mandatory program for your computer by UlinAlghazali


									I feel a little bit strange when my friends, both old and new have, on
average, laptop, meginstal programs will not even be used in once a
month. In my opinion, this is a waste of disk usage so that there are
complaints because they feel heavy Laptopmya.
Well, here I give a bit of lists software program or a "must" have in the
computer / laptop.
A. Antivirus
Be the number one antivirus program that must be present. After googling
I get a list of the latest antivirus you can get either free or paid
- Kaspersky
- Avira
- Etc.
2. Spyware Remover
Most people still equate with spyware virus. At first glance this is so,
but when seen from the way it works, is clearly different with antivirus
spyware. Therefore, the spyware remover to occupy the number two position
after Antuvirus. Here are some lists of spyware remover can be obtained:
- Malwarebyte's
- PC Tools Spyware Doctor
- Spyware Cleaner
- Etc.
3. Cleaning and Tuning Utility
Cleaning and Tuning Utility is very useful to maintain the performance of
your computer or laptop. Some Cleaning and Tuning Utility software you
can get them:
- Uniblue Registry Booster
- TuneUp Utilities
- O & O Defragler
- CCleaner
- Advance System Care
- Etc.
4. Archiver
Archiver is a file compression and archiving program, but also to
facilitate or speed up file if the file to be uploaded on the internet.
Archiver that you can use are:
- WinRar
- WinZip
- 7zip
- Etc.
5. Multimedia
The computer can not play music and video? not complete. A popular
software include:
- Winamp
- Jet audio
- Gom Player
- Codec KLite
- Etc.
6. Download Manager
A lot of our needs are supplied by the interet, therefore, to get us
frequently downloading activities. Some common rogram we know is:
- Internet Download Manager
- Download Accelerator
- Etc.
The above programs only as a reference only, you can use the programs
that you think is better and better. Most importantly from my post above
is how to use the hard drive capacity with the tools and do not install
the program bermafaat who rarely or not at all be used.
If there are better suggestions from readers, your comments please.

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