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					Publication              Name
AllThingsD               Arik Hesseldahl
Associated Press         Peter Svensson
Associated Press         Anne D'Innocenzio
Bits                     Nick Bilton
Bits                     Jenna Wortham
Bloomberg Businessweek   Ben Elgin
Bloomberg Businessweek   Olga Kharif
Business TechEdge        Kim Crowley
BusinessNewsDaily        Ned Smith
Businessweek             Ashley Lutz
CNN Money                Parija Kavilanz                  Jan Winburn
Digits                   Tom Loftus
Digits                   Julia Angwin
Dow Jones                Shara Tibken
Entrepreneur             Michelle Juergen         Amy Cosper         Jason Fell
Fast Company             Austin Carr
Financial Times          Robert Armstrong
Financial Times          Jeremy Lemer
Financial Times          Chris Nuttall
Forbes                   Andrew Greenberg
Fortune                  Megan Barnett
Fortune                  Michal Lev-Ram
Fortune                  J.P. Mangalinda
Fox Business             Justin Freiman
Fox Business             Lou Giserman
Huffington Post          Ramona Emerson
Inc                      Erick Markowitz
Inc                      Lindsay Blakely
Inc.                     Erin Brownell                  Christina DesMarais
Investor's Business Daily   Victor Reklaitis
Los Angeles Times           Nathan Olivarez-Giles
MarketWatch                 John Dvorak
New York Times              Damon Darlin (SF)
New York Times              Binyamin Appelbaum
Newsweek                    Daniel Lyons
Reuters                     Jim Finkle
Reuters                     Alistair Barr
Small Business Computing    Dan Muse
SmallBizDaily               Karen Axelton
The Atlantic                Rebecca Rosen
The Economist               Mathew Valencia
The Economist               martin Giles
The Huffington Post         Maxwell Strachan
The Wall Street Journal     Geoffrey Fowler
The Wall Street Journal     Shayndi Raice
The Wall Street Journal     Robert Sabat
The Wall Street Journal     Michael Siconolfi
The Wall Street Journal     Robin Sidel
The Washington Post         Joshua Topolsky
TIME                        Bill Saporito
TIME                        John Curran
USA Today                   Jayne O'Donnell
USA Today                   Jon Swartz
USA Today                   Roger Yu
USA Today                   Edward Baig
Venture Beat                Devindra Hardawar
VentureBeat                 Heather Kelly
Title                            E-Mail
Assistant Editor       
Technology Reporter    
Technology Reporter    
Technology Reporter    
Special Projects Correspondent
Senior Writer          
Managing Editor        
Senior Writer          
Senior Writer          
Lead Editor            
U.S. Business Reporter 
Senior Online Editor   
Contributing Writer    
Managing Editor        
Staff Writer           
Lead Writer            
Technology Editor      
Writer & Reporter      
Senior Producer        
Senior Producer        
Associate Tech Editor  
Assistant Producer     
Senior Editor          
Staff Writer, Digital  
Contributing Columnist 
Business Editor              
tech editor                  
Lex Reporter                 
Business Reporter            
Senior Editor                
E-Commerce Reporter          
Editorial Director & Editor in Chief
Chief Content Officer        
Associate Tech Editor        
US Finance Editor            
US Tech Correspondent        
Technology Reporter          
Deputy personal finance editor
Senior Editor, Finance       
Senior special write, banking and
financial services
Enterprise Editor,           
Assistant Managing Editor    
Business Writer
Staff Writer                 
Contributing Technology Columnist
Tech Senior Editor           

(212) 621-7604
+1 (212) 621-1583
(415) 836-6700
(212) 556-3872
+1 (415) 617-7022
+1 (503) 471-1359
+1 (978) 921-7850 Ext. 17

(212) 617-8478
(212) 275-7800
(404) 827-1500
(212) 416-2108
(212) 416-3462
(212) 416-2189
(949) 261-2325
+1 (949) 622-5202
+1 (646) 278-8481
(212) 389-5444
(212) 641-6134
(212) 641-6514
(415) 445-5602
(212) 366-8847
(212) 522-4548
(415) 782-5323
+1 (415) 434-5284
(212) 652-6400
(212) 389-5300
 (212) 389-5300
(212) 389-5300
(212) 389-5300
(310) 448-6329
(213) 237-7163
(415) 439-6465
(415) 644-3318
(202) 862-0310
(617) 615-9667
(617) 856-4344
(415) 677-2500
+1 (203) 662-2955
+1 (714) 556-2000
(212) 402-7147
+1 (415) 765-8258
+1 (415) 765-6122
(917) 912-7719
(212) 522-2004

