Minneapolis Chiropractor, Dr. Charles Strauman, Offers Safe Whiplash Pain Relief

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					Minneapolis Chiropractor, Dr. Charles Strauman, Offers Safe Whiplash Pain

Minneapolis MN, 21-JULY-2012 - Strauman Holistic Chiropractic and
Minneapolis chiropractor, Dr. Charles Strauman, D. C., are pleased to
announce modern techniques that provide accident victims relief from the
pain of whiplash. This type of injury is quite common in automobile
accidents, particularly those that involve a rear-end collision.

When the forces released in a vehicle accident cause the head to continue
forward with the momentum of forward movement, then snap violently in the
opposite direction, the damage is popularly known as a whiplash injury.
The damage may not show up on an x-ray, because it is sited in the soft
tissue, rather than bony tissue.

New methods of identification and imaging of injuries are possible. The
chiropractor can make use of the technology to identify areas where the
injury is located. Chiropractors are trained to recognize the symptoms of
whiplash and to put forward solutions which can reduce pain quickly.
Aggressive action will cause the long-term effects of the injury to be

The therapy initiated by a chiropractic physician may include heat and
cold therapy, massage, spinal realignment, and later, exercises to
promote muscle strength in the damaged area. Nutritional counseling helps
the victim to improve overall health, as well as healing damaged tissue
at the cellular level.

Learn more about modern chiropractic techniques and how they are
implemented to alleviate whiplash pain and injury by visiting the website
at http://www.holistic-health-care.com today. Members of the press and
others who have questions about the details and facts in this press
release should contact Dr. Strauman at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Strauman, D. C.

Company Name: Strauman Holistic Chiropractic

Address: 2900 Thomas Avenue South, Suite 330, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Contact Telephone Number: (612) 928-7894

Contact Fax Number: (612) 915-1439

Email: drstrauman@holistic-health-care.com

Website: http://www.holistic-health-care.com

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Description: Strauman Holistic Chiropractic and Dr. Charles Strauman DC, Minneapolis chiropractor, offer safe and natural relief for whiplash and other soft tissue injuries due to accidents. No medications are required and no surgery is recommended.