Document Sample
The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310
Phone, 703–545–6700

SECRETARY OF THE ARMY                             TOGO D. WEST, JR.
  Senior Military Assistant                       COL. T. MICHAEL CREWS
  Military Assistants                             LT. COL. MARY BROWN, LT. COL.R
                                                      OSE WALKER
  Senior Aide-de-Camp                             LT. COL. SUZANNE W. WALKER
  Aides-de-Camp                                   MAJ. DARYL GORE, CAPT. KERRY J.
Under Secretary of the Army                       JOSEPH R. REEDER
 Executive Officer                                COL. THOMAS G. BOWDEN
 Military Assistants                              MAJ. THOMAS KULA, MAJ. THOMAS
                                                    F. LYNCH
  Aide-de-Camp                                    MAJ. JAMES KNOWLTON
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)     H. MARTIN LANCASTER
  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary            JOHN H. ZIRSCHKY
  Executive Officer                               COL. ROBERT J. SPERBERG
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Management and      STEVEN DOLA
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy, and         MICHAEL L. DAVIS
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial        HELEN T. MCCOY
     Management and Comptroller)
  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary            NEIL R. GINNETTI
  Executive Officer                               COL. HUGH B. TANT III
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Army Budget         MAJ. GEN. ROGER G. THOMPSON
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Financial           ERNEST J. GREGORY
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Resource            ROBERT RAYNSFORD, Acting
       Analysis and Business Practices
  Deputy for Cost Analysis                        ROBERT W. YOUNG
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations,   ROBERT M. WALKER
     Logistics, and Environment)
  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary            ALMA BOYD MOORE
  Executive Officer                               COL. DAVID R. POWERS
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Environment,        RAYMOND J. FATZ
       Safety, and Occupational Health
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Installations and   PAUL W. JOHNSON
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Logistics           ERIC A. ORSINI
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower         SARA E. LISTER
     and Reserve Affairs)
  Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary            ARCHIE D. BARRETT
  Executive Officer                               COL. WILLIAM A. BROWN III
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Civilian            CAROL A. SMITH
       Personnel Policy

  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Force                JAYSON L. SPIEGEL
       Management, Manpower, and
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Military             JOHN P. MCLAURIN III
       Personnel Management and Equal
       Opportunity Policy
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Reserve Affairs,     TODD A. WEILER
       Mobilization Readiness, and Training
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Review Boards        THOMAS R. CUTHBERT
       and Equal Employment Opportunity
       Compliance and Complaints Review
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research,         (VACANCY)
     Development, and Acquisition)
  Military Deputy to the Assistant Secretary       LT. GEN. RONALD V. HITE
  Executive Officer                                COL. DEAN R. ERTWINE
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Plans, Programs,     KEITH CHARLES
       and Policy
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Procurement          KENNETH J. OSCAR
  Deputy Assistant Secretary, Research and         A. FENNER MILTON
General Counsel                                    WILLIAM T. COLEMAN III
  Principal Deputy General Counsel                 LAWRENCE M. BASKIR
  Executive Officer                                COL. JOHN GREENBAUGH
  Deputy General Counsel, Acquisition              (VACANCY)
  Deputy General Counsel, Civil Works and          EARL H. STOCKDALE, JR.
  Deputy General Counsel, Ethics and Fiscal        MATT RERES
  Deputy General Counsel, Operations and           T.W. TAYLOR
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the   JOEL B. HUDSON
  Deputy Administrative Assistant                  SANDRA R. RILEY
  Director of Policy and Plans                     FRITZ W. KIRKLIGHTER, Acting
Headquarters Services—Washington:
  Executive Director                               SANDRA R. RILEY
  Director of Equal Employment Opportunity         DEBRA A. MUSE
  Director of Information Management Support       MICHAEL SELVES
  Commander of Defense Supply Service              COL. KIMBERLY SMITH
  Director of Defense Telecommunications           MICHAEL A. NEWTON
       Service (Washington)
  Director of Personnel and Employment             PETER B. HORN
       Services (Washington)
  Director of Safety, Security, and Support        FRITZ W. KIRKLIGHTER, Acting
       Services (Washington)
  Director of Space and Building Management        R. WES BLAINE
       Service (Washington)
  Director, Single Audit Agency                    FRED BUDD
Director, Information Systems for Command,         LT. GEN. OTTO J. GUENTHER
    Control, Communications, and Computers
  Vice Director                                    DAVID BORLAND
  Executive Officer                                JAMES D. BRYAN
  Director of Architecture                         COL. JEREMIAH F. GARRETSON
  Director of Army Information                     MIRIAM F. BROWNING
                                                 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE            195

