Norman Golding has been a coach at Bath Sword
Club for nearly 30 years. He is starting a new life in
France (better weather he claims!). For the next 2
years he will be commuting from France to continue
coaching at Millfield but he will no longer coach at
Bath Sword Club on a Thursday. He will be very
much missed. The club would like to honour him
with a dinner on Wednesday September 10th. If
you would like to attend please let Gillian Aghajan
know ASAP (partners welcome) - 07747 792 712.

COACHING – Tim Miles will now be
a regular member of the coaching team
on Monday nights. Tim will be able to
offer individual lessons in foil as well
as work with groups.

UK SCHOOL GAMES - 28th - 31st

The club has been offered a limited
number of free tickets for members for
each day. If you are interested please see
one of the coaches or club officials.
Congratulations and best of luck to fencers
selected to represent their country and who
regularly train in Bath:

      Sophie Williams
                                                ‘You could be in our gang!’
      Jessica Davies
                                                Bath Sword club tracksuits
      Alice Watson                             At last they are here and ready to order.
      Morgan Vondee                            See page 8 for details and order form.
      Georgia Manikum-Hannay

Bath Sword Club is 60 years old. The club was founded by Commander Oliver in 1948. In
celebration, Somerset decided to run the Oliver Trophy once again and give Bath Fencers
an opportunity to fence in a team competition.
It took place at Millfield School on Saturday June 28th. Each team was made up of one
fencer for each weapon so six fencers per team. The format was in poules and each bout
lasted 10 hits. Four Bath Sword teams took part, 24 fencers in total. Other teams were
made up of fencers from Wellington, Glastonbury, Taunton and Millfield. It was a fantastic
turn out for Bath and The Oliver Trophy has once again been won by Bath, 10 years since
it has last been fought for and 14 years since Bath had won it. Thanks to everyone who
turned out to represent the club and to Tim for managing the teams on the day.

                                            Philip Marsh, 13, will be fencing in the GB
                                            Cadet Epee squad next season just 2 years
                                            after a serious injury ruled him out of contact
                                            sports. Philip, who is 13, started fencing in
                                            2005 but dislocated his hip whilst playing
                                            rugby. He returned to fencing in 2007 and has
                                            rapidly been climbing the rankings since then.

                                            Last year he represented the South West at the
                                            British Youth Championships where he won
                                            bronze from an entry of over 50. He also
                                            holds the title of Independent association of
                                            prep schools fencing champion. His best adult
                                            result to date has been finishing in the last 16
                                            in the Bill Hoskyns Open, a major event in the
                                            epee fencing calendar attracting an entry of
                                            115 fencers. He is presently the highest
                                            ranked cadet in the senior ranking by a long
Philip Marsh
                                            way. Great results from a determined and
                                            talented young fencer.

                                               Exams were over; I had a long summer
                                               ahead of me, freedom no more school
                                               for a few weeks at least. Wrong !!

                                               My mum thought it would be a great
                                               idea if I went back to my old Primary
                                               School – St Anne’s CE Primary in
                                               Oldland Common, Bristol to give a
                                               fencing demonstration to the children
                                               during Healthy Week. School Work
                                               with difference, me standing at the front
                                               giving the lesson.

Never one to miss an opportunity to talk about Fencing I agreed to give it a go.

The school jumped at the opportunity to give the children an insight into a different
sport, a date was arranged, no chance of backing out now. After several evenings
preparing a Powerpoint presentation and a trip to the club to borrow some additional
weapons and clothing I headed back to my old school with my ‘willing’ friend and
fellow Bath Sword Club member James Dix.

As there are over 300 children at the school, the Head teacher split the children into 3
groups, each presentation lasted about 20 minutes and concluded with a short
demonstration. The presentation briefly covered the History of Fencing, Bath Sword
Club, the Clothing, Safety and finally the Weapons, a volunteer from each group was
invited to try on the clothing and mask and the children were given an opportunity to
ask questions. Several of the teachers watching with their classes had taught me at
some point during my time at St Anne’s – now it was me doing the teaching!

                                                  Surprisingly we managed to keep
                                                  the children interested for the
                                                  duration and several were genuinely
                                                  interested in finding out more about
                                                  Fencing and many eagerly took
                                                  away the flyers we had produced
                                                  detailing the Beginners courses at
                                                  Bath Sword Club.

