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					                                  Pure Java Search Engine

                                       What We Are – A Search Engine

                                  We provide services to the submitter
                         to directly control their listing and rank better.

                                                             September 2010

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                      Please set aside ten minutes to read this document cover-to-
                      cover to give your website an advantage.

                      This is a straight forward & practical guide to things "average
                      Joe" can actually do and should know to ensure their website
                      ranks well on the Internet.

                      This document lists specific details on how to rank well in
                      findRex.comTM (and lists things not to do). This document is
                      intended for both individual submitters and SEO groups.

                             :: Contact Information

                      Please visit to submit a
                      contact request. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

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                                            Wanna Play in Traffic

                             :: Contents

                             1     Introduction to findRex.comTM

                             2     Get Registered

                             3     Your Listing

                             4     Online and Automated Services

                             5     PayPal Payment

                             6     Special Categories

                             7     Partners and Affiliates

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       :: 1 Introduction to findRex.comTM                               Modern search engines are very savvy and repetitive phrases
                                                                        and the like only backfire. Remember: your listing is not your
We are an Internet search engine, we offer a high quality               website - your listing's job is to get people to your website. Let
alternative approach to existing search engine technologies.            your listing do its job and let your website do its job.
Service oriented with a direct relationship with the submitter, our
clients are anyone or groups that submit to the             You spend time and money on your website and you expect it
database.                                                               to generate sales and be worth the effort, but if you can't get
                                                                        those ever-sought-after good rankings then your website cannot
              We individually look at each and every site.              provide you with good return on investment.

We do this to ensure that only quality sites are entered into           If you are a business: law firm, sailboat charters, manufacturing, and to keep out abusive and pornographic content            hotel, dentist, engineering et cetera anything, chances are some
and to ensure that legitimate websites rank well. In previous           of your business (and more and more everyday) is finding you on
years, some 'undesirable' sites did in, and we work continuously        the Internet. Get registered, it is $ 9.99 USD and brings
to remove any such remaining websites.                                  tremendous benefit to your website (see next section :: 2 Get
Our job is to get people to your door. Your listing doesn't need
to say everything, sometimes when you try to make it say                Creating a great listing is not easy - most submissions are 'over
everything you overload the reader and end up not getting them          done' - by overdoing the description and thusoverloading the
to your door at all! Make your website listings with the various        Internet viewer. You lose them - they don't even look at your
online search engines -- work.                                          website – you lose the opportunity to advertise and potentially
                                                                        sell, please see section :: 3 Your Listing.

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       :: 2 Get Registered into findRex.comTM                         because of the high volume of automated re-submissions that
                                                                      we receive. It is not uncommon to receive the same URL ten
We highly recommend that you register your website for $ 9.99         times within a single month. We receive thousands every day – all
USD, this is a very small fee and is collected for two reasons 1)     of which need to be processed. So we process the registered
partial contribution to revenue, 2) lets us know who is serious.      submissions first and try as the best we can to get to the others,
The legitimate businesses readily register whereas the borderline     sometimes it takes months to years to get to the free
websites do not. We look to keep the better more popular sites        submissions, but the registered sites are done immediately and
near the top of our lists. Registered listings always stay in our     appear on the Internet typically within 24-48 hours of submission.
database, non-registered sites are sometimes dropped to make
room for registered sites – so get registered!                        If you are reasonably satisfied with your current listing, you
                                                                      should still register the listing to make sure that you keep it,
To register, please visit the below web-page and follow the           registering will only make it better. If you are not registered, you
simple instructions:                                                  may easily lose an otherwise good ranking, particularly to your                   competitors that are registered.

Once your listing is registered into the system, you may change       We do alter submissions to improve them, primarily this is done
your listing anytime, without re-submitting. Usually the change       to remove excessive text that doesn't contribute to the listing,
takes place within a few days, and sometimes automatically (we        especially in terms of the extra data storage, memory, and
are working towards this as a standard).                              bandwidth consumed. Only registered submissions are listed as
                                                                      unchanged and only when specifically requested.
Extremely Important
Once listed, if you are not registered you cannot change your
listing. On any subsequent submissions, the system will simply
discard the submission as “already present in system”. This is

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For smaller companies who do not have 'advertising budgets', is an ideal choice. We give preference ranking to
those that submit and even better ranking to those that register –
whether you are a big or small company.