  Director of Plans and Program                   (VACANCY)
The Inspector General                             LT. GEN. JARED L. BATES
  Deputy Inspector General                        MAJ. GEN. LARRY R. JORDAN
Auditor General                                   FRANCIS E. REARDON
  Deputy Auditor General, Acquisition and         THOMAS W. BROWN
       Force Management Audits
  Deputy Auditor General, Financial Audits        THOMAS DRUZGAL
  Deputy Auditor General, Logistical Audits       C.A. ARIGO
  Deputy Auditor General, Policy and              STEPHEN E. KEEFER
       Operations Management
Deputy Under Secretary of the Army                LT. GEN. CLAUDE M. KICKLIGHTER,
    (International Affairs)                         USA (RET.)
Deputy Under Secretary of the Army                WALTER W. HOLLIS
    (Operations Research)
Chief of Legislative Liaison                      MAJ. GEN. MORRIS J. BOYD
  Deputy Chief                                    SHEILA MCCREADY
Chief of Public Affairs                           BRIG. GEN. JOHN G. MEYER, JR.
  Deputy Chief                                    COL. ROBERT E. GAYLORD
Chairman, Army Reserve Forces Policy              MAJ. GEN. JOHN T. CROWE
  Deputy Chairman                                 MAJ. GEN. JAMES S. RUEGER
Director of Small and Disadvantaged Business      TRACEY L. PINSON
  Deputy Director                                 SARAH A. CROSS
Office of the Chief of Staff:
Chief of Staff, United States Army                GEN. DENNIS J. REIMER
Vice Chief of Staff                               GEN. RONALD H. GRIFFITH
Assistant Vice Chief of Staff                     LT. GEN. JAY M. GARNER
Director of the Army Staff                        LT. GEN. JOHN A. DUBIA
Army Staff:
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence            MAJ. GEN. CLAUDIA J. KENNEDY,
Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics               LT. GEN. JOHN G. COBURN
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans    LT. GEN. ERIC K. SHINSEKI
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel               LT. GEN. FREDERICK E. VOLLRATH
Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation         MAJ. GEN. R.W. HOUSE
The Judge Advocate General                        MAJ. GEN. MICHAEL J. NARDOTTI,
The Surgeon General                               LT. GEN. RONALD R. BLANCK
Chief, Army Reserve                               MAJ. GEN. MAX BARATZ
Chief of Chaplains                                MAJ. GEN. DONALD W. SHEA
Chief of Engineers                                LT. GEN. JOE N. BALLARD
Chief, National Guard Bureau                      LT. GEN. EDWARD D. BACA
Major Army Commands:
Commanding General, U.S. Army        Material     GEN. JOHNNIE E. WILSON
Commanding General, U.S. Army        Corps of     LT. GEN. JOE N. BALLARD
Commanding General, U.S. Army        Criminal     BRIG. GEN. DANIEL A. DOHERTY
    Investigation Command
Commanding General, U.S. Army        Forces       GEN. DAVID A. BRAMLETT

Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence         BRIG. GEN. JOHN D. THOMAS, JR.
   and Security Command
Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical              LT. GEN. RONALD R. BLANCK
Commanding General, U.S. Army Military             MAJ. GEN. ROBERT T. FOLEY
   District of Washington
Commanding General, U.S. Army Military             MAJ. GEN. MARIO F. MONTERO, JR.
   Traffic Management Command
Commanding General, U.S. Army Special              LT. GEN. PETER J. SCHOOMAKER
   Operations Command
Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and         GEN. WILLIAM W. HARTZOG
   Doctrine Command
Commanding General, U.S. Army South                MAJ. GEN. LAWSON W. MAGRUDER
Commanding General, 8th U.S. Army                  LT. GEN. RICHARD F. TIMMONS
Commanding General, U.S. Army Pacific              LT. GEN. WILLIAM M. STEELE
Commanding General, U.S. Army Europe and           GEN. WILLIAM W. CROUCH
   7th Army

The mission of the Department of the Army is to organize, train, and equip active
duty and reserve forces for the preservation of peace, security, and the defense of
our Nation. As part of our national military team, the Army focuses on land
operations; its soldiers must be trained with modern arms and equipment and be
ready to respond quickly. The Army also administers programs aimed at protecting
the environment, improving waterway navigation, flood and beach erosion control,
and water resource development. It provides military assistance to Federal, State, and
local government agencies, including natural disaster relief assistance.

