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					                                           The RN-to-BS Option at
      FOR MORE                             The University of North
                                         Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)
    INFORMATION:                                will allow you to:

Go to the School of Nursing website at
                                          Receive credit for previous
    Specific questions concerning          nursing education:
admission to the University should be                                                RN ACCESS
  directed to the Admissions Office
        Phone: 910-962-3243
                                           A total of 35 semester hours of
                                           placement credits are awarded for           OPTION                previous nursing education upon
                                           successful completion of NSG 316.
Specific questions concerning the RN-      Any needed Basic Studies and
 BS Option completion requirements         Collateral courses may be taken at
         should be directed to             local community colleges. Students
 Yeoun Soo Kim-Godwin, RN, PhD             may transfer a maximum of 64
   Coordinator RN to BS Option             semester credit hours from two-
        Phone: 910-962-3926                year institutions and/or a maximum    The UNCW School of Nursing RN-BS
                    of 96 semester hour credits from     Option (RN Access) allows the working
                                           four-year institutions               RN prepared at the associate degree or
          Accreditation                                                           diploma level to obtain a Bachelor of
                                          Enjoy Flexibility:                        Science with a Concentration in
   The National League for Nursing                                              Professional Nursing in an online format.
   Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)          Complete all nursing courses in an     Any nurse that holds an unrestricted
                                           online format.                          license to practice as a Registered
The Commission on Collegiate Nursing                                             Nurse in the State of North Carolina, or
       Education (CCNE)                    Schedule required class time          in one of the states participating in the
                                           around your work and home               Nurse Licensure Compact, may be
Approved by the North Carolina Board       obligations.                                   eligible for admission.
       of Nursing (NCBON).
                                           Complete clinical requirements
                                           within the community where you
                                           live.                                Earn your BS in as little as one
                                                                                year while enjoying flexibility
                                                                                    at an established and
                                                                                    accredited University.
Admission Requirements:                                     Program Completion:                                   PSY 105       General Psychology                     3*

1. Admission to UNCW *                                      A total of 124 credits are required for degree        PSY 223       Lifespan Human Development             3*
    o Among other admission                                 completion.
        requirements, students must show                                                                          (choose 1)    SOC 105 or ENC 125 or ENC              3*
        completion of at least 6 credits in                          Basic courses: 23 credits                                 221
        college English and 3 credits in                             Nursing Prerequisites: 35 credits
        college level Math.                                          Placement Credits: 35 credits               (choose 1)    Introduction to Statistics: STT        3*
                                                                     Nursing Major courses: 31 credits                         210 or 215
     o     More information may be obtained
           at**                     Non Nursing Course Requirements for the               *indicates Required Nursing Prerequisites:
                                                               Admission to the SON (58 credits)
                                                                                                                  These courses may be taken at local community
* Allow adequate time for UNCW admission process, and
follow-up on your application regularly.                    ENG 101      College Writing & Reading I         3
                                                                                                                   Nursing Major Requirements (31 credits)
** Online application is available for the fall admission   ENG 201      College Writing & Reading II        3
                                                                                                                  NSG 250       Health Assessment                       3
2. Admission to the SON                                     PED 101      Foundations of Physical Activity    2
    o After being admitted to UNCW the
                                                                                                                  NSG 316       Expanding Roles in Professional         5
        student must submit an application                  Choice       History                             3                  Nursing Practice
        to the SON.
                                                            Choice       Foreign Language                    3    NSG 327       Clinical Reasoning                      3
     o     Among other requirements, students
           must have a GPA of 2.5 on all                    Choice       Literature                          3    NSG 334       Gerontology                             3
           previous college-level coursework
           and have completed all non-nursing               (choose 1)   Philosophy: PAR 101 or 110 or       3    NSG 404       Health Policy                           3
           courses.                                                      115 or 205 or 211 or 215

     o     Specific information may be                                                                            NSG 405       Community Health Nursing                5
                                                            Choice       Fine Arts                           3
           obtained at
                                                                                                                  NSG 406       Leadership & Management                 3
                                                            (choose 1)   MAT 111 (College Algebra) or        3*
Admission Deadlines for SON:                                             MAT 115 (Basic Calculus)                 NSG 415       Nursing Research                        3

The deadline for application to the RN                      CHM 101      General Chemistry                   4*   NSG 4xx       Nursing Elective: Select one            3
ACCESS Program is March 1 for fall
semester full time or part time students.                   BIO 201      Principles of Biology: Cells        4*   All nursing courses are online. A minimum of one
                                                                                                                  calendar year of full-time study or two or more years of
Program Requirement:                                                                                              part-time study is necessary to complete the required
                                                            BIO 240      Human Anatomy & Physiology I        4*   nursing courses. Completion of these courses meets
                                                                                                                  UNCW Residency Requirement.
Students must have access to a computer                     BIO 241      Human Anatomy & Physiology II       4*
with a reliable Internet connection, Microsoft
PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Internet                        BIO 246      Microbiology of Human Disease       4*
Explorer, and a UNCW email account.

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