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					You've heard it before. I make $XXX a day off of Google AdSense. You see pictures of
yachts and fancy cars, but is it realistic? Are these people even remotely telling the truth?
The answer is a little trickier than yes or no. Money can be made using Google AdSense
and a very few people ARE actually making thousands a month, but they are the
exception to the rule and are also very knowledgeable in how the AdSense game works.

The first thing you need to understand is that making money with AdSense is all about
proper keyword selection. Most people who build AdSense sites as the main source of
income do what we call niche marketing. Niche marketing is where you specialize into a
very small, very narrow based area of whatever market you are trying to enter. For
instance, rather than make a site about "Blue Socks", you would make a site about
"Hanes XL blue ankle high socks". This is a niche market for a very specific item.

Just because you narrow your keywords down to a specific niche doesn't mean you will
be successful however. It requires a very thorough background check into the
competition for that keyword. Your going to need to spend some time looking at the
Google results for your keyword, analyzing their backlinks, and finding out if you can
outrank them and the amount of work it will take.

Most of the AdSense niche marketers who make thousands a month choose very low
competition keywords with about 1000 to 4000 searches per month. You may be
wondering, how do they manage to make so much money off of 1000 to 4000 searches,
well they do it by creating 50-100 of these niche marketed sites. While that may sound
like a lot of work, once you get familiar with the process, a site can be built in as little as
1 hour. On average, these sites will make around $3 per day, per site. This quickly adds
up if you have selected the correct keywords.

Ultimately, it is possible to make money off of Google AdSense. It will however require
a great deal of research and keyword selection is extremely important. There are plenty of
sites on the internet that can help you learn more about AdSense and help you to
understand keyword research. Make sure to stay away from high traffic, high competition
keywords and you should be OK. Remember, you don't have to break the bank or make
an award winning website, the idea is to get the customer the information they are
looking for and then to lead them in the right direction, which hopefully is highly targeted
AdSense advertisements.

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