The American Continental Army, now          Army be a military department within
called the United States Army, was          the Department of Defense.
established by the Continental Congress        The Army Organization Act of 1950
on June 14, 1775, more than a year
                                            (64 Stat. 263) provided the statutory
before the Declaration of Independence.
                                            basis for the internal organization of the
   The Department of War was
                                            Army and the Department of the Army.
established as an executive department
at the seat of government by act            The act consolidated and revised the
approved August 7, 1789 (1 Stat. 49).       numerous earlier laws, incorporated
The Secretary of War was established as     various adjustments made necessary by
its head.                                   the National Security Act of 1947 and
   The National Security Act of 1947 (50    other postwar enactments, and provided
U.S.C. 401) created the National Military   for the organization of the Department of
Establishment, and the Department of        the Army in a single comprehensive
War was designated the Department of        statute, with certain minor exceptions. In
the Army. The title of its Secretary        general, the act followed the policy of
became Secretary of the Army (5 U.S.C.      vesting broad organizational powers in
171).                                       the Secretary of the Army, subject to
   The National Security Act                delegation by the Secretary, rather than
Amendments of 1949 (63 Stat. 578)           specifying duties of subordinate officers
provided that the Department of the         (10 U.S.C. 3012, 3062).
                                                                  DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                       197

       OF THE ARMY                                                                         ADMINISTRATIVE
     (INTERNATIONAL                                                                          ASSISTANT
         AFFAIRS)                          SECRETARY OF THE ARMY

   SECRETARY OF THE                            UNDER SECRETARY                             ARMY RESERVE
   ARMY (OPERATIONS                              OF THE ARMY                               FORCES POLICY
      RESEARCH)                                                                              COMMITTEE

                     ASSISTANT                                                   ASSISTANT
                                          ASSISTANT          ASSISTANT
                     SECRETARY                                                   SECRETARY
   ASSISTANT                              SECRETARY         SECRETARY
                     (FINANCIAL                                                 (RESEARCH,           GENERAL
  SECRETARY                            (INSTALLATIONS,    (MANPOWER AND
                    MANAGEMENT                                                 DEVELOPMENT,          COUNSEL
 (CIVIL WORKS)                          LOGISTICS, AND        RESERVE
                         AND                                                        AND
                                        ENVIRONMENT)          AFFAIRS)
                   COMPTROLLER)                                                 ACQUISITION)

                                                                                                   DIRECTOR OF
   DIRECTOR OF              THE              THE            CHIEF OF            CHIEF OF            SMALL AND
     SYSTEMS              GENERAL          GENERAL           LIAISON            AFFAIRS              BUSINESS
      FOR C4

                                                 CHIEF OF STAFF                                  MAJOR

                                               VICE CHIEF OF STAFF
         VICE CHIEF
          OF STAFF

                                          DIRECTOR OF THE ARMY STAFF

                                                                DEPUTY CHIEF
             DEPUTY CHIEF            DEPUTY CHIEF                                     DEPUTY CHIEF
                                                                OF STAFF FOR
             OF STAFF FOR            OF STAFF FOR                                     OF STAFF FOR
             INTELLIGENCE             LOGISTICS                                        PERSONNEL
                                                                  AND PLANS

   ASSISTANT            CHIEF          THE             CHIEF,                        THE            CHIEF
 CHIEF OF STAFF                                      NATIONAL         CHIEF,        JUDGE
                         OF          SURGEON                          ARMY                           OF
FOR INSTALLATION      ENGINEERS      GENERAL          GUARD                       ADVOCATE        CHAPLAINS
  MANAGEMENT                                          BUREAU         RESERVE       GENERAL

Army Secretariat
Secretary The Secretary of the Army is         National Cemeteries; and such other
the head of the Department of the Army.        activities of a civil nature as may be
Subject to the direction, authority, and       prescribed by higher authority or
control of the President as Commander          authorized by law.
in Chief and of the Secretary of Defense,      Principal Assistants The Under
the Secretary of the Army is responsible       Secretary of the Army is the primary
for and has the authority to conduct all       assistant to the Secretary. Other principal
affairs of the Department of the Army,         assistants include: the Assistant
including its organization,                    Secretaries, General Counsel,
administration, operation, efficiency, and     Administrative Assistant, the several
such other activities as may be                Directors and Chiefs, the Auditor
prescribed by the President or the             General, and the Chairman of the Army
Secretary of Defense as authorized by          Reserve Forces Policy Committee.
law.                                           Army Policy Council The Council is
   Certain civilian functions, such as         the senior policy advisory council of the
comptroller, acquisition, inspector            Department of the Army. It provides the
general, auditing and information              Secretary of the Army and the Secretary’s
management, are also under the                 principal civilian and military assistants
authority of the Army Secretariat.             with a forum for the discussion of Army
Additionally, the Secretary is responsible     subjects of significant policy interest and
for civil functions, such as oversight of      an opportunity for members to consult
the Panama Canal Commission and                with other members on matters arising
execution of the Panama Canal Treaty;          within their specific areas of
the civil works program of the Corps of        responsibility.
Engineers; Arlington and Soldiers’ Home        For further information, call 703–695–7922.