When a company receives good traffic from we
hope that they will register – it is good business.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your submission as a
'free submission'. Consider registering. We will optimize it in and make sure that it ranks well up there with the
other registered sites. We'll work with you to do it. Send us an
e-mail with any special instructions.

If your are not satisfied with the default processing
of your description, which may include changes, then yet another
good reason to get registered.

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          :: 3 Your Listing in findRex.comTM                            category words should be embraced with brace symbols "{" "}".
                                                                        Examples provided further in this section.
          :: 3.1 Your Submission and Keywords
                                                                        Rank/Link Better Web-page:
Providing a good submission is critical to your listing. Much more      For additional and detailed information on the use of commas
is involved than just a sentence or two. In fact, your submission       and spaces in a submission record, please visit:
should not be a sentence at all, but rather information       
constructed together into a record listing in such a way as to
help the very sophisticated search engine distinguish       Example:
the best solution listings for a search request. Remember that          1 poor: sorts through millions of records to do this and that                    fresh,fruit,beautifully,wrapped,fishing_basket
is no easy feat.
                                                                        2 good:
A submission consists of four critical parts: 1) URL 2) constructed                  beautifully_wrapped,{gift}
list of keywords and phrases and appropriate tagging/bracing, 3)
Geographical Location/Region 4) A valid and regularly checked           The second is the better of the two. The list of keywords
e-mail.                                                                 includes '{gift}', this is to let the search engine know
                                                                        that this is a primary key word and a category. A submission may
Amongst the keywords there should be included one or more               have up to three primary keywords/categories – any more and
categories. Please see any of the pages down the            your submission loses focus and may backfire! Not listing a
left side for a list of the most recent categories. Words in the        primary keyword results in a poor ranking. looks to
submission record are typically separated by commas, some               clarify. For example, lets consider the word 'train', the search
specific words in phrases may be separated by spaces (but               engine could be looking for trains for travel or model trains for
mostly words should be separated by commas). The primary                hobby; thus please add either {travel} or {hobby} as needed. Too

Rank Better                                                     page 7 of 20                                                    findRex.comTM
many keywords or categories loses focus.                                   With each word in your description, ask yourself, what value
                                                                           does this word really add – is it important enough to be there in
Notice the capitalization in the URL, this is very important and           my precious and first 10-20 words that people will see. Much of
helps to ensure that it is correctly assessing words           the descriptions people submit are secondary support to the first
within the character strings. This is covered further at the               few words and are often 'things that go without saying' (will not
'Rank/Link Better' web-page (provided above).                              ever be searched on directly) and add no real value to the
                                                                           submission record. Much of this 'secondary support' text are
Notice we dropped the word "fresh". Not critical, "fresh" really           things that are better left to the website itself than the listing.
doesn't add any real meaning, this is where common sense                   Avoid the unnecessary secondary support text because it
should be used and is further discussed in the sub-section on              detracts from your primary description and point.
'things not to do'. The website is primarily selling gift baskets -
not fresh fruit, and realistically when the gift basket is received,       If you don't know the best keywords and categories, let a
perhaps through the mail, the fruit probably won't be fresh                professional do it. It makes all the difference. At we
anyways. More importantly, people searching on gift baskets are            offer this service as part of registration, ie get registered!
not typing "fresh fruit gift basket". The point is to give a gift, not
give fruit to eat. So: focus on describing the core product – this         We once had a photographer submit his website, and he
helps!                                                                     described what he took pictures of but didn't have the word
                                                                           'photographer' or even 'photo' in his website description, we at
We also dropped the word "fruit" from the description, this is    didn't know what the website was about until we
because it is already present in the URL anyways, as far as the            actually visited it. Let us do the work for you, we don't miss the
'search engine' is concerned the repeated word adds no extra               little things and we double check our work.
value. You should aim to keep your description as short as
possible, this makes it easier to read. The more quickly a viewer          Another submission for handbags and purses had a reasonably
can read it, the more likely they will read it and visit the website.      good    description.   However,     the   'handbags'    and      'purses'

