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					         Cairo International Conference for Clean Pest
                     12-13 November 2012
                             First Announcement

Conference Topics
   1. Economic Entomology .
   2. Integrated Pest Management ( IPM ).
   3. Biological Pest Control .
   4. Environmental Impact of Pesticides .
   5. Pesticides and Human Health Hazards.
   6. Recent Chemical Compounds and Pest Control.
   7. New Aspects of Pest Control.
   8. Pheromone Technology.
   9. Kairomone Technology.
   10. Semi-chemicals the Future of Pest Control.
   11. Basic understanding of crop-pest systems
   12. Development of post-harvest packages.
   13. Designing innovative crop protection strategies
   14. Sericulture
   15. Apiculture

Important dates
1st August 2012: deadline for submission of abstracts
1st September 2012: notification of accepted oral presentations and posters
15th September 2012: deadline for submission of full paper.
12-13 November 2012 : Cairo International Conference for Clean Pest Management

Language of the Conference

English and Arabic


The registration fees:
$600 with one paper publication or poster
$500 without paper publication (Attendance)
    The registration fees are sent by the name of the Programmed Committee Chairman in
    cash or money order or bank draft.
    Registration fees, all participants, including those who wish to present a paper, should
    complete the enclosed registration form and return it to the Conference Secretariat.
    The registration fee covers participation in all sessions, conference materials including
    the proceeding book and list of participants, morning and afternoon coffee and the
    closing reception.

    Instructions for abstracts
    The abstract book will be handed over to the participants on the day of the Congress.
    Abstracts must be in English. The abstract should consist of:
    · The title of the paper;
    · The name and address of the authors; the name of the person presenting the paper
    should be underlined;
    · An overview of the objectives, methods used results and conclusions.

    Publication of the papers
    Full papers or extended abstracts of both oral and poster presentations will be published,
    as every year, in a special issue of the Journal "Egyptian Journal of Agricultural
    Research". Because the conference proceeding will be available on the first day of the
    congress, we encourage the participants to submit their contributions as soon as possible.
    Manuscripts must be submitted to the secretariat before 15th September 2012.

    Manuscript Instructions
    General specifications

                  Articles should be written in MS word 97 or higher,
                   Paper size: A4,
                  Font Type: Tahoma
                  Base Font Size: 10 point.
                  Full justify, type in upper and lower case.
                  3.8 cm margins – all sides, document widths (15.5X22.25 cm).
                  Underline or italicize scientific names.
                  Single space text (at least 18 points) (paragraphs).
                  Double space between paragraphs.
                  Place disclaimers or notes just before references.
                  Laser print hard copies (no Xerox copies).
                  If you have photos or graphics, color is acceptable.

    You're diskette & filename
   Do not write protect your diskette.
                Text and graphics should be in black. Photos can be in color.
                Label your diskette with your name, software (version) used, title of paper,
                Use an original filename, such as your last name.

    Please do not send a file named 'ppri.doc', as it probably will not be unique.

    Compatible file formats
                       Include at beginning of paper.
Paper title, author and affiliation
                       Use boldface type.
                       Center and single space entire heading.
                       Type title in all caps. (12 point)
                       Type author, company, city and two-letter state abbreviation in
                upper and lower case (group author names that belong to the same
                organization). Omit street addresses, departments, titles, salutations, zip
                codes, e-mail addresses.
Section headings
                       Use boldface type.
                       Center; type in upper and lower case.
                       Underline headings.
                       Allow one (1) blank line before next paragraph.
                       Use boldface type.
                       Left justify, type in upper and lower case.
                       Underline sub-headings. Begin paragraph directly below section
                       Put in alphabetical order by lead author's last name.
                       Put numbers to references.
                       Place all tables at end of manuscript before figures.
                       Center table and place table caption above the table.
                       Two methods: use table editor or tabs.
                        o        Do not use spaces to align columns.
                        o        Do not use the column feature to create tables.
                       Maximum width of 6.5".
                       Start and close table with a line.
                       Allow one (1) blank line before next table.
                       Center graphic and place graphic caption below graphic.
                       Maximum width of 6.5".
                       Embed (paste) graphic file at the end of the manuscript.
                        o        Do include, as a separate file, an electronic copy of each
                       Allow one (1) blank line before next figure.



Giza's most famous archaeological site, the Giza Plateau, holds some of the most
astonishing monuments in Egyptian history. Once thriving with the Nile that flowed right
into the Giza Plateau, the Pyramids of Giza were built overlooking the ancient Egyptian
capital of Memphis, which was near modern day Cairo.
Organizing committee
    Conference Chairman: Prof. Dr. Salah Abdel Moemen, President of Agricultural
      Research Center

      Conference Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Mortada Ahmed Eisa , Director, Plant
       Protection Research Institute

      Conference Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud E. El-Naggar, Former Vice
       president of Agricultural Research Center

      Programmed Committee Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdu Hamed, Chief
       Researcher, Plant Protection Research Institute

Preparatory Committee
    Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdu Hamed, Chief Researcher, Plant Protection Research
    Prof. Dr. Amira Abdalh Shoeib, Deputy Director, Plant Protection Research
    Prof. Dr. Magdy Welson , Deputy Director, Plant Protection Research Institute
    Prof. Dr. Abdalh El-Beltagy Chief Researcher, Plant Protection Research Institute
    Eng. Mohsen Mohmed Amin, Plant Protection Research Institute
    Prof. Dr. Idris Salam Abdel-Wahab Chief Researcher, Plant Protection Research
    Eng. Mohmed Abdel-Salam, chairman,World Promotion Center
    Mr. Wagih Haddad, Member of Board Director World Promotion Center


  Plant protection Research Institute 7 Nadi El-seid Street Dokki
                          Giza - Egypt
                        Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdu Hamed

                     Programmed Committee Chairman

           Tel. +(02) 33372193 – 37486163 Mobil: +01119972841
               E-mail: –

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