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					O2 Corporate Responsibility 2010

       Leading the way together
                                                                 O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2010                                        Marketplace

                                                                2010 was another challenging year for the Irish economy. In response to the
                                                                low levels of consumer and business confidence throughout the year, O2
                                                                remained focused on meeting customer needs by offering value for money and
                                                                innovative products and services. We also introduced some new ways to listen
                                                                to and engage with customers.

                                                                Value for Money
                                                                Here are some of the ways we offered value for money in 2010...

                                                                For our Prepay customers, we launched our ‘Join In This Summer’ campaign which offered free
                                                                O2 calls and texts and free social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more with our
                                                                new O2 Social Link app when they topped up €20 per month.

                                                                We gave more value to our Bill pay customers with our O2 Clear 350 Price Plan. For €50 a
                                                                month, the plan offered 350 minutes, 150 texts, free evening and weekend calls and 3 months
                                                                unlimited free any network texts.

                                                                In September, we introduced a new bundled plan for our business customers called O2 Total
Join in This Summer Campaign                                    Business. This provides all mobile calls and texts, fixed broadband and fixed line calls in one
                                                                plan,on one monthly bill. We also launched a new price plan for the business Smartphone
                                                                market. The plan called O2 ReleaseEdge Plus, includes 3GB of data for email and internet usage,
                                                                free texts to all Irish mobiles, free calls to company O2 mobiles and free calls to ten company
                                                                landlines for €20 per month.

                                                                Free texts for all customers stranded abroad by volcano ash cloud
                                                                In April 2010, a volcano erupted under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland. The ash cloud from
                                                                the erupting volcano grounded much of European air traffic for nearly a week. Airlines had to
                                                                cancel around 100,000 flights, stranding millions of passengers in airports across Europe. Many
                                                                people could not get home and had to either wait it out or organise alternative travel plans. In
                                                                situations such as these, people really rely on their mobile phone to contact families and friends
                                                                to let them know that they are OK and organise alternative plans. To help our O2 customers
                                                                stranded abroad, we gave them free text messages from Tuesday 20th April to midnight Friday
                                                                23rd April.

                                                                To communicate the initiative we placed advertisements in national newspapers to let family and
                                                                friends of those stranded know that they could text home for free. We also sent a press release
                                                                to all newspapers, TV and radio stations to communicate the message. In all we gave away
                                                                593,000 free text messages during the campaign.

                                                                New Products and Services
                                                                Here’s some new products and services that we added to our range in 2010

                                                                Mobile Wi-Fi device – O2 Hotshot
                                                                In October 2010, O2 launched the O2 Hotshot, a new product which enables customers to create
                                                                a mobile Wi-Fi zone wherever they go. The Wi-Fi zone is created through O2’s mobile broadband
                                                                service, and enables up to five devices - smartphones, laptops, iPads and more - to connect to the
                                                                internet simultaneously.

                                                                Who Called
                                                                In October, we launched Who Called - a service that informs customers of missed calls that occur
                                                                when their phone is off, out of coverage or when they could not take the call. The service sends
                                                                a free text message with the number that tried to call, how many times they tried to call and the
                                                                time of the last call attempt.
             O2 Hotshot
                                                                One stop shop for Business
                                                                To help Irish businesses in 2010, we extended our range of landline and fixed broadband business
                                                                services for SMEs and larger businesses. We provided fixed line and mobile services, incorporating
                                                                broadband with free calls to O2 mobiles and free local, national and UK calls to landlines. This
                                                                “one stop shop” is designed to cover a company’s communications needs from €49.99 per

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                                                                  O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2010                                     Marketplace

                                                              Customer Loyalty
                                                              Throughout 2010 we continued to reward customers for simply being with O2; through O2 Treats
                                                              and Priority Tickets for events at The O2.

                                                              O2 Treats
                         O2 Treats                            These come in the form of Daily Treats and Special Treats. Daily Treats are a selection of offers
                                                              such as eating out, shopping, travel, beauty and lots more. Special Treats are things like golf
                                                              lessons, spa treatments or weekend breaks. To date over 290,000 customers have signed up for
                                                              O2 Treats.