Rank Better                                                        page 8 of 20                                                      findRex.comTM
keywords fall under fashion. So by adding this one word                     Example: pick any web-page:
'fashion', the listing jumped from position 234 to 9. This is     
because with the additional word, the search
engine was able to better determine the 'clarity' of the listing.           ...and look at just how many links there are. How does a web
                                                                            surfer decide which one to click on. Ask yourself, what makes
Another       submission   called   ""   simply   described     yours standout. 1) How close to the top are you, 2) is the listing
'supplier and manufacturing'. This listing will never get clicked on        clean without garbage, 3) does the name standout, 4) are
because no one knows what they manufacture. Perhaps 'English'               keywords present and do they make sense. You need every
is not their first language, we don't all speak English – we                advantage you can get. Many of the links on the above furniture
understand. That is yet another good reason to get registered,              web-page will never be clicked on, they simply do not present
we do speak English, we'll review your website and make sure it             well, there is nothing about their listings that make them standout.
does well.                                                                  Predominately, the highest ranked links will get the click-thrus,
                                                                            and those are all the registered listings.
Descriptions of websites about 'scholarships': should include the           Other methods of getting more traffic to your website include
primary keyword of 'education', because that is one of the                  advertising with banners and text links. sells both
primary groups that 'scholarship' falls into.                               throughout the system, please see our Media Kit at:

Word           Category/Group
resume        employ                                                        Geographical Location/Region:
jobs           employ                                                       This is so important. Help us help you! We cannot stress enough
college        education                                                    just how important this is!

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Because of how our Java applet technology works, it is                   Examples:
incredibly easy to type a location like Toronto, Canada and get          1.Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
more specific results, much better than those of other search            2.Miami, Florida, USA
engines. Thus needs to know the geographical                 3.London, UK
reference if there is one. That is why this is so important.             4.Berlin, Germany
Example:                                                                 6.Madrid, Spain
When an Internet user does a search on 'blue whale' they want            7.Southeast, USA
informative websites about the subject matter. It is not 'as             8.North Coast, Scotland
important', the geographical origin of the website, whether it be        9.South America
from California, USA or Sussex, UK. But on the other hand if they        10.Worldwide
search on 'bike rentals', they don't just want a list of bike rental
websites – they want to know about bike rentals in the specific          Link Exchange:
area where that are going to rent the bikes. There may be 1000           Engage in link exchange to increase your Internet traffic. Run our
great bike rental websites on the Internet, but once the user            logo on your website and we'll provide free SEO services
adds a geographical location that list should quickly narrow             (search engine optimization) on your listings, this will not register
down to only a few.                                                      your site but it will improve your listing and increase your listing's
                                                                         ranking. Please visit:
So include your geographical location. If you are a world-wide
international company then enter "Worldwide" for location. A   
relatively high volume of submissions do not include locations -
they should! is the only search engine to specifically
collect information about geographical location, thus often
providing superior results.

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       :: 3.2 Things Not To Do                                            The following are examples illustrate use of phrases that add no
                                                                          real value to the listing, in some cases they take away from the
Do not overdo your description. For our example gift basket site,         listing's clarity or is information that 'goes without saying' and is
the submission included ',fishing,' which we think maybe means            expected to be found at the website anyways.
'gift basket for fishing'? Don't add this to the description for the
search engine. Although search engines are smart, they might    
add this website to the fishing group; even though it isn't really        petcare, dogs, information_about_dogs, cats
about fishing. Later when the search engine is reviewing sites it
might discovers that really the site isn't about fishing and drops it     In the above description, given the URL, we already know that
all together. Describe your product at your website not in your           the website has 'information' about dogs and is 'about' dogs.
submission/listing description which is a very short summary to           The text 'information_about_dogs' adds no real value to the
get the web surfer to your website.                                       listing and will be automatically dropped by

