When
                   the sample levels rises, this float shall signal the sampler to halt the
                   collection of samples. This shall prevent the overfilling of the
                   sample bottle.
     I.     Data Storage
            1.     The sampler shall be capable of storing key information for each
                   sampling routine. This information shall be accessible at any time
                   during or after a sampling routine on the sampler's display. The
                   sampler shall also create and store two reports. A program settings
                   and a sampling results report. The sampling results report shall list
                   the sample number, reason for the sample, errors which occurred,
                   time of the sample, and pump revolution counts. Error codes used
                   in the report shall be listed and defined at the end of the report.
                   This report shall verify correct operation, indicate regulatory
                   compliance, or used as an enforcement document. The program
                   settings report shall allow the sampler programming to be verified.
                   This report shall include the sampling mode, enable time or mode,
                   delay to first sample, and the intervals between samples and other
                   programmed parameters.
            J.     The sampler shall include a weight table for a safety shutoff
                   device. This weight table shall be adjustable by the user the halt
                   the collection of samples after a certain volume of samples has
                   been collected. This device shall be non-contacting in operation to
                   prevent contamination of the samples.
4.   Suction Lines and Strainers
            A.      The sampler shall require a suction line and strainer. The suction
                    line shall be made of {[1/4 inch (0.65 cm) 3/8 inch (0.95 cm) ID
                    vinyl] [3/8 inch (0.95 cm) ID Teflon(] with a length of _____
                              feet(meters)}.1 [An optional {weighted polypropylene strainer with
                              a streamlined polypropylene debris deflector to prevent clogging}
                              {all stainless steel strainer for (3/8 inch (0.95 cm)} {all stainless
                              steel low flow strainer} {all CPVC weighted strainer for (3/8 inch
                              (0.95 cm)} shall be supplied].2
5.        Sample Bottles
                A.      The sampler shall be provided with a [Select one (2.5 gallon (9.4 l)
                        polyethylene sample container with lid and polypropylene screw
                        cap)(4 gallon (15 l) polyethylene sample container with lid and
                        polypropylene screw cap)(5-1/2 gallon (20 l) polyethylene sample
                        container with lid and polypropylene screw cap) (2-1/2 gallon (9.4
                        l) glass sample container with lid and Teflon lined polypropylene
                        screw cap)]3. To aid in cleaning, the sample container shall have a
                        wide mouth and contain no inaccessible corners.
6.        Options
          A.        Field Printer5 The sampler shall be provided with a Field Printer capable
                    of producing two on-site hard copy documents - program settings and
                    sampling results reports. The Field Printer shall print 4.5" wide paper
                    copies of the reports at the site to allow program verification, or data
                    retrieval. The Field Printer shall be housed in a compact 14" x 10.5" x 6"
                    ABS case which holds all cables and extra printer paper. The case shall
                    conform to NEMA 4X, 6 specifications. The sampler data shall be
                    transferred at 2400 baud and printed at 1.5 lines per second. A 25 foot
                    extension cable shall be available to transfer data from a sampler located
                    in a difficult location.
          B.        Personal Computer Software (SAMPLINK)6 The personal computer
                    software shall allow two separate reports to be transferred to an IBM
                    compatible computer. A sampling results report and a program settings
                    report. This software shall be able to load into a computer for easy
                    operation. The report downloading sequence can be used by turning the
                    computer on, waiting for a message, and turning the computer off. The
                    program shall include fail-safe loading with site ID codes to prevents field
                    errors due to multiple files.
          C.        PAL 1110 Sampler Actuator7 The unit shall allow monitoring of pH and
                    temperature parameters in the flow stream with power from the sampler.
                    Programming on the PAL 1110 unit shall allow the sampler to activate
                    during periods of pH excursions outside user selected thresholds.
                    Activation of the sampler can be by pH or temperature. The PAL 1110
                    shall log pH and temperature readings at user selected intervals and
                    additionally during sample collections to match samples with parameter
                    readings. A top cover for mounting the PAL 1110 shall be provided.
Specify one or more power sources as required
Specify size and material for sampler suction line
Specify type and size of strainer for sampler suction line
Specify bottle or bottles required
Specify Field Printer and extension cables if required
Specify Software and required connect cable for computer
Refer to PAL 1110 specifications for ordering and technical specifications
- E.I. DuPont de Nemours Co
- General Electric Co.

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