Army Staff
The Army Staff, presided over by the           organizations of the Department of the
Chief of Staff, is the military staff of the   Army; and
Secretary of the Army. The Army Staff             —perform such other duties not
renders professional advice and
                                               otherwise assigned by law as may be
assistance to the Secretary of the Army,
the Under Secretary of the Army, the           prescribed by the Secretary of the Army.
Assistant Secretaries of the Army, and         Chief of Staff The Chief of Staff is the
other officials of the Army Secretariat.       principal military adviser to the Secretary
   It is the duty of the Army Staff to:        of the Army and is charged with the
   —prepare for employment of the Army         planning, development, execution,
and for such recruiting, organizing,           review, and analysis of the Army
supplying, equipping, training,                programs. The Chief of Staff, under the
mobilizing, and demobilizing of the            direction of the Secretary of the Army,
Army as will assist the execution of any       supervises the members and organization
power, duty, or function of the Secretary      of the Army and performs the duties
or the Chief of Staff;                         prescribed by the National Security Act
   —investigate and report upon the            of 1947 (50 U.S.C. 401) and other laws.
efficiency of the Army and its                 The Chief of Staff is directly responsible
preparation for military operations;           to the Secretary of the Army for the
   —act as the agent of the Secretary of       efficiency of the Army, its state of
the Army and the Chief of Staff in             preparation for military operations, and
coordinating the action of all                 plans therefor.
                                                   DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE           199

Department of the Army Program Areas
Military Operations and Plans This            Army National Guard and the U.S. Army
area includes: determination of               Reserve.
requirements and priorities for, and the      Intelligence This area includes:
employment of, Army forces strategy           management of Army intelligence and
formation; mid-range, long-range, and         counterintelligence activities, personnel,
regional strategy application; arms           equipment, systems, and organizations;
control, negotiation, and disarmament;        Army cryptology, topography, and
national security affairs; joint service      meteorology; coordination of Army
matters; net assessment; politico-military    requirements for mapping, charting, and
affairs; force mobilization and               geodesy; and Army industrial security.
demobilization; force planning,               Management-Comptrollership This
programming structuring, development,         area includes: review and analysis of
analysis and management; operational          Army programs and major Army
readiness; overall roles and missions;        commands; management information
collective security; individual and unit      systems in the financial area, progress
training; psychological operations;           and statistical reporting, and reports
unconventional warfare;                       control; financial management,
counterterrorism; operations security;        budgeting, finance and accounting, cost
signal security; military aspects of space    analysis, economic analysis, military pay
and sea; special plans; table of              and allowances, resource management,
equipment development and approval;           and productivity and value
electronic warfare; nuclear and chemical      improvement; regulatory policies and
matters; civil affairs; military support of   programs pertaining to the overall
civil defense; civil disturbance; domestic    management of the Army; and legislative
actions; audiovisual activities; command      policies and programs pertaining to
and control; automation and                   appropriation acts affecting the Army.
communications programs and activities;       Research, Development, and Materiel
management of the program for law             Acquisition This area includes:
enforcement, correction and crime             management of Army research,
prevention for military members of the        development and materiel acquisition;
Army; and physical security.                  planning, programming, budgeting and
Personnel This area includes:                 execution for the acquisition of materiel
management of military and civilian           obtained by the procurement
personnel for overall integrated support      appropriations for the Army; materiel life
of the Army, including policies and           cycle management from concept phase
programs for manpower utilization             through acquisition; and international
standards, allocation and documentation,      acquisition programs.
career development, equal opportunity,        Information Management This area
leadership, alcohol and drug abuse            includes: automation, communications,
control, welfare and morale, promotion,       audiovisual, records management,
retention, and separation; military           publications, and information
compensation, transportation, and travel      management.
entitlements; repatriation plans and          Logistics This area includes:
operations; the personnel aspects of          management of Department of the Army
military construction and housing             logistical activities for the movement and
management; and research and                  maintenance of forces; logistical
development related to training               planning and support of Army and joint
personnel, manpower systems, and              service operations; materiel and supply
human factors.                                management and maintenance;
Reserve Components This area                  transportation; and Army interservice
includes: management of individual and        supply operations.
unit readiness and mobilization for           Engineering This area includes:
Reserve Components, comprised of the          management of Army engineering,

