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Canadian Concierge Directory by jennyyingdi



                                         We’re here to help!                                                          Volume 1, Issue 6

                                                                  Winter 2008 Issue
Canadian Concierge Directory

                                                         Think outside the box this Christmas!

                                                                            E          ven Oprah Winfrey is promoting recession-friendly
                                                                                       gifts this year. She skipped the lavish giveaways
                                                                            and gifts and is focusing on economical products that reflect
                                                                            the struggling economy. This year the theme seems to be
                                                                            around homemade gifts that are big on thought and light on
                                                                            the wallet. Bringing the real meaning of the holiday back is
                                                                            “her favorite thing”.

                                                                            Some memorable „gift of time‟, items are ..Make larger than
                                                                            life Gift Certificates or write delightful Promissory Notes
                                                                            for „gifts of time‟:

                                  Help a friend clean the garage;
                                  Promise to paint a room or two;
                                  Bake some favorite cookies;
                                  Plan a „Mystery trip‟;
                                  Pool your money for a group outing;
                                  Gift Certificates for a Movie Night for Two with popcorn;
                                  Give Gift Certificates for local services such as house cleaning or personal services.

                               H   
                                           ere are some more ideas from

                                       Savings bonds
                                       Gift cards for long-distance minutes, gas, or groceries
                                      Gift cards for garden nurseries, restaurants, or Starbucks
                                      Spa and pampering gifts
                                      Gym membership
                                      Museum membership
                                      Tickets to local symphony or Broadway show
                                      Movie and a dinner
                                      Dance lessons
                                      Planting a tree in honor of someone
                                      Winter Edition

                              he Bizzy Butler attended a Holiday Entertaining Workshop last Friday at the Pacific
                              Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver and were (very) happy to taste all of these great
                              Christmas cocktails.

                                                      Christmas Cocktails

                      Champagne Cocktail
                      (an oldie but a goodie!)
                      5 oz champagne
                      1 oz brandy
We‟re here to help!

                      1 sugar cube
                      Garnish with raspberries
                      Place sugar cub in the bottom of your flute,
                      soak with brandy and add champagne!

                      Christmas Martini
                      3 oz cranberry/raspberry cocktail
                      ½ oz Crème de cassis
                      1 oz vodka
                      Garnish with frozen cranberries

                      The Grinch Martini
                      2 oz Midori (green melon liqueur)
                      1/2 oz lemon juice
                      1 tsp sugar syrup
                      Garnish with a red maraschino cherry

                      White Christmas Martini
                      4 oz egg nog
                      ½ oz White chocolate liqueur
                      1 oz Southern Comfort

                                             Winter Edition

                                                 N           etworking is another important aspect for any business, therefore
                                                             we would like to network within our own directory and introduce
                                                 our members to each other, with the hopes that when your clients need
                                                 assistance in other provinces that you will turn to our directory and fellow
                                                 members. After all, isn't that what this is all about? Of course you already
                                                 know us. My name is Amanda O‟Reilly and I own Balance InStyle which
                                                 services the greater Ottawa area and Naples Florida, and my partner Mary Ann
                                                 Westendorf owns The Bizzy Butler which services Vancouver and
                                                 surrounding areas. Now let’s meet our newest members …
We‟re here to help!

                      MVP Concierge
                      Address: 3 Draper Court, Whitby, Ontario L1P 1G7
                      Telephone: 905-429-7462
                      Cell phone: 905-429-7462
                      Description: MVP Concierge provides a number of different services to help make life a little less
                      stressful. Take back the time you deserve with your family and friends, and let MVP Concierge help make
                      life more enjoyable.
                      The Modern Butler, Personal Assistant & Concierge
                      Address: P.O. Box 2, 2 Laird Dr. STN R, Toronto, ON. M4G 3Z3
                      Telephone: (416) 904-3151
                      Description: "Making Time for You" May I assist you? A few
                      examples of my services: Errands of all types, shopping, tracking
                      down elusive items and gifts, house/pet sitting, arranging chef to
                      your home, help with contract negotiation for major purchases,
                      sourcing business services, and many more. Bonded and Insured.
                      Wishes Concierge
                      Address: 294 Hickling Trail, Barrie, ON L4M5X9
                      Telephone: 1-866-698-WISH
                      Cell phone: 705-812-1719


                      Description: We are located in the heart of Barrie, servicing the Highway 400 & 11 corridor (Muskoka,
                      Simcoe County & Northern Toronto). We assist those in need of achieving more work/life balance. We
                      aim to give clients back time to enjoy life and in turn, reduce the stress and pressure of everyday
                      responsibilities. “Wishes” can help to organize and streamline your life – with one convenient phone call –
                      we can help you with your: Errands, Edibles and Events!
                                             Winter Edition
                      Clarity Assistants
                      Address: 922A Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4M1J5

                      Telephone: 416 848 0671

                      Cell phone: 647 205 9864

                      Description: Clarity Assistants is a personal concierge and
                      errand running business. We aim to clear your to do list so you
                      have more time for you. We are full service company with
We‟re here to help!

                      personal assistants offering errand services, shopping, office
                      organization and much more for our busy clients.

                              Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy holiday season!
                                                            See you in 2009!!!!!
                                                            Amanda & MaryAnn

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