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					Major: Nursing (RN to BSN)                                                      RNs may complete the BSN degree, and may choose to “fast
College: Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing                                   track” to complete the MS degree in Nursing. Nurses who
Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                           have a degree in another field may “bridge” to the MS degree
Option/Tracks: RN to BSN                                                        In Nursing.
Limited Access Program: No

Contacts:                     Boca Raton                                                  Pt. St. Lucie
                              Latchmin Harrilal                                           Mary Curran
                              NU 102B                                                     500 NW University Blvd.
                              (561) 297-3887                                              Port St. Lucie, FL.
                              (561) 297-3761                                              (772) 873-3381

                              Mary Ellen Hodges


Complete the A. S. degree at the community college. Some courses required for the major may also meet the General Education
Requirements, thereby transferring maximum hours to the university.

Students are encouraged to complete the following required common prerequisites during the A. S. program of study at the community
                   (P) Introduction to Psychology (PSY x012) or any General Psychology                               3
                   (P) Introduction to Sociology (SYG x000) or any Introduction to Sociology                         3
                   (P) Chemistry with Lab (CHM xxxx) or any comprehensive General Chemistry and Lab                  3-4
                   (P) Anatomy and Phsiology with Labs (BSC 2085/L & BSC 2086/L)
                              or any Anatomy and Phsiology with Labs                                                 8
                   (P) Microbiology with Lab (MSC x010C) or any Microbiology and Lab                                 4
                   (P) Human Growth and Development (DEP x004)
                              or any Growth and Development across the lifespan                                      3
                   (P) Human Nutrition (HUN x201) or any Human Nutrition                                             3
                   (P) College Algebra (MAC x105) or Liberal Arts Math (MGF x106)
                              or any College Level (not intermediate) Algebra                                        3
                   (P) Statistics (STA x014 or STA x023) or any Statistics                                           3
                   (P*) English Composition (ENC 1101, ENC 1102)                                          6
                   (P*) Humanities
(P*)=Students may be admitted to FAU upper-division without having completed this course; however, the sciences and math need to be
completed during the first few semesters.

RN to BSN Practicum NURL 4836
          Students must be admitted to the RN to BSN program.
          Students must have completed NUR 3115, MUR 4805, NUR 4607
          Students must have completed background checks

The Practicum is the required nursing practice component of the RN to BSN program. This three (3) credit course provides an opportunity
for the RN to BSN student to demonstrate baccalaureate level competencies in the practice setting by integrating the concepts and knowledge
gained from other required courses in the RN to BSN.

A three (3) credit nursing practice course carries 135 hours of required contact time. Some of these hours will be completed in scheduled
classes and/or meetings with the faculty for this course, but you should plan for at least 110 hours of actual practice time. This may mean
you would nned one full day a week for these experiences, generally during business hours Monday through Friday, as it is difficult to
arrange practicum experiences in evenings or on weekends.

The practicum is an independent self-directed learning experience. Each student is responsible for creating a personalized nursing practice
learning experience with a BSN prepared nurse preceptor. The nursing practice experience should reflect the roles and responsibilities
generally associated with the Bachelor’s prepared professional nurse. The nursing practice site and preceptor for a student’s practicum must
be approved by the faculty for the course. A signed contract which includes practicum objectives and contact information for the preceptor
must be in place before any nursing practice can be initiated. Your faculty for this course will discuss this with you when the course begins.
Nursing practice hours can only be completed in agencies that the College of Nursing has a legal contract with for the term (includes out of
state student). A list of these agencies can be found on the Bulletin Board within the College of Nursing website Practica at a student’s current place of employment are not encouraged. New contracts can
be arranged, but take at least 6-8 weeks for processing. Contact the course faculty or the Undergraduate Program Office for more
information on this process.

RN students who do not reside in the state of FL and are taking distance learning courses must contact the Assistant Dean for undergraduate
programs the first semester enrolled to discuss practicum arrangements.

The practicum should provide opportunities for the RN students to actively participate in nursing situations typically found in the preceptor’s
practice setting. Although some observation is permitted, the majority of the nursing practice time must be spent engaged in activities
permitted for RN’s as outlined in the Regulations for Nurse Practice in the State of FL.

Planning for the practicum should begin at least the semester before enrolling in the course. However, students would be well advised to
begin planning this by discussing options with faculty in the RN to BSN program. Make an appointment with your advisor to be sure you
have met the academic and university requirements for enrolling in this course.

Essential Requirements to begin NUR 4836L:
RN students must present copies of the following documents to the course faculty at the first class. Students taking the course online can
mail or bring documents to the Nursing Student Services NU 102B. No nursing practice hours may be started until all documents are in
place. If documents are not in place by the first night of class, the student will have to drop the course since delays in submission of required
documentation delays the start of practice hours and the student may not be able to complete the course requirements.

     1. Copy of current Florida Nursing license with expiration date.
     2. Copy of current BLS card with expiration date.
     3. Copy of personal medical insurance cards.
     4. Copy of Professional Malpractice Insurance card (Cost is approximately $80-$110)
Suggested site for further information: Nurses Service Organization,,, or call 1-800=621-3008 X105.
Required coverage: 1 million/3 million.
     5. Completed health form including documented immunizations (Available in the College of Nursing handbook on

Please note: Health information is confidential and may not be faxed to the Nursing Office. All documents must be either hand delivered or
mailed. All health information is sent to Student Health Services and not kept in the College of Nursing files. Please make a copy of your
information for your own files.
     6. Successful completion of the background check.

          FAU Program (Semester Hours)
          3000 or 4000

                                Upper Division University Requirements – 3000 or 4000 level courses only
Arts & Humanities - 3000 or 4000 level courses only                                                                                      3
Arts & Humanities - 3000 or 4000 level courses only                                                                                      3
Upper Division Elective - 3000 or 4000 level courses                                                                                     3
Nursing as a Discipline and Profession                                                                    NUR             3115           3
Nurse as Scholar                                                                                          NUR             4805           3
Nursing Situations with Individuals, Families and Groups                                                  NUR             4607           4
Nursing Research (Writing Across the Curriculum)                                                          NUR             4165           3
Nursing Practice Leadership                                                                               NUR             4936           3
Practicum in Integrative Nursing                                                                          NURL            4836           3
Nursing Elective                                                                                                                         3
Nursing Elective                                                                                                                         3
Nursing Elective                                                                                                                         3
Nursing Elective                                                                                                                         3
Validated Credits                                                                                         RNX             3997          20
Masters Courses    (Up to nine credits as described below)

Courses toward the Master of Science in Nursing degree: Up to 9 credits may be chosen as substitute or elective courses as part of the
undergraduate program for the nurse completing either the BS degree or the “fast track” to the MS degree in Nursing. The RN with a degree
in another field who is taking the “bridge” to the MS degree in Nursing may also take up to 9 credits while awaiting full admission to the
Graduate Program. Individual advising is essential before enrolling in these courses.

Please visit the College of Nursing home page on the World Wide Web at or the
FAU home page at

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