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Time flies fast and 80s songs now fall into the oldies genre. Even though they are relatively old, they
have a good demand in the current music industry as well. So many people are listening to 80s songs
and they feature on many TV and radio programs as well. The 80s was a decade which experienced a
wide range of music genres. People had a taste for music and they did many experiments to invent new
music genres. The song writers of the 80s had great talent and that assisted a lot in the development of
the music industry throughout the decade.

The beginning of the 80s decade was full of turmoil and social unrest, so music had to play a major role
in changing society. The punk music revolution which started in the 70s had a great impact on 80s songs.
The musicians in the 80s had their own style. The big chuckle hair, shoulder pads and the pastel suits
were very popular and so many artists embraced these styles. These artists moved the music to a new
era and they did so many innovative things for the development of music. The television became
popular in the 80s as a music marketing tool and it helped a lot of 80s songs to become famous. Music
videos were created all over the world and the music industry was moved into a different dimension.

Synthesizers and electronic drums were also developed as a result of the rapid development of
technology. Punk music, heavy metal music and pop music were the most popular music genres that
prevailed during the 80s. The lyrics were fascinating and the songwriters did a great job to write some
fabulous songs. These songs were able to capture the hearts of millions of people and that can be
considered as the main reason behind the popularity of 80s songs in the present world.

Among the most popular musicians that lived during the 80s were The Smiths, Iron Maiden, U2, Bon Jovi
and OMD. They are even popular in the present and they gained their popularity because of the
awesome music creations that they created during the 80s. Michael Jackson also came into the music
field during the late 80s and he made a revolution in the music industry with his own music and dancing
style. Madonna was a very popular female artist who helped to make a lot of changes to the 80s music
industry. Her songs depict the life of the people who lived in 80s. These are some of the music legends
that assisted the development of the music industry during the decade and there were plenty of them.

What do you remember the most from 80s music? Is it the music videos that changed the way people
consumed music, was it a particular iconic 80s artist or did something else take your attention? Do you
still have in your collection the songs that were popular in the 80s?

A lot of people find that they haven't needed to get rid of the songs they collected in the 80s because
they still sound good today. If music is good then you can continue to listen to it for a long time in the
future. Many music stations that play 'classic' songs often play songs from this era of music.

Artists like Madonna, U2 and Bon Jovi mentioned earlier who were all big in the 80s are still considered
some of the biggest acts in the world today. While the style of their songs may have changed over the
course of this time many people still like to listen to the songs they made during the 80s.

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