(703) 854-5330
(415) 901-5356
(703) 854-6512
(212) 715-5598

Hesseldahl is a Senior Editor at AllThingsD and covers the Enterprise
arena. Contact him via e-mail.
Svensson is a Technology Reporter for the Associated Press and
covers the Consumer Electronics and Technology Industries. He also
D'Innocenzio is a Retail and E-commerce Reporter for the
Bilton is the Lead She also writes about business-related Internet,
Associated Press. Writer and covers Technology, Society, legal
Futurism, Video Games and Business Technology.Times.based in San
Wortham is a Technology Reporter for New York He is She also
contributes to the Bits blog. Her articles focuscovers Technology,
Elgin is a Special Projects Correspondent and on the individuals
includingathe Internet (including Portals business side of
Kharif is Senior Writer and covers the and Online Advertising),
Telecommunications and Technology, including Semiconductors,

Lutz is a Company News Reporter. She can be contacted via e-mail.
Lutz joined Senior Writer as a reporter in June 2010. She was
Kavilanz is athis publicationfor CNNMoney and covers the Retail
Industry, serves as Enterprise Editor for her via e-
Winburn Healthcare and General Business News.
Loftus is a News Editor for Wall Street Journal. He is also a blogger
Angwin is a Senior Technology Regarding a Personal Loftus says,
covering technology for Digits. Editor and PR contact,Technology
Columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the Lead Editor for the
Tibken is a Reporter for Dow Jones Newswires covering
Semiconductors, Computer Hardware and related Technology
Juergen is the Assistant Editor for Entrepreneur and she can be
Cosper is the Vice President and Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur,
contacted by e-mail.
Entrepreneur's Startups Editor for He can be
Fell is the Senior Online Magazine and
contacted by e-mail.
Carr is an Staff Writer, Digital for Fast Company and can be
contacted viaae-mail.
Armstrong is Lex Reporter. Lex is the paper's agenda-setting
Lemer is a business and finance topics. Topics covered range from
column on U.S. Business Reporter.
Nuttall is a Technology Correspondent for the Financial Times as
well as a Columnist writing the Personal Technology column in the
Barnett is the Managing Editor at Fortune online and covers
Business. Contact her via e-mail.
Michal (MEE-Hall) Lev-Ram is a Writer for Fortune. She covers
Mangalindan is a Writer-Reporter at Fortune online and covers
Enterprise Technology, Mobile News, Technology Trends, and Data
Consumer Technology Companies, Social Media and Start-ups for
Freiman oversees the content and structure of the show as Senior
Producer. Freiman the content and structure of the show as
Giserman overseesjoined FOX Business in October 2007. He Senior
Emerson is an Associate Technology Editor at the Huffington Post.
Markowitz via Assistant Producer written for Start-ups,
Contact heris ane-mail. Emerson haswrites aboutThe Daily, O the
Entrepreneurs, and issues that affect Small Businesses for
Blakely is a Senior Editor and oversees Technology and Innovation
coverage for She can be contacted via e-mail.