                                                              Priority Tickets
                                                              Through O2’s sponsorship of The O2 in Dublin, our customers can enjoy additional benefits
                                                              such as the ability to buy tickets up to 48 hours before they go on general release. To date over
                                                              342,000 customers have signed up for Priority Tickets.

                                                              Be The Difference Campaign
                                                              As official sponsor of the Irish rugby team, O2 developed the “Be the Difference” campaign
                                                              and website ( to bring supporters even closer to the team during the

                                                              At the start of the 2010 Irish rugby campaign O2 gave supporters the unique opportunity to
                                                              express their words of inspiration to the Irish team by uploading personalised ‘Team Talks’ onto
                                                              the “Be the Difference” website, which were then viewed by the team before each game.
                                                              Supporters were also able to register their support for the team at, with
                                                              their names being used to make up the actual numbers on the back of each players jersey.

                                                              The “Be The Difference” Campaign won the Business to Consumer category award at the
                                                              European Sponsorship Association’s (ESA) 2010 awards and received Bronze in the Cyber
                                                              Category at the Cannes International Advertising Awards 2010.

                                                              Customer Satisfaction
                                                              As a company, we aim to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with our customers, so we
                                                              constantly strive to drive customers’ satisfaction, which we measure via our Customer Satisfaction
                                                              Index (CSI).

                                                              We monitor the levels of satisfaction of our customers on an ongoing basis via customer surveys.
                                                              In particular, we continuously check that we are meeting customers’ expectations in terms of:
                                                              -         Getting the basics right: network and handsets
                                                              -         Delivering great customer service: customer care centre and stores
                                                              -         Getting the price right and providing good value

                                                              The results from our surveys are reviewed monthly by a senior team who ensure actions are
                                                              continuously taken to keep driving Customer Satisfaction. In 2010 we succeeded in maintaining
                                                              high levels of customer satisfaction and we met our CSI target of 75 for 2010.

                                                              Our Customer Recovery team handle all formal written customer complaints on behalf of
                                                              Customer Care, with the main aim of bringing customer issues to full resolution. During 2010, we
                                                              received 14,887 verbal and written complaints. The top five rolling complaint topics were:

                                                              -        Handset Issues
                                                              -        Media/Marketing
                                                              -        Contract Queries
                                                              -        Upgrade Queries
                                                              -        Data Charges
     O2 Be The Difference

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                                                               O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2010                                        Marketplace

                                                              Customer Dialogue
                                                              During 2010, we continued to create new ways to engage with our customers and for our
                                                              customers to talk to us and each other. We completely redesigned our website to
                                                              make it more social. There is now a blog section on the homepage called ‘Stuff we like’ that we
                                                              update every day. One day it might be our rugby campaign, another day it might feature one of
                                                              the young people involved in our Think Big initiative. In January 2011 alone this resulted in over
                                                              10,000 comments from customers.

                                                              We’ve trained up 100 non-customer service employees on Twitter, and they are starting to help
                                                              with customer queries and questions on Twitter. We’ve added Facebook like buttons, Twitter
                                                              feeds and a comprehensive customer review section on our shop pages, as we know customers
                                                              like to read the views of other people when considering buying online. We’ve changed roles of
                                                              some O2 employees to officially include updating Facebook and Twitter as part of their roles as
    Stuff We Like O2 Blog
                                                              content publishers.

                                                              The O2 Ideas Room ( is a dedicated blog which enables businesses to
                                                              talk to each other online and to share expert advice on a range of areas. With the Ideas Room we
                                                              wanted to create an online community where businesses can not only access information of value
                                                              to their organisation but also participate in and contribute to the conversation themselves.

                                                              O2 Forum
                                                              The O2 Forum is an online tool that our customers can use as a way to stay in touch with new
                                                              developments at O2. As well as offering customer care, it helps build a community spirit within
                                                              the forum itself.

                                                              Customers feel part of O2 and they do their best to help each other find the best plan, handset or
                                                              solution to a problem that they many have with their phone. Feedback on products and services
                                                              helps us generate insight to improve them as well as inspiring ideas for potential future products.

