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                                  Tender form & Details


Sl. No.   Contents                                        Page No.
          Schedule of Tender                                  1
          Copy of Advertisement Appeared in News papers       2
          Specifications of Items/instruments               3-4
          Application Form (Annexure I)                       5
          Bid Form (Annexure II)                              6
          Undertaking (Annexure III)                          7
          Schedule of Earnest Money (Annexure IV)             8
          Technical Specification of Item (Annexure V)        9
          General Terms and Conditions (Annexure VI)       10-12
          Check List (Annexure VII)                          13
                                SCHEDULE OF THE TENDER


               Tender Notice No. [          /HRDI/11-4/2011-12, dated                 ]

TENDER DOCUMENT FOR THE SUPPLY OF – Laboratory and agricultural equipments

Price of the Tender                         : Rs. 500+ VAT 13.5% (By person in hand)
                                             : Rs. 550+ VAT 13.5% (By post per item)

Date of sale of tender up to                : up to 15 June, 2012 up to 2.00 pm

Last date of the submission of the tender   : 15 June, 2012 up to 2.30 pm

Opening of tenders                          : 15 June, 2012 at 3.00 pm

HRDI, Gopeshwar
                                                   Signature & Seal of the Director
                                                   /Administrative Officer

                 DISTRICT – CHAMOLI-246401, UTTARAKHAND
               TENDER NOTICE No. [                    /HRDI/11-4/2011-12, dated                  ]

Sealed tenders are invited on behalf of the Director, Herbal Research and Development Institute,
Mandal, Gopeshwar, District-Chamoli, Uttarakhand for the supply of laboratory and agricultural
equipments under RKVY sponsored R&D project. The detailed tender document, specifications,
terms and conditions can be downloaded from our website ( Duly completed
tenders form along with tender fee (Rs. 500.00+13.5% VAT) and Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
@ 2.5% (D.D. should be made in favour of Director, HRDI, Gopeshwar payable at SBI
Gopeshwar) of the cost of the quoted items must be submitted to the Director (Kind attention
Administrative Officer) of this Institute on or before 15 June, 2012 up to 2.30 pm. The envelope
containing bids should be superscribed with tender for laboratory and agricultural equipments.
Separate technical and financial bids are required. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be
final and binding to all parties.

             Code items                          Code      items

             01      Brush cutter                12        Water bath

             02      Pit hole digger             13        Packing/ packaging Machine

             03      Long reach pruner           14        Moisture analyzer

             04      Aspee chain saw             15        Digital GPS

             05      Earth augar                 16        Altimeter

             06      Pruning shear               17        Mariner

             07      Pruning saw                 18        Laser range finder

             08      Automatic grafter           19        Hammer

             09      Fruit cutter                20        Clevenger apparatus

             10      Falcon pruning scatter      21        Ultra Sonicator

             11      Pruning secateurs
In case of any difficulty in downloading the tender document please contact us on 01372-254210,

                                Specifications of Items
 Code    Equipment/Items                           Specifications
                            Should be capable to cut fresh or dry grass on ground, Anti
01      Brush cutter
                            Displacement: 49CC, Max Power: 2HP/1.5KW, Carburetor:
02      Pit hole digger
                            Float type, Fuel tank capacity: 1000ml, Drill bit diameter:
                            Material: High-Carbon Steel, length 1,800 mm, capable to
03      Long reach pruner
                            cut thick tree limbs, easily rotatable the head to reach the
                            branches want to cut
04      Aspee chain saw     Displacement: 40-49.6 cc
                            Max. Output Power: 2.2 kw/ 8500 rpm/ 3 hp
                            Starting System: Recoil starter
                            Carburetor: Diaphragm
                            Fuel Tank Capacity: 500-530 ml
                            Oil Tank Capacity: 200-250 ml
                            Displacement 27 cc, Engine power up to1 KW, fuel capacity
05      Earth auger
                            250 cc, Drilling speed 600 rpm, Two-speed gearbox
                            Material: High-Carbon Steel, Capable to pruned thicker
06      Pruning shear
                            branches, length 200-250 mm
                            Material: High-Carbon Steel, Tooth grinding Curvature
07      Pruning saws
                            ground, tooth pitch 3.5 mm, Tooth thickness 1.3 mm.

