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Career Paths for Psychology Majors

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					                          Career Paths for Psychology Majors
                                          Social & Human Services
                                                Human Resources
                                                  Residential Care
                                  Professional Association Websites

   Career Ser vices
      University of
     Santa Barbara
      Santa Barbara, CA
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           Building 599
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      FAX 805 893 8023

Social and Human Services                             
                                                                Serach for Human Resource jobs within the medical field.
Where to look for these types of jobs:                          Type in “Human Resources” in a keyword search.
Non-profit Agencies, Medical/Health Organizations,
Federal/State/Local Government Agencies, Corrections and
Rehabilitation (Federal, State, Local) Insurance Companies,     The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website contains job
Religious Organizations, Retirement Homes/Communities           listings in educational institutions for you to review.

Possible Job Titles:                                  
Case Coordinator, Community Services Specialist,                Search for Human Resource Jobs in the field of banking.
Consultant, Counseling Coordinator, Family Counselor,
Social Worker, Youth Specialist, Project Manager, Program
Director                                                        A.M. Best COmpany’s webiste connects you with industry
                                                                news, employers, and associations in the field of insurance.
                                                                                                The American Staffing Association’s website.
Lists positions by state for work in mental health, substance
abuse, children and youth counseling, medical social work,
criminal justice, domestic violence, community organizing
and outreadch, homelessness, and others.
                                                                            Residential Care
                                                                Where to look for these type of jobs:                                           Retirement communities, community mental health
The New Social Worker’s ONline Career Center has greaet         providers, state mental ehalth providers, substance abuse
links to a variety of job listings.                             treatment programs, short-term youth shelters, schools for
                                                                studetns with special education needs
National Association of Social Workers is a professional        Possible Job Titles:
organization with information on the fields of social and       Activities coordinator, Case Manager, Counselor, House
human service sas well as a “job link” option.                  Parent, Metnal Health Worker, Psycchiatric Resident Staffer,
                                                                Residential Counselor, Special School Counselor, Support
                                                                Worker, Youth-Service Worker
          Human Resources
Where to look for thse types of jobs:
Health care facilities, any company or organization   
tha tprovides a service, higher educational institutions,       American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
manufacturing, finance, insurance, federal governement,
state and local government, and staffing companies    
Possible Job Titles:                                            Information on mental health institutions from
Benefits Administrator, Employee Development Specialist,
Equal Opportunity (EEO) Representative, Human Resources
Coordinator, Human Resources Specialist, Industrial             The Department of Mental Health’s website has information
Relations Manager, Job Classification Specialist, Labor         on state hospitals, community mental health services, and
Relations Specialist, Personnel Consultant, Position Review     jobs
Psecialist, Recruiter, Training and Development Manager
Websites:                                                       Type in addition treatment into the
                                                                job search. This will lead to guides and                                                    driectories, associations, and support,
The Society for Human Resource Management’s website is          clinics, treatment, and many related                   UCSB
designed to provide valuable information abou thte Human
Resource Field
                                                                categories by addiciotn type.                    CAREER
                                                                                                               SERVICES   CES
   P U T T I N G S C H O L A R S H I P, L E A D E R S H I P, 2A N D C I T I Z E N S H I P T O W O R K
Department of Health and Human Services Administration                               Teaching
for Children and Families homepage.
                                                                 For Elementary school adn high school positions in general                                                education type courses, visit Micael Kemp’s Link off of the
Find a compreehensive listing of independent secondary           Career and Counseling Servicdes website, or com eot the
schools that offer pgrograms and promote assistance to           Career Center and make an appointment with Molly Steen or
sudents with learning disabilities.                              Micael Kemp

                                                                 For Community College and College jobs in teaching
                       Therapy                                   psychology you need at least a master’s degree.

                                                                 Where to look for this type of job:
Where to look for these types of jobs:
Medical institutions, schools, psychiatric facilities, private   Look in directories like Peterson’s Guide to Two-Year
rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities, public      COlleges, or Peterson’s Guide to Four Year OClleges. Look at
and private mental health providers, nonprofit providers,        Career office postings and psychology department postings,
correctional facilities.                                         Caerfully reveiw professional association websites. Most of
                                                                 them have links to job listings.
Possible Job Titles:
Activity Therapist, Art Therapist, Behavior Therapist,
Massage Therapist, Occupational Therapist, , Family                  Professional Association
Therapist, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor, Recreational
Therapist                                                                    Websites:
Refer to the “So You Want to Be a Therapist” handout for
information on careers that require Master’s or Doctorate        Job Listings form the American Psychological Assocation
                                                                 American Psychological Society

                                                                 Association of Psychology’s post-doctoral and internship

                                                                                                             SERVICES   CES
    P U T T I N G S C H O L A R S H I P, L E A D E R S H I P, 3A N D C I T I Z E N S H I P T O W O R K

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