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					SUMMER 2012

Welcome to the premier issue
                                        Tips, trends and information for Crumley Roberts’ clients
of our Advisor newsletter!
It’s one of many ways we strive
to build and maintain lasting
                  relationships                                                                   “I loaded Accident
                  with our valued                                                              Aid on my daughter’s
                                                                                               phone, so she knows
                    We’re thrilled
                    and grateful that
                                                                                              what to do and who to
                    so many of you                                                              call in an accident.”
                    have relied on us
Chris Roberts
                    over the years                                                                               - Stern Dixon
                   for a wide variety
of legal needs, and I sincerely
appreciate those who have referred
us to friends, family and coworkers.

Remember that We Stand Up
for You if you’re hurt in an auto
accident, injured on the job, denied
social security disability and even
injured by a prescription drug or
defective product.

I hope you’ll find this newsletter
both informative and entertaining.
Most of all, I hope it provides some
                                        Why you need AccidentAid®
valuable tips and insight that will
                                        AccidentAid is a free mobile phone                Summon emergency services with a one-
help keep you and your family safe                                                        touch 911 link
                                        application from Crumley Roberts that
Sincerely,                                                                                Electronically store your proof of insurance
                                        can literally help save your life in a            Track medical expenses and calculate lost
                                        serious auto accident. It’s packed with           wages
Chris Roberts                                                                             Turn your phone into an
                                        a variety of one-touch features and
President, Crumley Roberts                                                                emergency flashlight
                                        emergency tools to help you get the               Record all vital accident
                                        help you need fast.                               details and information
                                                                                          Capture photos and video
                                        The first and most important feature is
This Issue                                                                                at the accident scene
                                        a one-touch 911 emergency hotline link
                                        that immediately calls your nearest 911           One-touch phone and email access for legal
  Bicycling Safety Tips                                                                   advice
                                        dispatcher for emergency services.
  Dorm Makeover Winner                                                                  AccidentAid is just one of many ways we’re
                                        AccidentAid features easy-to-use forms and
                                                                                        standing up for your health and safety.
  Antidepressant Alert                  checklists to ensure you do all the right

  Auto Insurance Review
                                        things to stay safe and gather vital accident
                                                                                        Download now for FREE!
                                                                                        Visit your phone’s marketplace then
  Workers’ Comp Playbook                Here’s a quick summary of how AccidentAid       type AccidentAid as one word or visit
                                        can help:                             
Both cyclists
     and motorists
  can help prevent
   serious accidents
In 1863, the first manufactured pedal bicycle hit
the streets of Paris. In March 1896, the first
manufactured gas-powered car hit the showroom
floor in Massachusetts. In May 1896, just two
months later, one of those first cars hit a bicyclist
in New York City.
It was the first officially recorded traffic accident involving a car and
bike. The cyclist suffered a broken leg. The driver spent a night in
jail. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning of a frightening and
growing trend.
In 2010, about 51,000 bicyclists were injured and 618 were killed
nationally, according to the National Highway Transportation
Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Each year right here in North Carolina, about 1,000 cyclists
are involved in police-reported crashes with motor vehicles,
according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation
(NCDOT). On average around 20 are killed and 60 are seriously
injured. From 2000 to 2008, 200 cyclists died in crashes on North
Carolina’s roads.
Crashes happen throughout the state on all types of roads, but the
top three counties for crashes for a 10-year period from 1997 to 2007
were Mecklenburg (1,221), Wake (1,025) and Guilford (713), according to which features a wealth of crash data.
Along with April’s warmer weather, the number of crashes typically jumps
dramatically and peaks in July/August when children are out of school. Sadly,
children and young adults are the most frequent crash victims due to inexperience,
a lack of safety training and inadequate protective gear. But the number of bike
crashes involving adults is growing along with the increasing popularity of the sport.
While more experienced and more aware of safety concerns, serious cycling
enthusiasts still face grave dangers on the road. In many crashes, both drivers and
cyclists contribute to the crash, so it’s important for everyone to work together to
help prevent serious accidents and deaths.

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Tips, trends and information for Crumley Roberts’ clients                                                                       Summer 2012

Hickory student wins our
Extreme Dorm Makeover
Crumley Roberts has selected Morgan                      Conducted on Crumley Roberts’
McNeil, a high school senior at South                    Facebook page, the contest ran from
Caldwell High School, as our 2012                        early January to March 1. McNeil was
Extreme Dorm Makeover contest winner.                    one of many students to enter. It was
She’ll receive a $1,200 prize package to                 our way to help a local student offset
transform her dorm at N.C. State,                                some of the necessary college
where she will enroll as                                           expenses and increasing
a freshman in the fall.                                                 tuition rates across the
Morgan plans to major                                                    country.
in genetics.                                                               Morgan said she
Her makeover                                                                “entered on a             Winner Morgan McNeil, left, with Sarah Hurd,
package includes                                                              whim, not really        Crumley Roberts’ Marketing Coordinator.
assorted dorm                                                                 expecting to
                                                                              win – I thought it      Visit us regularly on Facebook™ and
fashions and
                                                                              was a cool prize.       YouTube™ to follow Morgan’s journey
furnishings, lighting,
                                                                             I actually forgot        to college and her pending dorm
bath items, bedding,
                                                                          about it until I got the    makeover. Plus, watch for future prize
school supplies and a                                                                                 giveaways, because you could be our
                                                                          call from Crumley
$200 Target gift card.                                                     Roberts.”                  next winner!

