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Archetypes in Hercules by taDcZbX


									                              Archetypes in Hercules
The quest - to regain his immortality/become a god
The task - proving himself - destroying creatures, saving towns
The initiation - proving himself to be a capable hero (training)
The journey - psychological journey to realize what it means to be a hero
The fall - lost all strength and became mortal
Battle between good and evil - Hades and Zeus
The magic weapon - super strength
Death and rebirth - the fates represent the cycle of life
The ritual - when he is welcomed as a god

Heaven vs. Hell - Mt. Olympus vs. The Underworld
Haven vs. Wilderness - Mt. Olympus vs. Greece
Light vs. Darkness - Mt. Olympus and gods vs. Hades and his monsters
Innate wisdom vs. Educated stupidity - talents
Supernatural intervention - Zeus & Hades

Hero - Hercules
Young Man from the Provinces - Hercules
Initiate - Hercules
Temptress - Meg
Damsel in Distress - Meg
The Evil Figure w the Ultimately Good Heart - Meg
Platonic Ideal - Meg
Mentor - Phil
Devil Figure - Hades
Friendly Beast - Pegasus
Earthmother - Adoptive Mother of Hercules
Creature of Nightmare - hydra, titans, Cyclopes, cerberus

7 Major
The Wise Old Man - Zeus, Phil
The Trickster - Meg, Pain & Panic, Hades
Persona - mortal form of Hercules, the ideal of the “hero”
The Shadow - tempted by Meg, his angry-side
The Anima - his feelings for Meg bring out his sensitive side
Animus - training to be a hero
The Great Mother - Hera
The Divine Child - being a child

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