We often receive submissions with descriptions that are over    
1000 characters in length. The description is so long we really           bed_and_breakfast,reservations,details,[Canton,Ohio]
don't know what the site does, and it simply gets dropped. The
concept of getting 'phrases and words' in search engines is               We realize that 'reservations' are very important, but we already
outdated and does not work. The search engines specifically               know that. We expect to visit the website, get the phone number
look for techniques that attempt to do this. Work on the                  or email, ask questions, and then maybe we will make
description as a whole, short and sweet (better yet – get                 reservations. The word 'reservations' adds no real value to the
registered).                                                              listing. The same applies to the word: 'details'; we expect to find
                                                                          the details when we visit the website and/or make further
                                                                          contact. Bed and breakfast is what is important; reservations
                                                                          goes without saying.

Rank Better                                                      page 11 of 20                                                    findRex.comTM                                          A list of similarly related non-value phrases & words*:
furniture_from_Bali,descriptions,contact                               contact_information
Again - in this example:    the word 'descriptions' doesn't really     description
add any value. Of course we expect to see pictures and                 details
descriptions of their products if we visit the website. The word       helpful
contact and often 'contact information' is exceptionally overused.     includes
We expect to find contact information at the website, that is the      information
entire point; your website should have that. Use the description       offer
for better purpose, for example, mention the kinds of furniture,       rates
for example: "teak,wicker,antique", these words add real value.        reservations
                                                                       specialists                                                  specialize
specialists_in_hvac                                                    *There are always exceptions, this is a guideline.

Well, we hope that they are specialists and we are also                Do not use all caps, it looks bad and you want your listing to
expecting them to be given their name. In this case the word           look good.
'specialists' adds no real value, and further, everybody on the
Internet claims to be a specialist, countless submissions include      E-mail:
this word; and it is automatically dropped.                            When submitting: do not omit an e-mail or provide a silly, or
                                                                       non-existing one. If you omit an email or provide a false one: it
                                                                       tells the search engine, like, that you are not
                                                                       serious, and they will not allow you into their database. Also, if
                                                                       possible, avoid using web-based e-mail such as 'hotmail' and

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'yahoo'; ideally use a normal e-mail account associated with the              :: 3.3 Benefit From Our Research
website that you are submitting (and also check it regularly –
otherwise you may miss a confirmation). If you are concerned           We know the common words that people search on better than
about spam and do not trust the search engine that you are             the general public because we are in the business. We know the
submitting to – then do not submit.                                    best supporting words your listing needs without 'over doing it'.
                                                                       We now the best categories to place your listing in. It is our job.
Do not submit over-and–over, it doesn't help, in fact it does more     Take advantage of our expertise, get registered.
harm than good. Once a search engine has your URL, they don't
forget it. Computers do not forget. Repetitive submissions may
get your URL on a 'reject' list. Avoid submission software and
companies that engage in that practice. Register and control
your listing.

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       :: 4 Online and Automated Services

       :: 4.1 Client Services

We provide an online Java program that allows clients to log
into the system and directly view their actual submission / listing
record as it is seen by the search engine. It allows
you to better gauge what the search engine sees, determine
how to improve your listing and ensure that there are no

Registered users have the ability to change there listing record
online. To log into the system you need your client # and your
e-mail as provided in your confirmation e-mail. Please keep this
information on file.

Please visit the online service at:
                                                                               View Actual Listing Record
The link above may also be found at the bottom of any web-page.

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       :: 4.2 SEO Groups & Auto Submission has services to allow third parties to submit directly
to the submission queue database from there automated
submission programs. For detailed instructions, please contact

There is no cost for this service, all submissions through this
channel are tagged as both non-registered' and submitted by an
SEO group. If the submitted website wants to get the benefits of
being registered then they will need to subsequently visit our
submission web-page to upgrade / register. The submission
web-page includes an option to register an existing website (as
seen in the image to the right, blue square right side).