                                                              New Help & Support Portal
                                                              In 2010, a new Help & Support portal was developed to aid our call reduction programme. The
                                                              Help & Support portal combines our knowledge base and our interactive online community in
                                                              the Help section of On 31st December 2010 our online community had 31,917
                                                              registered users and was receiving on average 513 interactions per day. We have also centralised
                                                              our complaints channels so all formal written complaints are managed through our Customer
                                                              First Team.

                                                              Accessibility and Digital Inclusion
                                                              At O2, our goal is to share the benefits of mobile communications with under-represented groups
                                                              within our society. Some of the main initiatives we undertake as part of our Accessibility and
                                                              Digital Inclusion programme are:

                                                              O2 Ability Awards
 O2 Ability Awards Winners                                    The O2 Ability Awards is an awards programme which recognises organisations for best
                                                              practice in the inclusion of people with disabilities as employees, customers and members of
                                                              the community. In May 2010 we sponsored the 4th O2 Ability Awards which is run by disability
                                                              organisation Kanchi. Abbott Vascular and Cavan County Council were announced as overall
                                                              O2 Ability Award 2010 winners, in the categories for Private sector and Non-Private sector. The
                                                              overall winner for a Small Company went to Kernan’s Eurospar, Donegal.

                                                              In 2009, O2 and Kanchi announced that the awards initiative was to be exported to Spain in
                                                              partnership with O2’s parent company, Telefónica. The first Spanish awards took place in January
                                                              2011, at which Telefónica also confirmed that the awards initiative would be exported to a
                                                              further 4 countries in its international network.

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                                                               O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2010                                        Marketplace

                                                              Diversity and Disability Online Training
                                                              Following a companywide Disability Audit which was conducted by disability consultants from
                                                              Kanchi, one of our main objectives was to embed diversity and inclusion awareness across the
                                                              business. In 2010 we set ourselves the target of training up 80% of our staff in Diversity and
                                                              Disability awareness. With over 1.7 million customers, representing people from all walks of
                                                              life, our workforce reflects the diversity in our community. As a result our efforts to understand,
                                                              value and incorporate differences in terms of how we go about our business, internally and
                                                              externally, becomes increasingly more important. To help us achieve this understanding we
                                                              created an interactive Diversity and Disability e-learning course to help our employees gain further
                                                              knowledge and skills in this area. Due to a technical issue for our retail staff in accessing the
                                                              online training system, we achieved a 76% completion rate by December 2010. However, this
                                                              technical issue is now resolved and we are hoping to exceed our target of 80% by July 2011.
       Grace iPhone App
                                                              Grace iPhone app
                                                              The Grace iPhone app was successfully launched in March 2010. The app helps children with
                                                              autism to communicate better and, to date, there have been over 360 downloads. O2 won the
                                                              Best Marketplace Award at the Chambers Ireland Corporate Responsibility Awards in September
                                                              2010 for our involvement in the project.

                                                              Headstrong - our New Charity Partner
                                                              In 2010, our four and half year partnership with Irish Autism Action came to an end. Our new
                                                              community partner in our Think Big social action programme is Headstrong, an organisation
                                                              dedicated to changing how Ireland thinks about young people and their mental health. Through
                                                              Think Big, young people will be able to deliver projects in their community that will make a
                                                              difference to young people’s mental health.

                                                              Willing Able Mentoring
                                                              We partnered with WAM (Willing Able Mentoring), an organisation which helps facilitate a
                                                              graduate programme for people with disabilities. We recruited 1 graduate for over a year through
                                                              this programme in our sponsorship department.

                                                              National College of Ireland Affinity scheme
                                                              In October 2010, we launched a two year Affinity scheme with the National College of Ireland
                                                              (NCI). Through this scheme, O2 will donate up to 5% of eligible O2 customer’s monthly spend
Launch of NCI Affinity Scheme
                                                              excluding spend on data, premium services and international roaming to the NCI. All money
                                                              generated through the NCI Affinity scheme will go directly towards the student disability support
                                                              services in the college.

