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					Order Form and Price list of Encaustic Art Materials                                                Date________________________

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Item Description                                               Price list effective 01/03/2011      Order   Cost $Au       Total     Weight
Encaustic painting iron. This lightweight iron is essential to reproduce the effects as shown in
Michael Bossom's books                                                                                      $62.50                    0.55
Encaustic drawing Stylus. This specially made tool will run continuously at the correct
temperature for wax painting.(supplied with two tips one brush).                                            $67.50                    0.25

NEW Ceramic hotplate (A2+)-- thermostatic control-- Special order only--Detail & POA                        P.O.A.
Replacement nib for stylus. (split brass nib)                                                               $5.00                     0.00
Replacement brush for stylus. (wire brush)                                                                  $5.00                     0.00
Mini Iron tip (medium iron shape fits stylus)                                                               $10.00                    0.01
Micro Iron tip (small iron shape fits stylus)                                                               $10.00                    0.01
Round Tip                                                                                                   $10.00                    0.01
Scrapy Tools x5                                                                                             $35.00                    0.03
Sponge set                                                                                                  $10.00                    0.01
Scribing tool (brass) for scragfito work                                                                    $7.00                     0.03
    Michael Bossom's Encaustic Art "How to paint with Wax" Full colour text on Encaustic Art                $37.50                    0.30
    Michael Bossom’s Encaustic Art Projects Book (explores using different painting surfaces).              $42.50                    0.45
    Quick Guide Booklet (overview of all encaustic products and how to use them)                            $5.00                     0.06
    DVD "Learn the skills" all the basics                                                                   $45.00                    0.12
    DVD Quick Cards (How to make and present cards that are different). 60 minutes                          $45.00                    0.12
    DVD A Bigger Picture (Larger pictures need a few new techniques).                                       $45.00                    0.12
    DVD Exploring Ideas (The very latest techniques of Hot air and Hot plate painting with wax).            $45.00                    0.12
    DVD From Hobby to Art-- Elisabeth van Uden--Hot Air Gun & Hotplate work                                 $45.00                    0.12
Wax Starter set of 16 basic colours                                                                         $35.00                    0.25
Wax Expanding set of 16 colours                                                                             $35.00                    0.25
Wax Vivid set of 16 new colours                                                                             $35.00                    0.25
All 48 Wax colours are available as individual colours (or as sets as listed above) (each)                  $2.50                     0.01
     Encaustic Painting Card --an essential coated card to best show the vibrant wax colours
    A6 150x105 approx. 100 sheets per pack                                                                  $15.00                    0.50
    A5 210x150mm approx. 100 sheets per pack                                                                $20.00                    1.00
    A4 295x210mm approx. 50 sheets per pack                                                                 $20.00                    1.00
    A3 420x300mm approx. 20 sheets per pack (includes Post Pak tube)                                        $30.00                    1.00

Sampler Kit:- Quick Guide, 5 x Wax, 10 x A5 Card                                                            $20.00                    0.10
Art Set Kit.:- Iron, Quick Guide, 16 x wax. Scriber 70 sheets white card mixed A6, A5, A4,
Plus 24 sheets of coloured card A5, all in presentation box.                  (save $15.00)                 $125.00                   1.50
Advanced Kit:- Iron, Stylus, Starter wax, Scriber, 100 x A6 Card, How to Paint with Wax
                                                                                                                $187.50               2.80
book                                                                           (save $27.50)
Freight. $12.50 up to 3kg weight via Express Post to all States in Australia.
Overseas "at cost".
                                                                                                            Total          $12.50

The strong Australian Dollar has allowed us to reduce prices on most items.

Payment by Bank transfer to CBA M.E. & I. Hesford BSB 062 822 A/C No 1713 6142.
Phone or e-mail advice of payment with your name as reference. Alternatively payment
can be by Cheque or Money order.
        We regret that Credit Card facilities are no longer available
      E-mail orders to encaustic@bigpond.com.au                Phones 02 4959 8454           Mob 0409 913 450
M.E & I. Hesford         P.O. Box 4025,         Woodrising, NSW 2288          ABN 43515 85073

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