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									       SEO Backlinking
     Strategies that Work!
by Bill Rice, Digital Marketer @
           and Chris Wechner, SEO Consultant
       What We Will Cover Today

●   What is SEO?
●   What are backlinks?
●   Why are they SO important?
●   How to get effective backlinks
●   How to make Google happy
●   How to avoid the dreaded Google Slap!
        What is a Search Engine?

● The way people navigate the Internet
● How your customers are looking for you
● Google want to be the best guide, so...
  ○ Google wants to give the best answers
  ○ Google wants to direct you to the best websites
● You want Google to pick your website, for
  obvious reasons!
SERPs Example
Page 1 Example
Google doesn't like this page...
Google doesn't even like this...
         Why SEO your website?
● Over 90% of all people ONLY look at the
  search results on Page 1

● Top 3 spots get all the traffic...
   ○ Position #1: 42% of search traffic
   ○ Position #2: 12% of search traffic
   ○ Position #3: 8% of search traffic
Over 60% of all traffic goes to the top 3!
What is Google looking for...
● Good content
   ○ Keywords related to the search on website
   ○ Overall content is relevant to the search
   ○ Content is a focused on the search keyword

● Website referrals
  ○ Just like in sales, a referral is golden
  ○ Other relevant websites recommending you
Pause...What is SEO?
SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Definition: Taking steps to optimize your
website (on and off-page) to increase your
chances of ranking higher in search engines,
like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
What should your SEO goals be?
● Make a great website
  ○ Create and execute on a keyword and editorial plan
    that compels Google (and other search engines) to
    pick you as the best resource in your niche.
  ○ The SEO techniques we use are called on-site or
    on-page SEO by SEO insiders.
● Get others to affirm your great website
  ○ Create and execute campaigns to get other great
    website, related to your niche, to confirm that you
    are the authority on your keyword topics.
  ○ The SEO techniques we use are called off-site or
    off-page SEO by SEO insiders.
Now to the Meat
What are backlinks?
● Anything that people can click on to get to a
  page on your website
● Examples...
Internal backlinks
   Ways to Get External Backlinks

Other People (Good)   Social Media Sites
Purchase Them (Bad)   Classified Ads
Blogs                 Images
Blog Comments         Videos
Forums                Guest Posting
Articles              Banner Ads
Press Releases        Business Listings
Directories           RSS Feeds
Social Bookmarks
Guest posting
Article directories
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