                                                              ComReg Disability Forum
                                                              O2 is a member of the ComReg Disability Forum, which focuses on the telecommunications
                                                              industry as a whole, promoting the development of relevant and appropriate telecoms services for
                                                              customers with special needs.

                                                              O2 supports third level students by offering discounted mobile broadband costs
                                                              HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network and provides networking services
                                                              to all Irish universities and Institutes of Technology and other higher education and research
                                                              organisations. In August, O2 signed a new one year deal with HEAnet to offer discounted mobile
                                                              broadband for students. Students can get O2’s Mobile Broadband service for only €9.99 per
                                                              month for a 10GB monthly data allowance on a 12 month contract.

                                                              Digital Community in partnership with St Andrews Resource Centre
                                                              During 2010, we continued to support St Andrews Resource Centre’s Digital Community project
                                                              which delivers IT services to local people of all ages throughout the community. The groups
                                                              supported directly by O2’s funding; the Silver Surfers, a group of senior citizens who use IT for
                                                              education and recreation; the IT Literacy Group which is a group of adults who are working with
                                                              IT to improve their literacy and computer skills; and the Cyber Kids - a group of local children who
 Launch of HEAnet Scheme
                                                              are learning higher-end IT skills for educational purposes.

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                                                               O2 Corporate Responsibility Report 2010                                          Marketplace

                                                              Child Protection Programme
                                                              O2 is committed to “creating an environment in which children can safely use information and
                                                              communication technologies”. That is why we provide parents and children with the tools and
                                                              information they need to use our products and services safely. Throughout 2010 we continued to
                                                              implement this policy objective. We follow the principles of the Irish Cellular Industry Association’s
                                                              (ICIA) voluntary Code of Practice on the responsible and secure use of mobile phones.

                                                              We are members of the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI) and we abide
                                                              by its code. We also promote, the online specialist reporting service from the ISPAI to
                                                              combat illegal child pornography online. We have a number of controls to help parents and their
                                                              children stay safe while using a mobile phone. Internet access controls are in place where parents
                                                              can register on their child’s mobile phone account and tailor or block their child’s access to the
                                                              internet. We have age verification procedures where anyone who buys a prepay phone must
                                                              show proof of age in order to be granted access to age-restricted content.
Chambers Ireland CSR Awards

                                                              Under the Telefónica umbrella, O2 in Ireland is a signatory to the European Framework on Safer
                                                              Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children and we are committed to providing advice, raising
                                                              awareness and ensuring proper controls are in place regarding access to inappropriate content.

                                                              During 2010 we concentrated on training up our frontline retail staff on our child protection
                                                              measures. The aim of this training programme was to help retail staff to assist parents with
                                                              queries about keeping children safe while using a mobile phone. Throughout the year, we also
                                                              updated our Checklist for Parents and our Child Protection website -

                                                              Cyberbullying - Block It
                                                              Cyberbullying refers to bullying using technology such as mobile phones, email, internet forums,
                                                              chat rooms and social networking sites and remains an issue in our sector. In 2009, we launched
                                                              a new service called Block It to help overcome the problem of bullying on mobile phones. Block
                                                              It is free of charge and allows customers to block unwanted text, picture and video messages
                                                              from other mobile phone numbers. The service can block messages sent from any Irish mobile
                                                              network and works on any mobile handset. To initially set up the service, customers can simply
                                                              text BLOCK IT START to 50216. Once registered, to block a number the customer texts the
                                                              word BLOCK and the mobile phone number go 50216. This will stop all text, picture and video
                                                              messages coming from this number.

                                                              During the year Block It received national and international recognition. In September 2010, Block
                                                              It helped O2 to win the Marketplace Customer section at the Chambers Ireland CSR Awards.
                                                              Block It was also chosen as an example of a Best Practice Corporate Responsibility initiative by
                                                              CSR Europe. As a result, O2 was selected to showcase Block It at the CSR Europe Enterprise 2020
                                                              event in Brussels in October 2010. This event featured a showcase of Best practice CSR examples
                                                              amongst 40 leading European businesses.

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