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									                          APPLICATION FORM

          3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Fund

For NEA’s Use

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File Ref. No          :

Date Received         :

Officer-in-charge     :
                                  EXPLANATORY NOTES

This form may take you 45 minutes to fill in. You will need the following information to fill in the

      Business particulars
      ACRA Business Profile
      Latest audited annual/financial report (not applicable for new facility)
      Last 12 months’ waste disposal/ recycled data (not applicable for new facility)
      Proposed project description

To assist us in evaluating your application speedily, the requested information must be provided
as completely as possible. If the space provided is insufficient, a separate sheet may be used.
Information that is not yet available or not applicable must be indicated accordingly.

You should contact us if you have any difficulties in completing the form or if you need any
further information.

One copy of this application is to be submitted to:

                                       3R Fund Coordinator
                           Waste and Resource Management Department
                                   National Environment Agency
                            40 Scotts Road #11-00 Environment Building
                                        Singapore 228231

                            ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED WILL BE
                            HELD IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE


Interested parties with new projects that can cut down the amount of waste produced or
the amount that needs to be sent to the disposal sites are invited to apply for co-funding
of their project cost under NEA’s 3R Fund.

1       Applicant Eligibility

Any organisation in Singapore, including companies, non-profit organisations, town councils,
schools, institutions, building owners and industry associations can apply.

2       Project Eligibility

Projects must result in an increase in the quantity of solid waste (this excludes toxic and
chemical wastes) recycled or a reduction in the quantity of solid waste generated. Projects with
new and innovative processes and concepts, and which target waste streams with low recycling
rates such as food, plastic and glass will be given higher priority. The projects could include the

(i)     Redesign of processes to reduce waste at the production stage, including redesign of
        packaging or products;

(ii)    Installation of new waste recycling infrastructure such as separate chutes, containers or
        receptacles for the collection of recyclables, as well as refurbishment work to provide
        additional storage space for recyclables;

(iii)   Installation of innovative waste sorting or recycling systems/equipment; and

(iv)    Upgrading, installation or implementation of new operation/system to reduce waste or
        increase recycling.

3       Grant Quantum

The 3R Fund will co-fund up to 80% of qualifying costs, subject to a cap of $1 million per project
and per applicant. The funding level will depend on the quantity and type of waste reduced or
recycled. The grant will be calculated based on key outcomes such as the actual quantity of
waste reduced or recycled.

4       Project Duration

The maximum project duration is 3 years. The project must include a year of full operation. The
actual quantities of waste recycled or reduced for the project must be provided.

5       Disbursement of Grants

Disbursements will be on reimbursement basis and in 3 installments:

(i)     On completion of installation and commissioning of equipment or system and after 2
        months of successful operation – Up to 50% of Approved Grant.

(ii)    After 6 months of successful operation – Up to 80% (cumulative) of Approved Grant.

(iii)   After completion of Project and submission of final report – Final payment

(i)     Final disbursement request must be submitted within 6 months of project completion.
(ii)    The maximum project period is 3 years from date of the Letter of Offer.
(iii)   In the event the actual waste quantity recycled/reduced is lower than that submitted in the
        project application, the Grant shall be reduced accordingly.
(iv)    In the event the Grant exceeds S$100,000, the disbursement request by Company must
        be certified by an external Certified Public Accountant appointed by the Company. All
        costs incurred for engaging the Certified Public Accountant shall be borne by the
(v)     The disbursement of Grant will be based on the actual quantity of waste reduced /
        recycled and the actual Qualifying Cost

6       Reports

       Interim Reports

Grant recipients are required to submit interim reports to NEA at 6 monthly intervals. Details of
the progress, problems and other information regarding the status of the project must be

       Final Report

The final report must be submitted within 6 months of completion of the project. The report must
include a description of the project activity and final results showing actual waste quantities
recycled or reduced.

(Please supply information on separate sheets if necessary)


(a) Name of Organisation applying for 3R Fund:

(b) Company Address             :

    Tel No                      :

    Fax No                      :

(c) Contact Person              :

    Email                       :

    DID                         :

    HP                          :

    Organisation Business / :


(a) Authorised Capital (S$)     :    (S$)

(b) Paid-up Capital (S$)       :      (S$)
(Please indicate invested capital for sole proprietorships / partnerships)

Please provide a copy of your latest audited annual/financial report (not applicable for new facility).