                                                                              Submission Web-Page

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       :: 5 PayPal Payment
                                                                                  You must click and complete the Buy Now button
Our payment service uses PayPal. The email provided with your                          before your listing will be registered.
submission should be that associated with the PayPal payment.
Otherwise drop us a line at sales @ with your URL
and PayPal email address. This verifies to us that the payment has
been made, as our system receives those daily transactions from

We co-relate the submissions and their associated e-mail
addresses' with the e-mail addresses that we receive from
PayPal. This is how payment is confirmed.

PayPal allows you to pay via credit card or your PayPal account.
If you are using PayPal for the first time, it may prompt you to
setup a PayPal account. That only takes a few seconds and is a
worth while exercise as PayPal has become the Internet standard
for payment and the choice of eBay. It's fast, free and secure!

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         :: 6 Special Categories                                         service                        publication
                                                                         entertainment                  movies / celebrities
         :: 6.1 High Volume Categories & Pages                           tools

Some categories and individual pages do extra well in terms of
traffic. If you sell products or services in any of the following        High Traffic Pages (base directory is '
categories or pages you should definitely register. There are            (ranking from highest downward)
many more categories that receive high traffic, however, these           car / wheel (.htm)
have the most traffic:                                                   fashion / cosmetic (.htm)
                                                                         sports / trampoline
High Traffic Categories:                                                 furniture / bamboo, wood
car / maserati / ferrari           aquarium / cichlid                    furniture / antique.
food                               surgery                               Financial / bank
furniture                          real estate                           service / courier
fashion                            home / garden                         service / auction
destination / travel / airline     electronics                           food / coffee.
health / medicine / cancer         financial / business / insurance      furniture / shower.
animal / pet                       agriculture                           publication /newspaper
boat                               employ (employment)                   destination / canada
sports                             scuba                                 furniture / wallpaper
services                           lodge / resort                        fashion / panties
(eng) engineering                  chemical                              boat / cruise
music                              wine                                  health / surgery,plastic
computer                           forsale                               reference / economy

Rank Better                                                     page 17 of 20                                                  findRex.comTM
animal / zebra                     computer / cartridge
destination / china                furniture / insulation
reference / environment            health / life
travel / train
furniture / maple
food / meat
destination / pakistan
toronto / (Canada)
music / sting
computer / zip
destination / brazil
publication / book
food / kiwi
car / renault
food / baker
furniture / cabin
furniture / mirror
maserati / index
car / ferrari
food / pickle
food / pastrami
family / baby
car / mercedes
eng / tension

Rank Better               page 18 of 20                     findRex.comTM
       :: 6.2 Mandatory Registration                                    In     some   cases,   websites   that   must   register   have   been
                                                                        preemptively permitted into Those websites are
Listings in some specific categories must register ( $19.99 UDS         then e-mailed a notice to register within 30 days if they want to
fee) first before being admitted into, these are sales      stay in, otherwise they are removed. Should they
directly related to the following groups and areas:                     register, they would then receive the same SEO benefits and
                                                                        double checking by our staff as normal. This means that we
Pharmacy and Drug                                                       would then specifically review their site to ensure that it does
Casino                                                                  well. The confirmation e-mail provide a link for payment.
Diet Aids and Patches
Domain Registration                                                     Websites that abuse this opportunity by subsequently and
Escort Services                                                         significantly changing their content to an explicit pornographic
Work from Home Plans                                                    website or that of an illegal business will be removed without
Health Safety Products                                                  refund.
Sex Related (provided not explicit pornography; and within
Lingerie is permitted (within reason)
Cigarette Sales
Herbal Supplements and Related

We do not Advertise our Competitors.

Many of these are "get rich quick schemes", or are borderline
legal (if at all). However, those that register and are not engaged
in dishonest activity "as far as we can see" - are listed.

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          :: 7 Partners and Affiliates
                                                                  :: Contact Information
Here is a short list of some of our better known partners and
affiliates.                                                       Please visit to submit a
                                                                  contact request. We are based in Toronto, Canada.
                                                                  2004-07-21 v.008
                                                                  2005-10-14 v.011
Autodesk (AutoCAD)                                                2010-08-22 v.015
Carlson Hotels Worldwide
Western Union

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