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									RSP 102
   Introduction to the
Culture of Collegiate Life

  Fall Semester - 2009
                   Mapping                                                   Experience
   Plan your studies                                              Cultivate a caring community
   Plan your activities                                           Think through problems
   Give form to values and ideals                                 Share views
   Enable the realization of personal                             Become involved
    aspirations                                                    Exchange and compare
   Deepen and extend your social network                           perspectives
    and vital friends

                                        Imagine your
                                        Develop a vision of
                                         a better world
                                        Stretch your idea of
                                          Picture your

                  RSP 102 – Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life
                                  Fall Semester – 2009
                                  Mondays, 12:30-1:20
Course Number:        RSP 102

Course Title:         Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life

Credit Allocation:    1 Credit Hour

Placement:            Fall, TRAD Curriculum

Course Leader:        Pat Nilsson, MS, APRN, BC; Office: 196B
                      Phone: 280-2048; Email:

Course Faculty:       Amy Cosimano, EdD(c), MSN, RNC; Office: 234
                      Phone: 280-2038; Email:

                      Anne Schoening, PhD, RN; Office: 228
                      Phone: 280-4777, Email:

                      Holly Sandhurst, MSN, RN; Office: 197B
                      Phone: 280-3492; Email:

                      Marysue Wydeven, MSN, RN; Office: 194D
                      Phone: 280-2056; Email:

                      Ann Harms, MSN, RN, CS; Office: Hastings
                      Phone: 402-461-5057; Email:

Course                This course in Creighton’s Ratio Studiorum Program (RSP) introduces
Description:          freshman students to life at Creighton University. It examines elements of
                      collegiate life, such as the meaning and value of a liberal arts education; the
                      Jesuit, Catholic history and values; and the vocational aspirations and
                      challenges common to all freshmen. Students are introduced to the School
                      of Nursing’s “Ratio Studiorum” or plan of study, including the School of
                      Nursing Program Objectives and degree requirements. They learn about the
                      culture of scholarship and academic integrity. A book which addresses
                      aspects of self-exploration and self-discovery is assigned and will be
                      discussed in class. Decurions or peer academic leaders will join the
                      students and faculty preceptor to participate in this venture. Senior nursing
                      students who have been selected by each faculty preceptor will serve in this
                      role. A Beadle (sophomore student) will serve as a guide for Welcome
                      Week and other social activities.

Course                Upon successful completion of NUR 102, students will be able to:
Objectives:              1. Discuss the meaning of a liberal arts education and the University’s
                            Jesuit, Catholic history and key Ignatian values.

                         2. Identify the School of Nursing’s place within the structure of the
                         3. Articulate the School of Nursing program objectives
                         4. Utilize the SON Ratio Studiorum as a means to explore Jesuit values
                            within the context of the School of Nursing curriculum.
                         5. Apply knowledge of the School of Nursing degree requirements
                            through use of the Student Self-Service system.
                         6. Describe expectations related to academic integrity and will adhere
                            to the University and College policies and procedures on academic
                            honesty and University disciplinary policies.
                         7. Identify special opportunities for learning (e.g. study abroad,
                            faculty-lead summer programs abroad, service-learning, Ecuentro
                            Dominicano, service break trips, transient study, etc.)
                         8. Engage in self-exploration and self-discovery.

Required              Learning in the Academy: An Introduction to the Culture of Scholarship-
Textbooks:            (on-line).

                      Freeman, Celeste. (1995). G Dog and the Home Boys. University of New
                      Mexico Press: Albuquerque, NM.

                      Creighton University School of Nursing Handbook

Methods of         Large and small group discussion, role playing, audiovisual resources,
Teaching/Learning: Shadow A Nurse experience, service project.

Methods of Student           Attendance                                            10 %
Evaluation:                  Discussion and Participation                          25 %
                             Alcohol Abuse Seminar                                 10 %
                             Relationships Seminar                                  10%
                             Call to Nursing                                         5%
                             Advising Sessions (2 preparation for)      2 ½ % each = 5%
                             Online Library Orientation                              5%
                             Shadow A Nurse Paper                                   20%
                             Service Project                                         5%
                             Learning Style Inventory (ATI)                          5%
                            *Diversity Seminar is considered class time

Grading:              This course will be graded as follows (according to SON policy)
                      A = 91-100; B+ = 88- 90; B = 83-87; C+ =80-82; C =75-79; D = 68-74; F =

                      Grades shown on BlueLine are not official course grades. Official grades
                      will be posted on NEST at the end of the semester. If errors are made in
                      posting grades, the faculty reserve the right to correct the postings.

                      Rounding of the final grade will occur at .50 or above.

Academic Honesty:   Please refer to the Academic Honesty Policies located in the current issue of
                    the Creighton University Undergraduate Bulletin for the policy on academic

                    The School of Nursing has adopted a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism.
                    Therefore, if an assignment is considered to be plagiarized, it will be
                    brought to the course team. The minimum penalty is a grade of zero (0).
                    The student may also be subject to additional consequences based on the
                    recommendations of the course team.

                    Refer to the section titled “Code of Conduct Policies” located in the School
                    of Nursing Student Handbook for the policy related to plagiarism.

Course Attendance   Attendance is mandatory and participation in class is expected. Attendance
Policy:             will influence the student’s grade. Attendance will be taken during class
                    time in order to facilitate faculty identification of excessive absences or
                    tardiness. Absence from class will drop the attendance grade up to 5 points
                    for each absence. Excessive absences from the course (to be determined by
                    the preceptor) may earn the grade of AF and will be documented in the
                    student’s file. Consequences of habitual tardiness will be dealt with on an
                    individual basis. Tardiness is disruptive to the class as well as to the

                    Anticipated absences from University and/or professional functions are to
                    be discussed with the preceptor in advance. If students miss class and/or
                    classroom material, it is their responsibility to acquire the missing content.
                    Should an illness or emergency arise, the student is expected to notify their
                    preceptor as soon as possible.

                    Failure to appear for individual advising meetings drop the participation
                    grade by 2.5 participation points each, unless prior arrangements with the
                    preceptor have been made.

Course Web Site:    The course web site will be on BlueLine at
                    Your NetID and BLUE password should give you access to BlueLine. If
                    you need help with this, please call the HelpDesk at 280-1111.

                    The syllabus, course schedules, course handouts, assignments, readings, and
                    other general course information will be posted on BlueLine under Course

                    Prior to class: The student is responsible for reading the weekly objectives,
                    pre-class preparation readings, and other directions posted on BlueLine.

                    Weekly: The student is responsible for reading course announcements
                    posted on BlueLine.

                    Daily: The student is also responsible for reading CUmail messages related
                    to this course. These messages will include RSP 102 in the subject line.

                    When sending email through the BlueLine Course Mail (under
                    Communication) please include RSP 102 in the subject line.

                    Students’ grades will be posted on the BlueLine site. To access them, Click
                    on the Course Tools nugget on your Course Homepage.

Course Survey:      The School of Nursing will conduct course, faculty, and clinical rotation
                    surveys online (located at Please see the
                    section titled “Student Involvement in Curriculum Implementation and
                    Evaluation” in the Creighton University School of Nursing student
                    handbook for complete information.

Drop/Add            Please refer to the Academic Calendars on the Registrar’s page for drop/add
Deadlines:          deadline dates.

School of Nursing   For all course polices related to classroom and clinical please refer to the
Policies and        Creighton University School of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Procedures:         Student Handbook located on the Student Affairs BlueLine site and on the
                    School of Nursing Website.

                    University related student policies are located in the Creighton University
                    Student Handbook.


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