1   WASTE OUTPUT FOR LAST 12 MONTHS:                                                        Tonnes

    (In addition please also provide waste disposal bills for the last 12 months)


      Type of Waste             Amount                 Amount                Total Output      GWC/Recycling Company
      (eg. Paper, Food,       Recycled/year         Disposed/year             of Waste
      Plastic, mixed, etc)      (Tonne)                (Tonne)                 (Tonne)

     Please include more rows if applicable
     GWC - refers to the licensed waste collector appointed to collect waste from the premises

Please provide the additional project details in a separate attachment using the following section as a guide.


    Please attach details of the following:

(a) Project Title

(b) Project Summary (not exceeding 200 words)

(c) Project details
    Describe the project including methodology and process. Details must include type (eg plastic, food, etc) & additional
    quantity of waste that will be reduced/ reused or recycled as a result of the project, showing all calculations and

(d) Project costs
    Provide detailed cost breakdown of i) manpower costs (salary and percentage of work allocated to project); ii) equipment
    and materials; and iii) professional services. (Include supporting quotations for all cost components.)

      Cost Components                                                                   S$
       - Salary
      Equipment, Materials, Consumables
      -Materials & Consumables
      Professional Services
      - Sub-Contracting
      Other Costs


    Project period
    (Please provide project schedule & milestones)

    Commencement Date
    Completion Date

                             Milestones                                    By Month from Grant Approval

    If project duration exceeds 36 months, please state the reasons:


    Specify, if any, other relevant information in support of the application


1   I declare that the project has not commenced at the time of application.

2   I declare that the Organisation/Company has not signed contracts nor incurred expenses related to the project at the time of

3   I declare that the Organisation/Company has not applied, obtained or will be obtaining any other financial incentives for this

4   I declare that the facts stated in this application and the accompanying information are true and correct to the best of my
    knowledge and that I have not withheld/distorted any material facts. NEA reserves the right to request for additional
    information and I am aware that any failure to supply such information requested for will affect this application. I am further
    aware that in the event of any failure to comply with the above or should any declaration or information given found to be
    false or untrue, NEA may withdraw the grant under the 3R Fund and to recover all disbursed amounts.

5   The National Environment Agency (NEA) collects personal information to carry out its various functions and duties under the
    National Environment Agency Act (Cap 195) including the implementation of environmental and public health policies in
    Singapore and any other related purposes. I hereby consent to NEA’s use of the information provided by me in the course
    of any application I have made to the NEA, to facilitate the processing of such application for such purposes. I hereby further
    consent to NEA sharing the information in such application with other Government agencies, or non-government entities
    authorised to carry out specific government services, unless prohibited by legislation

    Signature of authorised representative                             Signatory’s Designation

    Name (in BLOCK LETTERS)                                            Date (DD/MM/YY)

    (The Applicant’s signatory should be the CEO, MD or someone in an equivalent position in the Organisation/Company who has
    the authority to submit this application.)

    Witnessed by:

    Signature of witness                                               Signatory’s Designation

    Name (in BLOCK LETTERS)                                            Date (DD/MM/YY)

    Telephone Number                                                   Email Address


Before submission, kindly go through the list of items below to ensure that you have furnished
the necessary documents and tick (√) accordingly.

    ACRA Business Profile/Registration
    Latest audited annual/financial report (not applicable for new facility)
    Last 12 months’ Waste Disposal bills (not applicable for new facility)
    Proposed project description
    Supporting Documents, if any.
      - Letters of Support
       If the project involves recycling of waste by other facilities/recycling companies, provide
       letter/documents from those companies indicating their interest and ability to recycle the
       specified type and quantity of waste,
       If your project involves processing, recycling a waste material, provide documents from
       those sources indicating their interest in supplying the material to you.

                                      Important Note:
             Please ensure that the application form has been fully completed and
                     all the necessary documents have been furnished.


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