DesMarais is a Contributing Writer and covers Technology as
intersects with Small Business. She lives in Minneapolis and can be
Reklaitis is a Reporter covering Markets, Business and Technology.
He encourages a professionals to send over material but cautions,
Olivarez-Giles isPR Staff Writer covering Business and Consumer
News for the Los Angeles Times. Hefor also a Blogger at Money &
Dvorak is a Contributing Columnist is MarketWatch and covers
Computer Hardware, Microsoft, Technology Industry News,
Darlin is the Technology Editor for the Business Day section as well
as a Business Columnist. He also blogs for Bits Banking and Finance.
Appelbaum is a Reporter covering Enterprise, and Gadgetwise. He
Lyons is the Technology Editor. He covers all aspects of technology,
and seeks Correspondentworks from a home office in Security for
Finkle is a exclusives. He and covers Technology and Winchester,
Reuters. E-Commerce Reporter for Reuters. He covers online
Barr is an
Muse is the Editorial Director and Editor in Chief at QuinStreet. He
retailers such as Amazon and eBay, as well as traditional retailers in
oversees the editorial content and operations for's
Axelton is the Chief Content Officer and covers Small Business.
Contact her via e-mail.
Rosen is an Associate Editor and covers Technology. Contact her via
Valencia is a U.S. Business Editor and covers editor on July 5, 2011.
e-mail. Rosen joined the staff as an associateHedge Funds, Mutual
Funds, Financial Markets, Banking and Privatethe Economist. He is
Giles is the US Technology Correspondent for Equity. He is
based in San Francisco. Contact him via e-mail. Giles was most
Strachan is Business Editor at the Huffington Post and can be
Fowler is a e-mail.
reached viaReporter covering E-Commerce Companies, Internet
Companies and Technology Culture. and Social Media Companies.
Raice is a Reporter covering Internet
Her coverage includes companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn and
Sabat is a Deputy Personal Finance Editor for The Wall Street
Journal andaPersonal Journal. He coversInvestigative Projects.both
Siconolfi is Senior Editor for Financial personal finance for He
Sidel is PR professionals who don't know the business and who
dislikes a Banking and Financial Services Senior Special Writer
focusing onEditor in Chief of The she took Contributing Technology
Topolsky is JPMorgan. Although Verge, a over one half of the
Columnist for the Washington Post and Host of On The Verge, he
Bill Saporito is assistant managing editor of TIME, a role in which
directs TIME’s coverage of business, the economy, personal finance
John Curran directs business coverage for, ranging from
economic issues to the financial markets.
O'Donnell is a Business Reporter for the Money section covering the
Retail Industry, ProductReporter covering Socialfrom a consumer
Swartz is a Technology Safety and Auto Safety Media, Technology,
theis a Technology Reporter for USA Today covering Mobile
Yu Internet, Software, Apple Computers, E-commerce, Cybercrime
Baig is a Co-Host and Telecommunications. Contact him via e-mail.
Communications and covers Consumer Electronics for Talking Tech,
a Blogger coveringNational Editor at VentureBeat and alsoPersonal
Hardawar is a the Technology for Technology Live, and a the Lead
Writer for the MobileBeat section. All VentureBeat pitches should
Kelly is a Senior Editor at VentureBeat and covers Tech Features and
How-To's. Contact her via e-mail. Kelly joined VentureBeat as a
Publication           Name
Ars Technica          Sean Gallagher
Ars Technica          Ryan Paul
Baseline              Dennis McCafferty
Baseline              Jennifer Lawinski
Baseline              Eileen Feretic
Buckler, Grant        Grant Buckler
ChannelWeb            Jack McCarthy
ChannelWeb            Joe Caponi
CIO                   Christine Celli
CIO                   Lauren Brousell               Meridith Levinson
CNET                  Don Reisinger
CNET                  Greg Sandoval
CNET                  Roger Cheng
CNET                  Jim Kerstetter
CNET                  Ben parr
Computerworld         Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld         Jaikumar Vijayan
Computerworld         Mitch Betts
Computerworld         Barbara Krasnoff
Computerworld         JR Raphael
Computerworld         Matt Hamblen
CRN                   Antone Gonsalves
CRN                   Scott Campbell
eWeek                 Chris Preimesberger
eWeek                 Nicholas Kolakowski
FierceCIO             Caron Carlson
FierceCIO             Judy Mottl
FierceMobileContent   Jason Ankeny
Freelancer            Vangie Beal
GigaOM                Ryan Kim
IDG                   Chris Kanaracus
IDG                   Stephen Lawson
IDG                   Elizabeth Heichler
IDG News Service      Juan Carlos Perez
InformationWeek       Charles Babcock
InformationWeek       John Foley
InfoWorld                       Peter Wayner
InfoWorld                       Pete Babb
InfoWorld                       Galen Gruman                Chris Saunders
IT Business Edge                Mike Vizard
Lifehacker                      Alan Henry
Mashable                        Todd Wasserman
Network World                   Neal Weinberg
Network World/Bank Technology   Maria Korolov
NetworkWorld                    Mark Gibbs
PC Mag                          Angela Moscaritolo
PCMag                           Mark Hachman
ReadWriteWeb                    Scott Fulton
ReadWriteWeb                    Dan Rowinski
SmallBizTechnology              Ramon Ray
Software Magazine               John Desmond
TechCrunch                      Jordan Crook
TechCrunch                      Alexia Tsotsis
TechCrunch                      Leena Rao
TechNewsWorld                   Erika Morphy
TechNewsWorld/PCWorld           JP Mello
The Next Web                    Courtney Boyd Myers
The Verge                       Dieter Bohn
TIME Techland                   Keith Wagstaff
Ubergizmo                       Edwin Kee
WIRED                           Mike Isaac
Xconomy                         Gregory Huang
ZDNet                           Rachel King
ZDNet                           Andrew Nusca
ZDNet                           Larry Dignan
Title                                    E-Mail
IT Editor                      
senior editor                  
Editor in chief                
Freelance Writer               
Assistant managing editor      
Managing editor, operations    
Assistant managing editor      
Editorial Assistant, Business  
Senior Editor                  
Senior Writer                  
Senior Writer                  
Senior Executive Editor        
Contributing Columnist and commentator
senior editor                  
Executive editor               
Features & Reviews Editor      
Senior Writer                  
Assistant News Editor          