08      Automatic grafting Chrome plated steel. Wide olive-wood handle. Straight blade

                            Material: High-Carbon Steel, length 150-180 mm
09      Fruit cutter

10      Falcon    pruning Hardened & tempered steel blades with rust preventive
                          coating, Solid steel handles with soft PVC grip , Stainless
                          steel coil spring, Thumb operated safety lock, Total length
                          :200- 225mm, Cuts stems upto 15mm

                            Aluminum alloy handles, blade with wire-cutting notch
11      Pruning secateurs

                            With 12 stainless steel, Temperature ambient up to 100°C.,
12      Water bath
                            thermostat, Capacity of water in the Bath : 5-10 Liters,
                            temperature regulator, one extra coil

                            Sealer: 10 to 15 bags/min, Heater and cooling system As per
13      Packing/
        Machine                 High speed sealing machine: continuous operation to
                                    seal all types of pouches made out of laminates or
                                             virgin films.
                                         Reliable band sealing principle produces consistently
                                             strong and efficient sealing.
                                         The conveyor should be adjusted up and down as per
                                             the size of the pouch, The Band sealer can be linked
                                             with semi-automatic filling
                                    Fillers should be suitable for filling viscous liquids like
                                    honey, ketchup, jam, sauces, mayonnaise, cheese spread,
                                    shampoo, oil, medicines, and chemical & grease in bottles
                                    Readability- 0.1%, Repeatability (sd with 2g sample)-0.15%,
14          Moisture analyzer
                                    Repeatability (sd with 10g sample)-0. 5%, Maximum sample
                                    weight 35 g, Drying unit infrared, metallic heating elements;
                                    tempreture range 50-1600C, adjustment increment 1 0C
                                    Includes PC/ Serial interface cable and software, Way points/icons
15          Digital GPS
                                    1000, Routes 50/250, Tracks saved 20, Memory External micro
                                    SD card, Antenna quad helix, Battery life up to 20 hours, Display
                                    type 256 colour TFT.
                                    Up to 20 altitude points should be saved in memory, ,maximum
16          Altimeter
                                    and minimum altitudes reached during the activity, pressure and
                                    temperature maximum and minimum value , water resistant

                                    Magnification 7x, Object lens dia 50mm, Length 184 mm, Max
17          Mariner
                                    width 194mm

                                    Range accuracy ±1 yard, Unit user selectable in either feet or
18          Laser range finder
                                    meters, laser type infrared class 1

                                    6’’, 140z, head 11’’L 1.5 LBS, Pointed tip , Nylon vinyle grip
19          Hammer

            Clevenger apparatus     5, 10 and 15 L capacity flask, Clevenger’s condensor,
                                    required Heating mental for each flask

                                    Fully digital design, expandable operating system,
21          Ultra Sonicator
                                    Should have Should have amplitude control, run multiple
                                    programs in sequence, Should have self diagnostics, Should
                                    be degassed solvents for HPLC

Name of Agency: --------------------------------------
Address:       ----------------------------------------

Date: ---------------------------                                 Signature: -------------------

                                                                                                                            Annexure: I


                                          TENDER APPLICATION FORM
                    Tender No. [                  /HRDI/11-4/2011-12, dated                                  ]

Price: Rs. 500.00 (in person or downloaded) + VAT 13.5%
Rs. 550.00 (by post)+ VAT 13.5%
(Non refundable)

Tender form for the supply of “-------------------------------------------------------------”

Date of Submission of tender:                               15 June, 2012 up to 2.30 pm

Date of opening of tender:                                  15 June, 2012 at 3.0 pm

Price of tender document receipt no. or DD No. .................... Dated ....................... of Rs.
.................................. (Rupees ...........................................................................................)

                                                   Herbal Research and Development Institute,
                                                         Gopeshwar, District – Chamoli
     1.       Name of the Manufacturer/bidder with      ......................................................................
              full address and also name of Prop.       ......................................................................

     2.       Name of the Designation of head of the                       ......................................................................
              firm/supplier and his telephone/fax no.                      ......................................................................
     3.       Detail of the Earnest Money/Security                         D. D. No. ....................... Dated ..................
              Money deposited

     4.       Income Tax clearance certificate attached                    ......................................................................
              (Latest) (reply yes or no)                                   ......................................................................

     5.       Sales Tax No.                                                ......................................................................

     6.       Experience certificate (Attached                             ......................................................................
              Certificate (Photocopy)

                         I/We agree in abide by the terms and condition of the contact as laid down
          under tender form no. [          /HRDI/11-4/2011-12, dated                       ]

                                                                                           Signature of the Company
                                                                                          With seal also name of Prop.

