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					                                              Be in the Loop!

Don’t wait to hear “it” from someone else on campus. Make sure you’re in the loop with crisis situations and
inclement weather!

Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS). Georgia Tech has put into place a new
communication system for use in emergency situations. In the event of a serious emergency, this new system
allows the Georgia Tech administration to contact you via e-mail, voice, and text messaging, alerting you to
important time-sensitive information, directing you as to what actions to take and where to find out more
information. Participation in the Voice Message and SMS component of the new communication system,
though optional, is strongly encouraged. You are strongly encourage to sign up through Passport
(; after you log on, go to the "GTENS" site to opt in. Information updates for a
GTENS Alert message will be posted at

If a T-Mobile subscriber and you have selected the text messaging option, you will receive an automated
confirmation message. Standard text messaging fees will apply. Please look for the following confirmation text
message: Georgia Tech: You have requested to receive alerts from GATECH, please reply yes to subscribe.
Then you will receive the following: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply
“HELP” or “STOP (Account Code)” to opt out. Please be aware that this message will be coming from 23177.

Emergency Preparedness. You are a big part of emergency preparedness and safety on campus. Although we
have a dedicated professional police department on campus, we count on individuals like you to take personal
responsibility.    Please      review      the     following      website     for      more     information:        You can find additional Safety Tips at Also, please contact GA Tech Police at 404-894-2500 to report an
emergency or suspicious behavior on campus.

Weather: To Subscribe to begin receiving hazardous weather emails, send an e-mail to
<> with a subject of "subscribe gtpd-weatheralerts-public" without the quotes.
You will receive emails regarding threatening weather, including tornadoes, ice, snow, etc.

Crime Alerts: Crime Alerts are sent by the Georgia Tech Police Department in an effort to deter and prevent
crime by informing the Tech community of recent criminal activity in the area. If you wish to have your e-mail
address added to the list, send an email to with the subject of subscribe git-crime-

Of course, you should contact the Georgia Tech Police during emergencies or if you notice anything suspicious:
404-894-2500 or from a campus phone only, dial 9-1-1 or 4-2500.

Information is knowledge – be in the know!

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