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                                                       Volunteer Management System Pilot-Test Report
           INFORMATION                                                                         RESPONSES
Name of Library                             Tulare Public Library
Contact Person                              Jane Zikratch
Email                                       tulareread@yahoo.com
Phone                                       (559) 685-4517
Date of Completion                          25-Aug-11

How many volunteers do you currently
track annually?                                                                                                                                                 95
In how many branches/ locations do
you have volunteers?                                                                                                                                             1
Do you have a literacy program?             yes
Did you track literacy volunteers with
this VMS?                                   yes

Name of VMS Tested                          EXCEL spreadsheets
Technology Requirements
Web-based or software?                      software
Operating System Minimum                    This is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Any computer that has Microsoft Word probably already has EXCEL
Requirements or Limits                      also.
Features and Functions                         Tell us if the VMS you tested has our volunteer tutors: intake information, monthly tutor hours and books
                                            We maintain three spreadsheets forthis feature, whether you used it, and your assessment of its functionality
Volunteer Profile- basic contact info,      given. It works well for us. Each piece of information on the intake form has a column on the spread sheet.
skills, availability, tracks training and   There is a page for active tutors, one for inactive, one for prospective tutors, and one for prospectives who did
background check completion, etc.           not follow through. The columns are the same on each of these four pages, so the volunteer can easily move
                                           The hours worked, as reported on the monthly tutor reports, are recorded on the "Monthly Tutor Hours"
Activity Tracking- hours worked, dates, spreadsheet. Tutoring hours are recorded in a separate cell from the other hours. We use excel to total these
locations, outcomes by job/role            for every six month period. It works very well as long as the tutors turn in their reports. The outcomes that we
                                           track would be the Roles and Goals, a seperate spreadsheet with learner data.
Scheduling- job assignment, auto
scheduling, search availability and skills Excel could be used for scheduling, but since people are constantly changing, we don't do this. It will not do auto
match                                      scheduling, searching or skills matching.
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                                                          Volunteer Management System Pilot-Test Report
              INFORMATION                                                                            RESPONSES
Email- broadcast, custom emails, mail-         All the e-mail addresses in our tutor list are in one column, so it is very easy to simply highlight that column and
merge                                          copy and paste it into the "to" line of an e-mail to be sent to all the tutors. It won't do custom e-mails.
Print Communications- mail-merge,              I believe excel will do mail-merge, but we don't use it for that. I don't know about exporting files. They can be
export files                                   sent as an e-mail attachment or saved to a flash drive.
Online Accessibility for Prospective and
Current Volunteers- update profile,
availability, skills/ interests, input hours
worked                                         No
Reporting and Exporting- generate
monthly and annual reports and                 It is very helpful when making reports. All the information is organized and easy to find. The auto sum feature
customized reports, data export                quickly lets us calculate volutneer hours and number of books given.

Ability to use Library Logo/Branding-          Logos/branding can be put onto excel. Our website requires that documents be in PDF. Excel will save to PDF.
to integrate with website, for                 We have also made flyers (publications) using excel. It is great for "tear-off" flyers in which info at the bottom
publications, etc.                             repeats (such as date, time, location) and interested patrons can each pull off a piece of "fringe" to keep as a
                                               reminder. The words can be oriented to read from bottom to top, instead of left to right. Although the tear-off
                                               flyer is used in recruiting volunteers, those features are not used in tracking volunteers.
Customization- ability to add custom
data fields to suit your needs                 Simply insert another column or row.

                                               Not much technical skill is required. The tool bar is very user-friendly. The copy and paste function makes
Ease of Use- technical skills required,        duplicate data-entry very fast. As long as the columns on the different sheets are in the same order, whole rows
reduce duplicate data-entry, etc.              of data can be moved from one sheet to the other, for example, from prospective to active to inactive. Excel can
                                               also add numbers and alphabetize! Data can also be graphed using excel. This is not quite so easy, but the
                                               capability is there. how your computer is set up to restrict access. Our volunteer file is maintained on the Library
                                               Yes, depending on
Multi-user capability- allows multiple         staff network "J" drive. All full time staff members have access to it, however only literacy staff goes there.
administrators, simultaneous users             Multiple users can view the information at the same time; however only one person can manipulate data at a
Differential levels of access- allows full
or limited access, i.e. branch/ program
admins have access only to their
domain not the whole                       No. There is only full access by those with access to the "J"drive, no variety of levels.
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                                                      Volunteer Management System Pilot-Test Report
Mobility/ flexible access- allows access
offsite or limits to onsite computer     Ours is set up to be on site only, at avariety of stations within the library. If we saved the files to the "S" drive
station                                  then we would have access at the many libraries throughout the San Joaquin Valley Library System.
Security- levels of security to protect
confidential information, user access,
etc.                                     Only library staff has access to the J drive. We are all bound by the rules of confidentiality.
              INFORMATION                                                                       RESPONSES
Pricing- differential cost per year, by   Many computers are programmed with the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes excel. So you could almost
number of volunteers, by number of        think of it as FREE. It can accommodate an unlimited number of volunteers and administrators. The number of
administrators/ sites, etc.               sites would be determined by your network.
Training and Support- availability by
phone, online                             Support is available online - Microsoft Office help.
Training and Support- quality of/
satisfaction with training and support    You are basically on your own with this one. You can search for help on line, or, since excel is so widespread,
actually received                         often you can find a co-worker who is knowledgeable and helpful.
Additional Questions
Comment on the VMS’ overall             Overall, I am satisfied with using excell spreadsheets for our VMS. I have never used anything else, so, if there is
functionality and your satisfaction (or something better out there, I don't know what I'm missing!
dissatisfaction) with it.

Does it suit your library’s volunteer
management needs? If not suitable to
your needs, why not?                  Yes, it are quite a few features that I really appreciate: insert column or row, copy or cut 'n paste, auto sum,
                                      There does suit our needs.
What features do you find most        alphabetize, color (We use different color highlighting to indicate the year our volunteer went inactive, for
valuable?                             example.), insert a comment in a particular cell (e. g. personal notes by a name, or not in service by a phone
Would you recommend for purchase?
                                          Yes, it's simple and often times free!!

Additional Comments- tell us anything We use excel for tracking learner data as well as volunteer management. Our different spreadsheets include:
pertinent to your use of the VMS that Books Given, Monthly Tutor Hours, Tutor List, Learner List, Tutor Training Attendence, Learner Study Log, Roles
may be useful to others               and Goals, tutor talk attendence, additional activities e.g. computer class, book discussion, workshops,

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