                                                  Was it worth, from the school it was
                                                  definitely a ‘Yes’, photographs are
                                                  on display on the school website.
                                                  From my perspective, again a
definite ‘Yes’ - how many 16/17 year olds get this sort of opportunity. For Bath
Sword Club most definitely a success at least six juniors joined the club following the

Would I do it again – Maybe!!
                                                                         Michael Cleary

We do not have access to the Founders Hall for much of September. This is partly as a
result of our usual Fresher’s Week disruption but also due to the UKSG event. There
will be no alternative accommodation during the UKSG and the club will therefore be
closed. See table below for details:

 Date        Day    Location                     The details for the Thursday club are as
  25-Aug     Mon    Club closed (Bank Holiday)
  28-Aug     Thur   Club closed (UKSG)
                                                 Aug 28   Club Closed (UKSG)
  01-Sep     Mon    Club closed (UKSG)
  04-Sep     Thur   Founders Hall (on carpet)             Founders Hall on
                                                 Sep 4
  08-Sep     Mon    STV
  11-Sep     Thur   STV                          Sep 11   Junior Club:
  15-Sep     Mon    Founders Hall                           STV Fencing Salle     7:00 - 8:00
                                                          Senior Club:
  18-Sep     Thur   Founders Hall
                                                            STV Fencing Salle (E) 8:00 - 10:00
  22-Sep     Mon    STV                                     STV Sports Hall (F,S) 8:30 - 10:00
  25-Sep     Thur   STV
                                                          Junior Club:
  29-Sep     Mon    STV
                                                            STV Fencing Salle     7:00 - 8:00
                                                 Sep 25   Senior Club:
The details for the Monday club are as                      STV Fencing Salle (E) 8:00 - 10:00
follows:                                                    STV Sports Hall (F,S) 8:30 - 10:00

           Club Closed
Aug 25
           (Bank Holiday)                        MOVEMENT OF CLUB EQUIPMENT
           Club Closed
Sep 1
           (UKSG)                                Junior Sessions - No equipment will be
                                                 taken to the STV for the junior sessions.
Sep 8                           7:30 - 9:30      There will be no need for juniors to bring
           Netball Court 2
                                                 masks or swords.
Sep 22                          7:30 - 9:30
           Netball Court 2
                                                 The focus will be on improving footwork
           STV                                   rather than bladework. This has been a
Sep 29                          7:30 - 9:30
           Fencing Salle
                                                 concern of the coaches for some time that
                                                 the club puts a sword in the hand before the
BEGINNERS CLASSES                                feet have been trained. Foreign clubs
                                                 concentrate on footwork and often only let
The beginners classes will start after           people pick up a weapon after six months of
the disruption. The classes will at least        continuous footwork training.
be in the same venue each week and
there would be less equipment going              So the club is taking the opportunity to
backwards and forwards to the STV.               concentrate on footwork for a couple of
                                                 sessions. Let us know what you think
The adult beginners course will start            afterwards.
on Monday October 6th.
The junior beginners course will start           Adult Sessions – Equipment will be
on Thursday October 9th.                         available in the STV as usual.
There have been some excellent results that should be shared with the Club:

St Dunstan’s – June 08

A good entry from BSC Juniors.
6 foilists and two epeeists:

U11B foil    Robert Williams 9th
             Ben Bates       11th
             Basil Vallis    13th
U11G foil
     Isobel Wilkinson-Rippin      1st
U13B foil    Jake Kardasz         9th
              Nick Williams      10th
U11B epee    Toby Fielding         1st
U13B         Anthony Marsh         3rd

Bristol Cadet Sabre – May 08
                                           England Youth Championships
                                           Jessica Lewis took Gold for the South
Morgan Vondee        9th
Eloise Turner        3rd
                                           West region in the U13 sabre and
Jessica Lewis        9th                   Suzanne Tavener Bronze.
Suzanne Tavener     11th
Lucy White          14th                   A great result for both girls. Both are
                                           coached by Dennis Hunt.