Auto attorney knows cycling joys and pain
By Dré Fleury                                            While I raced regionally, she was racing     don’t watch out for cyclists and often see
Personal Injury Practice Group Leader, Crumley Roberts   throughout the country and around            us as a bother or in the way.
                                                         the world. She did the CA circuit in the
Like most kids, I rode bikes growing up,                                                              I’ve had a million close calls. While in law
                                                         spring, Southern US in the early summer,
but I started to take it seriously after I                                                            school at UNC, I slammed into the side
                                                         then northeast/Canada in late summer, in
started watching the Tour de Moore in                                                                 of an SUV that pulled out in front of me.
                                                         addition to the Europe, Central America,     Fortunately, I was not injured, but many
Southern Pines. I’d hang around the bike
                                                         and the Bermuda series.                      fellow cyclists are not so lucky.
shop and looked up to racers.
                                                         Grace won stages in European races           While I hate to see anyone injured, I thrive
                      While I was in law
                                                         including Tour de Laude and also raced       on helping cyclists injured in accidents.
                      school, my girlfriend
                                                         as a domestique to some of the nation’s      As a personal injury attorney, I handle 10-
                      Grace (now my wife)
                                                         top cyclists - Kristen Armstrong, Tina       20 serious cycling injuries each year and
                      started racing. I’d go
                                                         Pic, Kori Seehafer and Laura Van Gilder.     have represented pro racers from across
                      to her races, and I also
                                                         Armstrong was an Olympic gold medalist.      North Carolina.
                      started racing on a
                      regional level.                    We’ve maintained our relationships in        I’ve helped people who are permanently
                                                         the bike world and really value those        disabled from bike/auto collisions and
                I became a lawyer.
                                                         friendships.                                 helped others get back on their bikes and
Dré Fleury      Grace became one of
                the top 10 cyclists in the                                                            even into racing.
                                                         My wife and I both understand the joys
country. She rode for top womens’ team                   and dangers of cycling. I bike to work       I truly hope you never need my services,
such as Genesis, Lipton, Quark and                       regularly right here in Charlotte and love   but if you are in a serious accident,
the US National Olympic development                      riding/mountain biking whenever I can.       please know that all of us at Crumley
team.                                                    But I’ve found that many drivers simply      Roberts would be honored to help.

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Some antidepressants may                                                                You may be at risk
                                                                                        of injury from some
cause serious birth defects                                                             prescription drugs
Recent studies have raised                                                              By Brian L. Kinsley
concerns about the use of Selective                                                     Drug Injury Practice Group Leader, Crumley Roberts
Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)                                                     The very drugs your doctor prescribed to
Antidepressants such as Paxil®,                                                         help you could cause serious and perma-
Prozac®, Zoloft®, Effexor®,                                                             nent damage – even death. So please visit
Celexa®, Wellbutrin®, Lexapro®,                                                         our website regularly for the latest updates
Luvox®, Cymbalta® and Pristiq®                                                          on potentially dangerous drugs. If you
by pregnant women and the risk of                                                       or someone you know may be affected,
serious birth defects.                                                                  please contact us immediately.
These antidepressants have been                                                         Visit and click
linked with birth defects in newborns                                                   on HOT TOPICS on the left side of
that were exposed to the drug during                                                    our home page for important information
                                            If you or someone you know has taken
the early stages of fetal growth.                                                       about possible health dangers from the
                                            any of these drugs while pregnant and
The Food and Drug Administration            given birth to a child suffering from a     following prescription drugs and more:
(FDA) is investigating reports of           birth defect, please call us immediately.   • Depo-Provera        • Yasmin/Yaz
congenital heart defects, cleft palate,     There could be a link between your          • Pradaxa             • Actos
cranial defects, abdominal defects,         child’s birth defect and the drug, even
                                                                                        • Accutane            • Antidepressant (SSRI)
neural tube defects, Spina Bifida, club     if you stopped taking it once you found
foot, incomplete limbs, pulmonary           out you were pregnant.                      Get Drug Injury Alerts sent directly
hypertension and digestive tract/                                                       to your email! Sign up now at
                                            There may be action you can take to
intestinal defects.                                                           
                                            help recover or pay for costly medical
Crumley Roberts is also investigating       bills, specialized caregiving, and other    Brian Kinsley is Crumley Roberts’
claims on behalf of clients with children   expenses – even loss of income. You         Practice Group Leader for Drug Injury &
who have suffered birth defects possibly    may be eligible for compensation from       Defective Product Cases
caused by these antidepressants.            the manufacturers of these drugs.

