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					Getting a 360 Degree View of Marketing and Sales Leads
by Bill Rice

Lead management software is the best way to get a closed loop view of your marketing and
sales process. A good sales management system lets you see marketing strategies and sales
processes that should be quickly scaled and others that should be immediately cut--a 360
degree view of your leads.

Lead Generation

Whether you are generating your own customer inquiries or buying them from a marketing
partner it is important to monitor what is working and what isn't. This means tracking every
prospect as it enters into your CRM software and monitoring its performance throughout its life

Typically, this means a system of capturing the source of the customer inquiry, tracking
identifiers, and some means of annotating sales actions and statuses as it moves through the
sales pipeline. Combining this data architecture with reporting will give you simple insight into
the performance of all of your campaigns.

Sales Force Automation

Your CRM software is your command center for automating marketing and sales processes. The
key to leveraging this type of unique sales force automation is its:

  ●   Seamless integration to marketing campaigns
  ●   Simplicity of use for sales agents
  ●   Robust sales tracking mechanisms
  ●   Standardized reporting of customer life cycles

Sales force automation is an integrated blend of marketing automation, sales CRM or contact
management, and business intelligence software.

Campaign Reporting

Of course, getting your marketing and sales processes right can only happen if you can see the
good from the bad. These opportunities for optimization are captured in the reporting.

Your campaign reporting is where you are alerted to opportunities and concerns. Looking for
slowing and heaping in your sales system is your goal. Metrics that show opportunities slowing
down in various statuses or queues can point out weak sales processes or agent performance
issues. Likewise, heaping points out specific bottlenecks and capacity issues. Meanwhile,
smooth flows and alignment with benchmarks can highlight process points you have perfected.

Getting A 360 Degree View

Everyone wants to see and react to changes and opportunities within their marketing and sales.
Lead management can give you that opportunity. Focus on simplicity and standardization and
your CRM software can be that competitive advantage.

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