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                                      THE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE

PROGRAM AND COURSE APPRAISAL                                                                    28 AUGUST 2007
                                         PROPOSED NEW PROGRAM

To seek approval for the establishment of three Postgraduate qualifications by coursework in Science
Management. These are the Master of Science Management (MScMgt), the Master of Science
Management (Hons) (MScMgt(Hons)) and the Graduate Certificate in Science Management (GCertSciMgt).
The programs target time-constrained employees in the public and private sectors who participate in or
manage science based projects, and require upgrading of management and organisation skills and a
deeper understanding of critical thinking around contemporary scientific issues likely to be encountered in
the workplace. Candidates will have a prior undergraduate degree, however this may not be in science.

The proposed postgraduate qualifications will replace the Masters of Scientific Studies and Food
Technology programs that will not be offered from 2008. Those programs were discontinued because of
low enrolments, attributed to the mode of delivery (on campus) which, based on market research, was
considered a disincentive to the target market (employed graduates who experience time and geographical
constraints), and the lack of a clear focus for career progression associated with the generic badging of the

To address these deficiencies, the proposed Grad Cert and Masters qualifications will be offered online
through, and will have a clear focus towards enhancing career progression for graduates
who are employed in areas that require the management of scientists or science-based projects. The
possibility of adding value to the qualifications through accreditation with the Australian Institute of Project
Management (either by accrediting the degrees, or by counting the degrees towards the accreditation
process) is currently being explored.

The new programme will consist of a core 80 credit point Masters degree (by online coursework) that may
be expanded to a 120 credit point Masters with Honours by the completion of a 40 credit point research
project. The latter may be undertaken online or on campus. Early exit by the completion of a 40 Credit point
Grad.Cert. will be possible.

Implementation of the new programme will draw on existing and new online courses in management,
organizational behaviour and statistics, and in scientific theory and specialist subjects in contemporary
scientific issues. Some subjects from the disestablished Masters programmes will be retained (eg in food
technology), but there will be a move away from an emphasis on traditional discipline based subjects.

The structure of the programme has been extensively canvassed by an ad hoc Planning Committee
meeting through 2006/7 including Professor Bill Hogarth (PVC), Deputy Head of Faculty, A/Dean, Teaching
& Learning, representative from School of Education (FEDUA) and representatives from all disciplines
(majors) contributing to the program.

The program will be structured around a core 10 unit course in Project Management and Planning
(INFO6304) common to all qualifications, and electives from seven Group A courses (including
management, organisational behaviour, statistics, IP/R&D, and science philosophy and commercialisation)
and eight Group B courses (based around contemporary issues and specialist subjects in science including
climate change, conservation biology, energy, genetic engineering and food science). The program will be
full fee paying, and offered on a trimester basis through
Some courses are pre-existing, and are drawn from the FSIT and Engineering. However, it is noted that a
number of new online courses will be required for the implementation of the program, and arrangements for
the approval and development of these courses are proceeding.

A Business Plan has been prepared for the program. It projects financial viability for the program if a
student load of 8 new enrolments per trimester is reached. This is considered achievable with appropriate,
targeted marketing.

That the Program and Course Appraisal Sub-Committee:
        (i)     endorse the establishment of the following new programs:
                        Graduate Certificate in Science Management;
                        Master of Science Management; and
                        Master of Science Management (Honours);
        (ii)    approve the academic content of the above programs as set out in document
        (iii)   endorse the development of the additional online courses as outlined in document
        (iv)    recommend that the Council approve the addition of the Graduate
                Certificate/Master/Master(Honours) of Science Management to the Generic Schedule
                120 unit Masters (Honours) Degree/80 unit Master Degree/40 unit Graduate Certificate
                Model - Schedule 000397.

Professor Bill Hogarth
PVC Faculty of Science & Information Technology
Chair, Faculty Board

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