Freelance Writer               
Staff Writer                   
U.S. Correspondent             
Senior Correspondent           
Website editor                 
Assistant News Editor          
Editor at Large                
Senior Contributing editor 
Assistant Editor           
Executive Editor           
Executive Editor           
Technology Editor          
Executive Features Editor  
Freelance Writer           
Contributing Editor        
WC Editor                  
Enterprise Correspondent   
Editorial Director         
senior editor              
Contributing Writer        
Technology Columnist       
East Coast Editor          
Senior mobile Editor       
Senior Associate Editor    
Boston Editor & National IT editor
Staff Writer               
Associate Editor           
Editor in Chief            
Phone               Notes
(312) 281-5123      Gallagher is the IT Editor for Ars Technica. He lives
                    and works in Baltimore. Contact him via e-mail or
                    Paul is the Editor of Open Ended and covers Open
                    Source Software and Linux. ContactTechnology.
                    McCafferty is a Blogger and covers him via e-mail.
212-503-5984        Contact him via e-mail.
212-503-5625        Feretic is the Managing Editor, Content Services of
+1 (613) 548-4213   CIO Insight. Freelance Writer and covers the
                    Buckler is a She is also the Managing Editor,
516-562-5000        Internet, E-Commerce, Clean Technology,
(516) 562-7609      Caponi is the Managing Editor for CRN and
508-879-7784        ChannelWEB. He is also a Blogger covering E-
                    Celli is the Assistant Managing Editor and covers IT
(508) 988-6939      Brousell is an and Operations; Compliance
                    Management Editorial Assistant and can beand
+1 (802) 375-9669   contacted by e-mail. Editor for, a Blogger
                    She is a Senior Online
(518) 698-7847      for Movers the Host and covering business and
                    Reisinger is and Shakers covers Home Digital
(415) 344-2523      Technology for Digital Home. He also blogs at The
(646) 472-4000      Cheng is a Senior Writer and covers
415-344-2000        Telecommunications. Contact himEditor for CNET
                    Kerstetter is the Senior Executive via e-mail only.
415-344-2000        and CNET News. He based out ofand Commentator
                    Parr is a Contributing Columnist Boston. Contact
(202) 333-2448      at CNET and authors Theand covers SaaS and
                    Thibodeau is a Reporter Social Analyst column,
(630) 355-0460      "Jai" Vijayan is a Reporter and covers Government
                    Enterprise Applications, Outsourcing, Data Security
301-262-8243        Betts is the Business Editor and manages the
                    and Privacy,Executive Intelligence, CRM, Open
(718) 491-6473      overall Features group and provides editorial
                    Krasnoff is the Features and Reviews Editor and
(508) 879-0700      covers New Products, Personal Technology and
                    Raphael is a Contributing Editor and covers Smart
+1 (508) 820-8567   Hamblen is a Senior Writer He covers Emerging
                    Phones for Computerworld.and is also a
(415) 272-8304      Gonsalves is a Senior Writer at Systems and
                    Technology, Desktop Chips andCRN covering RFID.
+1 (516) 562-7431   Campbell is a Assistant News Editor Bloomberg
                    Security andan Contributing Writer at for CRN,
(650) 350-1423      CRNtech and Custom Editor in Chief of Features &
                    Preimesberger is the Systems Magazine and covers
(212) 503-5691      Analysis and writes about Business andMicrosoft for
                    Kolakowski is a Staff Editor and covers Innovation
(202) 628-8778      eWeek. is the Editor ande-mail. reached via e-mail.
                    Carlson Contact him via can be
(202) 628-8778      Ankeny is the Co-Editor for FierceDeveloper and
                    the Editor for FierceMobileContent. He can be
+1 (902) 662-2696   Beal is a Freelance Writer and covers Enterprise,
(415) 692-8372      Computer Hardware, Software, Technology, East
                    Kim is a Staff Writer and covers Servers, Social
(617) 423-0712      Coast Start-Ups, Mobile Development, Mobile App
                    Kanaracus is a U.S. Correspondent. Kanaracus