                                                                                                                                        Annexure: II


Item code as per   Name of the   Specification offered   Difference in             Quantity   Unit rate      Terms and other            Total amount
our documents      item          by the bidder           specification of tender   required                  expenditure and
                                                         document and that of                                insurance and freight
                                                         bid, if any                                         (in case of foreign bid)
       1                2                  3                         4                 5            6                     7                    8

  Note: If this sheet is not sufficient to accommodate the bid additional sheets containing the same proforma may be used. But all such sheets,
        including this one must be signed by the bidder along with the seal. In case of foreign bidder this annexure must be enclosed in the proforma
        invoice, instrument/item-wise.

                                                                                   Annexure: III



To                                                                  Date:
The Director
Herbal Research and Development Institute (HRDI)
Mandal, Gopeshwar, District Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

        Having examined the conditions of tender document and specifications of the various
items, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. We the undersigned offer to supply delivery
and install the following:




(Please add additional pages, if required)

        The above supply/ installation shall be in conformity with the specifications and
conditions of supply of a sum of Rs.
        We undertake if our bid is accepted to deliver the items quoted by us, we shall deliver
and install within a period indicated by us in our offer.

        We agree to abide by this bid for a period of 90 days from the date fixed for bid opening
and it shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before expiration of that

       We are submitting a demand draft for Rs.
in favour of Herbal Research and Development Institute, Mandal-Gopeshwar, district-
Chamoli payable at State Bank of India, Gopeshwar towards earnest money.

        This bid, together with your written acceptance thereof in your notification of award shall
constitute a bidding contract between us.

       We understood that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may receive.

Dated this                    , day of                       2012

                                                            Signature of authorised person
                                                            Name with stamp and full address

                                                                                                ANNEXURE IV

                                  SCHEDULE OF EARNEST MONEY

Sl. No.           Name of the Items/                  Qty                        Amount of
                  Equipment                                                      Earnest money in
                                                                                 Indian Rupees


                                                                                             ANNEXURE V

                           TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF ITEM

ITEM CODE NO.                 NAME OF ITEM                                     Specifications


                                                                         ANNEXURE VI

           TENDER NOTICE No. [                 /HRDI/11-4/2011-12, dated                 ]

Terms and conditions for Laboratory equipments

1. Sealed Tenders are invited by the Director, Herbal Research and Development
   Institute, Mandal, Gopeshwar, District-Chamoli, Uttarakhand-246401 for the supply
   of various laboratory and agricultural equipments.
2. The suggested specifications are minimum, higher models may be quoted
   additionally. The product should be from standard manufacturer & details of parts
   manufacturer should be specified.
3. Details of terms and conditions for after sales service including name/address of
   agent/dealer should be furnished.
4. Attach all the documentary evidence with this form for each model. Documentary
   proof of earlier supplies should also be furnished as proof of experience.
5. Attach relevant literature separately for each model, agency certificate (current year)
   and list of users to be enclosed.
6. To facilitate the firms, quotation forms for each item is enclosed. All the tenders must
   be quoted only in this prescribed form for each item. To give alternative offers, copies
   may be prepared in the same format and their price quoted. Tenders in any other
   format will not be accepted. Any additional information, if the firms desire to give
   on a particular item, should be separately enclosed.
7. The quotations should be sent in a sealed envelope superscripted as “Tender for the
   supply of laboratory equipments” addressed to Director, Herbal Research and
   Development Institute, Mandal, Gopeshwar- 246 401, District-Chamoli, Uttarakhand
   and sent by Registered Post/ Courier or by hand so as to reach this office on or before
   15 June, 2012 up to 2.30 pm. Separate Technical and financial bid be submitted.
8. The bidders are to deposit an amount as per schedule at Annexure- I depending upon
   the Items quoted by him towards the “Earnest Money” (@ 2.5% of the cost of item
   (s)) along with tender in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Director, Herbal
   Research and Development Institute (HRDI), Payable at Gopeshwar, without which
   the tender will altogether be rejected. No Earnest Money shall be accepted in any
   other form. The earnest money may be forfeited if a bidder withdraws its bid validity
   specified in tender document or fails to supply the Items within specified period in
   tender document. TENDER SHALL NOT BE ENTERTAINED where a tenderer
   has not furnished adequate earnest money in prescribed acceptable form. In case the
   Item delivered is found defective and not attended to by the supplier, the earnest
   money deposited by the supplier will also be forfeited.
9. Tenders will be opened on 15 June, 2012 at 3.00 pm. If the opening of the tenders is
   to postpone, it will be intimated with time and date even before closing of the tender
10. The bidders are requested to quote the rates item-wise and the total price of each
    Item separately indicating the Government levies, transportation and other
    expenditure item-wise as FOR Mandal, Gopeshwar, Distt. Chamoli,
    Uttarakhand in Indian Rupees only.
11. The earnest money of the unsuccessful bidder will be refunded without any interest
    after the concerned purchase is finalized or within three months whichever is earlier

