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					The Lazy Man's Way to Implementing an Insurance Lead Management System
by Bill Rice

Some say necessity is the mother of invention. I disagree. I believe that laziness is. How
else would we get back scratchers? Or robot butlers? The whole remote control industry is
based on the premise of making life easier. So why shouldn't lead management do the
same thing?

The problem with lead management is that it takes a sales person longer to set up than it
does to go into your yellow pad, your email, or your file drawer to find the number and
contact. No one wants the hassle of "dealing" with another system. That's why lead
management should be 1) easy, and 2) it should actually manage your leads, right? Here
are the steps to making lead management as simple as a remote control.

1. Get a system like Fill out the online information and your system
credentials are emailed to you. So far--easy.

2. Set it up to import your Excel spreadsheets of data, your email contact list, and any
other leads you have lying around doing nothing.

3. Set up mass emails to remind your past clients and withdrawn leads of what you offer
and how you can help them in this market.

4. Go in the system for 30 minutes a day and work the leads it feeds you. Take
applications as needed.

5. For all the other leads you are NOT working, let the drip email campaign kick in and
talk to them for you.

6. Buy 3 leads per day, and have them sent into the system in real time. Your lead
management system will not only communicate with the lead for you, but alert you through
email and text message that you have a new inquiry. Can't reach them? don't worry--your
lead management system continues to try and communicate, all while you are building your
database of new and future clients.

See how easy that was? And you never even had to leave the desk.

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