(415) 974-7485      formerly was a software reporter and a CRM
                    Lawson is the Senior Correspondent who covers
617-239-7816        Networking. He covers Bluetooth wireless network
                    Heichler is Editor in Chief and Web Site Editor for
+1 (305) 238-0504   Perez is an Assistant News Editor appropriate
                    IDG News Service. She is the mostfor IDG News
+1 (415) 947-6133   Babcock is the Editor at Large Search Engines, Web
                    Service overseeing Enterprise,and covers Enterprise
516-562-7189        Integration, Middleware, Virtualization,the Editor in
                    Foley is an Editor of InformationWeek,
                    Chief and Blogger for Plug Into The Cloud. For
415-243-4344         Wayner is a Senior Contributing Editor and covers
415-243-4344         Enterprise Assistant Editor. Contact him via e-mail.
                     Babb is an Installations, Software Development,
415-243-4344 x 204   Babb was previously a blogger for the now defunct
(212) 863-4758       Saunders is the Executive Editor and is responsible
                     for the Internet and IT News coverage for the entire
(347) 687-8109       Henry is a Writer for Lifehacker and covers
                     Technology. is the based in Washington, D.C.
                     Wasserman He is Business and Marketing Editor.
+1 (508) 766-5447    Contact him the the main e-mail. Wasserman was
                     Weinberg is via Executive Features Editor for
(508) 443-1130       Networkis the Asia Editor and the features Columnist
                     Korolov World. He manages Technology
+1 (805) 647-4930    for Insurance Networking News and responsible for
                     Gibbs is a Contributing Editor and is Bank
 (212) 503-3500      the weekly Backspin and Gearhead columns, in
                     Moscaritolo is a Reporter for and
(650) 799-6756       Hachman is news. She can be contacted via e-mail.
                     covers Tech the News Editor for ExtremeTech and
(317) 430-1855       Fulton is the West Coast News Editor for
                     serves asthe Enterprise Correspondent and can be
                     reached viaa Writer and covers Facebook, Internet
                     Rowinski is e-mail.
(917) 685-3920       Policy and Security, E-Commerce (including
+1 (508) 668-9928    Desmond is the Editorial Director and serves as the
(214) 668-9907       Crook and covers Supply Chain Management,
                     Editor is a Reporter and covers Technology Industry
n/a                  Tsotsis is a Writer via covers Crook joined
                     News. Contact herand e-mail. Emerging Technology.
                     Contact Senior Editor at TechCrunch and covers
                     Rao is a her via e-mail. Twitter Handle:
(818) 461-9710       Social Commerce, Venture Capital and Enterprise.
                     Morphy is a Contributing Writer for the ECT News
(818) 461-9710       Network. She is also a Blogger and covers
                     Boyd Myers is a Freelance Writer and covers
                     Bohn is Senior Mobile International Politics,
                     Culture,aMusic, Science, Editor at The Verge and
(212) 522-1212       covers Smart Writer for Techland covering theBohn
                     Wagstaff is a Phones. Contact him via e-mail.
                     Kee is the Senior Associate Editor Technology.
                     Internet, Social Media and Future and covers the
(415) 276-5000       Technology and Consumer Electronics Industries.
                     Isaac is a Staff Writer and covers Android OS-based
 (617) 252-0700      Huang is the and Mobile Communications for the
                     SmartphonesBoston Editor and National IT Editor.
(415) 344-1867       Contact him via e-mail. HuangTechnology for CBS
                     King is a Staff Writer covering was appointed
646-472-3998         Nusca is an She can be contacted also an associate
                     Interactive. Associate Editor. He isby e-mail. King
646-472-3915         editor for the Editor in Chief. He is also the editor in
                     Dignan is SmartPlanet, blogs for The Toybox and
                     chief of SmartPlanet and contributes to the blogs
Publication   Name   Title   E-Mail   Phone   Notes
Publication                       Name         Last            Title