construction, installations, family           professional education and training;
housing, real estate, facilities              career management authority over
requirements and stationing, and real         commissioned and warrant officer
property maintenance activities;              personnel of the Army Medical
environmental preservation and                Department; medical research, materiel
improvement activities; applicable            development, testing and evaluation;
research and development activities for       policies concerning health aspects of
engineer missions to include                  Army environmental programs and
environmental sciences; Army                  prevention of disease; and planning,
topographic and military geographic           programming, and budgeting for Army-
information activities; and engineer          wide health services.
aspects of Army strategic and operational     Inspection This area includes:
plans.                                        management of inquiries, inspections,
Civil Functions Civil functions of the        and reports on matters affecting the
Department of the Army include the            performance of mission and the state of
Civil Works Program, the administration       discipline, efficiency, economy, and
of Arlington and Soldiers’ Home               morale of the Department of the Army.
National Cemeteries, and other related        Religious This area includes:
matters. The Army’s Civil Works               management of religious and moral
Program, a responsibility of the Corps of     leadership and chaplain support
Engineers under the direction and             activities Armywide; religious
supervision of the Secretary of the Army,     ministrations, religious education,
dates back to 1824 and is the Nation’s        pastoral care, and counseling for Army
major Federal water resources                 military personnel; liaison with the
development activity and involves             ecclesiastical agencies; chapel
engineering works such as major dams,         construction requirements and design
reservoirs, levees, harbors, waterways,       approval; and career management of
locks, and many other types of                clergymen serving in the Chaplains
structures. These works provide flood         Branch.
protection for cities and major river         Legal This area includes: legal advisory
valleys, reduce the cost of transportation,   services provided for all military
supply water for municipal and industrial     personnel and agencies of the Army;
use, generate hydroelectric power,            review and final action as designee of
provide recreational opportunities for        the Secretary of the Army on complaints
vast numbers of people, regulate the          of wrongs by service personnel
rivers for many purposes including the        submitted under the Uniform Code of
improvement of water quality, protect         Military Justice; administration of military
the shores of oceans and lakes, and           justice and civil law matters pertaining
provide other types of benefits. Planning     to the Army; administration of Army
assistance is also provided to States and     claims and legal assistance services;
other non-Federal entities for the            operation of the legal system for
comprehensive management of water             appellate review of court-martial records
resources, including pollution abatement      as provided by the Uniform Code of
works. In addition, through the Civil         Military Justice; general court-martial
Works Program the Federal Government          records custodianship; records
protects the navigable waters and             administration for proceedings of inquiry
wetlands of the United States under           and military commissions; liaison service
legislation empowering the Secretary of       with the Department of Justice and other
the Army to prohibit activities that would    Federal and State agencies on matters
reduce their value to the Nation.             connected with litigation and legal
Medical This area includes:                   proceedings concerning the Army; and
management of health services for the         career management of Judge Advocate
Army and, as directed for other services,     General’s Corps officers.
agencies, and organizations; health           Public Affairs This area includes media
standards for Army personnel; health          relations, command information, and
                                                    DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                   201

community relations services, as well as      historical matters, including historical
preparation of information plans and          properties; formulation and execution of
programs in support of Army basic plans       the Army Historical Program; and
and programs.                                 preparation and publication of histories
History This area includes: advisory          required by the Army.
and coordination service provided on

