Bouncy Castles: The Perfect Blend of Imagination and Education by mannathkandy


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									Bouncy Castles: The Perfect Blend of Imagination and Education

Do you know that the longest recorded bounce in a bouncy castle is 25 hours, 25 minutes, and 25
seconds? This figure seems to be ridiculously high, but there is a reason that jumping castles are so
popular and why they will continue to be an important part of our daily lives.

Bouncy castles in Brisbane have been around since the mid- 20th century and they have been
consistently popular during that time. Whether you are a child or a child at heart, jumping castles are a
great way to let out some energy and feel like you're on top of the world. However, in the last few days
bouncing castles have gained a unique and unprecedented role- they can now be used for educating
kids about history.

Jumping castles have gained new publicity because of events that are taking place on the other half of
the world- the 2012 summer Olympics hosted in London. A part of the Cultural Olympiad of the event
includes a bouncy castle shaped like Stonehenge. The inflatable structure measures at 35 meters,
making it a life-size replication of the historical structure. Interestingly enough, the jumping castle has
been named 'sacrilege.'

According to Jeremy Deller, the artist who designed the structure, it is meant to bring increased
attention to jumping castles and all around the world. The replica of Stonehenge will initiate young
children into the world of history in a fun new way.

Despite this innovative historical application, bouncy castles in Brisbane have in fact always had an
educational capability. Most of the time the instruction endowed by jumping castles is geared more
toward creativity, but they are inherently educational structures.

This statement seems to be counterintuitive. After all, if you choose to hire jumping castles in Brisbane,
you are doing so in order to have fun! Still, there are a number of things they can teach you. Firstly, the
act of jumping teaches a child some fundamentals about physics. You no longer get the misperception
that gravity is something that is concrete and cannot ever be defied. By broadening a person's horizons,
bouncy castles have the chance to make children believe they have limitless potential (not to mention
that a number of very successful astronauts started off in a bouncy castle).

Apart from the physical act of jumping, bouncy castles are often great architectural works. The castles
are not simply inflated boxes, but create another world around their jumpers. Many of the structured
incorporate windows, slides, and ladders in order to create an entire scene. The wonder and novelty
children experience when they climb into a bouncy castle will leave an impression on them for the rest
of their days.
Finally, the artwork found on bouncy castles cannot be overlooked. Whether it is superheroes,
rainforests, or princesses, jumping castles represent our dreams and aspirations, making them a reality
for a brief moment. The experience of having art, architecture, history, science, and fun combined into
one structure is unparalleled in the world. That is why bouncing on <a
href=""> jumping castles in Brisbane </a> continue to be such
a popular and memorable experience for anyone who undertakes it.

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