EyeNet                            Patty Ames                   Executive Editor

Pharmacy Business                 Jane         Auster          Editor

Pharmacy Times                    Jennifer     Barrio          Managing Editor

Pharmaceutical Commerce           Nicholas     Basta           Editor in Chief

Drug and Device Law               Jim          Beck            Counsel

Biotechnology Healthcare          Tony         Berberabe       Web Site Editor

Reuters                           Bill         Berkrot         Correspondent

Reuters                           Lewis        Krauskopf       Correspondent

Reuters                           Ransdell     Pierson         Reporter

BioTechniques                     Nathan       Blow            Editor in Chief
BioWorld Online, BioWorld Week,
BioWorld Today, BioWorld                                       Web Site Managing
International, BioWorld Insight   Jennifer     Boggs           Editor

Technology/PharmTech Talk         Alexis       Brekke-Pellek   Assistant Editor

Contract Pharma                   Kristin      Brooks          Associate Editor

BioPharm International            Steve        Burrill         Columnist

FierceBiotech, FierceBiotech                                   Editor in Chief, Biotech
Research, FierceVaccines          John         Carroll         Group
Pharmacotherapy                      Wendy       Cramer        Editor

The Kiplinger Letter                 Martha      Craver        Associate Editor

Shades of Green                      Kerry       Dolan         Blogger

Boston Business Journal              Julie       Donnelly      Senior Reporter

Mass High Tech                       Julie       Donnelly      Staff Writer
BioPharm International,
Pharmaceutical Technology,                                     Web Site Managing
PharmTech Talk                       Angie       Drakulich     Editor
                                                               Managing Editor &
                                                               Advertising Sales
The Pharmacist                       Debra       Feinberg      Manager

The New York Times                   Milt        Freudenheim   Contributing Writer

                                                               Healthcare Industry
The New York Times                   Barry       Meier         Reporter

Biotech Blog                         Yali        Friedman      Blogger

Bloomberg News                       Reg         Gale          Team Leader

Bloomberg News                       Elizabeth   Lopatto       Health Reporter

Pharmaceutical Technology            Erik        Greb          Assistant Editor

Specialty Pharmacy News              James       Gutman        Executive Editor
                                                               Director of
                                                               Publications &
Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation Gloria      Hall          Managing Editor

Forbes                               Matthew     Herper        Senior Editor

Bioentrepreneur                      Brady       Huggett       Editor
Wired                              Jennifer    Kahn       Contributing Editor

Bloomberg News                     Robert      Langreth   Reporter

Bloomberg News                     Catherine   Larkin     Reporter

Hoover's                           Anne        Law        Business Editor

Biotechnology Focus                Shawn       Lawrence   Senior Writer

Pharmaceutical Executive           William     Looney     Editor in Chief

Bloomberg News                     Elizabeth   Lopatto    Health Reporter

FierceBiotech, FierceBiotech
Research, FiercePharma             Ryan        McBride    Executive Editor

Bloomberg News                     Alex        Nussbaum   Reporter

TIME                               Alice       Park       Staff Writer

Biochemical Pharmacology           Jan         Piette     Co-Editor

The Boston Globe                   Mark        Pothier    Deputy Business Editor

Pharmaceutical Executive           Jennifer    Ringler    Associate Editor

The Wall Street Journal            Jonathan    Rockoff    Industry Reporter

FiercePharma                       Tracy       Staton     Editor

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
News                                John       Sterling   Editor In Chief

Bloomberg News                     Meg         Tirrell    Reporter
Associated Press         Damian      Troise      Reporter

