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					                             Networking & Linkages

Creation of networks and linkages are an essential component of any
development program and provide synergies for the program to build upon
from a point of advantage to a point of strength. It is also a key area on which the
performance of the SGP-India will be rated vis-à-vis other SGP country
programs. Given the importance of the activity, it is pertinent to develop a vision
and laid-down modalities for taking it forward in a manner that it builds into
and converges with the greater SGP-India vision.

Why are Networking & Linkages important?

Networking and Linkages basically means forming formal and informal
partnerships and ties with other organizations in different areas of mutual
interest and/or benefits. In case of the SGP the most obvious partnerships that
we have is with the Government, our grantee partners and co-financing agencies.
Other then these, SGP also forges active partnerships with academic institutions,
research organizations, other donor agencies and advocacy groups.

Networking and linkages are important for the following reasons:
  The program outreach and visibility can be greatly increased.
  Technology transfer, share and dissemination can be facilitated between
    SGP and the networked organization and among the respective partners
  Sharing of knowledge, skill, expertise and experiences helps in improving
    the effectiveness and efficiency
  Co-financing links can be forged
  Partnerships aid in replication and scaling-up of SGP project ideas and
  Replication of funding can be avoided and the grants can be used in a better
    managed and meaningful fashion

What kind of Partnerships can be forged?

The partnerships that are forged might be directly linked to the program, as –
 Grantee partnerships
 Co-financing links

Partnerships can be forged on technical grounds, as –
 For providing technical know-how
 Skill sharing for monitoring & evaluation, proposal development, impact
   assessment etc
Partnerships can be forged on general grounds, as –
 Cross sharing of experiences
 Exchange of grass root level learnings, concepts and knowledge
 Sharing of trained manpower
 Taking forward and strengthening advocacy initiatives

Whom to form Networks and Linkages with?

Networks and Linkages can be formed with multifarious organizations that
share the common vision and values for social development for any of the above-
mentioned purposes. The organizations can be –

   Government at the National, State and Regional level
   Various departments under the aegis of the government
   National and International donor agencies
   Non-government organizations (NGO)
   Community based organizations (CBO)
   Academic institutes
   Advocacy and knowledge sharing consortium and networks