Judges select 10 students out of nearly
150 applicants for 2012 scholarships
Each year, Crumley Roberts recognizes 10 North                    The Next Step Scholarship is open to North Carolina
Carolina students by giving each a $1,000 scholarship             community college students planning to take the next
toward college tuition plus an iPad. This year, nearly 150        step by transferring to an accredited four-year college or
participants met our March 1 deadline, and judges have            university in North Carolina.
selected 10 deserving winners.                                    These applicants were judged on references and a
The Chairman’s Scholarship recognizes North Carolina              written essay which sought insight on why the student
high school seniors who showcase an outstanding                   decided to move on to a four-year college and why he/
aptitude and passion for community service in their local         she should be a recipient.
or global communities.                                            See Page 7 for a complete list of winners or visit
Applicants are judged on community involvement,          and click on Community
extracurricular activities, letters of reference and a            Involvement.
written essay. This year’s essay topic focused on ways to
prevent distracted driving (texting while driving).

Advisor Page 4
Tips, trends and information for Crumley Roberts’ clients                                                       Summer 2012

Auto Insurance Policy Review –
When is Enough Enough?
By Marcus Hayes
Personal Injury Practice Group Leader,
Crumley Roberts
The next time you’re stuck in traffic,
pick out seven cars around you and
guess which driver is completely
uninsured. As traffic starts moving
again, you’ll want to stay as far away
                from that car as
                possible, and of course,
                hope you guessed right.
               About 14% of drivers
               nationwide (roughly
               one in seven) are
               uninsured, according to
Marcus Hayes
               the Insurance Research
               Council (IRC). It’s not
a gamble you want to take, so make
sure you protect yourself financially by
having enough auto insurance coverage.
You can’t always avoid an auto accident,
but for just a few extra dollars per
month, you may be able to quadruple
your coverage, but when is enough
enough? There is no one-size-fits-all
                                               Just having the North Carolina           Where can you save? If you have an
solution.                                                                               older car and no loan, one coverage area
                                              required minimum of $30,000 bodily
Policies can be highly personalized, but      injury liability is a big gamble.         you actually may be able to decrease is
the key areas you want to review are          The most common injuries in auto          collision and comprehensive, which can
liability and uninsured/underinsured          accidents are neck, head, brain and       represent 30-40 percent of your total
motorist coverage. Medical payments           back injuries, and a broken back with     premium cost. But consider using any
coverage or MedPay is also a great            surgery and related expenses could        savings to boost your liability, uninsured
thing to have in your policy, because         easily top $150,000.                      motorist and medical payments coverage.
it basically gives you instant cash                                                     Any Crumley Roberts’ client who would
                                              It’s not just uninsured or underinsured
following an accident.                                                                  like a free auto insurance policy review
                                              drivers who pose a risk. Not having
Liability coverage is required in North       enough liability coverage if you’re at    can simply mail the declarations page of
Carolina to ensure you can cover              fault could wipe you out financially,     your policy to: Crumley Roberts, Attn: Auto
someone else’s injuries and damages           and the person you injure can even        Insurance Review, 1051 East Morehead St,
if you’re at fault. In 2009, the state also   come after your home, assets and          Suite 100, Charlotte, NC, 28204.
started requiring matching levels of          more. What if you total someone’s         Marcus Hayes is Crumley Roberts’ Northern
uninsured and underinsured motorist           $80,000 Porsche or Mercedes, and          Region practice group leader for personal
coverage (UM/UIM) to ensure that you          you only have the minimum required        injury. He’s a member of the Million Dollar
also protect yourself. MedPay coverage        $25,000 property damage liability         Advocates Forum and also a member of the
is optional but extremely affordable.         coverage?                                 National Trial Lawyers for the last two years.

Advisor Page 5
Upcoming safety checks, programs
help protect you and your family
We see firsthand the devastation                                                         Please join us at upcoming events and
                                                                                         meet Jason Knight, our new Community
that accidents and injuries can have
                                                                                         Involvement Specialist. Find complete
on families, and we’re working hard                                                      details, event dates and more at
to stop accidents before they start.                                           
One way we’re doing that is through community                                            Before joining Crumley Roberts, Jason
involvement in safety programs throughout                                                taught Social Studies at Winston Salem Prep
the Carolinas. In fact, our attorneys and staff                                          Academy and at High Point Friends School,
regularly volunteer and participate in programs       Jason Knight
                                                                                         where he also coached basketball, track and
like bicycle safety rodeos, bike helmet               Community Involvement Specialist   field, and served as the Athletic Director.
giveaways, teen driver programs and more.