PharmTech Talk           Patricia    Van Arnum   Blogger

Bloomberg Businessweek   Ashlee      Vance       Technology Writer

The Boston Globe         Robert      Weisman     Business Reporter

Biotech Business         Mark        Wright      Publisher & Editor

TheStreet                Alexandra   Zendrian    Reporter

Biometrics               David       Zucker      Co-Editor
E-Mail                   Phone
                                          Ames is the Executive
                         +1 (415) 561-    Editor of EyeNet            8500 Ext. 384    Magazine and its Web
                                          Auster is the Editor of
                         +1 (416) 504-    YFM/VSA and Pharmacy       0504 Ext. 149    Business. She can be
                                          Barrio is the Managing
jbarrio@pharmacytimes.   +1 (609) 716-    Editor for Pharmacy
com                      7777 Ext. 143    Times. She can be
                                          Basta is the Editor in
nbasta@pharmaceutical    +1 (718) 282-    Chief and covers             6112             Pharmaceutical and
                                          Beck is a Blogger and                     covers Pharmaceuticals,
m                                         Medical Devices,
                                          Berberabe is Senior Web
tberberabe@medimedia     +1 (267) 685-    Site Editor for PT
.com                     2776   , Website
                                          Berkrot is a              Different
bill.berkrot@thomsonre   +1 (646) 223-    Correspondent and         contact                6294             covers Healthcare         who
                                          Krauskopf is a
lewis.krauskopf@thoms                     Correspondent and            1 (646) 223-6082 covers Pharmaceuticals
                                          Pierson is a Reporter and
ransdell.pierson@thom                     covers Biotechnology,           1 (646) 223-6034 Healthcare and
                                          Blow is the Editor in
nathan.blow@informaus    +1 (212) 520-    Chief. Contact him via e-                    2738             mail.
                                          Boggs is the Managing
jennifer.boggs@bioworl   +1 (404) 262-    Editor at BioWorld Week,                    5427             BioWorld International,

                      +1 (732) 346- 3079
                                          Brooks covers Industry
                         +1 (201) 825-    News, Emerging       2552 Ext. 345    Technology and Events in
                                          Burrill is a Columnist and
                         +1 (732) 596-    covers the Biotechnology
                         0276             Industry. He is also the co-
                                          Carroll is Editor in Chief of +1 (802) 446-       the FierceMarkets
m                     3478                Biotech Group. He
                                          Cramer is the Editor.
editor@pharmacotherap +1 (617) 636-       Contact her by mail. She                 5390                does not write news
                                          Craver is an Associate
                      +1 (202) 887-       Editor and covers 6455                Biotechnology Industry,
                                          Dolan is the Technology
                         +1 (415) 544-    Department Head for        4815             Forbes, and covers
                                          Donnelly is a Senior
juliedonnelly@bizjournal +1 (617) 316-    Reporter covering                    3227             Biotechnology and
                                          Donnelly is a Senior
juliedonnelly@masshigh +1 (617) 316-      Reporter covering               3227               Biotechnology and

adrakulich@advanstar.c +1 (732) 346-
om                     3038
                                          Feinberg is the Managing
                         +1 (518) 456-    Editor and Advertising     8819 Ext. 222    Sales Manager and covers
                                          Freudenheim is a             Different
mfreudenheim@nytime      +1 (212) 556-    Contributing Writer who      contact                    1474             covers the Healthcare        who
                                          Meier is a Business
                                          Reporter who covers the        1 (212) 556-1917 Healthcare Industry and
                                          Friedman is a Blogger and
                                          covers Biotechnology. He
                                          can be reached via the
                                          Gale is a Team Leader        Different
                         +1 (212) 617-    overseeing Health,           contact     2563             Science, Pharmaceuticals     who
                                          Lopatto is a Reporter                     who covers Science,
t                        1 (212) 617-4010 Health, Pharmaceuticals
                                          Greb is an Assistant
                         +1 (732) 346-    Editor for Pharmaceutical      3087             Technology covering
                                          Gutman is the Executive
                         +1 (202) 775-    Editor and is responsible       9008 Ext. 3041   for overseeing quality and
                                          Hall is the Editor and
                         +1 (813) 960-    Director of           2105 Ext. 209    Communications of
                                          "Matt" Herper is a Senior
                         +1 (212) 367-    Editor covering       4879             Biotechnology,
                                          Huggett is the Editor of    +1 (212) 726-    Bioentrepreneur and the
m                        9295             Business Editor of Nature
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