Major Army Commands
United States Army Forces Command             capability to execute its mission. The
The Commanding General, United States         Commanding General accomplishes that
Army Forces Command, commands all             duty through six related mission
assigned active Army forces in the            domains—doctrine, force design,
continental United States and the             materiel requirements, leader
Continental United States Armies, and         development, training, and mission
assigned United States Army Reserve           support. Responsibilities include
Troop Program Units in the continental        conducting all concept and doctrine
United States and Puerto Rico. The            development not assigned by
Commanding General also commands              Headquarters, Department of the Army
those subordinate commands,                   (HQDA) to other commands and
installations, and activities assigned by     agencies and integrating the Army’s total
Headquarters, Department of the Army,         doctrine development; conducting all
and, as directed, provides administrative     combat developments not assigned by
and logistical support through                HQDA to other commands and agencies
subordinate installation commanders to        and, as the Army’s principal combat
other Department of the Army,                 developer, guiding, coordinating, and
Department of Defense, or other               integrating the Army’s total combat
Government agencies. The Commanding           development effort; and developing,
General also serves as the Commander          maintaining, and supervising the training
in Chief, Forces Command, a specified         system by which the total Army trains to
command, and as the Commander in              fight.
Chief, Army Forces Atlantic Command,             The Commanding General commands
the Army component of the United              installations and activities as assigned by
States Atlantic Command, a unified            HQDA; and, as directed, provides
command.                                      administrative and logistical support
   The Commanding General of each of          through assigned installation
the Continental United States Armies has      commanders to elements and agencies
the primary mission, under the                of the Department of the Army, the
Commanding General, United States             Department of Defense, or other Federal
Army Forces Command, to command               agencies that are tenants or satellites of
the United States Army Reserve, plan for      the installation.
mobilization, coordinate domestic             For further information, call 804–727–4465.
emergencies, and exercise training
supervision over the Army National            United States Army Materiel Command
Guard.                                        The Commanding General, United States
For further information, call 404–464–5607.
                                              Army Materiel Command, develops and
                                              provides materiel and related services to
United States Army Training and               the Army, to Army elements of unified
Doctrine Command The Commanding               commands and specified commands, to
General, United States Army Training          Department of Defense agencies, and to
and Doctrine Command, prepares the            other United States and foreign agencies
Army for war, acts as the architect for       as directed. Principal missions include
the future, and ensures the Command’s         equiping and sustaining a trained, ready

Army; providing equipment and services        personal security for selected Army and
to other nations through the security         DOD officials. To support these
assistance program; developing and            missions, the Commanding General
acquiring nonmajor systems and                operates a forensic laboratory system
equipment; providing development and          and a crime records center. The
acquisition support to program                investigative mission inherently includes
managers; defining, developing, and           devising investigative standards,
acquiring superior technologies;              procedures, and doctrinal policies;
maintaining the mobilization capabilities     special agent accreditation/certification;
necessary to support the Army in              collection/analysis of criminal
emergencies; and improving productivity       intelligence; assisting the legal
and quality of life.                          community (and the Department of
                                              Justice) in fraud-related actions; and
For further information, call 703–617–9625.
                                              operating a polygraph program.
United States Army Intelligence and           For further information, call 703–756–1232.
Security Command The Commanding
General, United States Army Intelligence      Military Traffic Management Command
and Security Command, is responsible          The Commanding General, Military
for worldwide support of the Army at          Traffic Management Command, is the
echelons above corps through electronic       Executive Director for military traffic
warfare, intelligence collection,             management, land transportation, and
counterintelligence, and operations           common-user ocean terminal service
security.                                     within the continental United States, and
                                              for worldwide traffic management of the
For further information, call 703–706–1232.   Department of Defense personal
United States Army Medical Command            property moving and storage program.
The Commanding General, United States         The Commanding General provides
Army Medical Command, performs                transportation engineering services and
health services for the Army within the       support to all Department of Defense
United States and, as directed, for other     components and administers Department
governmental agencies and activities.         of Defense activities pertaining to
Responsibilities include command of the       Highways for National Defense and
Army hospital system within the United        Railroads for National Defense.
States and other organizations, units, and    For further information, call 703–681–6242.
facilities as may be directed; medical
professional education for Army               United States Army Military District of
personnel; health promotion and               Washington The Commanding
wellness for all beneficiaries; medical       General, United States Army Military
research and development; and                 District of Washington, commands units,
development of medical doctrine,              activities, and installations in the
concepts, organizations, materiel             National Capital area and elsewhere as
requirements, and systems in support of       may be assigned by Headquarters,
the Army.                                     Department of the Army (HQDA);
                                              provides base operation and other
For further information, call 210–221–6313.   support to the Department of the Army,
United States Army Criminal                   Department of Defense, or other
Investigation Command The                     Government activities that are tenants of
Commanding General, United States             or are located on their installations for
Army Criminal Investigation Command,          such support; plans for and executes
centrally commands and controls               those missions peculiar to the needs of
worldwide Army investigation of serious       the seat of government as assigned by
crime, provides the full range of             HQDA; and provides an organized and
investigative support to all Army             responsive defense of designated
elements, conducts sensitive and special      Department of Defense facilities.
interest investigations, and provides         For further information, call 202–685–3217.
                                                              DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                   203

