16 years Old Female COLLEGE KID Unveils her Secret of Making Cool

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					 16 years Old Female COLLEGE
KID Unveils her Secret of Making
  Cool, Legal, Ethical and Lazy
$1000/Month Online Stress-free.

Hello, thanks for downloading this Exclusive Report. You are going to learn the secret of making
   at least $1000/Month or even more if you follow closely this Report and TAKE ACTION



       Making money online just got easier with multiple10dollars. With us, money making is as simple
  as ABC.. The objective of multiple10dollars is to raise at least 1,000,000 members before the end on
2012; who will be tutored intensively to achieve stable and enviable income online. Think $1000, $2000,
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                                      LETS GET STARTED

Multiple10$ is the secret place we are going to. You can access it at


   It’s exactly as the image above and you will know the reason why this is the next big money
making website when you read through the home page. As in the arrow above, click on JOIN
You will be taken to another page as shown above and we have to choose our means of
registration/payment. We are paying with liberty reserve so, we have to click on the liberty
reserve logo there.

On the next page as seen above, you need to click on pay.
We shall land directly on the LIBERTY RESERVE login page where we are to login into our LR
account and make our payment of $15 to become a member of multiple$10.

Next is to input your login details (the details that I asked you to keep safe when we were
opening LR account). You have to input the details accordingly and click on NEXT.

Just as I clicked on NEXT, it asked for VERIFICATION CODE . I have to go straight to my
emailbox to fetch the code.
I login to my email I used in opening my LIBERTY RESERVE account and fetched the
VERIFICATION PIN as shown in the image above.

I have to input it where it was asking for the VERIFICATION CODE and click continue.
You will land on a page like the one above, just click on SKIP.

Here comes the next page, click on the box to mark it and click on CONTINUE.

On this page, just click on LOGIN PIN.
Input your LOGIN PIN in the space provided (you have your login pin in the details I asked you
to keep safe) and after that, click on LOGIN.

On the next page, write just anything in the memo box (you might write your name) and next,
input your Master Key (you have this in the details I asked you to keep safe ) and click

This will show you a PREVIEW of the payment you are about to make. You just CONFIRM the
payment and you will land on the SIGN UP page.
Once you get to the signup page, just input the details as in above. Your desired username, your
email address, your password and your LIBERTY RESERVE account number. Once you supply
this, click on SIGNUP.

PLEASE NOTE: immediately under the Liberty Reserve ID, if another box shows
ALERTPAY ID, just copy and paste your LIBERTY RESERVE account number there. Do
not bother yourself with alertpay since we are using liberty reserve.

After signing up, you will see a page like the one above, click on “click here” and you will have
to login to the member area with your username and password.
You will need to input your email address and password to access the member area and get your
referral code/link.

   Once you are signed up, you will be able to have access to
the member area with your email address and password. When
on the member area, you will see the kind of highlighted area
above. That’s your referral id. You will need to copy this exactly
as seen above and keep the link in secret place. That’s the most
important thing that we need here.

 This is done, you are 90% set to start making an extra $1000
from this simple website. I will have to pause here and allow
you to go straight away and get a LIBERTY RESERVE
LINK. Once you have done this, I will send you the second part
of this report which will teach you exactly what you shall be
doing to ensure you make at least $1000 right into your
LIBERTY            RESERVE             account        through
 After reading this, and you have fulfilled all the steps therein,
kindly send a mail to with the
TITLE “completed multiple10dollars registration”
And make your referral link the context of the mail. I shall send
the second part of this report out to you instantly. This shows the
secret of how I make $1,000 Monthly From This alone.
Remember, I am giving you this 100% FREE and this can
change your financial status for better in the next couple of days.
My candid advice is, take action now.

  If you want to be generous for the job I have done here, you may
      join MULTIPLE10DOLLARS through this referral link.


Mark Collins

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Description: 16 years Old Female COLLEGE KID Unveils her Secret of Making Cool, Legal, Ethical and Lazy $1000/Month Online Stress-free.