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									Cheap Calls to Pakistan
Free Calls are still the most sought after offer from Voip service providers. Free Calls
offer customers a way to test the Voip service provider without actually investing a
lot of money and trust. Big Voip service providers such as Localphone have been
offering 5 minutes of free call since a very long time. Now, Mobeefree is offering free
calls to Pakistan during the months of February and March on Tuesdays.

Free Calls to Pakistan on Tuesday
Free calls to Pakistan are a reality now. You can make a free call to pakistan for 15
minutes every Tuesday if you are a Mobeefree customer. There isn't much to do to get
this free call. All you must do is to keep a positive balance of at least $8 in your account.

Salient features of this offer are:

    1.   Free calls to Pakistan every Tuesday
    2.   No hidden fee or connection charge
    3.   Offer ends March 27th, 2012
    4.   No coupon code required
    5.   Free Calls can be made to Mobile phones only
    6.   If you talk more than 15 minutes your account will be charged

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