United States Army Corps of Engineers                   components of combatant commands
The Commanding General, United States                   are set forth in directives of the
Army Corps of Engineers, serves as the                  Department of Defense. The Army
Army’s Real Property Manager,                           components of combatant commands
performing the full cycle of real property              are major commands of the Department
activities (requirements, programming,                  of the Army and consist of such
acquisition, operation, maintenance, and                subordinate commands, units, activities,
disposal); manages and executes                         and installations as may be assigned to
engineering, construction, and real estate              them by Headquarters, Department of
programs for the Army and the United                    the Army. In certain combatant
States Air Force; and performs research                 command areas—such as United States
and development in support of these                     Atlantic Command—where the Army
programs. The Commanding General                        does not have a separate, single, and
manages and executes civil works                        distinct component headquarters or
programs, including research and                        commander, a designated Army
development, planning, design,                          commander in the area will be
construction, operation and                             responsible for certain Army
maintenance, and real estate activities                 ‘‘component’’ functions that must be
related to rivers, harbors, and waterways;              performed at his location.
administers laws for protection and                       COMMANDS:
preservation of navigable waters and                      United States Army Europe. Phone, 011–49–6221–
related resources such as wetlands; and                   57–8831.
                                                          United States Army Japan. Phone, 011–81–0462–
assists in recovery from natural disasters.               51–1520.
For further information, call 202–761–0660.               Eighth United States Army (Pentagon Korean
                                                          Liaison Office). Phone, 703–694–3475.
                                                          United States Army Western Command. Phone,
Army Components of Combatant                              808–471–7471.
Commands The missions of the                              United States Army Special Operations Command.
commanding generals of the Army                           Phone, 919–432–7587.

United States Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996

Superintendent                                                  LT. GEN. DANIEL W. CHRISTMAN
Commandant of Cadets                                            BRIG. GEN. ROBERT J. ST. ONGE, JR.
Dean of the Academic Board                                      BRIG. GEN. FLETCHER M. LAMKIN

The United States Military Academy is                   training as junior officers. Cadets who
located at West Point, NY. The course is                complete the course satisfactorily receive
of 4 years’ duration, during which the                  the degree of Bachelor of Science and a
cadets receive, besides a general                       commission as second lieutenant in the
education, theoretical and practical                    Army.

For further general information concerning the United States Military Academy, contact the Public Affairs
Office, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 10996. Phone, 914–938–4261. For information
about Military Academy admission criteria and policies, contact the Office of the Registrar, United States
Military Academy, West Point, NY 10996.

Sources of Information
Arlington and Soldiers’ Home National       Films, Videotapes, and Videodiscs
Cemeteries For information write to the     Requests for loan of Army-produced
Superintendent, Arlington National          films, videotapes, and videodiscs should
Cemetery, Arlington, VA 22211–5003.         be addressed to the Visual Information
Phone, 703–695–3175.                        Support Centers of Army installations.
Army Historical Program For                 Army productions are available for sale
information concerning the Army             from the National Audiovisual Center
Historical Program, write to the U.S.       (NAC), Washington, DC 20409–3701.
Army Center of Military History, HQDA       Department of the Army pamphlet 25–
(DAMH), Franklin Court Building, 1099       90, Visual Information Products Catalog,
14th Street NW., Washington, DC             lists the products that have been cleared
20005–3402. Phone, 202–761–5400.            for public release.
Information on Army historical              Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
publications, archival and artifact         Requests Requests should be addressed
resources, unit history, and other areas    to the Information Management Officer
of public interest is available             of the Army installation or activity
electronically through the Internet, at     responsible for the requested                information. If it is uncertain which
                                            Army activity has the information,
Civilian Employment Employment
                                            requests may be submitted to the Army
inquiries and applications should be
                                            Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
directed to the following: (1) For          Division, Information Systems
employment in the Washington, DC,           Command-Pentagon, Attn: ASQNS-OP-F,
metropolitan area—Personnel and             Room 1146, 2461 Eisenhower Avenue,
Employment Service—Washington,              Alexandria, VA 22331–0301. Phone,
Room 3D727, The Pentagon,                   703–325–6163.
Washington, DC 20310–6800 (phone,           Military Traffic Management Command
703–695–3383); (2) For employment           Information concerning military
outside the Washington, DC,                 transportation news and issues is
metropolitan area—address or apply          available electronically through the
directly to the Army installation where     Internet, at
employment is desired, Attn: Civilian       Public Affairs and Community Relations
Personnel Office; (3) For employment        For official Army information and
overseas—U.S. Army Civilian Personnel       community relations, contact the Office
Center, Attn: PECC–CSS, Hoffman II          of the Chief of Public Affairs,
Building, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria,   Department of the Army, Washington,
VA 22332–0300 (phone, 703–325–              DC 20310–1508. Phone, 703–694–
8712).                                      0741. During nonoffice hours, call 202–
Contracts Contract procurement              695–0441.
policies and procedures are the             Publications Requests should be
responsibility of the Deputy for            addressed to the Information
Procurement, Office of the Assistant        Management Officer of the Army activity
Secretary of the Army (Research,            that publishes the requested publication.
Development and Acquisition), Room          Official publications published by
2E661, The Pentagon, Washington, DC         Headquarters, Department of the Army,
20310–0103. Phone, 703–695–2488.            are available from the National
Environment Contact the Public Affairs      Technical Information Service,
Office, Office of the Chief of Engineers,   Department of Commerce, Attn: Order
Washington, DC 20314–1000, phone,           Preprocessing Section, 5285 Port Royal
202–272–0010; or the nearest Corps of       Road, Springfield, VA 22161–2171.
Engineers Division or District Office       Phone, 703–487–4600. If it is uncertain
located in most major cities throughout     which Army activity published the
the United States.                          publication, requests should be
                                                 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE            205