                                           Warwick LP Junior Epee Series

                                           U15 Philip Marsh                 8th /51
                                           U11 Anthony Marsh               19th /31

                                             If you are in Bath August 28-31 you will
                                             see some top quality fencing from the
                                             best young fencers in the country. And you
                                             would get a taste of a major competition
                                             run in the style of the Olympic Games right
                                             here on our own doorstep in the STV.
                                             Details are on the website:
St Dunstan winners Isobel and Toby
                     Club Junior Shield Winners – July 08

        Jako Barker, Jacob Squire, Isobel Wilkinson-Rippin, Phil Smith
        and most improved fencer Robert Williams

Henry Padden winner of the Purple          Plymouth Cadet Open - 3/5/2008
Group club sabre shield.
                                           ME (9)     1    Philip MARSH
                                           WS (7)     7    Suzanne TAVENER

                                           Bill Hoskyns Open - 21/6/2008

                                                       7 John CHALMERS
                                                       9 Matthew EDGAR
                                           ME (115)   15 Philip MARSH
                                                      27 Ben WHITE
                                                      76 Daniel MILLER

                                           Oxfam Open - 21/6/2008

                                           ME (28)     6    Daniel MILLER
                                                       1    Jess HAWKE
                                           WS (17)
                                                       5    Eloise TURNER
                                           MS (18)    15    Steve GOUGH

                                          Dates for your diary:
                                          Club Senior Foil Championship      Oct 9, 16
                                          Club Senior Sabre Championship     Nov 20, 27
Jess wins Oxfam open                   Veterans European Team
                                       In May the championships took place
                                       in Cuidad Real in Spain.
                                       Jane and Sue fenced in the gold medal
                                       winning Women’s sabre team and
                                       retained the title as champions of
                                       Europe for another 2 years. They only
                                       lost to France but beat Italy, and
                                       Russia on their way to the final show
                                       down with Germany. In the same way
                                       as happened 2 years ago, it came down
                                       to the final fight which Sue won on the
                                       final hit. Fantastic result and great
                                       team spirit.

Many congratulations to Jessicca
Hawke who won the Oxfam Open
held in Cardiff in July. For Jess,
who is 15, this is her first win at
senior level and she has jumped over
50 points in the senior ranking to

British Championships - 12/7/2008
MF         62 James
(112)     THORNEYCROFT                 Please remember to check out the Bath
           27 Matthew EDGAR            Sword Club web site at
ME         38 Ben WHITE       and
(112)      75 Daniel MILLER            don’t forget the second hand kit
          108 Philip MARSH             section if you have something you want
           45   Kat YOUNG              or something to sell.
WE (84)
           53   Sue HANNEY
            5   Neil HUTCHISON         Hope to see as many of you as possible
MS (94)
           57   Morgan VONDEE          at the event for Norman. Until then,
            3   Joanna HUTCHISON       happy fencing and please keep sending
            5   Sophie WILLIAMS        me things of interest for the next
            6   Jessica DAVIES         newsletter.
           12   Jane HUTCHISON
WS (58)    23   Eloise TURNER          Jane
           26   Jenny HUTCHISON
           28   Stephanie REES
           48   Jess HAWKE
           55   Pat REES
                                                      Bath Sword Club
                                                          Clothing Order Form
                          We are pleased to be able to provide tops and bottoms complete with our club logos.
                            The items are of British manufacture and represent excellent value for money.
                                  To order your garments please complete the order form below and
                                   return it to Jane Hutchison or Pat Rees with the payment in full.

                          Tracksuit Top                                                           Tracksuit Bottom
                      (Ref Allendale Full Zip)                                               (Ref Barbados / 18" Leg Zip)
               Embroidered left breast with our logo.                                     Embroidered left leg with our logo.
              Printed on the back ‘Bath Sword Club’                                   Colour Black/Bottle Green with White piping
            Colour Black/Bottle Green with White piping                                   Childs Waist Sizes: 22, 24, 26, 28
                   Childs sizes: 26/28, 30/32, 34                                                      £ 20.00
                                      £ 26.00                                     Adults Waist Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46
                       Adults sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL                                                   £22.00
                                      £ 32.00                                                     Inside Leg Lengths
                                                                                                 24, 26, 28, 30, 34, 36

     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                               Bath Sword Club - Tracksuit Order Form
  Name          ...............................................................
                                                                                                       Size               Quantity
  Address ..............................................................
  Signature ............................................................              Bottom

  Date           ..................................

Introductory Price Offer on a Complete Tracksuit!
Adult size £50.00                                                                     Total Amount Due        £
Child size £41.00
                                                                                      Please make cheques payable to Bath Sword Club

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