Homology Vsanalogy by kZ2ubZ


									Homology Vs. Analogy

According to the website:

   1.   Homology is defined as:
   2.   Analogy is defined as:
   3.   Play the limb game. At the end, which animal limb is on the far right?
   4.   How many legs do these animals have?
   5.   Label each limb with the correct owner.

   6. Describe the first tetrapod’s limbs.
   7. What homology is common between the beaver and an elephant?
   8. Click on the hummingbird animation. Describe how the 2 flowers evolve
      over time.
   9. Do you think that sharks' and dolphins' similarities (body shape, fin, and
      flippers) are homologies or analogies?
   10. Name and describe 3 criteria scientists use to determine whether a
      character is a homology.
   11. What characteristics do the flying squirrel and sugar glider share?
   12. Are their wings analogous or homologous? Why?

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