addressed to the Publishing Division,       Corps of Engineer Division or District
U.S. Army Publications and Printing         Office.
Command, Room 1050, 2461
Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA           Military Career and Training
22331–0301. Phone, 202–325–6292.            Opportunities
Reading Rooms The Pentagon Library          Information on all phases of Army
is located in Room 1A518, The               enlistments and specialized training are
Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310–6000.        available by writing the United States
Phone, 703–697–4301. The Discharge          Army Recruiting Command, Fort
Review/Correction Boards Reading Room       Sheridan, IL 60037. Phone, 312–926–
is located in Room 2E165, The
Pentagon, Washington, DC 20319–1803.
                                            Army Health Professions For
Phone, 703–695–3973. The Army
                                            information concerning career
Freedom of Information Act Reading
                                            opportunities in Army Health
Room is located in Room 1146, 2461
                                            Professions, write to HQDA (SGPS–PD),
Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA           Skyline No. 5, 5100 Leesburg Pike, Falls
22331–0301. Phone, 703–325–6163.            Church, VA 22041–3258. Phone, 703–
Research Industry may obtain                756–8114.
information on long-range research and      Army ROTC The Army Reserve
development plans concerning future         Officers’ Training Corps is an
materiel requirements and objectives        educational program designed to
from the Commander, U.S. Army               develop college-educated officers for the
Materiel Command, Attn: AMCPA, 5001         Active Army, the Army National Guard,
Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, VA             and the Army Reserve. For information,
22333–0001. Phone, 703–274–8010.            write or contact the Professor of Military
Small Business Activities Aids to assist    Science at the nearest college or
small businesses in obtaining defense       university offering the program, or the
procurement contracts are available         Army ROTC Regional Headquarters in
through the Office of Small and             your area.
Disadvantaged Business Utilization,         Army National Guard For information
Office of the Secretary of the Army,        concerning individual training
Room 2A712, The Pentagon,                   opportunities in the National Guard,
Washington, DC 20310–0106. Phone,           contact the Army National Guard, ARO–
703–695–9800.                               OAC–ME, Edgewood, MD 21010–5420.
Speakers Civilian organizations desiring    Phone, 301–671–4789.
an Army speaker may contact a nearby        Chaplains Corps For information
Army installation or write or call the      concerning career opportunities as a
Community Relations Division, Office of     chaplain, write to the Office, Chief of
the Chief of Public Affairs, Department     Chaplains, HQDA (DACH–PER),
of the Army, Washington, DC 20310–          Washington, DC 20310–2700. Phone,
1508. Phone, 703–697–5720. Requests         703–693–2361.
for Army Reserve speakers may be            Commissioning Opportunities for
addressed to HQDA (DAAR–PA),                Women All commissioning sources
Washington, DC 20310–2423, or the           available to men are available to
local Army Reserve Center.                  women.
Organizations in the Washington, DC,        Judge Advocate General’s Corps For
area desiring chaplain speakers may         information concerning career
contact the Chief of Chaplains,             opportunities as a lawyer, military and
Department of the Army, Washington,         civilian, write to the Personnel, Plans,
DC 20310–2700. Phone, 703–693–              and Training Office, Office of the Judge
2361. Information on speakers may be        Advocate General, Department of the
obtained by contacting the Public Affairs   Army, HQDA (DAJA–PT), Washington,
Office, Office of the Chief of Engineers,   DC 20310–2200. Phone, 703–695–
Washington, DC 20314, or the nearest        1353.

Officer Candidate Schools Members of                   United States Military Academy For
the Active Army and Reserve                            information write to the Director of
Components may attend the 14-week                      Admissions, United States Military
course at Fort Benning, GA.                            Academy, West Point, NY 10996.
                                                       Phone, 914–938–4041.

For further information concerning the Department of the Army, contact the Office of the Chief of Public
Affairs, Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC 20310–1508. Phone, 703–694–0741.