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					Loan interest rates, should repay the loan ahead of schedule? Now is not the issue, because those who have money to spare on hand, those who want to repay the loan ahead of schedule, and now also on the has been put spare money. However, this interest rate loans to buy a house Querang most people think of another question, "If the expected future prepayments, how should it be the right loan?" Loans to several techniques China Minsheng Banking Beijing Management Mortgage Center Jinzhu Ren said the center's individual housing loans, on average each in the 45-47 million. In the rate hike, the amount of monthly loan repayment ahead of schedule amounted to a million or so, and there are data show that the real amount of housing mortgage loans, and its average loan age is 7-8 years. This means that, regardless of whether the increase in lending rates, early repayment is that most customers will experience, sooner or later, repayment amount the size of the problem. Policy of raising interest rates after the introduction of mortgage Minsheng Bank's Beijing Management Center, the average daily number of early repayment, from the original 10 pen around to 15-20 pen. Thus, there is still quite sensitive to interest rates for loans, although the matching principal and interest repayment in accordance with law, a sum of 500,000 yuan 20 years of the loan the monthly repayment amount is only increased by about 75. Jin Zhuren analysis, these customers are generally those in the hands some money left over, but a lack of investment channels for people. The most commonly used, there are two main methods of repayment, a repayment of principal and interest is the matching method, one is equal principal repayment method. Matching principal and interest repayment method, the borrower equal to the amount of monthly loan repayments of principal and interest. In this way the early repayment of interest in the largest number of the principal had to relatively small, later with the gradual reduction of the monthly interest payments and return of principal on the gradually increasing. Equal principal repayment method, the borrower equal to the amount a month to repay the loan principal and interest with the principal monthly decline, the monthly repayment amount is decreasing every month. The time the loan under the same conditions, matching law to pay principal and interest repayments of interest higher than the equal principal repayment method. So, if the plan for early repayment of principal repayment method matching the best choice. But the equal principal repayment method, the initial repayment pressures greater economic capacity more suitable for strong credit. Also need to note that banks for the early repayment of policies are different. While less than one year of repayment are, and now the banks in general are no longerÊÕÈ¡Î¥Ô¼½ð, but some banks to make provision for

the amount of repayment, such as "early repayment for the amount of not less than 6 times the current monthly and so on." A variety of payment methods In fact, apart from two kinds of principal and interest equal repayment of principal and equal manner, there are more personalized way of repayment options. Such as Minsheng Bank mobile mortgage bank. According to the status of future income borrowers, setting several repayment period (normally not more than five stages), which can be increment type, can also be a regressive type. For many young people, the current income may not be high, but in the growth stage, can the income of each stage to determine a repayment amount, tailor-made out of a curve, also at every stage of their own section of a glance. For example, as early growth is also lower than the monthly repayment amount may be equal in the amount of principal and interest, but to a certain stage of development, but also the amount has increased to even higher than the matching principal. In fact, for many borrowers, saving interest is on the one hand, leaving their lending is more simple and easy to operate, more personalized, user-friendly and may be more who want to get a loan. In addition, like the GDB launched a set of financial management functions in a fiscal credit, housing loans with loan repayment ahead of schedule not only easier, but also increase the rate of return of funds is also a good choice. For those investors who buy a house needs to be noted that buying second homes are now implemented lending rate is 6.24%, higher than the housing loans almost 1 percentage point. If the hands of the money left over will be from the housing loan repayment ahead of schedule, and then obviously the cost of loans to buy a house for investment increased.

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