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Hearing Loss Consequences


									                    Hearing Loss Consequences
                    Many people suffer from hearing loss, are
                    aware of the issue, and continue to refuse or
                    delay intervention and management. There
                    may be a variety of factors that lead them to
                    this resolve. Many are in denial that a hearing
                    impairment exists, or feel as though it is a
loss of youth and strength. People worry over financial concerns,
or truly believe they can get along without amplification.

Many wait months or years before they seek treatment.
Considering the negative impacts and consequences of hearing
impairment, it is truly a shame that anyone would wait! Negative
impacts have been found in all areas of life.

Social, emotional, psychological, cognitive, and even physical
health effects have been associated with untreated hearing
impairment. Hearing impairment left unmanaged has a broad
range of implications in multiple areas of life! Overall quality of
life can be negatively impacted for some people.

Communication can be so difficult that many withdraw socially,
become isolated from family and friends, and have negative
effects on their job abilities. Research has associated hearing
impairment with emotional feelings of negativity, irritability, and
anger. Fatigue, stress, tension, and even depression have been
linked to untreated hearing difficulties. Many begin to avoid or
withdraw from typical social activities.

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Others feel rejected socially, leading to loneliness. Personal safety
may even be at risk with a reduced ability to hear warning signals
and be generally alert. Job performance may drop, leading to a
reduction in earnings.

Overall, patients may show reduced psychosocial, emotional, and
physical health! In younger patients, even a slight decrease in
hearing sensitivity could increase learning difficulties related to
speech development, social and interpersonal skills, self-
consciousness, and academic achievement.

It is extremely important that hearing impairment be recognized
early, diagnosed, and treatment options made available! Waiting
could only lead to greater difficulty for patients of all ages!
Hearing healthcare professionals are readily available to provide
patient education. Prevention and treatment is the key to hearing

If you have questions you need answered contact a hearing
healthcare provider today! It is important that you prevent any
further damage to your hearing and your quality of life! If you
suspect that you or a loved one has a hearing impairment, do not
wait to take the next steps.

Make a free appointment today. Simple testing can make all the
difference in the world. Find out your options as soon as possible.
Improve your hearing health and life health now. Better hearing
is awaiting you! Let us help you overcome your hearing loss

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Professional Hearing Centers
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