   Workers’ Comp Playbook
   helps workers win
   It’s hard to compete when you don’t        from an experienced attorney,” said
   know the rules of the game. That’s         Brown. “Claims are complicated;
   why Crumley Roberts’ attorney,             each one is unique and requires
   Mike Brown, wrote and developed            thorough evaluation beyond what
   The Workers’ Compensation                  this book can accomplish.”
   Playbook, An Employee’s Guide
                                              The Playbook can help workers
   to Understanding Workers’
   Compensation in North                      determine if they may have a claim
   Carolina.                                  and help them understand the steps
                                              to take if injured at work. It contains
   Until now, employers and insurance
                                              “instant replay” examples based
   companies had the advantage in
                                              on actual cases and even includes
   Workers’ Compensation claims, but
                                              samples of some of the most
   Brown’s play-by-play analysis of
                                              commonly used Workers’ Comp
   the rules and procedures is leveling
   the playing field. It’s filled with        claim forms.                                      Mike Brown is Crumley Roberts’
   helpful information that makes it                                                            Practice Group Leader for Workers’
                                              Author Mike Brown grew up in
   easier for employees to understand                                                           Compensation.
                                              Duplin County, North Carolina, in a
   North Carolina’s complex workers’          farming and small business family.                Download your FREE copy at
   compensation system.                       He graduated from the University        
   “It’s not a substitute for legal advice,   of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   and we encourage anyone with a             and received his law degree from
   work injury to seek legal counsel          Campbell University.

Advisor Page 6
Tips, trends and information for Crumley Roberts’ clients                                                  Summer 2012

Crumley Roberts’ attorneys earn
prestigious state, national honors
Kathleen Q. DuBois was honored with a Triangle                                          peer nominations, evaluations and
Business Journal 40 Under 40 Leadership Award for                                       professional achievements. Mike
2012. Each year, the weekly business newspaper                                          is our Practice Group Leader for
                       honors 40 people under the                                       Workers’ Compensation. He’s a
                       age of 40 for their community                                    graduate of University of North
                       and professional achievements.                                   Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned
                       An accomplished workers’                                         his law degree from Campbell
                       compensation attorney, Kathleen            Michael T. Brown
                       is an active member of state
                       and local bar associations. She’s          Dré Fleury was recognized by The National Trial Lawyers
                       a board member at the Forsyth              as one of the top 40 under 40 attorneys in North Carolina.
Kathleen Q. DuBois
                       Work/Family Resource Center,               This national organization is composed of the Top 100
and in 2011, was named one of the “100 Most Influential                                 Trial Lawyers from each state.
Filipino Women in America.” Kathleen is a graduate of the                               Membership is extended only to
University of Notre Dame and the Wake Forest University                                 those attorneys who exemplify
School of Law.                                                                          superior leadership, reputation,
                                                                                        influence, stature, and profile as
Michael T. Brown was named as a 2012 North                                              trial lawyers, both civil plaintiff
Carolina Rising Star by Super Lawyers - which includes                                  and criminal defense. Dré is our
attorneys under 40 years old who have been practicing                                   Southern Region Practice Group
                                                                  Dré Fleury
less than 10 years. Selections into this prestigious                                    Leader for Personal Injury. He’s a
Rising Star category are made annually on a state-by-             graduate of Washington and Lee University and the UNC
state basis through a rigorous process that considers             School of Law.

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Next Step Winners                         Julie Ann Hicks                                Greyson Daniel Whitaker
Rochelle Nicole McCain                    Surry Community College                        Union Academy
                                          To attend Appalachian State University
Rockingham Community College                                                             Marissa Marie Stockstad
To attend Eastern Carolina University     Darren Seitz Lipman                            A.C. Reynolds High School
Raquel Tasha McCain                       Guilford Technical Community College           Treyaun Quantez Fulton
Rockingham Community College              To Attend North Carolina State University      Parkland Magnet High School
To attend Eastern Carolina University
                                          Chairman’s Scholarship Winners                 Tiffany H. Song
Diedra Shantwanette Lowery                                                               Northern Guilford High School
Richmond Community College                Jordan William Black
To attend Meredith College                Bandys High School

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Advisor provides general information to Crumley                                                            PRST STD
Roberts’ clients. It is not intended as legal advice or                                                   U.S. Postage
as a solicitation to anyone in need of legal services.                                                        PAID
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                                                                                                         Permit No. 338
With 15 offices throughout the Carolinas, Crumley
                                                          2400 Freeman Mill Rd
Roberts represents individuals with personal injury,
workers’ compensation and Social Security disability      Greensboro, NC 27406
claims. Find out more at or call
1 (800) 288-1LAW.

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