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  Text Messaging
   Guide by Cell has created the world’s most advanced and easiest to use
   text messaging platform. Text messaging has quickly become the
   medium of choice for everyday communication, connecting people
   instantly and efficiently, wherever they are. Whether you’re a museum,
   retailer, library, nonprofit, or multinational organization, ensure that you
   reach your audience – from younger visitors to teens and adults – by
   using this popular technology!

Event reminders                                   Voting                                            Training
Our text messaging system allows you to send      Increase visitor interaction by including fun     Easily train your staff members with text
text messages to remind visitors of upcoming      text message polls that encourage your            message quizzes, and keep your staff
events, last-minute discounts or ticket sales.    visitors to think further about exhibit items.    informed no matter where they are – or
Pre-schedule reminders to be sent at a                                                              whether they have access to a computer.
specific time, and customize the recipient        Distribute Coupons                                Use text messages to update work schedules,
group that receives each text.                    Give your visitors a reason to return by          notify a manager, review product changes,
                                                  sending text message coupons, which they          and keep in touch with your employees.
Alerts and Notifications                          can opt-in for during an audio tour. You can
Keep visitors in the loop with text message       easily modify your coupon contents using our      Integrate with audio content
notifications. Texts are sent real-time,          Web-based platform.                               All of our text message options can be
ensuring your message is delivered where                                                            integrated within your mobile audio tour.
and when you want.                                Sell Tickets/Build mailing list                   Visitors can send a text message for more
                                                  Our text-in feature is a great way to collect     information or text in for coupons and special
Text-in Alerts                                    phone numbers and email addresses to build        links from any stop within the tour. Increase
You likely use e-mail to reach staff members.     your mailing list. Boost sales and ensure a       the visibility of your mobile giving campaign
While not everyone has 24/7 access to their       full house at your next performance by            by including a call for text donations at the
email, texting is a great way to immediately      sending a text message notifying your             end of each tour.
reach your entire staff at once -- whether        audience of last-minute, special ticket offers.
they’re on site, on the way to or from work, or                                                     Share Links/Media
even at home.                                     Mobile Giving                                     Take your text messages one step further by
                                                  Text message donations are an increasingly        including links to your organization’s website,
Customer feedback/surveys                         popular way to bolster fundraising efforts,       YouTube channel, or social media sites.
Find out which aspects of your tour are the       attract younger donors, and expand your
most effective by setting up a mobile survey,     overall donor base. Reach your donors             Reporting
which allows your visitors to text in their       through a familiar and safe communication         Our web-based text messaging platform
feedback at the close of an audio tour. By        medium, with no credit card information or        comes with numerous reporting functions for
dispensing with paper feedback surveys,           forms to fill out. Tap into the immediacy of      you to easily keep track of your organization’s
you’ll save time and money, and go green.         text messaging by making a call for donation      efforts. Find out the number of incoming and
With text message surveys, visitors can think     at live events!                                   outgoing texts in a specific time period, as
about their answers and complete the survey                                                         well as what specific information has been
from home if they wish, without having to mail    Scavenger Hunts/Quizzes                           sent and received.
in a paper form.                                  Entertain and educate your visitors with
                                                  text-based scavenger hunts and quizzes. Text      Secondary Keywords
Live Question and Answer                          message coupons and prizes are a great way        Build more than one text message
It’s not always easy for visitors to find         to encourage and reward players!                  subscription lists to share specific
someone who can answer their questions.                                                             information that’s of interest to your
But with our live Q&A function, a staff           Alternative Reality Games
                                                                                                    audience. Each of your keywords
member is only a text message away! When a        ARGs are group interactions driven by
visitor submits a question via text, your staff   pre-written narratives “missions” needed to
                                                                                                    corresponds to a different kind of text
simply types the answer into our Web              complete the game.                                alert.
interface, and the response is immediately
returned to the visitor.

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