    and that of successful bidder will be refunded without any interest after successful
    warranty period i.e. 18 months after fixing of items.
12. Arithmetical error will be rectified on the following basis: -
    If there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the total price that is obtained by
    multiplying the unit price and quantity, the unit price shall prevail and the total price
    shall be corrected. If there is discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in
    words will prevail.
13. Tenders not in proper sealed cover or received telegraphically or by fax will not be
14. The bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by the bidder or a
    person duly authorized to the contract. The letter of authorization should bear the
    signatures of only the authorised person of the firm. All pages of the bid, except for
    unamended printed literature shall be initiated by the person or persons signing the
15. To assist in the examination, evaluation and comparison of bids the buyer may, at its
    discretion, ask the bidder for a clarification of its bid. However, no change in the
    price or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered, re-permitted.
16. The damages or defective stores should be replaced by the supplier free of cost and
    the defective stores may be taken back at the supplier’s risk and cost.
17. The list of Items / equipments, their approximate quantity and their detailed
    specifications are given with this document. For all Items the point of delivery are
    Mandal, Gopeshwar, Distt. Chamoli, Uttarakhand. The quantity mentioned in the
    tender document may be reduced or increased at the discretion of the competent
    authority in the Institute without assigning any reason.
18. Bidder can quote the rates for all the Items or some of the Items (tender fee Rs.
    500.00+13.5% VAT only). The bid shall be considered only for those Items for
    which the rates have been specifically quoted. The Institute further reserves the right
    to accept the tender for all the Items or some of the Items for which the tenderer has
    quoted the bid.
19. The specification are clearly mentioned in the document and the bidders are requested
    to submit bid only if their offer strictly comply to these specifications. The bidding for
    the Items having different specification will be on bidder’s risk as the Institute will
    not entertain such bids. BIDS CARRYING THE STATEMENT LIKE
20. The placement of work order/purchase order will be according to technical evaluation
    of the tender and after consideration of its price worthiness. All installations and
    construction of civil works will be the responsibility of bidders/ suppliers.
21. The supplier shall undertake to repair free of charges or replace any defective part of
    the Items supplied due to defective materials, or faulty design or workmanship during
    the period of warranty.
22. Full descriptive particulars should accompany the tender. Information regarding the
    manufacturer or origin of materials used in the manufacture of Items should be
23. The Institute reserves the right to split or to reject any or all the tenders without
    assigning reason thereof.
24. Delivery time and warranty period should be clearly stated.

25. Tenders without complete particulars and quoted in other than the format prescribed
    will not be considered.
26. The amendment if any will be brought to the notice in writing or by fax or cable to all
    concerned bidders who have received the bidding documents and will be binding on
27. In order to afford prospective bidder reasonable time in which to take the amendment
    into account in preparing their bids, the buyer may at its discretion, extend the
    deadline for the submission of bids.
28. If according to the bidder, the tendered documents contain certain unclear points
    which could influence price calculations, the bidder has to inform the authority who is
    issuing the call of tenders before submission of his tender, either in writing or by
    fax/cable, even if he has pointed out this earlier in any other form/reference.
29. Payment will be released within 40 days after satisfactory installation of goods/items.
30. The courts at Gopeshwar shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and try all
    matters arising out of this contract.
31. With the submission of his tender the bidder accepts the conditions of the tender.
32. All the tenders should be addressed to:

           The Director,
           (Attention: The Administrative Officer)
           Herbal Research and Development Institute,
           Mandal, Gopeshwar, District-Chamoli-246401
           Uttarakhand, India

                                                                               Annexure VII

                            CHECK LIST FOR THE BIDDER

1)     Earnest money or necessary documentary proof for exemption of earnest money with
       the part I (Technical bid) of the bid.

2)     Price bid must be Part II (Financial bid) of the bid in the form provided at Annexure II
       of the tender document.

3)     The basic price, taxes, packing, transportation, installation charges, etc. must be
       quoted clearly.

4)     Do not use the terms “as per specification of tender documents” in respect of items.
       There should be proper write up of product(s) quoted for supported with printed
       leaflets, literature, etc.

5)     Demand Draft (Rs. 500+13.5% VAT) for cost of tender form (if downloaded from
       website) with a tender submission letter must be enclosed.

6)     Enclose all relevant documents and material regarding firm and items.

7)    The DD of EMD.

For more information
Please contact at: 01372-254273, 10
e mail


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